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Open Government & Intelligent Community in the Digital Economy
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Open Government & Intelligent Community in the Digital Economy


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Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. Open Government & Intelligent Community in the Digital Economy Presented byKingbridge Conference Centre Jury Konga, PrincipalYork Region May 23, 2012. eGovFutures Group
  • 2. @jkonga Conference Organizer: @N6BizSeriesHashtags: #Opengov #OpenData #Innovation #DigitalEconomy #ConferenceTag? Jury Konga Open by Design TM 2
  • 3. Overview• Open Government – context & components• Open Data & Digital Economy• Intelligent Communities perspective• Moving the York community forwardJury KongaOpen by Design TM 3
  • 4. Open Government - A View of Principles Aggregated view from several sourcesJury KongaOpen by Design TM 4
  • 5. Open Government Continuum - from local to global Current State Global - Early Stages National - Early Stages ON “in development” - Operational in BC Vision 2051 ComponentJury KongaOpen by Design TM 5
  • 6. Municipal Open Government Framework – Beta Version Original version 2010, updated model 2011. Source: KongaOpen by Design TM 6
  • 7. Open Data - Context and Scope• Open Data is a foundational component for Open Government and focuses on freely making public data available in a usable format for all to re-use and add value for the benefit of citizens and businesses. Global view of Open Data initiatives Bottom line -> it’s pervasive & growing Jury Konga Open by Design TM 7
  • 8. Open Data - What’s Happening in Ontario Others in planning stagesJury KongaOpen by Design TM 8
  • 9. Open Data and the Digital Economy• Federal government 2010 Digital Economy consultation – 2 of top 3 needs focused on access to data/information• Value proposition is the use and re-use of the data with a variety of potential business opportunities• Application development – lots of activity here!• Data VARs (Value Added Resellers)• Product and Service providers – e.g. Cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS); development tools; professional services• “The market for mobile apps … its growth will accelerate in the future to reach $ US 35 billion in 2015. It is to be one of the fastest growing segments in the information technology market. “ European Commission Pricing Of Public Sector Information Study, October 2011Jury KongaOpen by Design TM 9
  • 10. Open Data - the Apps Conte$t$Jury KongaOpen by Design TM 10 10
  • 11. Open Data Applications - Inventories & Where Is? Tree inventory - coverage of urban forests (City produced via 3rd party) Heat wave - where’s nearest pool/splash padJury Konga (Community group developed)Open by Design TM 11 11
  • 12. Open Data Applications - When is …. ? When is … Garbage and recycle? When is … the next bus?Jury KongaOpen by Design TM 12 12
  • 13. Open Data Applications Dynamic visualization based on neighbourhoods - Community WellbeingUser control overwell-being indicators& weightingSource: Harvey Low, Project ManagerSocial Policy, Analysis and Research Jury Konga Open by Design TM 13
  • 14. Open Data, the Digital Economy and Intelligent Communities Government Data & OPEN Commu- Needs A DCorporate nity & V Data DATA Data Feeds O C A C Y Science Data Source: “Intelligent Communities – Platforms for Innovation Jury Konga Open by Design TM 14
  • 15. Digital Economy Continuum Smart Planet Innovation Nation Ontario Centres of Excellence York Region iCommunityJury KongaOpen by Design TM 15
  • 16. Intelligent Communities i-Community Open Architecture Model i-COA®, the Five Layer Intelligent Community Open Architecture® model. Registered by Hutchison Management International.Jury KongaOpen by Design TM 16
  • 17. Digital York - an Intelligent Community Hub… some early thinkingon a new non-profit Local Government Citizens & Chambers of Community Commerce Groups Digital York Other Industry MUSH Organizations Organizations Provincial Federal Gov’t Venture Lab Gov’t Sustained Digital Support? Economy Action? Jury Konga Open by Design TM 17
  • 18. Digital York - Collaboration is essential “All of us are smarter than one of us” Collaborate Now“There are more knowledgeable people outside your organization than inside”Jury KongaOpen by Design TM 18
  • 19. Digital York -physical and virtual collaborationLeverage our network of networks Example shown is a LinkedIn network Jury Konga Open by Design TM 19
  • 20. Digital York - Innovation by Default • The entire community … government, private sector, NGOs, academia, community groups and citizens need to … look at existing and new initiatives through an innovation lens For the last time, no, I do not know what the ROI is on it! Jury Konga Open by Design TM 20
  • 21. Digital York - Agility … need to move Quickly Feds #Fail Agility = Others on 2nd2010 generation of digital strategies 2011 Agility through local cooperation and collaboration Federal Digital Economy Strategy -> Digital York Report - Fall of 2012? Jury Konga Open by Design TM 21
  • 22. Digital York - need the digital “Big Pipe” • Government can facilitate … Private sector needs to step up & invest for the future Image by STN • “we don’t have the kind of ultra-bandwidth infrastructure that they do” – “they” being global citiesImage by Jafar Sadik Bill Hutchison, Chair i-Canada Jury Konga Open by Design TM 22
  • 23. Digital York - Why are we doing this … • i-COA top of the pyramid: Live, Learn, Work, Play Source: Federation of Canadian Municipalities Source: Canadian Wellness Index Quality of Life Reporting SystemJury KongaOpen by Design TM 23
  • 24. Digital York - Why are we doing this … Ultimately, this is why …. a healthy & just society Images via MS OfficeJury KongaOpen by Design TM 24
  • 25. Digital York - concluding thoughts• Embrace Open Government & Open Data - it can support Digital York & economic development• Collaborate Now - community needs to optimize our collective resources to bring Digital York “online” ASAP• Make Innovation the default – all sectors of the community can contribute• Agility is an imperative – the local and global knowledge economy has shown that it waits for no one• Get the Digital “Big Pipe” – high bandwidth is a fundamental piece of the infrastructure for Digital York• Seize the moment – Digital York, just do it!Jury KongaOpen by Design TM 25
  • 26. Thank you