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Open data


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Open data

  1. 1. Open Data- a Strategic Opportunity for Municipalities Fawn Annan, President IT World Canada Jury Konga,Open Data Research Advisory Council
  2. 2. What is Open Data• Open Data is about access, transparency & leveraging municipal government data – it’s a strategic asset• Accessible as digital data via web & mobile• Open data is pervasive – from World Bank to all levels of government … municipal government are leaders
  3. 3. Where is Open Data?
  4. 4. Where is Open Data?
  5. 5. Why Open Data in Municipalities?• Open Data can offer efficiencies, enhanced service delivery & economic development opportunities• Municipalities are the front line for service and must be more proactive & innovative• Majority of citizens, all living in municipalities, are looking for government to enhance their e- service delivery (web, smart phones, sensors), intelligent systems & communities
  6. 6. Why Open Data in Municipalities?• Government efficiencies & effectiveness o Cross-departmental access to internal data, reduced costs related to data requests, assists systems integration• Enhanced service delivery o Direct access to government information – self service model, new software applications for citizens• Economic development opportunities o Technology start-ups, Data VARs, Sector innovation & jobs
  7. 7. Why Open Data in Municipalities?• “The market for mobile apps … its growth will accelerate in the future to reach $ US 35 billion in 2015. It is to be one of the fastest growing segments in the information technology market. “ European Commission Pricing Of Public Sector Information Study, October 2011• What feeds these apps -> open data
  8. 8. Some Public facing views of Open Data Open Data portal & data catalogue Hackathons/Codefests …. Building appsCitizen & Community Engagement – Unconferences, Govcamps,Changecamp, Citycamps … defining the issues, identifying opportunities toimprove
  9. 9. Active Open Data Community
  10. 10. Open Data & Intelligent Communities & A OPEN D DATA feeds V O C A C Y
  11. 11. Open Data Meets Community Development• The 1st syndicated study to examine ‘Open Data for Municipalities’ in Canada• Six of the ten largest Canadian cities have open data portals today• This Executive Study will canvass 2 municipal groups - over & under 50,000 in population
  12. 12. Key Features of Executive Study• Municipal priorities• IT & Service Spending Intentions• Quantification of Expected Efficiencies• Uses & Applicability to Municipal Operations• Buyer Motives• Citizen-Led Motives• Snapshot + Trending (Who is doing what?)
  13. 13. Study Strategic Insights• Community Expectations: from the Public about the use of systems and data;• Municipal Needs: the kinds of systems that are expected to be on the priority purchase list;• Decisions: The reason some systems are chosen and others not;• Best Practices: Municipal best practices in the use of the systems• Municipal Profiles: municipal buyers and the services they seek.
  14. 14. Some Concluding thoughts …• By 2050, there will be 70% of people living in urban municipalities, representing 9 billion humans.• The need to respond to increasing public pressure for services is not going away.• Open Data is becoming one of the critical tools for service alignment and engagement with citizenry, and good government.• We need this study. We need your participation.• Help us, help you.
  15. 15. Our Ask• Mayors to sit on Advisory Council• Industry support to raise $190,000 to properly support the research and expose the findings throughout Canada, and to all identified stakeholders. Thank you,