Embracing Open Innovation Platforms - Enterprise Europe Network (7 Dec 2012)


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Presentation made by Caroline Gray-Stephens, Head of Enterprise Europe Network - Scotland (EEN-Scotland) at BIP Asia 2012 hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (7 December 2012)

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Embracing Open Innovation Platforms - Enterprise Europe Network (7 Dec 2012)

  1. 1. Embracing Open Innovation Platforms Title Sub-title the smart people work for us. We need to work “Not all with smart people inside and outside the company. » Chesbourgh PLACE PARTNER’S European Commission LOGO HERE Enterprise and IndustryOpen Innovation Title of the presentation | Date |‹#› IP in-sourced for development Products in-sourced for scale-up Technology spin-outsIn-sourcedIdeas and technologies IP licensing Front End Innovation Product Development Product Launch Discovery Market Diagram courtesy of Mike Addison, P&G 1
  2. 2. Why Technology Transfer ? Title of the presentation | Date |‹#› Because the wheel should not be invented twice! Ways to innovation …..1) In-house Research 3) Technology Transfer Resources: Time - • Results already exist Money - Staff - … • Timeline and costs well predictable2) Contract Research • Selection from several Costs – Time horizon - solutions Success? Technology transfer is used too little to access innovations more quickly and reliably Enterprise Europe Network: A Title of the presentation | Date |‹#› Platform for Technology Transfer • 50 Countries • 600 partner organisations • 6000 specialist advisors • Potential access to 20 million EU SMEs • Largest business and TT network and database in the world: 23,000 live profiles Integrated Innovation Support Programme (IISP) 4 2
  3. 3. The TTT process in the EEN Title of the presentation | Date |‹#› Connecting people Contract Negotiation Follow- Follow-up IPR Connecting R&D providers and seekers Preparation Dissemination Brokerage Personal Technology of Partner of Partner Events Contact Mission Searches Searches • Personal contact to EEN? • Sincere interest in technology offer/request Clients • High potential clients • Communication skills (English, personality, …) Promotion Collaboration Presentation Warm/Cold www Stakeholders Events callings Dissemination of project ideas, technology | Date |‹#› Title of the presentation offers and requests via the EEN Dissemination of Partner Searches Technology Offer / Request (Anonymous, EEN Client 2 one page only) Database 1 600 (AT) 1 180 000 (EU) 400 Sectors 2 2 2 3 31 Profile (Offer/ Request)2 Dissemination in 50 countries 3 Replies (EoIs) 3
  4. 4. Co-operation Profiles Title of the presentation | Date |‹#› Preparation of Partner Searches Technology Profile One page only (~2 hours) Type of co-operation - R&D, technical co-operation - Production, Sales, Licencing Dissemination 50 Countries ~ 180 000 High-tech Players Companies EoI (Reactions) R&D institutions Technology Centers < 2 Months Universities ~ 4 - 8 (Offers) ~ 10 -15 (Requests) Technology Transfer? Title of the presentation | Date |‹#› An alternative solution to solve problems? In- In-house Contract Technology Research R h Research R h Transfer fTime to market ~ 1-3 Years 13 ~ 1-3 Years 13 4-12 months 4 12Risk High Medium LowAlternative solutions No No SeveralCosts assessable ? ? Yes 4
  5. 5. Title of the presentation | Date |‹#›The Bones Of A great Deal: Orthos (UK) and CREB (SP):Exclusive Patent License Agreement• Orthos: bone restoration specialist• CREB: Biomedical Engineering Research Centre with patents in self-setting and injectable calcium phosphate foam• Orthos granted exclusive rights to EU and Spanish patents• CREB: 3%-7% of generated income once introduced to EU market (where 1 million bone generative surgeries take place p.a for cancer and osteoporosis) Title of the presentation | Date |‹#›Giltech’s (UK) French Connections with IMVTechnologies (FR)• Giltech: biodegradable and controlled release technologies using glass and plastic• IMV: artificial insemination of cattle• EEN provide also a due diligence report on Giltech for IMV, providing them the confidence to go ahead with the d l th deal• Two year agreement to develop controlled release and biodegradable applications with reproductive technologies, and discussing other opportunities. “In terms of the target market, we couldn’t have chosen a better partner.” Giltech 5
  6. 6. Title of the presentation | Date |‹#› Precision Smiles for Playmobile Faces: Cruse Leppelman(DE) - Playmobile (Malta) • Cruse Leppelman: automated quality control systems for food packages and labels • Playmobile (Malta): maker of toy figurines • Playmobile saw the potential for using the technology in its own production line: ensuring that every figurine leaves the factory with the same signature smile, and everything is in the right place • Testing now taking place in Malta with very promising results Title of the presentation | Date |‹#› Please keep in mind…. 1 Get results faster with Technology Transfer www.enterprise-europe-scotland.com2 (23,000 cooperation possibilities) 6
  7. 7. Title of the presentation | Date |‹#› In Summary It is Spotting Gaps and Developing Trust It is not Black Magic Integrated Innovation Support Programme (IISP) 13 Keep Networked and Informed … http://portal.enterprise-europe-network.ec.europa.eu/ Search…http://portal.enterprise-europe-network.ec.europa.eu/services/technology-transfer Ask…caroline.gray-stephens@scotent.co.uk 7