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Solars project

Solars project



this is Solar Collectors and Solar Cookers

this is Solar Collectors and Solar Cookers



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    Solars project Solars project Presentation Transcript

    • The solar collector & The solar cookers Represented by Josh Bor
    • The SolarCollector
    • flat-plate solar collectorDevice that collects solar radiation and heats a
    • What make it work
    • glassTranslucent covering (glass, fibreglass, polycarbonate) thasolar radiationAll the electromagnetic waves emitted by the Sun.Outlet and InletA point on a wiring system at which current is taken to sup
    • wavestructure of the Sun [1]absorbing plateBlack metallic sheet that harnesses heat from solarradiation and transfers it to the coolant fluid.insulationMaterial placed on the back side of the collector toreduce heat loss.flow tubeTube containing a coolant (water, air) that is used torecover and carry heat to the absorbing plate.
    • frameCollector’s insulating case that is enclosed in glass.coolant inletCold coolant flows into the circulation tubes to absorbthe solar energy trapped by the collector.coolant outletThe coolant exits the collector at high temperature (up toabout 175°F) and is stored or used immediately.
    • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Using solar photovoltaic, sunlight is converted into electricity. Solar photovoltaic uses photovoltaic (PV) cells usually in the form of panels, also called solar panelsSolar Energy - How it works Using the energy which is Collected from the sunlight it do many things.
    • The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the Oil industry doesnt own the sunHow Solar Energy Technology Workswatch the video :-http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=ZNZrwfjqKh0#t=34shttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=1gta2ICarDw
    • Picture 2 The solar cooker
    • Solar cooker is a oven that using tocook withoutsmoke, fire , gas, or fuelscookers can use the heat of the sun toreach temperatures is up to 400degrees Fahrenheit (200 degreesCelsius)
    • this grill will collect thermal energy from t
    • There are three most common types of solar cookers Curved concentrator cookers Box cookers Click to edit Master subtitle style Panel cookers
    • Hundreds - if not thousands – ofvariations on these basic typesexist.Additionally , several large scalesolar cooking systems have beendeveloped to edit Master subtitle style Click tomeet the needs of institutionsworldwide.