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The good, the bad, the ugly of UX Recruiting


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  • +1 on communication. I've started calling it Customer Experience instead of UX as someone is paying for all those post-it notes and eventually, that same person is going to hope to sell something...

    Jason, I'm loving these UX portfolio decks :-)
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  • Started like a childish rant but ended well. Nice presentation & something we'll all struggling with as UX Heads at the moment. Sifting chaff from wheat. Hard hard hard.

    My other bug-bear at the moment... far far far far far too many academics entering our piece of the industry. Half the people I'm meeting are qualified and have good work but ZERO personality and ability to work with a bigger team or tricky, demanding clients. UX isn't JUST about good paperwork its about AMAZING communication.
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The good, the bad, the ugly of UX Recruiting

  1. THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY OFUX RECRUITINGJason Mesut - Head of User Experience,
  2. I’ve done a lot of recruiting Since October 2010 - past 8 months530+ 87 29 CVs and Interviews Hires portfolios
  3. I’ve ranted about portfolios 1 2 3Ranted on Been Set up aLondon IA constructive at portfolio tips UX Lisbon blog
  4. Lots of UX people
  5. Plenty of money& demand
  6. The bad
  7. Interaction DesignersUser Experience ConsultantsUser Experience DesignersInformation ArchitectsUser Experience Architects
  8. Sabotaging our credibility
  10. Estate agents
  11. Traffic wardens
  12. Charlatans
  13. No work to show
  14. No clarity of part they played
  15. “Trust me”
  16. The ugly
  17. Poor presentation
  18. Unprofessional conduct
  19. Slagging off previous employers
  20. Lies damn lies
  21. The good
  23. Packwhiteboardmarkers
  24. Show your working
  25. The act is as importantas the artefact
  26. Lee McIvordesignI really enjoy sketching and collaborating withclients and colleagues when beginning the designphase. These early stages provide a space forcreative thinking, discussion of research ndingsand how they might impact design, and most of allfor considering the widest range of ideas aspossible with few inhibitions. Lee McIvor
  27. Simon DoggettSketches & Scamps Video browser page The original project wall for the xxxx Video project. We used magic whiteboards to sketch through all the main conc Early homepage concept on paper. This work belongs to me and one other graphic designer. 10
  28. Keep your sketches
  29. Photograph workshops
  30. Save your outputs
  31. Edit video
  32. Show interest in the organisation
  33. Simon DoggettEmpathisewith youraudience
  34. Be honest what you’re good and bad at
  35. 2005 - 1st Euro IA
  36. ExS IxD Experience Interaction Strategy Design UR IA User Information Research Architecture4 key disciplines of User Experience
  37. Georgette Sullivan
  38. Do great work
  39. “don’t look for thenext opportunity.the one you havein hand IS theopportunity.”Paul Arden
  40. Be remarkable
  41. Learn how to pimp your
  42. Think you can stand above the rest?Fed up with designing websites?
  43. Big thanks to:Portfolio starsSimon DoggettLee McIvorGeorgette SullivanSam SmithMy past employersThe Team, LBi, Flow, PA, Yell