PulsoConf: Platform & Community - Dev Outreach @ Evernote


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Platform & Community: Developer Outreach at Evernote
Building a cloud platform for millions of users requires both a robust infrastructure and a solid network of devs using the API. Learn how Evernote supports startups around the world online and in person. From hackathons, meet ups, to workshops across Latin America - hear details on how to build trust and promote the best new apps from across the globe.

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PulsoConf: Platform & Community - Dev Outreach @ Evernote

  1. 1. Platform & Community Developer Outreach @ Evernote Chris Traganos @ctraganos
  2. 2. Overview •What is Evernote? •The Evernote API •Evernote America Latina •Building Community with Evernote Developers •LATAM Developer & Startup Showcase
  3. 3. Remember Everything What is Evernote?
  4. 4. Starting as a note taking solution
  5. 5. Powerful memory assistant Record meetings Store files Save receipts Scan contracts
  6. 6. Evernote is the cloud platform for human memory The Evernote API
  7. 7. Any App can use the Evernote Platform to read & write to the Cloud
  8. 8. Developers Evernote Users API Requests per month 30,000 70,000,000 6,000,000,000
  9. 9. Our API supports many languages & frameworks: github.com/evernote and dev.evernote.com
  10. 10. Build apps with Evernote
  11. 11. Evernote API launched Sao Paulo and Korea are first developer events Brazil, Santiago, Buenos Aires, Bogota, Mexico DF, Monterey, Taipei, Moscow, England, France, Germany, New York, Boston, San Luis Obispo, Singapore, Austin, Tokyo, Sapporo, Sendai, Syndey, Melbourne 2007 2011 2013
  12. 12. Latin America is Evernote’s fastest growing region in the world with over 5 million users to date
  13. 13. Developer Outreach in Latin America Startups, Hackathons, and Partnerships •Angelhack Monterrey •Samung / Evernote Hackathons in Sao Paulo •Evernote API workshops in Bogota, Santiago, Buenos Aires
  14. 14. Evernote and Wayra Global Partnership
  15. 15. Pitch Training in Silicon Valley with SocialAtom Ventures
  16. 16. Building Community with Evernote Developers
  17. 17. Building a platform requires smart developers that want to build on your cloud services. With our API, developers can reach millions of users around the world. In addition, we work hard to actively support and promote 3rd party apps that save or sync with Evernote. We connect with devs on many channels:
  18. 18. Hackathons •Big weekend events where we challenge high school, college, and professional developers to prototype, design, and build projects over a 24 hour period.
  19. 19. •Getting dev and design talent together to talk about process, tips, and what’s new in their fields of work. Evernote Meetups
  20. 20. *New* Workshops •Connecting with developers and startups who would like to get direct instructions on building their apps using a platform. •Great opportunity to partner with other technology partners for day sessions. •In depth support with API integrations
  21. 21. What we want: Developer Success and Great Apps to promote
  22. 22. Two main factors often lead to upgrading: • When a user interacts with Evernote on multiple devices • When a user utilizes 3rd Party apps to sync with Evernote Evernote Premium
  23. 23. Our goal: Find great apps for our users that help them do more with Evernote
  24. 24. Developer and Startup Showcase: Highlights from Latin America!
  25. 25. Mural.ly • Winner of the Evernote Devcup Best for Collaboration • Argentina company • Funded by NXTP Labs • Great use of Evernote for pulling in content for business planning
  26. 26. Hop.in • Winner of the Evernote Devcup Best Technical Integration • From Santiago, Chile • The best clipping experience for the iPad • 5+ stars in the Apple app store
  27. 27. AgentPanda • Winner of the Wayra Global Startup Prize for the Evernote Devcup • Based in Bogota, Colombia • Plan travel with your friends and family • SocialAtom Ventures Team
  28. 28. EV: SMS for Evernote • Winner of 2012 Evernote Devcup Bronze Award • Based on Sao Paulo Brazil • Great team
  29. 29. MI TAXI • Winner of the SocialAtom Ventures Pitch Coaching in Silicon Valley • Helps you find verified taxi drivers • Attending Developers workshops in Bogota and San Francisco • Can revolutionize the trust between cabs and their drivers
  30. 30. Let’s connect! @evernote_dev facebook.com/evernotedevelopers
  31. 31. @ctraganos dev.evernote.com Thank you!