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Codes and conventions


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Codes and conventions of the superhero film for GCSE Film

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Codes and conventions

  1. 1. Codes and Conventions GCSE Film Superheroes
  2. 2. What are C&C?• The detailed rules of the genre (type of film). The Micro and Macro aspects we come to expect• C&C make it easier to understand the film and easier to make it
  3. 3. What make up the C&C?• Setting• Themes• Characters• Props• Narrative & Plot• Style
  4. 4. Setting• Often American city• Place where crime happens• Big locations where things can go wrong!• Secret base or HQ
  5. 5. Themes• Public – things that affect everyone• Private – things that affect the main characters only
  6. 6. Characters• Must be heroic• Or a villain• Or a damsel• Or a victim/general public• Hero’s are often recognisable as normal people• Hero’s are also something people aspire to be – are cool• Hero’s always want to do good, fight for truth and justice (and the American way?)
  7. 7. Props• Significant items that we expect Macguffin = a significant object around which the plot revolves
  8. 8. Narrative & Plot• At its simplest; Good V Evil• Often a franchise (series of films)• Often starts with heroes origin story• Often High Concept (simple plot, big SFX and budget)
  9. 9. Style• Includes micro elements to build up a specific ‘look’ or ‘feel’• This may link to original comics, or stay throughout franchise
  10. 10. Task• Kick Ass• Iron Man 2• Blade 2• Watch the clips and fill in the grid trying to pick out key codes and conventions