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Looking to find out more about the iPhone application instagram? Here's a great presentation that walks you through step-by-step on what the applications abilities are and where it might be going.

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Instagram 101

  1. 1. Instagram The “social photography” smart-phone application defined and explored.Presentation © 2011 » Starmark International • Instagram © Dogpatch Labs. • All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. So what is Instagram?Instagram (IG) is a free ‘social photography’ applicationoriginally designed for the Apple iPhone. Its purpose is multi-modal: • To take, crop and filter photos with a predetermined amount of ‘in-app’ effects. • Title, geographically denote and tag the photos, if desired. • Allow users to upload their photos to social sharing applications such as: • Facebook • Tumblr • Flickr • Twitter • Foursquare
  3. 3. Social PhotographySimply stated, ‘social photography’ are websites andapplications that allow people to post, comment and share digitalphotos. Popularity for these tools has grown exponentially overthe past decade.Since that time, three very monumental changes have occurred: 1.Digital photography (being inverse reciprocal) has allowed countless people to create an endless stream of photographic content, A.K.A.– “UGC” or user-generated content. 2.Digital photography and its social sharing counterpart have single-handedly deconstructed the business of traditional photography as we know it. 3.Social media has created an inexpensive level playing field for users to self-publish, distribute and share their creations.
  4. 4. Social Photo LandscapeOf course, with all successful application’s the landscape islittered with choices.
  5. 5. So why Instagram? There are many reason why users have adopted Instagram as their social photo application of choice but a few points always come to the top: • Intuitive interface • Fun “lomo” (vintage) filters • Easy to follow and be followed • Large active community • and it’s free... for now.
  6. 6. Instagram: Camera It all beings after opening the application and you choose the center button that then brings up the camera function. Taking a photo is quick and simple with just one touch.
  7. 7. Instagram: Move & Scale Once you’ve taken your photo, you can zoom in and out of the image using the iPhone’s dual-touch functionality. Once it’s where you want it, click the “Choose” button and away you go!
  8. 8. Instagram: Filters Once you’ve cropped your image, you can then play with various predetermined filters within the application to achieve various looks and quality levels.
  9. 9. Instagram: Sharing From there, you can then assign a title to your photo. You can also choose to define the location of the picture using your phone’s GPS abilities. And lastly, you can choose what social distribution points you want for your photograph to take. Important note: Instagram itself takes and harbors your photos on its own servers for your own gallery of photos. This is important as this is where people actively participate in discussion surround IG photos.
  10. 10. Instagram: Feed The “feed” button allows you to scroll through photos of people that you have selected to follow. Instagram also ports in new photographers to your feed occasionally to expose you to new talent.
  11. 11. Instagram: Popular Photos that are rapidly “liked” within the application can be chosen to get placed on a temporary popular page. Here, a user can see an ever changing list of photos deemed popular by the applications internal algorithm.
  12. 12. Instagram: News With the “news” button selected, a user can quickly see what photos their followers are looking at, and commenting on. This is an easy and brilliant way to pull you into exploring talent outside of your followers as well as see what photos within your own work are being viewed.
  13. 13. Instagram: Search Here, you will notice that you can select the ability to search all the photos contained within the Instagram community. You can then select from users’ screen names or actual names. Or you can search by #tagged keywords.
  14. 14. Instagram: Results So as quickly as I can think of a keyword, I could be meeting someone with my same likes and interests along with a photographic representation of that subject. Thoughts for clients: • Travel destinations & Hoteliers • Exclusive content • Brand impressions • Products in use • Reviews
  15. 15. Brands Using Instagram?Are major brands using Instagram? Yes. What are they showing?Anything and everything including (but not limited to): • Live events • Promotions • Behind the scenes • Breaking news and viral content
  16. 16. Instagram PhotographyIt’s easy to say they’re just cell-phone photos. But having beenexposed to photography as an art-form and professional practiceall of my life I can tell you there’s something special here.Photographers, lomographers and digital photographers can allagree “that the best camera is the one you have in yourhand.”
  17. 17. @streetstylish
  18. 18. @kino_in_paris
  19. 19. @jfalconer1
  20. 20. @stardreamer
  21. 21. @ryocoryocoryoco
  22. 22. @mattphotos
  23. 23. Instagram: The APISoftware developers can choose to create what are called“application programming interface” (API) systems to allowexternal developers to tie into their software through a commondevelopmental vocabulary. This allows developers and designersto make and expand on the application using the primarysoftware as the backbone of their outcome.
  24. 24. The Instagram Empire
  25. 25. The future looks picture perfect 70 52.5 35 17.5 0 Instagram FoodSpotting Foursquare Hashable Uber SWAGG Beluga SCVNGR Whrrl Kik Gowalla % Based on positive feedback with application user base
  26. 26. Thank you! Presenter: Justice Mitchell Instagram: justicemitchell Twitter: @justicemitchell Blog: Facebook: justicewmitchellPresentation © 2011 » Starmark International • Instagram © Dogpatch Labs. • All Rights Reserved