m-Government - Connecting Bits with Community


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m-Government - Connecting Bits with Community

  1. 1. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMJury Konga, PrincipaleGovFutures Group@jkongam-Government– Connecting Bits with CommunityLac Carling 3.0, i-Canada Summit Toronto, Ontario.
  2. 2. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMm-Government Context- two perspectivesPhysical presence- City Hall in the Mall(Coral Springs, circa 1995)Virtual presence (todays focus)- City Hall as part of the Internet of Thingswww.govtech.com/What-is-the-Internet-of-Everything.html2
  3. 3. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMm-Government- key Infrastructure ComponentsOpen DataApplications &ToolsMobileTechnologyConnectivity+Government• Governance• Policy• Services• Processes• Technology3
  4. 4. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMdéjà vu … m-Government Challenges4
  5. 5. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMOpen Data Context- in the bigger picture• Open Data isfoundational forOpen GovCitizenEngagementCitizenEngagementCitizenEngagementCitizenEngagementCitizenEngagementCitizenEngagementCommunityEngagementOpen Hub: C3• Commons• Communication• CollaborationOpenInnovationOpenDataOpenKnowledgeOpenDecisionsOpenEconomicsSupporting Infrastructure• Data• Financial &Human Resources• Policy &Standards• TechnologyLeadership & GovernanceVersion 2 of 2010 Open Government Framework“A piece of content ordata is open to anyoneis free to use, reuse, andredistribute it — subjectonly, at most, to therequirement to attributeand/or share-alike.”Source: opendefinition.org/5
  6. 6. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMOpen Data can fuel the Digital Economy& Intelligent CommunitiesSource: “Intelligent Communities – Platforms for Innovationwww.intelligentcommunity.org/clientuploads/PDFs/WP-Platforms-for-Innovation.pdfNeeds&Feeds&ADVOCACY6GovernmentDataScienceDataCorporateDataOPENDATACommunityData
  7. 7. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMOptimizing Value of Government Data- connect to the CommunityGov DataOpen DataAppsDevelopmentPrimarily Internal usersExpanded users in apps development,research & innovationThe Broader Community – citizens,businesses, visitors, not for profits7Who are the users?
  8. 8. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMMobile Applications- simplified lifecycleCommunity IdeationCommunity Creation• Private sector• Civil society• GovernmentDesignInputUserFeedbackTo Developers& Community8
  9. 9. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMOpen Data Applications address Diverse NeedsServiceRequestSurrey, BCRegina, SKWaterloo, ONInfoAccessHealth & WellbeingTransit InfoFind Facilities & Points of Interest9
  10. 10. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMFutures - Integrated Service DeliveryService One (2.0)- The ServiceCoordinatorIntegrated Service Delivery “Engine”Standardized Processes, Protocolsand Knowledge BaseBusinessKnowledgeDatabaseService RequestsRequests from MyGovID(Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter)Source: From a Social to a Service Web, 2009. www.slideshare.net/jkonga10
  11. 11. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMa few concluding thoughts …• Address the Digital Infrastructure Deficit- more Open Data, apps & public WiFi/Broadband connectivity• Inclusiveness is a key to optimizing value of m-Government• Enhanced citizen engagement & communications via mobile• Partnerships & Collaboration – need to walk the talk forgovernment, NPOs and private sector• Centre for Open m-Government Excellence – time is right forcontinued research & development of best practices11
  12. 12. Jury KongaOpen by Design TMConnecting (m)Government with Community… making the world a better placejkonga@sympatico.ca @jkonga www.slideshare.net/jurykonga