Developing communication strategy


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Developing communication strategy

  1. 1. Developing Communication Strategy a complete communication planAdvantages and Disadvantages of Different Types of Media
  2. 2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Types of Media• All media have strengths, weaknesses, advantages and costs.• Effective communication strategy uses a mix of at least 2 or 3 different types.
  3. 3. Choice of media and format depends on:• your audience(s)• your budget• the communication channels best for your specific audience(s) and• how long the communication intervention will continue• The more you can afford, the better – but select those that most fit your desired audience and will help you meet your needs without blowing your budget.
  4. 4. Television SpotsTarget AudienceGeneral public with specific audiences can also betargetedStrengthsHigh ReachAudio and Visual AvailabilityInterest, excitement and awareness can begenerated
  5. 5. TV SpotsWeaknesses• Low currency• Low credibility• Expensive• Program not on convenient time• Not everyone has a TV• No or little room for interaction
  6. 6. Radio SpotsTarget AudienceGeneral PublicStrengthsMedium to wide reachMessage has to be simpleInterest, excitement and awareness can begeneratedRelatively inexpensive
  7. 7. Radio SpotsWeaknessesLow currencyNo interactionPrograms not on convenient timeOnly audio and no visuals
  8. 8. Radio Call In ShowsStrengthsMore participationMore credibilityMore interest and excitement through giftwinning offers.FeedbackWeaknesses?
  9. 9. Newspaper AdsTarget AudienceLiterate population mostlyBut illiterates can also pickup an ad for model orattractive design.StrengthsGood currency valueDifferent sizes and color combinationsControl on color combinations and aesthetics
  10. 10. Newspaper AdsWeaknessesNo participationGenerally not noticedLow on credibilityDeep positionsAt times very high on cost
  11. 11. Newspaper Features PagesTarget MarketLiterate Public and that too a segmentStrengthsHigh currencyVery high credibility
  12. 12. Newspaper Features PagesWeaknessesPeople usually don’t readRequires literacyNo deep reach
  13. 13. Newspaper SupplementsTarget MarketUsually specific industries and Govt.StrengthsComprehensive informationShowcasing of achievementsFREE OF COST50:50Attractive color display with controlled designHigh currency
  14. 14. Newspaper SupplementsWeaknessesLow on credibilityHuge effort required to arrange advertisingGeneral public pay no attention
  15. 15. MagazinesTarget AudienceVery limited segment of population.StrengthsSame as newspapers but very high on currency.WeaknessesPeople usually don’t readRequires literacyNo deep reach
  16. 16. Participation in Print Media• What is the mode of participation in newspapers?
  17. 17. SMSTarget AudienceLiterate population segmentTeenagersStrengthsHigh potential for two way communication.1:1 communicationProvides timely infoCan be used in crisis communicationPopular in rural areasLow on cost
  18. 18. SMSWeaknessesShort text and no design to attractNot much room to explainZero aesthetic valueLow on credabilityIrritating
  19. 19. Websites/internet & BlogsTarget MarketLiterate that too computer users.StrengthsParticipatoryGlobalInexpensive
  20. 20. Websites/internet & BlogsWeaknessesComputer and internet connection neededNot very high on credibilty
  21. 21. PostersTarget MarketGeneral and specific publicsStrengthsCan deliver simple messages and slogansNot expensiveCan be produced in-house
  22. 22. PostersWeaknessesNo feedbackRequire written and visual literacyMessage has to be very conciseCant give long explanations
  23. 23. BrochuresTarget MarketSpecific publicsStrengthsCan deliver comprehensive informationNot necessarily very expensiveGood currencyWeaknessesUsually stuffed with too much textCan not be updatedThere is always a danger that numbers may change soonand brochure may become outdated.
  24. 24. Fact Sheets and FlyersTarget AudiencesGeneral as well as specificStrengthsHandyShort messageGood design supportCan be produced in-house so may prove cheap.
  25. 25. Fact Sheets and FlyersWeaknessesNone?
  26. 26. NewslettersTarget AudienceUsually company employeesStrengthCompany’s latest information communicatedGood currencyOngoing in natureWeaknessesNone?
  27. 27. DramasTarget AudienceGeneral Public – May go specificStrengthsPotential for feedbackSensitive issues can be touched lightlyWeaknessesCan be costlyDifficult to produceCan be time consuming
  28. 28. BillboardsTarget MarketGeneral PublicStrengthsGood visibilityGood registerationWeaknessesConcise messageAt times clutterAt times not noticed
  29. 29. Promotional ItemsTarget MarketShoppers and consumersStrengthsPeople value themPeople use themThey register the messageVery good currencyCan be cheapWeaknessesNone
  30. 30. Goodwill ambassadors Celebrities endorsementsTarget MarketDifferent celebs serve differentmarkets)StrengthsHighly engagingHigh credibilityWeaknessesHigh costCan bounce backDifficult to match their scheduleHighly volatile in nature – unreliable
  31. 31. Goodwill ambassadors Celebrities endorsementsWhich companies rely heavily on GoodwillAmbassadors?
  32. 32. Processions and Rallies Public Road ShowsTarget MarketHas to be general publicStrengthsHighly participativeFirst hand message communicationGiveaway distribution establishes relationshipWeaknessesContent and actors have to be really goodVery difficult to attract general public and sell.
  33. 33. ENDSA complete communication plan