Open Government & Intelligent Community in the Digital Economy


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Open Government & Intelligent Community in the Digital Economy

  1. 1. Open Government & Intelligent Community in the Digital Economy Presented byKingbridge Conference Centre Jury Konga, PrincipalYork Region May 23, 2012. eGovFutures Group
  2. 2. @jkonga Conference Organizer: @N6BizSeriesHashtags: #Opengov #OpenData #Innovation #DigitalEconomy #ConferenceTag? Jury Konga Open by Design TM 2
  3. 3. Overview• Open Government – context & components• Open Data & Digital Economy• Intelligent Communities perspective• Moving the York community forwardJury KongaOpen by Design TM 3
  4. 4. Open Government - A View of Principles Aggregated view from several sourcesJury KongaOpen by Design TM 4
  5. 5. Open Government Continuum - from local to global Current State Global - Early Stages National - Early Stages ON “in development” - Operational in BC Vision 2051 ComponentJury KongaOpen by Design TM 5
  6. 6. Municipal Open Government Framework – Beta Version Original version 2010, updated model 2011. Source: KongaOpen by Design TM 6
  7. 7. Open Data - Context and Scope• Open Data is a foundational component for Open Government and focuses on freely making public data available in a usable format for all to re-use and add value for the benefit of citizens and businesses. Global view of Open Data initiatives Bottom line -> it’s pervasive & growing Jury Konga Open by Design TM 7
  8. 8. Open Data - What’s Happening in Ontario Others in planning stagesJury KongaOpen by Design TM 8
  9. 9. Open Data and the Digital Economy• Federal government 2010 Digital Economy consultation – 2 of top 3 needs focused on access to data/information• Value proposition is the use and re-use of the data with a variety of potential business opportunities• Application development – lots of activity here!• Data VARs (Value Added Resellers)• Product and Service providers – e.g. Cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS); development tools; professional services• “The market for mobile apps … its growth will accelerate in the future to reach $ US 35 billion in 2015. It is to be one of the fastest growing segments in the information technology market. “ European Commission Pricing Of Public Sector Information Study, October 2011Jury KongaOpen by Design TM 9
  10. 10. Open Data - the Apps Conte$t$Jury KongaOpen by Design TM 10 10
  11. 11. Open Data Applications - Inventories & Where Is? Tree inventory - coverage of urban forests (City produced via 3rd party) Heat wave - where’s nearest pool/splash padJury Konga (Community group developed)Open by Design TM 11 11
  12. 12. Open Data Applications - When is …. ? When is … Garbage and recycle? When is … the next bus?Jury KongaOpen by Design TM 12 12
  13. 13. Open Data Applications Dynamic visualization based on neighbourhoods - Community WellbeingUser control overwell-being indicators& weightingSource: Harvey Low, Project ManagerSocial Policy, Analysis and Research Jury Konga Open by Design TM 13
  14. 14. Open Data, the Digital Economy and Intelligent Communities Government Data & OPEN Commu- Needs A DCorporate nity & V Data DATA Data Feeds O C A C Y Science Data Source: “Intelligent Communities – Platforms for Innovation Jury Konga Open by Design TM 14
  15. 15. Digital Economy Continuum Smart Planet Innovation Nation Ontario Centres of Excellence York Region iCommunityJury KongaOpen by Design TM 15
  16. 16. Intelligent Communities i-Community Open Architecture Model i-COA®, the Five Layer Intelligent Community Open Architecture® model. Registered by Hutchison Management International.Jury KongaOpen by Design TM 16
  17. 17. Digital York - an Intelligent Community Hub… some early thinkingon a new non-profit Local Government Citizens & Chambers of Community Commerce Groups Digital York Other Industry MUSH Organizations Organizations Provincial Federal Gov’t Venture Lab Gov’t Sustained Digital Support? Economy Action? Jury Konga Open by Design TM 17
  18. 18. Digital York - Collaboration is essential “All of us are smarter than one of us” Collaborate Now“There are more knowledgeable people outside your organization than inside”Jury KongaOpen by Design TM 18
  19. 19. Digital York -physical and virtual collaborationLeverage our network of networks Example shown is a LinkedIn network Jury Konga Open by Design TM 19
  20. 20. Digital York - Innovation by Default • The entire community … government, private sector, NGOs, academia, community groups and citizens need to … look at existing and new initiatives through an innovation lens For the last time, no, I do not know what the ROI is on it! Jury Konga Open by Design TM 20
  21. 21. Digital York - Agility … need to move Quickly Feds #Fail Agility = Others on 2nd2010 generation of digital strategies 2011 Agility through local cooperation and collaboration Federal Digital Economy Strategy -> Digital York Report - Fall of 2012? Jury Konga Open by Design TM 21
  22. 22. Digital York - need the digital “Big Pipe” • Government can facilitate … Private sector needs to step up & invest for the future Image by STN • “we don’t have the kind of ultra-bandwidth infrastructure that they do” – “they” being global citiesImage by Jafar Sadik Bill Hutchison, Chair i-Canada Jury Konga Open by Design TM 22
  23. 23. Digital York - Why are we doing this … • i-COA top of the pyramid: Live, Learn, Work, Play Source: Federation of Canadian Municipalities Source: Canadian Wellness Index Quality of Life Reporting SystemJury KongaOpen by Design TM 23
  24. 24. Digital York - Why are we doing this … Ultimately, this is why …. a healthy & just society Images via MS OfficeJury KongaOpen by Design TM 24
  25. 25. Digital York - concluding thoughts• Embrace Open Government & Open Data - it can support Digital York & economic development• Collaborate Now - community needs to optimize our collective resources to bring Digital York “online” ASAP• Make Innovation the default – all sectors of the community can contribute• Agility is an imperative – the local and global knowledge economy has shown that it waits for no one• Get the Digital “Big Pipe” – high bandwidth is a fundamental piece of the infrastructure for Digital York• Seize the moment – Digital York, just do it!Jury KongaOpen by Design TM 25
  26. 26. Thank you