PERSPECTIVEThe Datacenter of the FutureMoving Towards Virtualization and Trends in the DatacenterLandscapeVirtualized and ...
PERSPECTIVE and other management related policies. In            virtualized   IT     environment         has    the    ad...
CREATING VALUEValue Added World-Class                                                    equipment and empty office space ...
Case study Kirby finds the ideal IT partner with CtrlS and                                                ability to provi...
NEWS @ CtrlS         Ctrl S & iCONGO (Indian Confederation of NGOs) present the                        Annual Karmaveer Pu...
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The Datacenter Of The Future


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Ctrls delineates how organizations are moving towards Virtualization and Cloud Computing to optimize their IT Infrastructure needs. Benefits such as cost effectiveness, scalability on demand, moving from a CAPEX to OPEX model and increased returns on investments have made virtualization a lucrative datacenter option.

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The Datacenter Of The Future

  1. 1. PERSPECTIVEThe Datacenter of the FutureMoving Towards Virtualization and Trends in the DatacenterLandscapeVirtualized and Cloud computing are quickly becoming the way to go fororganizations seeking to optimize their IT infrastructure. Benefits such as costeffectiveness, scalability on demand, moving from a CAPEX to OPEX model andincreased returns on investments have made virtualization a lucrative datacenteroption. The latest trends in the Internet Data Center (IDC) market show a markedchange from the point of view of CFOs and CIOs which has led moreorganizations to move towards virtualization. Here is a look at several such trendsthat have emerged in recent times. Organizations are opting to move from the classic server based cost model to application based cost models as multiple applications being hosted on a single server through virtualization is helping to drive the metrics for datacenters. Multiple Virtual Machines (VMs) being hosted on a single server has led to reduced application based costs. Organizations are now looking to increase VM density per server. Banking on the growing trend of VM density, OEM providers are now creating virtualization ready servers with added memory that facilitate deployment and maintenance of VMs and decrease virtualization costs. Organizations make massive savings on hardware and equipment by utilization a cloud based pool of resources such as networks, servers, storage and computing. Customers are witnessing high levels of scalability as bandwidth is available on demand on a virtualized cloud computing environment. Cross training of staff has resulted in optimum utilization of human capital. Estimates show that building a collocation based IDC costs anywhere between USD 10 million to USD 35 Million, making organizations turn to third party IDC providers. However, organizations are looking for short, 12-24 months contracts as they expect IDC collocation prices to decline in the near future. Software as a Service (SaaS) for IT management is expected to grow further as companies avoid spending on cost heavy IT management frameworks. With pressure mounting on companies from governments to map their carbon footprint, organizations, especially in the US, are looking towards the low energy utilization of third party IDCs in order to build a more eco-friendly repute. Raised floors for racks are now considered obsolete as IDCs look to reduce capital costs by building denser facility carved into zones.Moving Towards Effective VirtualizationA virtualized IT environment needs to be carefully planned in order for it to beeffective. To begin with, a company should be able to clearly identify its businessgoals and the objectives it aims to fulfill through virtualization. Plans have to bemade keeping in mind future contingencies. The basic framework would considerLAN/SAN convergence, layering of networks, tier switches in each layer and themanagement process of cloud computing and virtualization. A virtualized IDC alsohas to consider physical hardware, compliance and governance regulation models December 2010 CtrlS Insight 1
  2. 2. PERSPECTIVE and other management related policies. In virtualized IT environment has the administrative resources by migrating to a all, the make up of a virtualized IDC can following characteristics: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. be classified as follows: When they add in faster deployment times Alignment: A virtualized IT for new applications and services while Physical Components: This includes environment is always in tandem with ensuring 24×7 reliability, organizations acquiring the right hardware, organizational goals and business have a compelling business case for configuring the hardware as well as objectives. It is dynamic and can easily virtualization and cloud computing software including operating system in expand to accommodate alterations in in the datacenter. At some point in the addition to provisioning for regular both the IT set up as well as operational future, this type of highly virtualized, maintenance through updates and processes and objectives. services-on-demand delivery model patches. Adaptability: The virtualized system is enabled through cloud computing will be Virtual Components: This includes malleable to change and can easily be the IT gold standard. the virtual machines and hyper visors. adjusted to bring in new technologies Application Components: As the without having to compromise existing Before this transition occurs, however, the name suggests, this includes the infrastructure. underlying network architecture must virtualization of applications to make Efficiency: Organizations have provide for greater availability, them available to multiple users without stringent IT budgets and should not end performance, and security while having to install/uninstall or upgrade at up investing in technology that will not simplifying datacenter operations. each access point. be utilized 100%. A virtual environment Datacenters will need network Model Component: A model is should optimize the use of resources. architectures that support more virtualized basically the framework that is to be People Compatible: A virtual environments and cloud operations followed while deploying applications environment should be able to provide models that reduce the time to deploy new so as to standardize the process. uniformity and convenience to users applications. Management Component: These are across departments and functions, The industry is showing a fast growing tools that help manage all the other enabling them to use infrastructure and trend towards virtualization, realizing the components as well as support a access information, on demand, with benefits of a virtualized IT environment heterogeneous environment. little or no assistance. and cloud computing. While organizations may chose to have their own IDC set up, Once an organization has set its goals and An organization may already be having relying on an expert third party virtualized objectives and a virtualization strategy has varied levels of virtualization in its IT set IDC partner like CtrlS often proves to be a been devised, careful implementation of up. The strategy towards virtualization more practical and cost effective option. the plan is necessary for the process to be should be paced at a rate that does not effective. The following steps can be taken burden the company’s resources and towards virtualization of the IT budgets, at the same time giving enough environment: leverage for plans to be executed efficiently, with no errors. Once the The first step would be to evaluate the virtualization of IT is in place, it is existing infrastructure, especially advisable that the organization run a servers, classify applications and complete set of test scenarios to validate devise an appropriate virtualization the functionality of the virtualized strategy. environment. This will facilitate the Servers should be capable of enabling rectification of errors before the virtual virtualization. If not, then either a environment goes live for all users, thus compatible new server should be eradicating any risks of performance being bought. However, wherever possible, effected by down time of applications. compatibility components should be bought as buying a whole new server Conclusion will be expensive. In most cases, organizations can reduce A virtualized environment has both direct datacenter costs by moving more and indirect impacts on a business and its applications onto fewer servers and can functioning. Any organization that has a reduce software licensing fees and2 CtrlS Insight December 2010
  3. 3. CREATING VALUEValue Added World-Class equipment and empty office space where custom built IDCs can be created within 4 weeks, CtrlS offers itsServices clients the choice of selecting their own combination of hardware, software, and operating systems as part ofThe CtrlS A dvantage CtrlS’ dedicated hosting services which include threeThe ITES sector has seen some major growth in recent customized Managed Hosting products and atimes. As more companies offering a similar range of ‘Pay-per-Use’ model.products emerge, the market is threatened with saturation. Hosted Exchange: Email management with secure dataWhat is the way forward? How do you make an impact in the storage, protection against spam and viruses, scalablemarket, how do you ensure a loyal customer base? mailbox, dedicated network and collaboration services.According to P. Sridhar Reddy, CEO - CtrlS, the key to Network Services: Design and implementation,staying competitive in the marketplace and retaining performance management, bandwidth provisioning, loadcustomers is to introduce innovative value added services, balancing, VPN management, DNS.reinforcing customer trust and your brand worth. OS Management: Design and implementation, hardening and performance management, serverCtrlS, India’s only Tier IV datacenter offers its customers datacenter solutions and beyond that, Database Management: Design and implementation,unmatched value added services. With a wide range of performance management, availability management,datacenter services on offer, the company provides its clients resource management, capacity planning, backup.with a value proposition that not only enables it to retain Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans.existing client base but add key national as well asinternational accounts to its robust clientele. Higher Value for Client InvestmentsA One Stop Shop for Datacenter Services CtrlS’ approach towards clients is based on three key values - Dependability, Innovation, and Responsibility. The mainCtrlS understands and acknowledges that each of its clients focus areas for its services are business continuity, costis different and will have unique Internet Data Center (IDC) savings, and high uptimes. CtrlS is India’s first and onlyrequirements. The services provided by CtrlS cover every Tier IV IDC which means it is capable of providing its clientsnook and corner of datacenter requirements for our clients. with unparalleled redundancies when it comes to cooling,Services included in this one stop datacenter shop are: power, generators, UPS, and network connectivity. It is also Virtual Threat Protection: CtrlS offers its clients a the reason why CtrlS can boast an SLA of 99.995% uptime bouquet of security services to choose from. These in a market where other companies promise 99.50%. include intrusion detection and prevention systems, Through its commitment to excellence and innovation, CtrlS firewall, virus and spyware filtration along with security is able to directly impact a client’s bottom line and provide design and implementation. cost savings of up to 40%. On-demand IT Security from CtrlS Physical Security of Data: CtrlS an impenetrable trade is OPEX model based, which enables clients to cut capital mark Six Zone Security system that includes gunmen at expenditure and increase cash flow. all entrances and exit gates, three levels of bio-metric access control at the server area, CCTV surveillance The CtrlS Edge across the office space, man trap at datacenter entrance, When a client engages CtrlS as an IT services partner, they only escorted entry at the datacenter, Photo ID verification pass on the expenditure and responsibility associated with and restricted access to any visitors in addition to 24/7 running an in-house IDC. The hassles of software licensing, security across the datacenter. The datacenter is also fire acquiring of equipment, hiring and training of staff, and proof which can detect smoke particles as minute as 5 constant upkeep are completely and expertly handled by micron, which means its FM200 gas will eliminate any CtrlS leading to reduced costs, economies of scale, and SLA fires even before smoke is visible. standards that are above industry levels. While other IDC Infrastructure on Demand: CtrlS plans an providers can only claim to be advanced, CtrlS is certified unprecedented 20000 racks across its locations in India. through ISO 20000, ISO 27001, BS 25999, and TIA Tier IV. Clients have the option of taking up a caged rack which is secured by the bio-metric system mentioned earlier. A Unparalleled service offerings, more value for worth, and choice of three different bandwidth billing models gives focused dedication towards excellence gives CtrlS a clients the liberty to select a plan best fit for their individual competitive edge that is passed on the form of business business needs. gains to its clients. Custom Built Datacenters: Perpetually stocked with December 2010 CtrlS Insight 3
  4. 4. Case study Kirby finds the ideal IT partner with CtrlS and ability to provide a fully furnished and its state of the art datacenter facilities and on equipped office space on location to house Kirby’s 90+ employees. CtrlS also gave location office space Kirby the advantage of world-class distributed or cloud computing Overview The Case environment with security governed by The Client Challenges international standards of compliance. Kirby Building Systems India Ltd. is a Kirby Building System India Ltd. is a Kirby’s vast networks are now subsidiary of Alghanim Industries, subsidiary of the multi-billion dollar professionally managed by CtrlS, providing metal based building systems. conglomerate Alghanim Industries. Kirby leveraging its state of the art technology is a leading manufacturer of custom and industry leading expertise. A Objective made, high quality metal building systems dedicated 24/7 help desk manned by Managed hosting of mission critical for non-residential purposes which include expert personnel was also provided to applications and servers and on location industries, recreation, education, tackle any IT related issue. To top it all, office space for employees. commercial and other specialized CtrlS provided advanced automated data Challenges applications. Kirby boasts global giants back up and storage facilities for improved Dedicated furnished office space for General Motors, Coca Cola, PepsiCo and disaster recovery and business continuity over 90 employees AT&T amongst its clients along with plans. Reliable hosting of applications and Ministries of Defence, Oil and Gas Benefits servers companies and Petrochemical projects Utilizing CtrlS cutting edge, highly scalable Implementation and management of not only in India but across the GCC 20000 rack datacenter infrastructure gave networks and computing environment (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar Kirby the ideal cost optimized and flexible Swift resolution of incidents and IT and Bahrain), the Middle East and Far solution it needed to meet its application issues East. With businesses spread over such a and SAP server hosting requirements. large geographical area and a vast client Solution The ready to use office space for over 90 base, Kirby needed its mission critical Partner with an external IT solutions employees was delivered in a record time applications and SAP servers to be provider with ready to use office space of 2 weeks, leading to near instant available round the clock. In addition, and to professionally manage IT functioning of its business resulting in Kirby looked to place over 90 employees environment. further business gains through savings in in a ready to use facility at the same cost and time. With CtrlS experts Key benefits location. Maintaining high performance managing its networks, Kirby was able to Time and cost savings through fully levels being vital, it also required its IT focus its resources and human capital on functional rented office space issues and incidents to be handled swiftly core business, facilitating a more focused Hosting of mission critical applications and competently. Reliability and efficiency growth. CtrlS enabled a cloud-based and SAP servers on multiple rack ranked high on its priorities. automated data storage and backup set system improving uptime and Solution up, giving Kirby the freedom of on-demand availability Its impeccable market repute as a space for the DR and BCP. Finally, with a Professional management of networks trustable IT partner and extensive industry round the clock IT help desk manned by and distributed computing experience made CtrlS the ideal choice for the best personnel in the industry, CtrlS environment leads to focus on core Kirby Building Systems India Ltd. CtrlS assured Kirby of swift resolution of issues business boasts of a massive datacenter resulting high performance levels and an Dedicated 24/7 helpdesk facilitates infrastructure which was best suited to industry leading 99.995% uptime. near instant resolution of issues host Kirby’s mission critical applications Additional automated data backup and and SAP servers. CtrlS had the unique storage for efficient DR and BCP CtrlS takes its marketing very seriously. In Q2 of 2010, it participated in over 25 events and sponsored 6, generating over 40 leads, 15 of which are from the top 50 companies in India! The highlight event of Q2 was Leadership Golf which was co-sponsored by KPMG. Attended 170 CXOs, the event was widely covered in the media (Print, television as well as the internet) and provided CtrlS with massive exposure, aiding it to connect with people that count. Other events include the IBA Secure Banking (Target: CIOs& IT Heads), Enterprise Awards & IT Managers Conference (Target: Enterprise Heads & IT Managers), CFO Network Hyderabad (Target: CFOs & Finance Heads) and a conference organized by IDRBT for BFSI IT Heads.4 CtrlS Insight December 2010
  5. 5. NEWS @ CtrlS Ctrl S & iCONGO (Indian Confederation of NGOs) present the Annual Karmaveer Puruskar Mr. P Sridhar Reddy & Mr.Jeroninio AlmeidaCtrl S & iCONGO (Indian Confederation of NGOs) presented the Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Jeroninio Almeida, Founder and5th Annual KARMAVEER PURASKAAR recognizing Chief Volunteer, iCONGO said, “The awards venerate the effortsINDIVIDUAL CITIZENS who are pivotal in leading a change, of individual citizens who have contributed to social justice &beyond their business, by being committed at individual levels to action by going beyond BUSINESS as USUAL and being thework on social issues. The event took place on November 26, change that they want to see in the world. THE UNSUNG2010 at New Delhi. Mrs. Meera Sanyal, Mr. Pradeep Gupta, and HEROES who believe in action against apathy and choose toMr. T K Mathew were the guests of honour at the award light the proverbial candle.”ceremony. Mr .P Sridhar Reddy, Chairman & Managing Director, CtrlSThis year’s jury comprised of some of the most respected Datacenters Ltd, who was present at the occasion, said “Theindividuals from various sectors along with some past awardees, sole objective of CtrlS is to provide protection to the mostwho conducted thorough assessment and research under the important assets of this knowledge economy, Data. We rely onvigilance of the founders and audit and process partners. This people with high levels of Integrity and a sound value system toyear the Jury included Dr. Jayashree Pandaya, Dr. Lalit Kumar, deliver fool proof data protection to our clients apart from Tier IVMallika Dutt, Armando Gonsalves, and Dr. Chinkholal infrastructure. For all of us at CtrlS Karmaveer awardees are theThangsing. The Karmaveer Puraskaar 2010 saw 59 responsible role models and we are proud of encouraging them thru thisand caring citizens in 20 (final number) categories across initiative. We thank the awardees and other responsible Indianssectors including Corporate, Media, Government, Civil Society, and wish them the very best in their future endeavors. We lookArt, Fashion, Artistes, Kids and many more. A special Courage forward to many great things from them in the coming years.”of Conviction award was given out this year and from next year Karmaveer Puraskaar is the peoples’ award instituted byonwards this category will be instituted in honour of Ms. Neerja iCONGO - Confederation of NGOs- and has been supported byBhanot, who sacrificed her life trying to save the passengers at sectors and partners like TISS, BCCI, CMS, NECCI, NASSCOMthe ill fated Pan Am flight. FOUNDATION, PHDCCI, FISME, RAI, AIESEC, Open Space, ISS, UNODC, GTZ and SDA and many more. December 2010 CtrlS Insight 5
  6. 6. NEWS @ CtrlSCtrlS brings DR on Demand, a first-of-its-kind Nothing but the best from CtrlSsolution in India IT companies can now partner with Indias largest datacenterCtrlS, the leading data center solution provider, recently CtrlS to handle hardware and software issues.launched an innovative, first-of-its-kind solution in India: The IT landscape is changing. The explosion of affordableDisaster Recovery on Demand. CtrlS’s ‘DR on Demand bandwidth, availability of last mile, MPLS, cloud technologiesframework’ is built to align to enterprises’- large and medium- have made this possible worldwide. Companies today need notDR strategy by offering a robust Disaster recovery solution at a invest in expensive hardware, software licenses and havecost that suits their budget. CtrlS is using “scalable, ready to teams to manage them. Instead they can partner with Indiasdeploy private cloud architecture” for this framework. largest datacenter CtrlS to handle the same. According to P.DR on Demand is a fresh, innovative solution from CtrlS that Sridhar Reddy, MD CtrlS, the company has pioneered thisoffers a unique valuable proposition to organizations big and model in India successfully and numerous organisations havesmall. Enterprises can now implement a comprehensive DR realized tremendous benefits.solution at a fraction of the cost. ClrlS offers a range of services including datacenterThe DR on Demand framework is a pioneering concept that will infrastructure as per Tier IV standards, IT infrastructure,change the way enterprises look at DR. DR on Demand Managed services, Generic Applications, and Internetensures the same benefits as that of a complete DR site, at a connectivity. By outsourcing IT to CtrlS, over 250 companiesfraction of the cost. This offering extends the following benefits: have increased the availability of their mission critical applications. This was possible mainly because CtrlS has Zero CAPEX committed over 400 crore in developing Indias only Tier IV Organizations can get customized DR plans based on their certified datacenters. Added to this, their "total ownership- requirements and pay only when they use the DR solution approach" ensures that customers expectations are not only Customer gets the best DR solution from a data center with met but exceeded. BS 25999 certification, and Importantly, organizations can save up to 40% of the costs CtrlS six zone security system ensures significantly better associated security than the customers own premises. Since the facilities are certified as Tier IV and BS, it follows that the facilities areAccording to Mr. Sridhar, CMD, CtrlS Datacenters, “DR on audited by experts for over 200 sub systems including siteDemand is a revolutionary concept and a solution which will selection, perimeter protection and so on. CtrlS private dataimpact the technology landscape positively. I am confident and suites will provide similar rights to that of customers own spaceexcited that DR on Demand will be the answer to Large and plus the six zone security advantage. This is ideal forMedium Enterprises who are looking for a robust, yet, cost government and financial institutions.effective solution that will help them spring back in the event of With CtrlS, Sridhar is sure that Indian enterprises will find thedisaster”. solution for highest uptime, security, availability, and a world class datacenter. Please feel free to send your feedback/suggestions to ‘This document is for informational purpose only. Ctrls makes no warranties, expressed or implied in this document. Copyright 2010 CtrlS Datacenters Ltd. All rights reserved.’