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LSS'10: Robert Barnard Decoding Digital Friends



Decoding Digital Friends in 2010 ...

Decoding Digital Friends in 2010
Robert Barnard, CEO Decode
Marketers around the world are keen to utilize social networks to build better, deeper relationships, and to maximize marketing and communications budgets. Still, many are making decisions that are uninformed or based on unproven theories and popular perceptions. To get more value from their social media investments companies need knowledge in three main areas.



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LSS'10: Robert Barnard Decoding Digital Friends Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Decoding Digital Friends Local Social Summit 2010 presented by Robert Barnard co-founder and CEO © Decode 2010 robert@decode.net
  • 2. Decoding Young people Knowledge + Strategy + Ventures insights Co-creation Generation Y and Z LifeStages (from High school to young family) 2 © Decode 2010 robert@decode.net
  • 3. DEFINITION A period of time in a person's life characterized by a Click to edit Master subtitle of concerns or motives particular set style major life stages Post Primary High Mature High School Secondary Young Young Pre-school Retired School School Schoolers’ Singles/ students Singles Couples Families People Families Parents Couples Student major life transitions first-time experiences DRIVERS life schedule life stage influencers life stage media life stage interests locational concentration © Decode 2010 robert@decode.net
  • 4. Decoding Digital Friends study 4 © Decode 2010 robert@decode.net
  • 5. 43 Page 5 © Decode 2010 robert@decode.net
  • 6. 66 Page 6 © Decode 2010 robert@decode.net
  • 7. The big strategic questions on social media: Why should you invest? Click to edit Master subtitle style What is the value of using social media? Who do you want to connect with? How are relationships being built in digital environments? What is distributed? How is content created and effectively distributed through networks? How will it affect behaviour? How are digital relationships influential? 7 © Decode 2010 robert@decode.net 7
  • 8. Frequency of Use UK- Daily Text Messaging / SMS 68% Click to edit networking website(s) Social Master subtitle style 63% Email 56% Phone calls 50% Instant Messaging on a computer 36% Mobile Instant Messaging 22% Maintain a profile on a virtual world 21% Comment on a website or blog 20% Post on Twitter / Retweet on Twitter 11% Write a Blog 8% © Decode 2010 robert@decode.net
  • 9. The role of social media I am able to connect with people I know 67% Click to edit Master subtitle style I am able to keep up to date on news and 59% information It is a form of entertainment for me 55% I can learn about events that I may wish to 51% attend I am able to communicate with 29% organizations or brands Page 9 © Decode 2010 robert@decode.net
  • 10. “I use it all the time” Click to edit Master subtitle style 82% 51% 37% 15% © DECODE 2010 www.decode.net Page 10 © Decode 2010 robert@decode.net
  • 11. Social network size 400 to edit Master subtitle style Click Total network Total 350 High School Student Post Secondary Student 300 283 Young Single 250 Young Couple Young Parent 200 150 100 66 50 Regular network 0 Page 11 © Decode 2010 robert@decode.net
  • 12. Strength of relationships Click to edit Master subtitle style Best Friend Close Friends Family Friends of Friends Distant Friend People you have never met 0 50 100 150 200 250 Page 12 © Decode 2010 robert@decode.net
  • 13. LifeStage networks strength Core Friends 105 Click to edit100 Master subtitle style Distant Friends 83 62 58 44 43 43 32 35 High School Student Post Secondary Young Singles Young Couples Young Parents Student Page 13 © Decode 2010 robert@decode.net
  • 14. Creating Using and Sharing Behaviour - UK 70 Create/upload Click to edit Master subtitle style 60 rating Listen/read/look Share 50 40 30 20 10 0 Pictures Articles Videos Music Profiles Blogs Twitter feeds © DECODE 2010 www.decode.net Page 14 © Decode 2010 robert@decode.net
  • 15. Sharing •  motivated either by a ‘political’ (small ‘p’) or civic cause or due to a ‘caring’ tendency ‘I can help educate those that see my profile on things they would have otherwise Click to edit Master subtitle if all they read is the title of the article, they know just a known nothing about. And, style little bit more and their horizons are broadened.’ ‘I really like passing on positive stuff … makes me feel warm/fuzzy.’ Rating •  Those who rate tend to like immediate feedback from others and are motivated by being part of a ‘collective’. ‘I'm definitely a rater as I always like to answer those quick little side surveys to see where I stack up with everyone else on the topic/subject; always with the tweets for something; don't have time to be a commentator with the back and forth online.’ ‘I'm a rater, I can express my opinion in a easier and more sleeker way than commenting.’ Page 15 © Decode 2010 robert@decode.net
  • 16. Introducing Decode’s Buzzfluence Index TM attitude + behaviour = Buzzfluence •  Identification system •  Personification device 16
  • 17. High Buzzfluence Click to edit Master subtitle style 35% 30 24 26 15 High School Post Secondary Young Singles Young Couples Young Parents Student Student Page 17 © Decode 2010 robert@decode.net
  • 18. Buzzfluencers have large networks Total High Buzzfluence Click to edit Master subtitle style 482 368 283 235 168 57 66 66 31 34 Entire social Facebook Never met in In-Person Internet monthly network person monthly contact contact © Decode 2010 robert@decode.net
  • 19. The Attitudinal Characteristics of Influencers •  Buzzfluencers like to be informed. More than entertained. Click to edit Master subtitle style •  Buzzfluencers like to know what’s going on in others’ lives. •  Buzzfluencers are more concerned about feeling they at the centre of their network. •  Buzzfluencers have more cohesive networks with more similar interests. But they are looking for access to more diversity. •  Buzzfluencers feel more informed by their social network. •  Buzzfluencers are truly ‘social’ users, often making friends online and allowing their public face to be seen by all. Page 19 © Decode 2010 robert@decode.net
  • 20. Acting on recommendations from individuals 60 % Make a Purchase Attend an event Click to edit Master subtitle style 50 Click "thumbs up/ like" Join a group/fan page 40 30 20 10 0 Family Best friend Close Friend Friends of Friends Distant Friends Page 20 © Decode 2010 robert@decode.net
  • 21. Acting on recommendations from organizations 60% make a purchase Pass it to someone else 50% Join a group or fan page Click to edit Master subtitle style Attend an event 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% A brand I am A charitable A social cause A brand I am My school My work My financial familiar with organization or issue not familiar institution with Page 21 © Decode 2010 robert@decode.net
  • 22. Digital Brand Relationships Page 22
  • 23. Top 25 Liked brands With digital interactions Google BBC Tesco Microsoft Coca Cola Channel 4 Virgin Asda Nintendo Sky Orange O2 Sony Apple VISA Boots BT Sainsbury’s Nokia iTV McDonald's Samsung M&S Vodafone Cadbury 23
  • 24. Final Thoughts Focus on segmentation Be realistic about breadth and depth Make it easier to share not create Balance rating and commenting Find and emulate Buzzfluencers 24
  • 25. Buying into decoding digital friends Who has bought the study so far? •  Global food and beverage companies, Leading media companies, Top Tier financial service firms, ICT leaders, Click to edit Master subtitle style Leading Educational institutions and many more. What Value will you receive? •  Be able to build more targeted effective social media strategies •  save money by making smarter investments •  find new opportunities to build better relationships with young people About Decode ✦ Decoding is about depth, not just looking at surface trends. ✦We start with 15 years of knowledge on how young people build relationships, both with one another and with brands. ✦We are research experts in youth, young adults and young families. We take a user-centred view of how to build social media strategies. ✦We have a unique model on how to value social media: it will provide partners with knowledge to get a better ROI onsocial media, and identify new opportunities for growth. Subscription fee for bespoke report and presentation:£9,500 + VAT (optional qualitative report £5,500)Comparison reports to USA and Canada are also available. 25 © Decode 2010 robert@decode.net
  • 26. Please connect Robert Barnard robert@decode.net +44 793 3014461 26