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Intro to the LA Design Community

  1. 6100 Wilshire Blvd. 2nd Flr, Los Angeles, CA 90048 +1 310 499 7700 May 1, 2014
  2. Intro to the LA Design Community.
  3. Goal. Provide a general orientation around the resources available to the LA design community and talk about UX and Design at Huge.
  4. UX
  5. 2 approaches to design. GeniusParticipatory
  6. “You can't just ask customers What they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they'll want something new.” Steve Jobs “Users are not designers. Designers are not users.” Jakob Nielsen
  7. Site maps. Wireframes. Personas. Scenarios/Use cases.
  8. Utility + Delight
  9. AtHugeUXisatthecenter. “Huge begins with a belief that great, user-centered design can play a critical role growing the client’s business.”
  10. 3 questions we ask ourselves: 1.What’s the point? 2.Will users want to use it? 3.Is it simple enough?
  11. Breaking in.
  12. UX jobs. InteractionDesigner:Wireframes, site structures, scenarios, annotations ExperienceLead:User-centric design solutions; research; strategy UIDesigner:Create usable interface designs InformationArchitect:Focus on site flows, hierarchy Strategist:Strategic vision; align business and user goals ContentStrategist:Editorial and system content planning UserResearcher:Conduct customer research; actionable insights
  13. Companies.
  14. Agencies.
  15. Ask yourself: What am I passionate about?
  16. Goal: I want to work on ___________________________ .
  17. Goal: In 5 years I want to ___________________________ .
  18. Make a plan. Milestones. Timelines.
  19. Your portfolio.
  20. Know yourself. Show yourself.
  21. You!
  22. Be selective. 5 - 10 is plenty
  23. Your designs should be relevant. vs.
  24. Your designs should be timely.
  25. Your designs should focus on the user.
  26. Background. Users. Hurdles. Imperatives. Conclusion. Designs. Your designs should help you tell a good story.
  27. For each example, include: 1. What was your role? 2. What was your process? 3. What are you most proud of?
  28. Don’t have enough experience? Get it any way you can.
  29. Make an improvement.
  30. Help someone.
  31. Friends. Family. Acquaintances.
  32. Think blue sky.
  33. Displaying your portfolio.
  34. Keep it simple.
  35. Finding the right design job.
  36. Job boards. Linked In Coroflot Indeed
  37. Employer insight. Glass Door Linked In Friends
  38. Salary guides. Coroflot Glassdoor AIGA
  39. Interviewing.
  40. Beprepared. Bring your work, and be ready to talk about it.
  41. Behonest. Acknowledge your strengths & where you want to grow.
  42. Bedirect. Be clear about what you’re looking for.
  43. “Do you have any questions you’d like to ask me?”
  44. Resources.
  45. Community.
  46. Groups. IxDA-LAChapter:Local and global events. UXPA-LAChapter:1,000+ members, events like World IA Day LAUXMeetup:2,000+ members, Regular events (workshops, lectures, mixers) SouthernCaliforniaWebDesignersandDevelopers:1000+ members MobileUXSchool:Meetup group with regular local UX events UXBreakfastClub:Breakfast meetup that focuses on all things UX CreativeMornings:Not a group, but a great event series to stay inspired. HugeLAMeetup:We bring in a range of speakers from the community.
  47. Education. GeneralAssembly-Classes like Intro to UX, 12 week courses on UX UCLAExtension- User Experience Certificate Program CalStateFullerton- User Experience Certificate Program TheSkool-Variety of web design and experience classes/events TheDSchool,InstituteforDesignatStanford:Virtual Crash Course, no degrees HugeSchool-Paid apprenticeship program in NYC
  48. DIY.
  49. Blogs. Little Big Details - Your daily dose of UI inspiration IxDA Mailing List Discussion - Active discussion list with many experts weighing in Boxes and Arrows - High quality articles and podcast interviews Smashing Magazine – Deep-dive into more advanced UX topics Experientia - This blog has good curated content from a wide variety of sources Uxmatters - Articles on all things UX A List Apart - Articles on everything from the industry to design to coding Signal vs. Noise - Thoughts from the guys at 37 Signals Information Aesthetics - A blog focusing on interesting information design and visualization
  50. Twitter. Craig Mod @Craigmod John Siracusa @siracusa Whitney Hess @whitneyhess LukeWrobleski @LukeW Jared Spool @jmspool UXPA LA @UXPAofLA LA UX Meetup @LAUXmeetup IXDA @IXDA
  51. Pattern libraries. RSS:  Patternry Twitter: Yahoo Design Pattern Library Patterntap RSS: UI Patterns T witter: Patternbrowser UI patterns for mobile Android Patterns Twitter:
  52. Books about UX. Sketching User Experiences Bill Buxton The Elements of User Experience Jesse James Garrett Designing the Obvious Robert Hoekman Jr.
  53. The Design of Everyday Things Donald Norman Don’t Make Me Think Steve Krug Books about UX.
  54. Books about media, technology and society. Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man Marshall McLuhan The Age of Spiritual Machines Ray Kurzweil Everything Bad is Good For You Steven Johnson
  55. Books about how we work and think. Predictably Irrational Dan Ariely The Inmates Are Running The Asylum Alan Cooper Brain Bugs: How the Brain’s Flaws Shape our Lives Dean Buonomano
  56. Books about design. Dieter Rams: As Little As Possible Sophie Lovell & Klaus Kemp Vignelli From A to Z Massimo Vignelli Swiss Graphic Design: The Origins and Growth of an International Style, 1920-1965 By Richard Hollis
  57. Books about process and business. Good to Great Jim Collins Crossing the Chasm Geoffrey Moore Rework Jason Fried, and David Heinemeier Hansson Users Not Customers Aaron Shapiro
  58. Books that push creativity and technology. Snow Crash Neil Stephenson Neuromancer William Gibson
  59. Documentaries about design. Helvetica Objectified Art & Copy Urbanized Charles & Ray Eames Indie Game
  60. Movies about passion and process.
  61. Play games. Faster Than Light PC Journey Console – PS3 Portal 2 PC + Console Ni No Kuni Console - PS3 Fez Console + PC Dance Central XBOX 360 Kinect
  62. Download apps. Carousel Clear Uber Square Evernote Waze Snap Chat WeChat
  63. 6100 Wilshire Blvd. 2nd Floor - Los Angeles, CA 90048 +1 310 499 7700