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Film posters

  1. 1. Aneeka Ishaq
  2. 2. Film posters are an important part of a film’s marketing technique. They are created to promote films and to intrigue audiences but there is a larger market for collecting film posters and older, original movie posters are in great demand.  Film posters are displayed inside and on the outside of movie theaters, and elsewhere on the street or in shops. The same images appear in the film exhibitor's press book and may also be used on websites, DVD packaging, flyers, adverts in newspapers and magazines.  film posters to be seen are on big billboards, bus stops, on buses, undergroundstations and of course, around the cinema to show future film releases. 
  3. 3.   Lobby cards Lobby cards are collected and their value depends on their age, quality, and popularity. In sets of eight, each featuring a different scene from the film.
  4. 4.  A teaser poster or advance poster is an early promotional film poster, containing a basic image or design without revealing too much information such as the plot, theme, and characters.
  5. 5.  For a film with an ensemble cast there may be a set of character posters, each featuring an individual character from the film.
  6. 6.        It must be eye catching and captivating to the audience • There must be a focal picture that will draw in the audiences eye • The title is displayed in a large, eye-catching font• It clearly defines the film’s genre • The poster should be designed to attract the largest audience possible • There is usually an indication of when the film is being released – either a date or ‘Coming Soon’, although they are sometimes less specific, for example they might say ‘In Cinemas This Summer’ • Information on the Directors and Production Company is often displayed in a billing block at the bottom of the poster • There could be reviews or titles of other films that the company has made
  7. 7. Blue background represents, male dominant news team. With the “Channel 4” logo in print displays the authenticity of the news channel. Main image, leading character. Sort of stereotype newsreader character. Other cast members are behind placing emphasis on main Character. Tagline “They bring you the News, so you don't have to get it yourself”, is parodist in that it is obvious they provide the news, remind the audience of the comedic genre of the movie. Main Cast Credits, one cast member featured, Will Ferrell, attracts audience as he is a well know comedy film actor and he features as the main role in this movie. Movie Title, Written in a strong, metallic, dominant Silver, bold font, emphasises the importance of the main character and links the audience to what the film is about.
  8. 8. The bright colors contrast the black and white clothing of the characters, suggesting this is a happy and positive film much like the title. The flowers imply romance and would attract the female audience . The fact that the female is wearing white and the male is wearing black suggests that opposites attract. The tagline is also in the centre to give away a little bit about the film. The font is also aimed at female audiences as the ‘K’ has a curl at the end.
  9. 9. Grey, white are the main colors' used. The white, bold Realism: writing stands out within the picture because everything else The poster looks realistic around the text is a darker because of the nonedited colour. This draws the eye to picture. The poster depicts a romantic film. The text colour has been The title gives us the romantic chosen to contrast from the element ‘Date Night’ and then other darker colors' used clothing and staging in the image already. The title text colour is gives us the impression that big, bold white which draw something happens within the ‘Date the viewers eye to the title. Night’. This gives us a sense of mystery. The text colors has been chosen to contrast the other darker colors used. The title text color is big and bold which draws the your eye to it.