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How to Build an Influencer Program (That Gets Results)


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Whether its PR, Corp Comms, Content Marketing or otherwise, chances are you're already running an Influencer Program. However, while influencing activity is becoming increasingly critical to businesses, traditional programs are difficult to scale, and it's hard to demonstrate their value - here are some tips to get some real results out of your Influencer Program, and boost your Influencer Marketing strategy.

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How to Build an Influencer Program (That Gets Results)

  2. 2. There’s been a lot of talkabout influencer programslately.
  3. 3. Chances are, you’re alreadyrunning one of your own...
  4. 4. <influe PR ncer_m Public corp comms arketin g> in Affairs ve...though you sto rr ns ela oprobably call it ati tio rel ns st alysomething else. an
  5. 5. So if it ain’tbroke... why fix it ?
  6. 6. ...because traditionalinfluencer progr am s lack ru c s t ture
  7. 7. ...because traditional influencer programs are hard to scale
  8. 8. BECAUSE IT’S HARD ? TO MEAS RE URE SUobjectives LTSagainst corporate
  9. 9. So, now that more and moreconsumer decisions areinfluenced by, er, nfluencers...
  10. 10. ...having a well- iledinfluencer program ispretty damn important* ! *how about boosting your brand awareness by up to 900% for starters?
  11. 11. So, here are a few steps to help you build aninfluencer program that gets results...
  12. 12. 1. Set your targets
  13. 13. What do you want to achieve?Increased market share? A different brand profile? ?
  14. 14. Set clear objectives for yourinfluencer program, and align them to the wider objectives of your company. YOUR INFLUENCER PROGRAM YOUR COMPANY
  15. 15. Make sure these objectives arealso aligned with your key metrics (so you know you’re on the right track)
  16. 16. 2. Identify your influencers(the right ones).7’00”5’6”4’00”
  17. 17. Barack Obama isan influential guy,but probablywon’t wax lyricalabout your B2BSaaS solution,even if youask nicely.
  18. 18. !However, there are plenty ofinfluential people who will...
  19. 19. and that’s not something thatcan be measured with asocial media ‘score’...
  20. 20. Someone whois big in fashionmay be less hotwhen it comesto cloudcomputing...
  21. 21. So target people who havetopical influence in areasdear to your heart* *don’t know who they are? We can help you with that.
  22. 22. 3. Define influencerengagement stages
  23. 23. In some influencer programs,influencers are assigned to you or your colleagues, and that’s it. STOP
  24. 24. s can work e thi t too LABLEWhil rea lly nojus t fin e, it’sSCA
  25. 25. Instead, move influencersthrough engagement stages in asteady stream
  26. 26. From unmanaged(a pool of identified influencersyou’re not currently engaging with)
  27. 27. To managed(the group of influencers you areactively engaging with)
  28. 28. To “program managed”(where you can engage at scalewith a bigger group of influencers)
  29. 29. Hint - measuring your targetsagainst each one of these stagesalso lets you understand the valueof your influencing activity amongyour managed influencers.
  30. 30. 4. Get your online listeningsolution in place 011011010110
  31. 31. You’re going to need an onlinetracking solution that can measurethe objectives of your influencerprogram...
  32. 32. well as surface“moments-of-influence” and“topics-of-influence” WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE?
  33. 33. Moments-of-influence are thosetimes when you can make a bigimpression on an influencer.Topics-of-influence are the topicsgrowing in importance amongstyour influencers.
  34. 34. Knowing these lets influencersknow you’re relevant and worthengaging with, and allows you tomeasure the value of your program. $
  35. 35. Do your thing. We can’t tell you howto go about your engagement, butwe do have some pointers:
  36. 36. Engage with influencersone at a time. +
  37. 37. Remember - this is a relationship, sokeep it personal. Sending out anemail with 100 other people BCC’edis not personal* SEND *and it will show in your results
  38. 38. Choose the right tool for thejob.
  39. 39. Meeting for dinner may be a moree ective influencing activity than,say, a tweet, but always try andmatch the activity to the moment.
  40. 40. Influence regularly.
  41. 41. Create a schedule to ensure youtouch base with your influencersregularly.
  42. 42. Record your influencingactivities
  43. 43. It’s not fun and it’s not sexy, butregistering your influencing actsallows you to understand andmeasure how e ective they are.
  44. 44. 6. Evaluate* *AKA the part where you impress your boss
  45. 45. If you’ve followed the steps so far,you should be able to demonstratethe ROI of your influencer program.
  46. 46. And with automation you’ll be ableto influence more and get an evenbigger return out of your program* *imagine if there was an app that could do all of this for you?
  47. 47. So get influencing. (and thanks for your time!)
  48. 48. Want to know even more aboutinfluencer programs? Download ourwhite paper here...
  49. 49. @onalytica