Media relations functions


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Media relations functions

  1. 1. Media Relations Functions: An Overview Eric Mansfield
  2. 2. The Media Relations Landscape What PR pros are up against
  3. 3. The Media Relations Landscape Where’s the News?
  4. 4. The Media Relations Landscape Anything goes? FOX8 Bear Sightings
  5. 5. MR Functions • 1. Pitch and place stories with media * The traditional role of Media Relations * Work with local, regional, national, and trade media * Now expanded to online/social/digital media (influential bloggers)
  6. 6. MR Functions • 2. Build relationships with media members * Most critical role in MR with traditional and new media members. * Focus on mutually beneficial relationships. * Develop relationship by providing relevant, impactful, and meaningful info
  7. 7. MR Functions 3. Fulfill reporters’ info requests •Company spokesperson/contact role •YOU are the subject matter expert on all parts of your organization •Become a valued/trusted resource for reporters/bloggers
  8. 8. MR Functions • 4. Counsel management on media * Educate management on realistic expectations. A. Fairness and accuracy * Educate management on media’s role in overall corporate strategy * Alert management to potential media opportunities, pitfalls and challenges
  9. 9. MR Functions How would you advise your leadership to respond?
  10. 10. MR Functions • 5. Media monitoring * Monitor key media outlets (including blogs) for stories/posts/blogs on: A. Your company B. Your competition C. Your industry or field Issues and trends affecting A, B, and C
  11. 11. MR Functions • 6. Crisis Communications * How you handle bad news can define a company in publics’ eyes * Plan for a crisis BEFORE it happens!
  12. 12. MR Functions • 7. Publicity * Recommend, plan, and implement publicity initiatives (special events, launches etc.) * A strategic and often a tactical role
  13. 13. MR in Practice No Good PR Deed Goes Unpunished
  14. 14. Getting It Done • 1. Reading and monitoring * Read and digest all traditional and new media covering your organization as well as all local media * Don’t forget bloggers and online outlets. (An RSS feed is essential)
  15. 15. Getting It Done • 2. Research media * Research outlets that cover, may cover, and that you want to cover your organization * Find out what stories they like to run * Then, after proper research, tailor appropriate stories to specific outlets
  16. 16. Getting It Done • 3. Use online resources: A. To track: 1. Stories 2. Issues 3. Writers Lexus-Nexus, Dow Jones, Google Alert, FB, Topsy, Addict-O-Matic, and other online tracking services.
  17. 17. Getting It Done • 4. Ongoing and consistent relationshipbuilding * Understand journalists’ needs/concerns Know and respect deadlines Know what a reporter/blogger writes about NEVER WASTE THEIR TIME!
  18. 18. Getting It Done • 4. Ongoing and consistent relationshipbuilding (continued) * Individualize and tailor pitches to specific reporters/bloggers * Rarely use mass email pitches * NEVER WASTE THEIR TIME!
  19. 19. Getting It Done • 5. Communicate with management * Compile and distribute daily/weekly “e-clipping reports” * Develop MR plans that help support organizational objectives * Talk to management about publicity opportunities
  20. 20. Internal Clipping Digest
  21. 21. Media Relations Can you measure media relations success?
  22. 22. Eric’s Tricks of the Trade Credit to Reporters …
  23. 23. Eric’s Tricks of the Trade … Pays off!
  24. 24. Your assignment Journalists and Public Relations pros: adversaries or allies? Blog of at least 250 words Take a side and support your conclusions Due Thursday, 1/16 by 2:15 p.m.
  25. 25. Media Relations