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Smarter infrastructure with the new IBM Pure Flex System


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COMMON Europe Congress 2012 - Vienna

Published in: Technology, Business
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Smarter infrastructure with the new IBM Pure Flex System

  1. 1. Smarter Infrastructure with the NEW IBM PureSystems Gottfried Schimunek 3605 Highway 52 North Senior Architect Rochester, MN 55901 Application Design IBM STG Software Tel 507-253-2367 Development Fax 845-491-2347 Lab Services IBM ISV Enablement © 2012 IBM CorporationThe time has come for a new breed of systems Built-in Expertise Integration by Capturing and Design automating what Deeply integrating and experts do – from tuning hardware and the infrastructure to the software – in a single, application ready-to-go system Fundamentally changing the experience and Simplified Experience economics of IT Making every part of the IT lifecycle easier Integrated management of the entire system A broad open ecosystem of optimized solutions2 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. Announcing IBM PureSystemsThe first members of a new family of expert integrated systems with:• Built-in expertise to address complex business and operational tasks automatically• Integration by design to tune systems for optimal performance and efficiency• Simplified experience from design to purchase to maintenance IBM PureFlex System IBM PureApplication System Expert at: sensing and anticipating resource Expert at: optimally needs to optimize your deploying and running infrastructure applications for rapid time-to-value • Factory integrated and optimized system •Expert designed, integrated infrastructure and optimized application aware platform • Integrated management • Automation and •Platform patterns optimization expertise of expertise •Simplified management with a single console3 © 2012 IBM CorporationIBM PureSystems are integrated by design Deployment Applications Middleware Optimizes the complete Development solution stack: • All hardware and software components integrated and optimized • Born virtualized and ready for cloudManagement • Storage tuned to data needs • Hardware directly tuned to the software • System resource allocation uniquely optimized per selected pattern for each Virtualization application workload Storage Servers Networking4 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. IBM PureSystems simplified experience New client experience: • Single product streamlines ordering, tracking, receiving, installing and running • Factory installed, fully packaged solutions drive simple setup (pull it out of the box, plug it in and boot it up) • Management integration across system • Single point of contact for support • Upgrade with zero downtime based on integrated patches and system design • A broad open ecosystem of optimized solutions5 © 2012 IBM CorporationSupported by the broadest ecosystem • Solutions from 100+ leading partners • Over 100 leading packaged applications available • Solution Showcase simplifies application deployment • Build once also use for private and public cloud deployments • Certified through ‘Ready for IBM PureSystems’ program6 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  4. 4. Smarter Computing The IT infrastructure that enables a Smarter Planet Client-optimized system: Expert integrated systems: highly customizable systems designed to deliver combine the flexibility of a general purpose system the best in class capabilities uniquely tailored for with the simplicity of an appliance – and integrated the client’s environment expertise throughout System z Power SystemsFreedom through design Performance redefined Business applications Expert Integrated IBM PureApplication Application platform System Systems System x IBM Storage Defining the next Expect more fromgeneration of x86 servers your Storage System infrastructure IBM PureFlex System7 © 2012 IBM Corporation 7Simplified experienceReduce time, effort and risk throughout the solution lifecycle Expert Integrated SystemsStarts at Acquisition: A continuum of value from building blocks to systems IBM Flex System IBM PureFlex System IBM PureApplication System Pre-configured, pre-integrated Pre-configured, pre-integrated Chassis infrastructure systems with compute, platform systems with 14 half-wide bays for nodes storage, networking, physical and middleware designed for virtual management, and entry cloud transactional web applications Compute management with and enabled for cloud with Nodes integrated expertise. integrated expertise. Power 2S/4S* x86 2S/4S Storage Node V7000 Expansion inside or outside chassis Management Appliance Optional Networking 10/40GbE, FCoE, IB 8/16Gb FC Expansion PCIe Storage8 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  5. 5. IBM Flex System and IBM PureFlex SystemProduct Overview © 2012 IBM CorporationIBM PureFlex System is Integrated by design Networking Storage Virtualization Compute Management Tools Applications Flexible and open choice in a fully integrated system10 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  6. 6. Simplified management experience with advanced automation Reduced risk through integrated platform management Management Management • New user interface and configuration automation brings new components online faster* • Cross-resource integration and automation enables transformation from managing resources to managing Networking Storage System infrastructure applications, services and workloads • Works with the management you have - other IBM platform tools, Tivoli and third party enterprise management (e.g., CA, BMC, HP, etc.) Virtualization Compute • Easier monitoring, alerts and problem management through automated resolution processes with integrated expertise Setup Wizards Global Find Chassis Map Remote Presence11 © 2012 IBM Corporation New Dynamic View UI12 © 2012 IBM Corporation 12
  7. 7. Chassis ManagementSystems ManagementAppliance Single focus point for seamless multi-chassis management providing an instantresource oriented view of chassis andchassis resources Resource oriented chassis mapprovides multiple view overlays to monitorsystem health, work with firmwareinventory, and view environmental statusincluding thermal and power metrics Chassis views to view and labelhardware, OS, and firmware inventory Includes quick finder to launch tocommon management tasks Chassis map provides launch point forremote access tools to work with OS, etc.on individual blade (node)13 © 2012 IBM Corporation 13 Thermal/Energy Overlay View Integration with Active Energy Manager (Advanced Manager plug-in) • Actual varying wattages (not the static “book”/unreal nameplate values) • Watt cap on 4th blade (705W) • Input (ambient) and output (exhaust) temps • (coming soon – temps for blades, temp color emphasis for rear, used watts for power supplies, and CFMs for fans) Gives user a quick sense if and where thermal/energy problems might be To get more details, user can click on the Active Energy tab in the Details, with chassis selected (next stop)…14 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  8. 8. IBM Flex System - Update ManagerManage updates for manyIBM platforms using thesame interface – Automatically check for new updates – Show and install updates needed by your systemsMonitor system compliance – Create compliance policies to automatically notify you when a system is out of date – Show and resolve compliance issues to install the missing updates15 © 2012 IBM CorporationAcquire Updates Select the types of updates you want to check Get information on new updates Can be run once or scheduled to run periodically Requires a direct or HTTP proxy connection to the internet Updates can also be manually downloaded from IBM Fix Central and imported16 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  9. 9. Show and Install Updates Show the updates “needed” by the selected systems or system group17 © 2012 IBM CorporationVirtualization management Virtualization Management – Manage Virtual Servers and Hosts – HMC and Systems – VS Life-cycle management – Topology Maps – Create empty virtual server – Monitoring, automation Edit virtual resources – Edit Hosts – Edit Virtual Servers – GUI or command line – Launch to Platform Manager Relocate – Live relocation – Plan for relocation18 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  10. 10. Image management and deployment Tasks for Virtual Appliances SW Deploy OS Import Capture meta-data Versioning Virtual Appliance19 © 2012 IBM CorporationAdvanced virtualizationAutomate the virtualized environment with system pools Intelligent Virtual Machine Placement Services Dynamic Workload Mobility Integrated Storage and Network Management Automation policy control for workloads – Advise – VMControl recommends actions and requires confirmation – Automate – VMControl automates actions Availability Automations – Automate relocation of virtual workloads in response to predicted host system failures without disruption – Restart virtual workloads when a host fails – Automate remote restart of virtual workloads in response to host failures with minimal disruption Energy Automations – Allows the pool to relocate VM’s to minimum hosts – Minimum number of hosts reduce overall energy bill Performance Automations – Allows pool to spread VM’s for optimum performance20 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  11. 11. Designed for Cloud with resource pooling and automatedprovisioning expertiseDramatically improve system utilization and administrator productivity• Manage Services instead of Servers, Network and Storage• System Pools* are a set of resources that make up a service and can be acted upon as a group for Placement, Maintenance, etc.• Provisioning of CPU, memory, storage* and networking* with automatic virtual machine placement and optimization Management Virtualization• Utilization monitoring and policies to support performance, utilization or energy* optimized pooling Mobility SW SW SW OS OS OS Software Operating System Virtual Server Virtual Server Virtual Server Virtualization Optimized for …. • Availability • Performance Networking Compute Storage Networking Compute Storage • Energy* Systems Virtual Systems System Pools / Cloud Manage a pool of system resources or a cloud as simply as managing a single system21 *Some capabilities planned for future delivery © 2012 IBM CorporationVirtualization expertise to enable new application and servicedelivery models Image Virtual Import repository appliance Software Deploy application Virtual Software Machines + application Operating Operating system system Capture Virtual + Metadata Machines Metadata Open Virtualization Format (OVF) Discover and manage heterogeneous image repositories • Import, capture and catalog new VMs from existing systems Simplified virtual image deployment and customization • Dynamically provision virtualized server, storage and network resources Leading “Ready for Troy” application providers supporting virtual application service deployment • Leverage open standards packaging for interoperability22 *Some capabilities planned for future delivery; IBM Plans subject to change © 2012 IBM Corporation
  12. 12. Remote Control – Access to the other key console Can launch from desktop (do not have to startup a full console session) Could have one for each FSM management domain Or, contextually from the IBM Flex System Manager console23 © 2012 IBM CorporationRemote Control Watch a reboot progress in background Flyover Details Resizable Powerful Toolbar – power on/off, mount local files, etc.24 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  13. 13. Mobile Management Designed optimized and simplified for mobile scenarios and handheld limitations Pocket Power - Multi-chassis monitoring in a pocket-sized device (top user pain point continues to be multi-chassis management, although the mobile app doesn’t do everything) Killer app - users say they’d switch mobile devices to use it Multi-chassis Chassis Compute Node25 © 2012 IBM Corporation Chassis Designed for flexibility and future advancements More than just a container The Problem: IBM’s Next Generation Chassis Delivers: A chassis designed to Flexible Building Blockshandle technology changes • Designed to handle server technology, storage in server, storage, and technology, and networking technology for the networking that provides next decade of workloads the flexibility and investment protection your datacenter needs for Energy Efficiency today and tomorrow. • Scalable power supplies that are extremely efficient, achieving Energy Star status • Chassis designed for energy efficient processors, as well as energy efficient memory Investment Protection • The IBM Flex System chassis was designed for multiple generations of technology, protecting the customers investment26 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  14. 14. Enterprise Chassis Design Chassis IBM Flex System Chassis Fans CMM Standard Node bays 14 Node Bays (7 Full Wide) Infrastructure to support the compute, storage and System infrastructure networking components Power ◊ Supplies (6X) 10 U Energy efficient cooling REAR and power system Integrated FRONT Scalable Switch Bays Storwize V7000 ◊ Easy to use with integrated • 4 scalable switch bays single-point management • 10U Chassis, 14 bays ◊ • Standard and Full width node support Designed to support future advancements in I/O, • Up to 6 2500W power supplies N+N or N+1 processors, memory, and configurations storage • Up to 8 cooling fans (scalable) • Integrated chassis management through CME27 © 2012 IBM CorporationIBM Flex System Enterprise Chassis Front View Flex System Mgr IBM Flex System x240 Filler Filler Filler Filler Size: 10 U 19” Rack IBM Flex System p260 IBM Flex System p260 14 Node Bays (7 Full Wide) IBM Flex System p460 ( Full Width )Nodes: Filler Filler Power Intel Flex System Mgr IBM Flex System x240 Filler28 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  15. 15. IBM Flex System Enterprise Chassis Rear View Fans CMM 10 U Power Supplies (6X) High Speed Switch (4X)29 © 2012 IBM Corporation Compute Designed with Expertise More than just compute The Problem: IBM’s Next Generation Compute Delivers: No industry player offers Heterogeneous Workloads the flexibility to design • Designed for the next decade of workloads, your datacenter for the avoiding rip and replace diversity of workloads you • Support for Power7, x86, and multi-tier run today and environments tomorrow. Heterogeneous Hypervisor s • Regardless of your platform virtualization environment, IBM Flex System offers industry leading technologies • Support for PowerVM, Vmware, KVM, and HyperV Expertise for Workloads • Virtualization and Cloud (dual hypervisor keys) • Low Latency/High IOPs (320GB/s) • High Performance (40GB uplinks) • Business Analytics (dedicated storage)30 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  16. 16. Diverse offerings to match the diverse workloads Compute IBM Flex System x240 IBM Flex System p260 System Portfolio tuned to workloads System infrastructure ◊ Reduce acquisition costs IBM Flex System p460 through virtualization consolidation ◊ Maximum platform capability provides deployment flexibility31 © 2012 IBM Corporation IBM Flex System x240 - Enterprise Class Compute IBM Flex System x240 Uncompromised Compute, IO, and Storage performance, designed for mainstream Standard Width compute virtualization, and a broad range of workloads node 2x IO Mezzanine Cards 2x Intel E5 2600 System infrastructure ◊ Processors 2-socket Sandy Bridge-EP ◊ 24 LP DDR3 DIMMs / 1333MHz / 1600MHz ◊ 24 LP 10Gb Converged LOM DIMMs ◊ 2 hot swap 2.5” SAS/SATA Keyboard, Mouse, SSDs or HDDs Video Dongle ◊ connector Dual Enabled Hypervisor – ESXi on Flash Key Option 2x Hot Swap, Small Release latch Form Factor HDDs32 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  17. 17. IBM Flex System p260 Compute IBM Flex System p260 Power is Performance Redefined Delivers over 30% greater performance with similar density and energy use of the previous Standard Width compute POWER7 blades node DIMMs Mezz 1 System infrastructure ◊ DIMMs 2-socket POWER7® IO Hub DIMMs ◊ POWER7 Socket DIMMs IO 64-bit POWER7® processor Hub DIMMs ◊ DIMMs 16 core : 2 Socket x8 core DIMMs ◊ POWER7 Mezz 2 Socket DIMMs 16 DIMMs DDR3, 1066 MHz, 256GB Max RAID Controller ◊ 2 x SAS 2.5” HDD Dual Mezz cards and IO HDD: 300 / 600 / 900 GB Hubs Memory 4 or 8GB dimms or 2 x 1.8” SDD drives SDD: 177 GB 2 / 4 / 8 /16 GB dimms33 © 2012 IBM Corporation Integration without compromise, designed for the next decade IBM Flex System p460 Compute IBM Flex System p460 Power is Performance Redefined The same 4-socket server technology behind Watson, is now enhanced and available on Power Compute Node for IBM Flex System DIMMs Mezz 1 Full Width compute node DIMMs DIMMs System infrastructure ◊ POWER7 4-socket POWER7® Socket DIMMs IO DIMMs Hub ◊ DIMMs 64-bit POWER7® processor DIMMs ◊ POWER7 DIMMs Mezz 2 Socket 32 core : 4 Socket x8 core DIMMs Mezz 3 ◊ DIMMs IO 32 DIMMs DDR3, 1066 Hub DIMMs MHz, 512GB Max POWER7 DIMMs IO Socket Hub ◊ DIMMs Quad Mezz cards and IO DIMMs Hubs POWER7 DIMMs DIMMs Socket Mezz 4 *HDD or SSD – Mounted on cover (located over memory)34 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  18. 18. Optimized, Automated and Integrated network architecture Fits within your existing and future environment The Problem: Today’s networking offerings Extreme Flexibility lack the flexibility to meet the • Designed to meet port and bandwidth demands of the next decade of requirements for next decade I/O. Clients are often burdened • Pay for what you need today with now with the costs of Features on Demand (FoD) technology for tomorrow. Highest Performance • First 40Gb capable Ethernet Switch • First 16Gb capable SAN Switch • First 56Gb capable Infiniband FDR switch • Up to 220Gb uplink BW and <1microsec latency Standards based Convergence • 10Gb iSCSI and FCoE offering • First 40Gb end to end FCoE offering (post GA) • Standard based for seamless integration35 © 2012 IBM Corporation Network Switching and Why it MattersThe Problem: The Flex System Difference:Blade to blade communication flows north- Do more with your servers and reducesouth through the TOR, causing latency from network delays. Node to Noderequest / response traffic. Added network latency communication happens within thewill impact the overall workload the servers can Communication is contained Communication within chassis between blades running at 10GB requires traffic Ethernet to TOR Why this matters: Reduces switch latency Additional servers needed to overcome performance loss in network delays Low latency, web-serving, and database apps create significant server to server chatter and stress on the network36 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  19. 19. Integrated Network Management with Network Control Logical network management – allows management of port profiles, VLANs, ACLs and QoS in virtualized, live-migration environments Leverages 802.1Qbg standards in integrated switches and PowerVM, KVM and IBM “Osiris” vSwitch for VMware (standards-based alternative to Cisco’s proprietary VN-Tag) Optional Fabric Management extends QoS Management providing advanced monitoring, VM priority and rate limiting Network monitoring at a glance via network topology perspectives with the ability to see the components affected by network outages Enable end-to-end network and virtualization management Graphical view of L2 network connectivity using topology perspective37 © 2012 IBM CorporationNext generation flexibility: Scale for Bandwidth, Ports, or BothIBM 10Gb Switch: Wired for up to three 10Gb ports per node and twenty two external ports Networking • Base Switch: Enables 14 internal 10Gb ports (one to each server) and 10 external 10Gb 14 Logical ports internal partition 1 • Supports the 2 port 10Gb LOM and Virtual IBM 10Gb Virtual Fabric Switch ports Fabric capability System infrastructure Pool of uplink ports • 1st Upgrade via FoD: Enables 2nd set of 14 internal 10Gb ports (one to each server) and 14 Logical 2 40Gb ports internal partition 2 ports • Each 40Gb port can be used as four 10Gb ports • Supports the 4-port Virtual Fabric adapter • 2nd upgrade via FoD: Enables 3rd set of 14 Logical fourteen internal 10Gb ports (one to each internal partition 3 server) and four external 10Gb ports ports • Capable of supporting a six port card in future38 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  20. 20. Flexible networking solution, allowing for best price/performanceIBM 10Gb Switch: Wired for up to 16 10Gb ports per node and twenty two external ports Networking CPU-Node Midplane Uplink Ports Up to 4 KR Ports Mezz card-1 Per Switch Bay ScS – Bay 1 Scalable Switches 1,2 2 going NIC (A) (B) to 4 per physical System infrastructure ScS – Bay 2 bay Scalable Switches 3,4 (A) (B) 4-port Mezz 8 going to 16 Mezz card-2 ScS – Bay 3 NIC (A) (B) Scalable Switches 5,6 ScS – Bay 4 NIC (A) (B) Scalable Switches 7,8 4-port Mezz39 © 2012 IBM Corporation IBM Flex System 10Gb Virtual Fabric Scalable Switch IBM 10Gb Scalable Switch for IBM Flex System Chassis One, two, or three 10G ports per Full featured, Scalable bandwidth bringing server – selectable by software convergence and simplicity to Datacenter license applications Base Switch: 14 x 10Gb server port and 10 x 10Gb uplinks Switch upgrade 1: 28 x 10Gb server ports and 16 x 10Gb uplinks. 40Gb uplinks enabled. Switch upgrade 2: 42 x 10Gb server ports and 22 x 10Gb uplinks. 40Gb uplinks Two 40 G uplink ports. Each port enabled. can also be converted to 4*10G using QSFP to SFP+ cable 1.28 Tbps – first 1Tbps+ blade switch 5+ Tbps per chassis40 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  21. 21. IBM Flex System 1Gb Scalable Switch Module BNT 1Gb Switch Modules for next generation Chassis Base Switch: 14 x 1Gb server Integrates into current 1Gb Datacenter architecture with 10Gb uplinks for future port and 10 x 1Gb uplinks expansion Switch upgrade 1: Doubles the ports to 28 x 1Gb server ports and 20 x 1Gb uplinks. Switch upgrade 2: Adds 4 x 10Gb uplinks enabled. RJ45 connectivity for 1Gb Ports41 © 2012 IBM Corporation IBM Flex System 10Gb Virtual Fabric Scalable Switch with FC Compass plus FCoE and native FC Uplinks 12 Omni Ports : 10Gb ETH or 8Gb FC 2 10Gb ETH 2 40Gb ETH Downlinks Same as Compass : Up to 42 2 10Gb ETH 12 Omni Ports : 10Gb ETH or 8Gb 10Gb Ports FC FC Features NPIV FCF Gateway Two 40 G uplink ports. Each port FC Services can also be converted to 4*10G using QSFP to SFP+ cable N Port, F port, E port Native FC connectivity to FC SANs (using NPIV mode)42 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  22. 22. IBM Flex System 10GbE Pass-Through ModuleUnmanaged 10GbE Pass-through module for next generation IBM FlexSystem chassis • 14 Internal server ports • 14 External SFP+ ports Simple, low cost connectivity to the datacenter core43 © 2012 IBM CorporationFull breadth of Networking offerings Networking IBM Networking Offerings • Scalable Switch modules for the IBM Flex System chassis • Four Scalable switches per chassis Simplifies network • Capable to provide up to 16 virtual switch deployment via integrated partitions per chassis management • Feature on Demand port upgrades for System infrastructure ◊ switches Reduces network complexity Ethernet & FCoE Fibre Channel InfiniBand via convergence and • 52 port 1Gb Switch • 20 port 8Gb • QDR Switch intelligent fabric monitoring Base: 14/10 (internal/external) Upgrade: 14/10 • 20 port 8Gb Pass Thru upgrade: FDR Switch ◊ Upgrade: four 10Gb uplinks • 48 port 16Gb • 64 port 10Gb Ethernet Switch Improves network Base: 14/10 Upgrade: 14/8 (two 40Gb performance via uplink) Upgrade: 14/4 uncompromised IO • 1/10Gb Pass Thru throughput • 4 port 1Gb - Broadcom • 2 port 8Gb – Qlogic • QDR & FDR • 4 port 10Gb - Emulex • 2 port 8Gb – Emulex Adapter Adapter ◊ • 2 port 10Gb – Mellanox • 2 port 16Gb – Fits with existing Brocade infrastructure and scales with Customer’s IO needs *Available at launch44 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  23. 23. Storage is essential to an integrated platform Storwize V7000 and PureFlex System V7000 storage are virtualized The Problem: Digital data has grown 10x from 2007 to 2011, causing storage Integrated Single Point Management Layer of Management requirements to grow 20 - 40% per year. Virtual Server This growth has made the Infrastructure integration, management, and virtualization of storage Virtual Storage resources critical. Infrastructure Virtualized Servers Require Virtualized Storage Consolidate diverse storage infrastructure Common Access point Single point of management and provisioning Can serve as a bridge from traditional infrastructures to cloud45 © 2012 IBM CorporationIBM Flex System V7000 – Different (and Better) by Design… IBM Flex System V7000 Open, multi-vendor virtualization based on proven technology Over 20,000 installations worldwide Unmatched interoperability and investment protection Low switching costs System infrastructure Seamless, transparent migration with no service disruption Up to 70% higher utilization of newly deployed and preexisting storage assets Automated intelligent data placement with EasyTier™ Up to 3X performance improvement with as little as 2% SSD capacity “Learns” and adapts to dynamic, mixed workload environments automatically Active Cloud Engine™ Automated, policy-based file movement Reduces cost and increases availability by moving files to the proper tier46 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  24. 24. Storage Node Design Overview Storage In Chassis Enterprise Storage Double high / double wide node Dual hot swappable controllers for HA Shared storage for multiple CPU nodes High performance/ high function storage Midrange class performance System infrastructure FCoE & iSCSI block storage FC block storage as well NAS file storage (future) 24 HDDs/SSDs – 2.5” hot swap disk trays Via dual SAS paths to both controllers Add’l storage via Storage Disk Expansion Automated FW for hot spot data migration Migrate content between SSDs and HDDs Chassis and Management Appliance Integration Tight integration with chassis mgmt Tight integration for storage and fabric mgmt VM provisioning, copy svcs, mirroring, etc47 © 2012 IBM Corporation Enterprise Storage Flexibility Storage IBM Flex System extends the Storwize capabilities: Maximum performance and flexibility, integrated management and ease of use for customer for all customer configurations Full spectrum of servers and storage options Simplifies storage administration with a single user interface and common CLI Integrated Rack Separate Server & (w/ Internal and Storage Racks through a tightly integrated System infrastructure External Storage) management console ◊ Virtualizes third-party storage with non-disruptive migration of the current storage infrastructure External Storage ◊ Internal Balances high performance and Chassis cost for mixed workloads Storage ◊ Protects data for business continuity and disaster recovery with built-in local and remote replication and snapshot functions48 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  25. 25. Integrated Storage Management Storwize V7000 and PureFlex System V7000 storage are virtualized End-to-end capacity End-to-end capacity view of all storage view of all storage Details by Details by storage type storage type49 © 2012 IBM Corporation IBM PureFlex System storage, virtualization, and management Storage Starting Level IBM Flex System FSM Chassis Map • Single point of management starting point for IBM Flex System • Physical navigation, central launch point for IBM Flex System management Upper Level IBM Flex System FSM Storage Control IBM FlexSystem Chassis Map IBM Flex System FSM Storage Control IBM Flex System Single point of Integrated server, storage, networking System infrastructure •Integrated management with a Systems and Storage perspective management mgmt •Manage storage across your data center connected to IBM Flex System Detailed Level V7000 Storage User Interface Detailed disk setup (RAID arrays, LUNs) • Advanced disk features (Easy Tier, Mirroring, Clustering, Virtualization) • Inherent in every Storwize V7000 and IBM Flex System V7000 Storage Node Upgrade Level TPC Storage Productivity Center Integrated management with a SAN-wide V7000 Easy-to-use management GUI Tivoli Storage Productivity Center perspective Detailed Storage Setup Integrated SAN-wide management • For clients looking for advanced analytics and management of data center SAN with other, perhaps heterogeneous storage50 © 2012 IBM Corporation 50
  26. 26. IBM PureFlex System Storage interoperability Storage IBM Flex System Chassis Other storage Virtualization options IBM Flex System V7000 Storage Node FSM Integrated virtualized IBM Flex System Storage IBM Flex System Storage Virtualization Storwize V7000 Virtualize external Storage for greater data center efficiency and utilization IBM Flex System Avail in: Storwize V7000, IBM Flex System V7000 V7000, & SVC Storage Node IBM SVC IBM Flex System Storage System infrastructure Interoperability Broad set of IBM storage supported with IBM Flex System Interop with 3rd party via Virtualization Direct Interoperability Via Storage IBM Flex System FSM Storage Control Discovery and Inventory or via Virtualization Monitoring and Alerts Storage Virtualization Configuration Provisioning IBM Flex System FSM Advanced Integrated virtualization management across server, storage, network Image repository and management Storage provisioning for image creation, deployment, and cloning System Pools Integrated management of storage in lifecycle of defining and managing system pools Virtual Image Cloning Integrated storage provisioning and virtual DS8100, XIV Storwize V7000 image placement for new virtual machines DS8300, DS3400, DS3500, DS4100, DS4200, EMC, HP, Dell DS8700, DS4300, DS4400, DS4500, DS4700, DS4800, Centralized management to reduces costs DS8800 DS5020, DS5100, DS5300,N3600, N3700, DS6800 and complexity across server and storage Included in Base Director51 © 2012 IBM Corporation 51 Why choose IBM & IBM PureFlex System? Unique Integration and Optimization Complete systems that Enable workloads to run Integrate into your current IT are easy to develop, efficiently in an agile infrastructure through open deploy and manage business environment standards The world’s premier single- source provider for IT solutions52 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  27. 27. Requirements If you have items your business requires, Submit a requirement! Help IBM understand how we can help you.53 © 2012 IBM Corporation © © 2012 IBM Corporation 2012 IBM Corporation
  28. 28. 55 © 2012 IBM CorporationIBM Systems Lab Services and Training Mainframe Systems Our Mission and Profile Support the IBM Systems Agenda and accelerate the adoption of new Power Systems products and solutions Maximize performance of our clients’ existing IBM systems System x & Bladecenter Deliver technical training, conferences, and other services tailored to meet client needs Team with IBM Service Providers to optimize the deployment of IBM solutions (GTS, GBS, SWG Lab Services and our IBM Business Partners) System Storage Our Competitive Advantage Leverage relationships with the IBM development labs to build deep IT Infrastructure Optimization technical skills and exploit the expertise of our developers Combined expertise of Lab Services and the Training for Systems team Skills can be deployed worldwide to assure all client needs can be met Data Center Services Training Services Successful worldwide history: 17 years in Americas, 9 years in Europe/Middle East/Africa, 5 years in Asia Pacific © 2012 IBM Corporation
  29. 29. Performance and Scalability Services The IBM i Performance & Scalability Services Center in Rochester can provide facilities, hardware and technical expertise to assist you in testing hardware or software changes “Traditional” benchmarks Proofs of Concept (e.g. HA alternatives, SSD analysis, external storage, etc.) Stress test your system Evaluate application scalability Performance optimization and tuning Assess application performance when migrating to a new release of IBM i Determine impact of application changes Virtualization, consolidation, migration services Release-to-release upgrades Capacity planning .… all with the availability of Lab Services IBM i experts and development personnel To request any of these services, submit at: • • Or email Cindy Mestad at © 2012 IBM CorporationTrademarks The following are trademarks of the International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both. 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