Changing the economics of it


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Changing the economics of it

  1. 1. Changing the Economics of IT withIBM PureSystems
  2. 2. Technology is the leading force for impacting business Factors impacting organizations: 1 1. Technology factors 2. People skills 3. Market factors 4. Macro-economic factors 5. Regulatory concerns 6. Globalization Source: IBM CEO Study 2012 ResponsivenessSpeed Value90% 20B+ Intelligent businessview cloud as Extended Reach assets New Insightscritical to their plans 1Billion 2.7ZB Smartphones and 1.2 billion of digital content in 2012, mobile employees by 2014 up 50% from 2011
  3. 3. Is IT ready for the challenge? New server spending Power & cooling costs Server mgmt & admin costs 2013 1996 29% 68% 68% of IT Only 1 in 5 operating costs in 2013 will be for management and administration organizations allocate more than 50% of IT budget to new projects* IDC; Converged Systems: End-User Survey Resultspresentation; September 2012; Doc #236966 * 2012 IBM Global Data Center Study
  4. 4. In April, IBM announced a new family of expert integrated systems: Systems with integrated expertise and built for cloud Built-in Expertise Integration by Design Capturing and automating Deeply integrating and tuning what experts do – from hardware and software – in a the infrastructure patterns to the ready-to-go workload optimized application patterns system Simplified Experience Making every part of the IT lifecycle easier - with integrated management of the entire system and a broad open ecosystem of optimized solutions
  5. 5. The PureSystems family delivers greater simplicity,speed & lower cost Today’s problem: Time and effort is spent tuning general purpose components Design/Deploy Manage/Maintain General Custom Built Purpose System Components The PureSystems solution: Simplifying the entire IT project lifecycle Reduced Time, Cost and Risk Design Deploy Manage Maintain Expert Integrated System
  6. 6. New announcements for the PureSystems family that changethe economics of IT and accelerate time to value Infrastructure Application Platform Data Platform Delivering Infrastructure Services Delivering Platform Services Delivering Data Services
  7. 7. IBM PureFlex System: Integrated Infrastructure, built for cloudFlexibility to run your choice of applications and middleware 200% increase Expert integrated: in performance of critical  Flexible infrastructure applications ‒ Compute (x86 & POWER) ‒ Storage 66% faster ‒ Networking setup time ‒ Advanced Flex System technology  Unified infrastructure management  Built-in expertise - Infrastructure Days to minutes patterns virtual machine deployment time 72% lower Infrastructure systems costs over 3 years Delivering Infrastructure Services
  8. 8. Its not the components that are innovative… …it’s the integration of our expertise that is!
  9. 9. Flex System Manager – Everything in One Place FSM • Server Management • Hyper Visor Management • Storage Management • Storage Virtualisation • Chassis Map • Energy Control • Thermal Map • Remote Presence • Auto OS Updates • Logical Network Control • Virtual Networks
  10. 10. IBM PureApplication System: A platform system built-for-cloudthat simplifies deployment and management of applications Up and running in less than 4 hours* Expert integrated:  Platform for applications Deploy and automatically scale ‒ Application server ‒ Database services applications ‒ Compute in minutes** ‒ Storage ‒ Networking  Built-in expertise – Concurrent Infrastructure, platform, and application patterns management of 100s  Platform management of VM’s Application Platform on a single system*** Delivering Platform Services * Based upon testing of the IBM PureApplication System W1500-96 with time measured from powering on the system to when it is ready to support application deployments ** Based upon testing of the IBM PureApplication System W1500-96 with time and quantity measured for deployed applications within encompassed VMs. *** Based upon testing of the IBM PureApplication System W1500-96 (1.5 TB Ram, 6.4 TB SSD, 48 TB HDD, 2.6GHz Sandy Bridge Processor) with time and quantity measured for deployed applications within encompassed VMs.
  11. 11. Simple, Efficient, Flexible and Virtualized Application PlatformBuilt for Cloud Manual, brittle Best practice, pattern-based Built-in Expertise  Pre-optimized for web and database application workloads  Workload patterns codify IBM, Partner, and client expertise Deploy  Resilient, secure, virtualized, and scalable infrastructure OS, runtime, Policy based resources elasticity, single Integrated by Design view Repeatable self service provisioning Integrated and elastic application and data runtimes Manage Application-aware workload management Manual optimizations on- Pre-optimized by Simplified Experience site experts  Easy to deploy and integrate into existing environments  Single point of platform management  Integrated monitoring & maintenance Optimize12 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  12. 12. Patterns of Expertise: Proven best practices and expertise for complex taskslearned from decades of client and partner engagements that are captured, labtested and optimized into a deployable form What is a Pattern? • The pre-defined architecture of an application • For each component of the application (i.e. database, web server, etc) • Pre-installation on an operating system • Pre-integration across components • Pre-configured & tuned Monitoring • Pre-configured Monitoring Lifecycle • Pre-configured Security Management • Lifecycle Management • In a deployable form, resulting in repeatable deployment with full lifecycle management • Delivering superior results: • Agility: Faster time-to-value • Efficiency: Reduced costs and resources • Simplicity: Simpler skills requirements • Control: Lower risk and errors
  13. 13. Extensibility from the broadest ecosystem is made easy New IBM PureSystems Centre:  Gain access to a broad community of IBM and certified partner expertise  Download optimized, deployable application patterns from 100+ leading ISV partners  Search by solution area, industry or system  Download fixes and patches  Access to developer community Also run your existing applications today*
  14. 14. Clients are experiencing the value of PureApplication System Government Agency Global UK Bank Business Need Business Need Rapidly create a highly responsive private Need to reduce the time and cost of cloud computing environment for analytics delivering application and platform workloads related to national security services Why PureApplication? Why PureApplication? • Reduced an application’s delivery time from 6 weeks • Meets extreme peaks and troughs to 2 minutes inherent in their analytics workloads • Reduced application migration costs • Reduced costs across the lifecycle from patterns and tooling £800K • Reduced systems monitoring/ administration costs reduced £670K • Reduced provisioning/patching costs by £500K
  15. 15. Today’s big data challenges are increasing demands on data systemsMobile Cloud Social Big Data Commerce Analytics Increasing Increasing Increasing Volume of data Velocity of data Variety of data requires growing capacity requires higher performance requires new techniques 50x Millions of Billions of 35 ZB transactions per devices & second sensors by 2020 2020 Telco subscriber Smart Meters, 2010 activity logging RFIDs, GPS…
  16. 16. IBM PureData System: Optimized exclusively for data services Optimized for data services: Workload optimized  Transactional performance  Analytics Data load ready in hours Expert integrated: Integrated management  Data platform Automated maintenance  Infrastructure  Unified platform Single point of support management  Built-in expertise Data Platform Delivering Data Services
  17. 17. Different data workloads have different characteristics For Apps like E-Commerce… Handle millions of daily on-line transactions System for Transactions requiring a mix of data reads and writes For Apps like Customer Analysis… System for Analytics Easily load petabytes of data and run complex analytics and reports with minimal administration powered by Netezza technology For Apps like Real Time Fraud Detection… System for Run complex analytics while handling operational Operational Analytics reads and writes for real-time decision making
  18. 18. IBM PureData System  Pattern based database deployment in minutes, not hours1 System for Transactions  Handles more than 100 databases on 1 system2  10-100x faster than traditional custom systems4 System for Analytics  20x greater concurrency and throughput for tactical queries than powered by previous Netezza technology Netezza technology5  Continuous ingest of operation data  Handles 1000+ concurrent System for operational queries3 Operational Analytics  Up to 10x storage savings with1. Based on IBM internal tests and system design for normal operation under expected typical workload. adaptive compression6 Individual results may vary.2. Based on one large configuration3. Based on IBM internal tests of prior generation system, and on system design for normal operations under expected typical workload. Individual results may vary.4. Based on IBM customers reported results. "Traditional custom systems" refers to systems that are not professionally pre-built, pre-tested and optimized. Individual results may vary.5. Based on IBM internal performance benchmarking6. Based on client testing is the DB2 10 Early Access Program
  19. 19. Delivering the value of expert integrated systems Infrastructure Application Platform Data Platform Delivering Infrastructure Services Delivering Platform Services Delivering Data Services
  20. 20. Discover the value and begin your journey with IBM PureSystems Visit to learn more Find out more about PureExperience Join the conversation about this new category of computing: ‒ Twitter: @IBM PureSystems ‒ Hashtag: #IBMPureSystems or #expertintsys ‒ YouTube Channel: expertintegratedsys ‒ Blog: Developers – Get started today with our no charge trial offerings! Explore PureSystem partner solutions
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