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Solar hybrid cooker


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Solar Hybrid cooker

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Solar hybrid cooker

  1. 1. HYBRID SOLAR BOX COOKER Prashant Raj 1
  2. 2. Background Contd…..• India receives 5000 Trillion KWH solar radiation per year with 250–300 sunny days in a year.• If we just convert 1% of this solar radiation into energy, We will have enough to meet our energy needs till 2030 (Source: National Action Plan ,Climate Change).• Solar energy is in two form Heat and Light. Heat for water heating, Cooking, drying, water purification, power generation. Light is converted into electricity, which can be used for lighting, pumping, communications, and power supply in un-electrified areas.• Cooking Energy accounts for 90% of household Energy. 1.5 million people per year die because of smoke from biomass fuels.• Excessive Demand of biomass fuels exceeds sustainable supply leading to massive deforestation and land degradation. 2
  3. 3. Background Rural Cooking Urban Cooking Firewood Crop residues Cow dung LPG Kerosene oil Coal• Cheap and Easy Availability • Pollutes the Environment• Pollutes Environment and Kitchens • Expensive• Unhealthy • Highly inflammable• Unhygienic • Low Availability• Deforestation • Maintaining the supplies in far flung areas Solar Cooking has been envisaged as a solution to mitigate these problems. 3
  4. 4. Research• Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA): The Case of Solar Cookers – Ravi C Moorthy, IIM-A.• Special Challenges of solar cooking – Charles, Solar Energy Kenya• Making the ‘Most of Sunshine :A Handbook of Solar Energy for the Common Man’ . Author - S. Narayanaswami• Ministry of Non- Conventional Energy Resources (MNES), Govt. of India.• Affordable Solar Cookers For The Neediest, Beverly L. Blum, Solar Cookers International• ‘Indias solar cooking program’ , Dr. A.K. Singhal
  5. 5. What is Solar Cooking ? Solar cooking is the simplest, safest, most convenient way to cook food through solar radiations without consuming fuels or heating up the kitchen.• Types Of Solar Cooker : PARABOLIC TYPE BOX TYPE
  6. 6. Parabolic Solar Cooker• It uses a parabolic dish to concentrate the incident solar radiation on the vessel.• A typical dish solar cooker has an aperture diameter of 1.4 m and a focal length of 0.28 m. The reflecting material used for fabrication of this cooker is anodized aluminum sheet, which has a reflectivity of over 80%.• The dish solar cooker can save up to 10 liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders per year upon full use at small establishments• They are especially useful for large-scale institutional cooking.• Parabolic cookers reach high temperatures and cook quickly• Too Expensive, difficult to construct and too delicate.• Too much Glare in use. High on maintenance• Require frequent adjustment and supervision for safe operation.
  7. 7. Box Type Solar Cooker• It uses a mirror reflector and glass lid to divert the incident solar radiation on the vessels• A typical box-type solar cooker consists of an outer box , a double glass lid, a mirror reflector, insulation, and cooking pots.• The dish solar cooker can save up to 3 - 4 liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders per year upon full use at small establishments• Domestic Cooking, slow cooker, but retain nutrient in food.• Cheap and easy to make and maintain,• More Cooking time as compared to parabolic type.• Too heavy. Very cumbersome to transfer and operate.• Vulnerable to climatic conditions• No Doneness Indicator
  8. 8. Do You Know ?World’s Largest 38500-meal Solar Kitchen ? At BrahmaKumari Ashram, Taleti, near Mount Abu. 84 oval parabolic concentrator each having a reflective surface area of 9.2 sqm, and reflect sunlight on the receivers by special white glass pieces. Steam is collected in the header pipes, which is then directed via insulated pipes to cooking vessels in the kitchen.
  9. 9. Solar Cooking Advantages Disadvantages• Saves Energy & Time : Solar cooking involves • Social Awareness & Acceptance : Low level no recurring expenses on fuel. of social awareness about solar cooking technology among masses.• Water & Milk Pasteurizer: Free up bacteria • Non-Commercial : Solar cooking is still a non- commercial, evolving Technology. It is mostly• No Overcook : There is no fear of scorching promoted by development & non-commercial the food. organization, which are mostly not ‘cut out’ for the task.• Flavor and Retention of Nutrient : Being a slow process, ensures better and more • Climate Dependence : A solar cooker works nutritious cooked food. well only on a clear sunny day.• Pollution free Energy : It does not pollute the • High Cooking Time : As compared to environment, and conserves conventional conventional cooking. energy.• No maintenance : Solar cookers are durable and simple to use. Do You Know? Solar Cooking was a major help in Bhuj Earthquake & Bihar Flood Victims
  10. 10. Market Opportunity Contd……• It should be profitable for a business to be manufactured on a permanent basis.• Focus on energy efficient design to minimize heat loss.• Target Urban as well as Rural Market. Advanced Hybrid Cooker for Urban Market. Simple Energy Efficient cooker for rural market.• It’s a New Market that’s needs to be setup, advertise and publicize.• Cooker should be Handy and portable. Cooking Time should get reduced• Cooker should be made Weather – proof.• Estimated potential demand for a solar cookers in India is 10 million.• Subsidized Rural Market through Urban Channel for Self Supporting Business.
  11. 11. Demographic Study – Solar radiationTARGET AREAS 11
  12. 12. My Concept HYBRID COOKERReflectorDetachable CordFlexi-Handle Plexi - GlassBattery Stacked ContainerHeating Element Strolley Wheel
  13. 13. Hybrid Cooker Operation• Strolley wheel design for Easy handling and transport.• Flexi-Handle to Incline the cooker for Maximum Solar radiation.• Black Stacked Container for Compact Design.• Plexi - glass for cheap and Light-weight design.• Two Heating Element to support Hybrid Mode (Solar/Electric).• First Heating Element (Half Capacity) will operate on battery during solar cooking to Reduce Cooking Time.• Second Heating Element (Full Capacity) will operate on direct supply during bad climate to make it Weather-Proof .
  14. 14. Product VariantsUrban Model Rural Model• Strolley Design • Strolley Design• Black Stacked Container. • Black Stacked Container.• Compact Design. • Compact Design.• High thermal Insulation. • High thermal Insulation.• Two Heating Element • No Electrical option• Thermo Sensor for Doneness Indicator. • No Doneness Indicator• Detachable cord for easy storage.• Rechargeable Battery (Electrical / Thermo-Generator).
  15. 15. Unique Selling Proposition (USP)• Energy Efficient Design• Compact Design• Strolley Wheel Design• Weather-Proof Feature• Doneness Indicator• Our Brand Value and Quality Assurance will be a added Advantage over competitors.
  16. 16. Competition Survey• Existing manufacturers are very small scale players with no sufficient funds to promote and advertise solar cooker.• Under MNES , Govt. has established ‘Aditya Solar Shop’, which serves as a convenient consumer point for sales, service & repair of renewable energy devices.• Many Designs and Technologies are available but nobody is manufacturing in a mass-scale.(Hobby skill)• Everybody is targeting the rural and poor market, Urban market is untouched by solar cooking concept.• Potential Competitor can be regional player or Aditya Solar Shops, But Quality and Aesthetic are poor.
  17. 17. SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS WEAKNESS Leading Brand Value First Mover Cost Factor P Good Quality Limited Application Assurance O New Design Concept Easy Avail. Of LPG T Weather Proof E N T OPPORTUNITIES THREATS I Unexploited Urban A Market New Market L Self Supporting Subsidy Social Acceptance High Market Potential Front up Payment ACTION
  18. 18. Marketing Plan Urban Rural• Reduce usage of ghee & oil • No smoke, No health problems• Weather-proof & Less Cooking Time • No fuel for its entire life• Solar recipe cook book, Live • Can cook several items together Demonstration • Easy Storage & operation• Solar food cooking Contest • Live Demonstration• Focus on fuel saving, Zero running cost • User- Friendly.• Natural & Healthy Product • Govt. and NGO’s help can be taken.• Focus on Aesthetic & Technology• Roof-top, Garden or Balcony Cooking
  19. 19. Q&A