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Mark lockwood

  1. 1. Mark LockwoodBusiness Stylist - makeovers for businessesmark.lockwood@hotmail.comSummaryI am a high-achieving business professional. My goal is always to add value tostakeholders/shareholders equity. That means empowering staff to perform beyond their "normal"capablilities.Specialties# Strategic Planning# Financial Management# Board Reporting# People & Change Management# Marketing Plans# Sales Management# Key Account Management# Public Relations & Launches# Customer Service/Call Centre Management# Project Management# Sponsorship & Fundraising# Event Planning & Management# Market Research# Media Planning & Placement# Staff Training & Team Building# Product Development# Creative Concepts# Brand Development & ManagementExperienceGeneral Manager at UCOL Universal College of Learning2007 - 2011 (4 years) General management of student recruitment for UCOL’s three campuses including international students. Functions included call centre, information centres, school liaison, marketing, promotion and events, business liaison, PR and new programme development. 6 recommendations available upon requestGeneral Manager at Upstart Business Incubator2006 - 2007 (1 year) Page1
  2. 2. Upstart gives a leg-up to companies who want help to grow fast and generate revenues in the millions. They may be one person start-up companies, or successful small businesses, but each Upstart client is on a mission to rapidly increase their company’s value, without greatly increasing their risk. Our mission is to help their growth dreams become real.Marketing Director at Brandlines (formerly Sweetline)2002 - 2006 (4 years) Brandlines Limited (formerly Sweetline) started operations in 1972. Brandlines imports, distributes and markets a select range of international grocery and confectionery brands in New Zealand. With over 150 staff and revenues exceeding $60 million, Brandlines is a leading player in the fast moving consumer goods market in New Zealand. Brandlines head office is strategically located in the middle of New Zealand on a 10 hectare site on the outskirts of Palmerston North, with 15,000m² of warehousing space and room for expansion. This central location enables Brandlines to provide next day delivery throughout New Zealand using a combination of its own delivery fleet and contracted freight companies. Brandlines has great success marketing key international grocery and confectionery brands including Always Fresh, Asian Home Gourmet, Chupa Chups, Lindt Chocolate, Maille Mustard, Mentos, Smint, and Werthers Original. Brandlines covers all channels in New Zealand and offers Brand Owners a one-stop-shop to handle all distribution, sales, marketing and merchandising of their brand in New ZealandSales Manager at Jasons Travel Media1984 - 1986 (2 years)EducationMassey UniversityBusiness Studies, Marketing, 1979 - 1981 Page2
  3. 3. Mark LockwoodBusiness Stylist - makeovers for businessesmark.lockwood@hotmail.com6 people have recommended Mark "Im happy to recommend Mark Lockwood as an effective manager to any organisation looking to introduce or enhance current marketing initiatives and strategies. Marks abitlity to create robust plans and then execute them using innovative ideas has allowed UCOL to increase its appeal to key markets considerably. In my opinion, Marks success as a manger is largely due to his ability to empower staff to think creatively in a structured fashion, whereby the possible outcomes of any decision or idea is analysed in line with the team/organisational objectives. As a manager Mark was supportive and consistent. He operated under a genuine Open Door policy, welcoming feedback and ideas where viable." — Racquel Cleaver, School Liaison Coordinator, UCOL Universal College of Learning, worked indirectly for Mark at UCOL Universal College of Learning "Ive worked with Mark on a number of projects which showed his commitment to getting the job done. Mark is self-driven, positive and his experience and knowledge of creative & marketing are apparent in everything he does." — Harry Faas, Information Systems Manager, UCOL Universal College of Learning, worked with Mark at UCOL Universal College of Learning "I have found Mark to be a very creative and energetic Manager. He is very detailed with regard to analytical and factual information, but can then spin into a creative mode and get the best out of his team. He has respect for his team and manages a very productive and inclusive environment. He is keen to get opinions and ensures everyone is heard, although he can still have the right level of control and input to ensure a positive and successful outcome. I have really enjoyed the freedom Mark has given me to manage in my own way, but have found him to be very supportive when I needed help or advice. Mark has done a fantastic job with bringing UCOL programmes into the public arena and a fantastic job in bringing life to the UCOL Marketing Strategy." — Sara Barker, Customer Services Manager, UCOL Universal College of Learning, reported to Mark at UCOL Universal College of Learning "Marks strength is a combination of creativity and expert knowledge of the market alongside sound business knowledge and excellent staff management skills." — Jo Hopkirk, Business Manager, Carpenters Dental Ltd, worked with Mark at UCOL Universal Page 3
  4. 4. College of Learning "Mark is a focussed, driven manager who has the ability to draw the best out of his staff to ensure UCOL has excellent results in all areas of Marketing / Recruitment. Mark also has an open door policy with his staff and actively promotes opportunitys for staff to better themselves in their fields of expertise, with the knowledge that this in turn, will benefit UCOL.. Creativety and Practicality dont often sit side by side in the Marketing environment, but Mark has a fine balance of both." — Kay Coley, Marketing/Community Liaison Coordinator, UCOL Universal College of Learning, worked indirectly for Mark at UCOL Universal College of Learning "Mark has been a fantastic general manager who has been very easy to work with. His vast knowledge of creative & marketing industries has allowed him to support many projects which would have otherwise not seen the light of day and this is a big part of what has made UCOLs marketing strategy a success online, in print media and beyond. As a general manager Mark is encouraging of both personal and professional development and has supported my carrer aspirations beyond my expectations of a manager. Mark is also highly approachable, knowledgable, supportive and has a good sense of humor." — Jason Nockels, Online Marketing Coordinator / Graphic Designer, UCOL Universal College of Learning, worked indirectly for Mark at UCOL Universal College of LearningContact Mark on LinkedIn Page 4