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UX and Design Thinking for Startups


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User Experience and Design Thinking for Startup is a talk about understanding people and designing business for them.

I explained the principles that I created to sell the benefits to invest in UX when you need to develop a service or a product. I also gave some examples using this principles.

My 7 UX Principles:
Essential, People Focus, Smart, Attractive, Practical, Innovator and Flexible.

So, after explain an approach I talked about Design Thinking, using that approach to develop service design focused in Startups.

I hope that you enjoy the slides and please, give me your feedback.

Best Regards,
Rafel Daron

Twitter: rafaeldaron

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UX and Design Thinking for Startups

  1. UX & Design Thinking for Startups Understanding & Designing Business Rafael Daron UX & Service Designer @rafaeldaron
  2. - Master in Service Design, Politecnico di Milano, IT - Specialist in Interaction Design, Faber Ludens, BR - Bachelor in Information System, UNISEP, BR - UX & Service Designer at Beta-i, Lisbon, PT - UX & Service Designer at MediaEngine, Milan, IT - Interaction Designer at C.E.S.A.R., Sorocaba, BR - User Experience at CISS, Dois Vizinhos, BR - Teacher at UNISEP, Dois Vizinhos, BR About me
  3. What is wrong here?
  4. What is wrong here?
  5. And here? What is wrong?
  6. And how about that?
  7. They insist!
  8. Please, don’t do that at home!
  9. Essential Attractive Practical Innovator Flexible People Focus Smart 7 UX Principles To the best experience
  10. 1 Exploration
  11. 2 Ideation
  12. “If you want to have good ideas you must have many ideas” Linus Pauling
  13. Don’t be shy! Have crazy and absurd ideas.
  14. 3 Prototype
  15. MVP / MVS
  16. Case: Conecta
  17. Case: Conecta
  18. Case: Conecta
  19. Case: Conecta
  20. 4 Experimentation
  21. Paper Prototyping Ltia
  22. Give to real customers.
  23. They liked to use? They will buy? Ask feedback.
  24. “Fail Often to Succeed Sooner” IDEO
  25. THANK YOU! Rafael Daron UX & Service Designer @rafaeldaron