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StartupBus UK presentation

Cyber-Duck, a digital agency in London and Hertfordshire welcomed StartupBus in its office to present some principles behind user experience before their European tour

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StartupBus UK presentation

  1. 1. Sponsors of StartupBus UK 2nd September 2016 Hello! We are…
  2. 2. TODAY About Cyber-Duck User-Centred Approach Creative R&D Efforts Startup Hackathon Tips Project Showcase - Hacker’s Guide to UX
  3. 3. With an ISO accredited, user-centred approach, our award winning team will ensure your brand, website and marketing campaigns perform exceptionally, every time.
  4. 4. @ Cyber-Duck Ltd 2015 The European Union BRANDS WE’VE WORKED WITH
  5. 5. @ Cyber-Duck Ltd 2015
  6. 6. Features in: Product Hunt Smashing Magazine We built and launched the Android version after popular demand We kicked-off our strategy to boost downloads and awareness (of UX Companion and Cyber-Duck) by pitching to key publications and resource libraries Including a nod at all our speakers’ events, from UX London to SXSW OCT 2014 MAR 2015 7,000 downloads in a single week 13,800 downloads from 97 countries 534 UPVOTES Usability Geek
  7. 7. As launch excitement fades, it’s easy to let products dwindle. We quickly noticed downloads had begun to plateau over the summer: from 1200 to 720 per month APR 2015 SEP 2015 OCT 2015 Creating a long-term design / content strategy could build consistent engagement with our passionate community – and continue bringing value to Cyber-Duck So… we refreshed UX Companion’s microsite Critically, we started releasing consistent content updates Subtly animated graphics made the features crystal clear and community social reviews increased credibility 2 new articles per month with user-generated and trending topics
  8. 8. TODAY 1,200average installs per month …and the effect? We hit our highest number of installs per month in February with 1,630! 22,400 on iOS and 9,600 on Android 32,000 unique installs Up from 50 during the summer plateau 70 active daily users
  10. 10. TAKEAWAYS Define your audience Solve real user needs and desires Find how you can stand out Develop key features first and iterate Steadily engage and support your audience
  11. 11. The hackers guide to UX v0102 Danny Bluestone - September 2016
  12. 12. • About • The world we live in • The lean approach • What is UX • Overarching principles • Tactics TODAY…
  13. 13. The world we live in 1
  14. 14. Google sets AI standards Apple sets UI standards THE WORLD WE LIVE IN
  15. 15. Amazon sets shopping standards Facebook sets social standards THE WORLD WE LIVE IN
  16. 16. Would you be interested in wearing a sensor device assuming it was from a brand? WEARABLES
  17. 17. FRAMING UX
  18. 18. The lean approach 1
  19. 19. The Lean startup method is not about cost, its about speed Eric Ries, The Lean Startup
  20. 20.
  21. 21.
  22. 22. PROBLEM Ethnography to research customer problems and find opportunities. What will be the triggers and 
 motivations? LEAN CANVAS SOLUTION Start with task tables and move into prototypes. Bake in ‘shareability’ and distribution in from outset Consideration:
 Alternatives and mental models KEY METRICS Put customer satisfaction 
 at the core and think
 about the KPIs you will use UVP Make sure your UVP is clear within your messaging and brand strategy. Can you build in connection tools? Consideration:
 Education curve, brand awareness as well as 
 retention. CHANNELS Which channels will you use and why, think about availability, consistency and seamlessness UNFAIR ADVANTAGE Your brand’s infrastructure, personalisation and your psychological ‘hook model’ CUSTOMER SEGMENTS List your personas and verify them with real people. Use your personas to inform your designs. CYBER-DUCK LTD Consideration:
 Early adopters, different generations,
 rewards COST STRUCTURE From a UX perspective, plan the importance of ongoing design, usability reviews, CRO, quality assurance and organic marketing. Is there a way to crowd source features and content? Can you 
 create a tribe of early adopters within your CRM? REVENUE STREAMS How can you build in co-efficient revenue models to minimise advertising costs? Think about how you can increase user retention and ‘bake’ in reward models as well as up-selling and partnerships. Through a UX lens
  23. 23. What is UX 2
  24. 24. The overall experience of a person using a product such as a website or computer application, especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use. According to Wikipedia
  25. 25. UX IS NOT UI Strategy User centred design Ethnography Use case analysis Stakeholder interviews Feature audits User interviews Usability plans Data analysis Persona driven design Task analysis Information architecture Prototyping Wireframing Usability studies Graphics Iconography Interface design Visual design Strategy User centred design Ethnography Use case analysis Stakeholder interviews Feature audits User interviews Usability plans Data analysis Persona driven design Task analysis Information architecture Prototyping Wireframing Usability studies Graphics Iconography Interface design Visual design HOW UX HAS BEEN VIEWED (“THE WHAT”) HOW UX NEEDS TO BE VIEWED (“THE WHY”)
  26. 26. Overarching principles 3
  27. 27. CORE MODEL
  28. 28. TECHNOLOGY • IoT - The Internet of Things is a precursor of fashion technology. • Innovation - Miniaturisation of sensors (e.g. GPS, NFC, accelerometer), temperature, pressure, magnetometer, microphone and even chemical sensors. • Limitations - Batteries, healthcare approval, regulations, different demographics.
  29. 29. DESIGN A SYSTEM ‘NOT A DESTINATION’ When designing a product, think about the ‘entire system’, not just a ‘destination’.
  30. 30. BRAND STRATEGY • Essence - The brand essence and values need to tie into the manifestation of the UX (e.g. Amazon smile, customer is always put first). • Names - Descriptive names are loved by search engines whereas distinctive names are favoured by trademark lawyers. • Visual aspect - “What is beautiful is usable”, invest in your art direction. • Originality- Make sure your visual language, photography, videos and icons are authentic and unique.
  31. 31. I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. Maya Angelou, Artist and activist
  32. 32. Tactics 4
  33. 33. SYSTEM MAPPING TOOL To create system, sitemaps and app maps
  34. 34. SKETCH A visual design tool
  35. 35. MARVEL APP Quickly produce interactive prototypes with no coding
  36. 36. UX RESEARCH Conduct online usability testing with verify app
  37. 37. Take aways 5
  38. 38. CONCLUSION • Use comics to create user scenarios while working on the lean canvass • Get sketching as soon as you can, start with the most ridiculous ideas • Start branding and growth strategy from the outset and ‘bake it in’ to the UX • Prototype early and do field research • Your pitches will need to show what the ‘experience’ is about
  39. 39. Thank you We help brands run UX workshops and hackathons, get in touch for more info: @danny_bluestone @cyberduck_uk