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Developer Outreach for Firefox OS - Mozcamp India - 2014-06-22

This session will teach community members how to approach and talk to developers about Firefox OS so that the developers want to create apps for this platform, and want to help other developers do the same.

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Developer Outreach for Firefox OS - Mozcamp India - 2014-06-22

  1. 1. Developer Outreach for Firefox OS Frédéric Harper Sr. Technical Evangelist @ Mozilla @fharper | Janet Swisher Community Manager @ Mozilla @jmswisher 2014-06-22
  2. 2.
  4. 4. Becoming a Community Evangelist Inspiring Enabling
  5. 5. Every developer, who develop on the web, using HTML Every developer, who develop on the web, using HTML already having an HTML or a PhoneGap app/game. Every developerEvery developer, who develop on the web The target audience …let’s target the low hanging fruit first
  7. 7. The Inspiring Equation Sharing your passion about technology + Exciting developers about cool stuff + Showing them the benefits of using this technology = Inspiring the developers
  8. 8. Giving talks v One of the most powerful way to inspire developers v Help you reach many people at once v Can be done at different level v A lot of personal benefits for you
  9. 9. Presentation Arc Introduction Presentation Content#1 Content#2 Conclusion Firefox OS Intro Web APIs Web Activities Resources & Conclusion CreativeCommons:
  10. 10. Introducing your story
  11. 11. Firefox OS
  12. 12. Web APIs
  13. 13. Web Activities
  14. 14. Resources
  15. 15. The end of your story
  16. 16. DEMO TodoMVC to Firefox OS
  17. 17. Where can you start speaking? Creative Commons: & & &
  18. 18. Mozilla can help you • Giving you training about public speaking • Helping you find a speaking gig in your city • Paying for travel, and expenses (need approval) to conference • Adding you to our pool of speakers for BugZilla requests
  19. 19. Speaker Group • MozSpeakers on • Add your speaking interests to your profile • Link to Lanyrd or Slideshare, or any feed of your speaking activities • Yammer: • Speakers group
  20. 20. Blogging Blogging is not just good for you, it help developers to be inspire by what you do, and what you share with them. • Write on your own blog • Write for the Hacks blog
  21. 21. SPEAKER IDOL
  22. 22. Rules ü  Alone or in a team of two ü  You have two minutes to present about Firefox OS ü  The attendees will have one minute to ask questions ü  The group will have one minute to give you feedbacks
  23. 23. Goals 1.  Helping to get more comfortable to speak in front of a crowd 2.  Starting in a pressure free environment 3.  Getting use to manage questions & feedbacks from attendees 4.  Receiving tips, and tricks to start on a roll!
  24. 24. BREAK
  25. 25. ENABLING
  26. 26. Enabling 1.  We continue to inspire people 2.  We take them from the excitement level to actually doing stuff 3.  We give them concrete tools to be successful 4.  We help them with any issues
  27. 27. Phones for Apps
  28. 28. RESOURCES
  29. 29. Mozilla Evangelists mailing list For discussion about evangelizing to developers about open web technologies and Mozilla products, through activities such as speaking, blogging, organizing technical events, and supporting web developers. Subscribe now -
  30. 30. Meetup in a box • NOTE: This event type is still in the concept stage! • Goal: To help Mozillians who want to host a regular developer meetup. • What: A Github repo of “content packages” on topics related to app development, Firefox developer tools, etc.
  31. 31. What’s in the box? • Presentation outline or slides • Example code project • Demo script • Questions or points for discussion Optionally: • Link to Hacks post • Link to screencast/online demo • Exercise for participants to try • Links to MDN articles
  32. 32. What do you want in the box? Add your ideas:
  33. 33. Resources Events Request Form: Mozilla Hacks blog: Apps & Hacks newsletter: Phones for Apps program: StackOverflow: Developer Network: Transifex: Firefox OS Gaia GitHub: Firefox OS Boilerplate: BugZilla: Firefox Developer Tools Ideas: Evangelist Mailing List: Mozilla Rep Facebook Group: Mozilla Rep Resources:
  34. 34. Frédéric Harper @fharper Janet Swisher @jmswisher