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25 Inspiring Quotes From Experts Shaping the Future of Marketing


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Get inspired by marketing experts Seth Godin, Nate Silver, and Scott Harrison. …

Get inspired by marketing experts Seth Godin, Nate Silver, and Scott Harrison.

Want to get more inspiration from these experts?
Attend INBOUND 2013. Learn more:

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  • 2. It’s hard to feel inspiredwhen you’re bogged down bythe everyday grind of marketing.
  • 3. In any given day, you’re craftingemails, sending tweets, A/Btesting, drafting blog posts,optimizing workflows, planningevents, creating visual content …among 1,000 other things.
  • 4. With all you havegoing on, it’s hard tostay inspired to createmarketing people love.
  • 5. To help bring someinspiration back toyour marketing,here are 25 quotesfrom three experts who areshaping the future of marketing.
  • 6. Nate SilverFounder, FiveThirtyEight.comINTRODUCING
  • 7. “The signal is the truth.The noise is what distractsus from the truth.”
  • 8. “Distinguishing the signalfrom the noise requires bothscientific knowledge andself-knowledge.”
  • 9. “Success makes youless intimidatedby things.”
  • 10. “Were not that much smarterthan we used to be, eventhough we have much moreinformation -- and that meansthe real skill now is learninghow to pick out the usefulinformation from all this noise.”
  • 11. “Were living in a world whereGoogle beats Gallup.”
  • 12. “Good innovators typically think very big and they thinkvery small. New ideas are sometimes found in the mostgranular details of a problem where few others bother tolook. And they are sometimes found when you are doingyour most abstract and philosophical thinking, consideringwhy the world is the way that it is and whether there mightbe an alternative to the dominant paradigm. Rarely canthey be found in the temperate latitudes between thesetwo spaces, where we spend 99% of our lives.”
  • 13. “We must becomemore comfortable withprobability and uncertainty.”
  • 14. “Theres always the risk thatthere are unknown unknowns.”
  • 15. INTRODUCINGSeth GodinBest-Selling Author
  • 16. “You can’t fool all the people,not even most of the time.People, once unfooled,talk about the experience.”
  • 17. “What people want is the extra, theemotional bonus they get whenthey buy something they love.”
  • 18. “You market when youhire and when you fire.You market when youcall tech support, andyou market every timeyou send a memo.”
  • 19. “You can game socialmedia in the short run,but not for long.”
  • 20. “Our job is to make change.Our job is to connect to people,to interact with them in a way thatleaves them better than we foundthem, more able to get where they’dlike to go. Every time we wastethat opportunity, every page orsentence that doesn’t do enoughto advance the cause, is waste.”
  • 21. “Well, if you don’t have timeto do it right, what makesyou think you’ll havetime to do it over?”
  • 22. “Good marketers tell a story.”
  • 23. “The media wants overnight successes (so theyhave someone to tear down). Ignore them.Ignore the early adopter critics who never haveenough to play with. Ignore your investors whowant proven tactics and predictable instant results.Listen instead to your real customers, to yourvision, and make something for the long haul.Because thats how long its going to take, guys.”
  • 24. “Anticipated, personal, andrelevant advertisingalways does better thanunsolicited junk.”
  • 25. “Products that areremarkableget talked about.”
  • 26. “Making promises andkeeping them is a greatway to build a brand.”
  • 27. “True fans are hard to find and precious.Just a few can change everything.What they demand, though,is generosity and bravery.”
  • 28. Scott HarrisonFounder, charity: waterINTRODUCING
  • 29. “Time, energy, and talentcan be more importantthan budget.”
  • 30. “Many charities go out andjust ask people for money.We ask people for their voice.”
  • 31. “I wanted to reinvent charity.I thought it had becomestigmatized. The word means’love,’ and I truly believe thatgiving time, talent, money iswholly redemptive.”
  • 32. “Making people feel guilty isone of the most uselessthings you can do.”
  • 33. “Inspiration is difficult to measure,but the results driven by thatinspiration are powerful.”
  • 34. ATTEND .Want to get more inspiration from these experts?Boston, MA | August 19-22, 2013Click here to learn more:WWW.INBOUND.COM