Film Poster Analysis


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Reference Film - Taare Zameen Par

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Film Poster Analysis

  1. 1. Film Poster Analysis
  2. 2. • A poster is created along with the film for marketing/advertising purposes. This is done in order to give the audience a general impression of what to expect to see in the film in terms of genre, and who stars in it which attracts the audience to go and see the film • The basic film poster will have the title of the film as well as one or two characters that will be featured in the film as well as background image that Tagline reflects the type of genre of that particular film. Also a lot film posters like to use taglines and pull quotes. The taglines help to entice the views because of certain words and helps them to remember the film , to give the film a better reputation since people will assume that the film is good. • When theatrical films became popular, the first type of posters were often painted and show the main characters in the film with a simple colored background. Painting was the only option back then because of limited technology – digital professional cameras and computers weren’t around during that time. • Where as in the modern day due to advancement of technology, film posters are now mostly photographs of one of the character in the film along with a background used in a certain scene with in the film, plus some extra effects(e.g. Computer generated images, lighting, and airbrushing)
  3. 3. Codes and Conventions of a Film Poster A normal film poster usually have these elements in it: • • • • • • • • • • Clear, easy to read font is used Protagonist is featured on the poster Any character featured on the poster is looking directly at the camera Title is in the center of the thirds A tag line is used Font color contrasts with the background color Patriotic colors often used The clothing which the characters are wearing in the poster gives away their personality Background usually features an attribute of culture/city life/the film's location Credits are placed at the bottom The first item the eye is drawn to is the title
  4. 4. Bollywood Film Posters • Bollywood film posters are usually inspired by Hollywood or British film posters.
  5. 5. Taare Zameen Par – Reference Film Drawings of a fish, octopus, bird, plane in the background reflecting child’s imagination. Film title – In a comic font portraying simplicity and innocence, reflecting the child’s personality . It contrasts to the background image color as well. Strapline - Gives the audience an indication on what the film may be about Image including lead actors Poster is based on a scene from the film which tells the entire story Image including lead actors - Famous faces are used on the poster to give the film prestige and thus persuade audiences to watch the feature Billing box - Contains all the information about the film that for legal reasons need to be included but aren't necessarily read by the audience. (e.g. producer, composer, director name, production company etc.)
  6. 6. Taree Zameen Par • Primary Characteristics: The scenery behind is of a smiling young Indian boy sitting at a desk, with his head rested on his folded arms infront of him. Behind him and to his right, a young Indian man is doing the same and is looking at the boy. Above them is the film’s title “Taare Zameen Par” with the sub-title of “Every child is special”. Drawings of fish, bird, octopus, plane are in the background. This helps to compliment the story of my film as the scene on the poster from the film details Ishaan tutoring by Nikumbh. The text and colors used in the poster help to represent the child’s innocence and simplicity, thus reflects his personality. • Other conventions: like it includes the directors and producers names.
  7. 7. References wood-movie-posters-inspired codes-conventions-of-british-drama.html
  8. 8. By Hamna Iqbal Baig A2-C