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IBM PureFlex System: The infrastructure system with integrated expertise


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Expert integrated systems are more than a static stack of well tuned
components—a server, some storage, networking and
database software, serving a fixed application at the top. Instead,
these systems are based on “patterns of expertise” which can
dramatically improve the responsiveness of the business.

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IBM PureFlex System: The infrastructure system with integrated expertise

  1. 1. IBM PureFlex SystemThe infrastructure system with integrated expertise
  2. 2. 2 IBM PureFlex SystemIT is moving to the strategic center ofbusinessOver the last 100 years information technology has moved froma specialized tool to a pervasive influence on nearly every aspectof life. From tabulating machines that simply counted with Optimize Innovatemechanical switches or vacuum tubes to the first programmablecomputers, IBM has been a part of this growth, while alwayshelping customers solve problems. Today, as the planet hasbecome smarter, IT is a constant part of business and of our Accelerate Consolidate Cloudlives. IBM expertise in delivering solutions—solutions acrossinfrastructure, middleware and applications—has helped theplanet become smarter. And as organizations seek to extractmore value from their data, business processes and other keyinvestments, IT is moving to the strategic center of business. Current IT models offer a range of approaches: you can use the flexibility of general purpose systems to tune your own systems,Today, the IT systems we all depend on must adapt and perform optimizing them for the business environment. But the time,in the face of constant change and growing complexity in the effort and skills this approach demands can be significant. Youbusiness environment. These factors place enormous strain on maintain your own experts, dedicated to tuning these systems.traditional computing models. Businesses must drive innovation On the other end of the spectrum are appliances—purpose-builtand address new opportunities faster and better than ever before. systems that are designed to be easy to deploy and manage. ButUsers in all realms of their lives—business, personal, appliances can limit your ability to adapt to changes in yourentertainment—are raising their expectation levels for IT. They business. Cloud computing is another option, deployingwant their needs to be met now and they want to specify how applications on flexible, pooled computing resources. But cloudthose needs are met. IT must be able to meet these services can create a shared dependence where you don’t have fullexpectations—adapting to new requirements quickly, growing control over your own data assets.capabilities elastically, and still meeting basic reliability andaffordability demands.
  3. 3. 3 to—and the ability to take advantage of—broad expertise and proven best practices in systems management, applications,“Over the years our IT systems have become hardware maintenance and more. complex and difficult to manage, and as a consequence IT is increasingly finding itself in the A new category of IT systems: expert integrated systems position of being a barrier to innovation rather The time has come for a new category of systems: systems with than an enabler of it.”1 integrated expertise that combine the flexibility of general purpose system, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an —Gary Barnett, the Bathwick Group, The road to Smarter Computing appliance tuned to the workload—fundamentally changing the experience and economics of IT. IBM PureSystems are the first family of systems in this category, offering: Many organizations find they are spending too much time, ●● Built-in expertise: capturing and automating what experts money and effort simply “keeping the lights on” which prevents do—from the infrastructure to the application them from putting the effort you want into innovation: ●● Integration by design: designed together, the deeply integrated and tuned hardware and software is delivered in a ●● More than 70 percent of IT budgets are spent on operations ready-to-go, workload-optimized system and maintenance2 ●● Simplified experience: making every part of the IT lifecycle ●● When we do bring new capabilities on board—it takes too easier with management integration across the entire system long and a broad ecosystem of optimized solutions, all designed to ●● Complexity in IT solutions is inhibiting change and work with your existing IT investments adaptation Expert integrated systems are more than a static stack of well- The result? You can’t deliver new business innovation at a pace tuned components—a server, some storage, networking and that meets the demands of the marketplace. To meet today’s database software, serving a fixed application at the top. Instead, demands, you need a solid foundation of server, storage, these systems are based on “patterns of expertise” which can networking and software resources that can quickly and dramatically improve the responsiveness of the business. automatically adapt to changing conditions. You need access
  4. 4. 4 IBM PureFlex SystemPatterns of expertise help deliver value simply and ●● Simplicity: You need a less complex environment. Patterns ofefficiently expertise help you easily consolidate diverse servers, storagePatterns of expertise can automatically balance, manage and and applications onto an easy to manage, integrated system.optimize the elements necessary—from the underlying hardware ●● Control: Optimized patterns of expertise accelerate cloudresources up through the middleware and software—to help implementations to lower risk by improving security anddeliver and manage today’s modern business processes, services reducing human error.and applications. They do so by encapsulating, into a repeatableand deployable form, proven best practices and expertise gained Expert integrated systems are formed from patterns of expertisefrom decades of optimizing the deployment and management of that represent the collective knowledge of thousands ofdata centers, software infrastructures and applications around the deployments, established best practices, innovative thinking,world. These patterns aren’t just a blueprint or set of instructions IT industry leadership, and the distilled expertise of businessto help you—the expertise is built in and ready to help you partners and solution providers. These building blocks spanachieve: compute, storage, networking and management resources. There are three types of patterns:●● Agility: As companies look to innovate to bring products and services to market faster, they need fast time-to-value. ●● Infrastructure patterns bridge the base system infrastructure Expertise built into a solution eliminates manual steps, elements like servers, storage, network, virtualization and automates delivery and supports innovation. management●● Efficiency: To reduce costs and conserve valuable resources, ●● Platform patterns support the middleware—database, you need to get the most out of your systems with energy application servers and more efficiency; simple management and fast, automated response ●● Application patterns bring in expertise at the business to problems. Built-in expertise optimizes your critical business application level applications to help you get the most out of your investments.
  5. 5. 5IBM PureSystems A PureFlex System includes integrated patterns of expertiseCombining advanced IBM hardware and software along with designed to automate and optimize the deployment andpatterns of expertise, IBM PureSystems are available in two types maintenance of your workloads. Deployment expertise canof expert integrated systems: accelerate your time to value up to 100 times versus traditional systems3. Consolidation and management expertise from●● Infrastructure systems: preintegrated compute, storage, thousands of successful data center optimizations drives networking, virtualization and management automation to significantly reduce manual processes that●● Platform systems: optimized middleware preintegrated on consumes too many staff hours. Optimization expertise also an infrastructure system allows your infrastructure to flex to address unexpected demands without requiring expensive surplus capacity.With expertise built directly into the systems, you staff will beable to focus on driving innovation for your business, instead of This system is designed to provide a simplified experience anddevising, testing and tuning custom integrated solutions. reduce IT complexity without compromising the flexibility you need. By delivering both simplicity and flexibility in a systemDesigned for the cloud, these systems are based on open with integrated expertise, you can rapidly deploy IT services andarchitectures for ease of integration with existing environments. keep them running at the performance levels your businessThe end result is a simplified experience, from system setup and demands while still managing cost.solution deployment and through to day-to-day managementand ongoing enhancements and upgrades. Simplicity, control, efficiency and agility The power of a PureFlex System is the combination of aIBM PureFlex System virtualized, open architecture that provides choice along withAn IBM PureFlex System combines compute, storage, deep integration and dynamic and simple management from anetworking, virtualization and management into a single single vantage point. These solutions deliver built-ininfrastructure system that is expert at sensing and anticipating virtualization across compute, storage and networking within theresource needs to optimize your infrastructure. system, so you get superior automation and simple workload optimization. Open and flexible, a PureFlex System is designed
  6. 6. 6 IBM PureFlex Systemto work with existing investments. And PureFlex Systems offer a alerts based on resource thresholds and automate responses tochoice of system architectures, operating systems and many events. When more intervention is needed, you can findhypervisors, so you can carefully suit your solution to your detailed information on the system as a whole from a singleworkloads. This architecture is designed to offer you four key interface.benefits: ControlSimplicity A PureFlex System is designed to give you a simplifiedA PureFlex System ships as a comprehensive, preintegrated experience so you get control and choice without increasinginfrastructure system designed to be deployed in hours. As a complexity. You aren’t limited to a single architecture or singlesystem that is integrated by design, a PureFlex System is simpler vendor’s middleware; you can choose from a selection of servers,by nature: operating systems and hypervisors, and design systems truly optimized for the needs of your business. You can run and●● Components are configured to work together to optimize optimize a broad range of workloads on a PureFlex System, and performance you can adapt when your business needs change.●● Management integration from a single console streamlines administration, enabling users to provision, deploy and This combination of choice and control gives you an ideal monitor resources and workloads platform for consolidation. No matter what architectures and●● Based on patterns of expertise, the system can also operating systems you rely on now, you can consolidate the intelligently optimize workloads and recommend the best workloads from many resource-consuming servers onto a single, resources to support new workloads, reducing manual effort efficient PureFlex System. You can also consolidate storage into your PureFlex System and virtualize storage across other storageKey tasks are designed to be simpler. Administrators can systems you might already have. And you control it all from aprovision a new virtual machine or deploy a predefined image single unified interface. Because the system is open, it can fit intofrom an image library with the click of a button. From a single almost any existing infrastructure, supplementing current needsinterface, you can manage workloads across physical and virtual and replacing systems as they are retired. You choose the pace ofresources, spanning multiple architectures, hypervisors and your implementation.operating systems. System administrators can create customized
  7. 7. 7With the powerful yet easy-to-use management interface, But this integration also extends to system availability. Foradministrators can manage both physical and virtual resources— example, the system can proactively sense an impendingeven multiple systems. You can define a collection of virtual hardware failure. With built-in expertise, it can then relocateserver, storage and networking resources for a specific workload workloads that depend on that hardware, giving an administratorand manage that collection as a single resource. For example, an the opportunity to replace the failing hardware withoutSAP landscape—the SAP database, application resources, and downtime. These kinds of capabilities are designed to give youassociated development and test resources—can be defined as a enterprise-class availability while still giving you the simplicity ofsingle workload. an appliance.Efficiency The PureFlex System is also designed to improve efficiency inIBM infused the expertise gained from its development of server, system management. The combination of integratedstorage and networking systems into the PureFlex System so you infrastructure and advanced systems management capabilities areget high resource utilization, reliability and performance. designed to eliminate management and administration costs, soIntegration by design means that you get efficiency on all levels you can redirect your experts for more important businessof system design. priorities. Some key capabilities include:●● Deep physical integration shrinks the IT footprint, saving ●● Automated processes triggered by events help simplify valuable data center floor space and requiring less energy for management and reduce repetitive administrative tasks operations ●● Integrated service management can speed the test and●● Tuning to the task helps drive greater performance and deployment of applications improve IT economics ●● Centralized management and deep integration can●● Dynamic resource allocation allows the system to adapt to dramatically cut down on skills and training required for handle workload spikes, reducing the need for purchasing managing and deploying the system additional resources ●● Virtualization support for not only compute, but also storage●● Fewer cables, built-in networking, preloaded virtualization and networking assets enables workload mobility and and factory integration give you a simple package that can be automated provisioning installed and running in hours
  8. 8. 8 IBM PureFlex SystemAgility A PureFlex System offers simplifiedThe PureFlex System was “born virtualized” to offer acquisitionextraordinary agility and make your solution ready for cloud The simplicity of a PureFlex System begins with acquisition. Youcomputing. Through the centralized management capabilities, can choose one of three preintegrated, optimized configurationsyou can control virtualized compute, storage and networking as your starting point. Your solution ships to you as a complete,resources, and built-in expertise allows you to automate their tested package of compute, storage and networking resources onprovisioning. This means you can rapidly deploy new services, which you and IBM Business Partners can customize a solution.speeding time to market and improving responsiveness to With built-in patterns of expertise for deployment, managementchanging business conditions. And this flexibility also helps you and optimization—including cloud capabilities—to simplify keyprotect your IT investment by addressing IT and business needs tasks across all of your IT resources, your system is designed tonow and into the future—at a rate and pace of adoption that you deploy quickly and be easy to manage. You can select thecontrol. capabilities you need based on your target workload and environment—each configuration is available with your choice ofFor example, if your software development organization needed POWER7-based or Intel processor-based compute rapidly build up and tear down development and testenvironments, you could quickly provision such environments Expressand deploy application images from an internal image library in The Express configuration is designed for small and mediumseconds. This speed and agility supports dramatically increased businesses and is the most affordable entry point into a PureFlexbusiness velocity so you can respond quickly to IT and business System.needs and take advantage of marketplace opportunities. StandardAnd this value goes beyond IBM. There are tens of thousands of The Standard configuration is optimized for application serversapplications supported by the available hypervisors and operating with supporting storage and networking and is designed tosystems available on the PureFlex System. Many key applications support your key ISV solutions.have been optimized for the PureFlex System so you can getbuilt-in expertise not just from IBM but from IBM Business EnterprisePartners as well. Expertise in tuning, configuration and The Enterprise configuration is optimized for scalable cloudoptimization of these applications can be built into your system deployments and has built-in redundancy for highly reliable andso you get fast application deployments, improved application resilient operation to support your critical applications and cloudperformance, and faster application upgrades. services.
  9. 9. 9No-compromise building blocks – Compute nodesintegrated by design Taking advantage of the full capabilities of POWER7 processorsThe PureFlex System is built from no-comprise building blocks or Intel processors, the PureFlex System compute nodes arebased on reliable IBM technology that support open standards designed to offer the performance you need for your criticaland offer confident roadmaps. Your PureFlex System is designed applications. With support for a range of hypervisors, operatingfor multiple generations of technology, supporting your workload systems and virtualization environments, the compute nodestoday and ready for the future demands of your business. provide the foundation for:Management ●● Virtualization solutionsIBM Flex System™ Manager is designed to optimize the physical ●● Database applicationsand virtual resources of your IBM PureFlex System while ●● Infrastructure supportsimplifying and automating repetitive tasks. From easy system ●● Line of business applicationsset-up procedures with wizards and built-in expertise, toconsolidated monitoring for all of your resources—compute, Storagestorage, networking, virtualization and energy—Flex System The storage capabilities of a PureFlex System allow you to gainManager provides core management functionality along with advanced functionality with storage nodes in your system whileautomation. It’s an ideal solution that allows you to reduce taking advantage of your existing storage infrastructure throughadministrative expense and focus your efforts on business advanced virtualization.innovation. From a single user interface you get: Your PureFlex System simplifies storage administration with a●● Intelligent automation single user interface for all your storage with a management●● Resource pooling console that is integrated with the comprehensive management●● Improved resource utilization system. This allows you to virtualize third-party storage with●● Complete management integration non-disruptive migration of the current storage infrastructure.●● Simplified setup You can also take advantage of intelligent tiering so you can balance performance and cost for your storage needs. The system also supports local and remote replication and snapshots for flexible business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities.
  10. 10. 10 IBM PureFlex SystemNetworking Decades of experience deliveringWith a range of available adapters and switches to support key essential ITnetwork protocols, you can configure your PureFlex System to fit With decades of experience helping clients around the world inin your infrastructure while still being ready for the future. The almost every industry transform their businesses, IBM can helpnetworking resources in the PureFlex System are standards- you take the next step in your smarter computing journey. We’vebased, flexible and fully integrated into the system so you get invested billions of dollars on research and development ofno-compromise networking for your solution. Network systems, software and processes and we’ve taken the knowledge,resources are virtualized and managed by workload. And these expertise and technology gained from that experience andcapabilities are automated and optimized to make your network investment and put it into our solutions. And we do all of thismore reliable and simpler to manage. Key capabilities include: with a commitment to open standards so you are free to make the choices you need to make—not only to integrate with other●● Supports the networking infrastructure you have today, elements of your own environment, but the vast network of including Ethernet, Fibre Channel and InfiniBand systems that are part of your extended network of partners,●● Offers industry-leading performance with 1 Gb, 10 Gb and customers and suppliers. 40 Gb Ethernet; 8 Gb and 16 Gb Fibre Channel and FDR InfiniBand With a broad ecosystem of partners with technical and industry●● Provides pay-as-you-grow scalability so you can add ports and expertise and the unique ability and skill to integrate it all bandwidth when needed together for you—along with an unwavering commitment to your success—you can rely on IBM and your IBM PureFlexInfrastructure System.The Flex System Enterprise Chassis is the foundation of aPureFlex System, supporting intelligent workload deployment For more informationand management for maximum business agility. The 14-node, To learn more about the IBM Pure FlexSystem family, visit:10U chassis delivers high-performance connectivity for your or contact your IBM representativeintegrated compute, storage, networking and management or IBM Business Partnerresources. The chassis is designed to support multiplegenerations of technology and offers independently scalableresource pools for higher utilization and lower cost per workload.
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