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Visual guide to Media Relations by @prezly


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Visual guide to Media Relations by @prezly

  2. This is the main mistake in media relations Machine gun Fly
  3. Most brands use outdated tactics to reach out to media. This is does more harm than good, giving the profession a bad reputation. Machine gun Fly
  4. In this presentation: Ban spray & pray media relations Get to know your contacts Create a rich story Send multimedia pitches Measure results 0 1 2 3 4 prezly Why to: How to:
  5. Why do I care? I’m a fulltime designer of tools for PR professionals Follow fritsbits Follow my company prezly
  6. My clients are PR agencies prezly
  7. And external communication teams at brands prezly
  8. And external communication teams at brands prezly Check a recent case study
  9. Many brands are facing the same challenges prezly
  10. prezly There’s an increasing imbalance in media relations
  11. prezly Many journalists are leaving newsrooms to work in corporate communications roles at brands.
  12. prezly News writers now are outnumbered five to one by PR people trying to get media attention. source 〉
  13. They get pitched over twenty times per day about brands. source 〉
  14. prezly Email has made it simple for PR pro’s to pitch many news writers at once, hoping that something sticks.
  15. prezly Although writers are flooded with pitches, only one in ten often write a story based on a pitch. source 〉
  16. In other words: most pitches are spam.
  17. This is the S.O.S approach
  18. Sending Out … Stuff
  19. What do news writers say about it?
  20. “Make sure it’s relevant. I get so many that I have to be ruthless. Mail Online prezly
  21. “Die in a fire TechCrunch prezly
  22. How not to do it Real example, keeping brand confidential Subject: Press release: Airline brand opens a base in Location ! Dear journalist, Attached you’ll find a press release about the arrival of airline brand in Location. If you’d like more info feel free to contact me.
  23. How not to do it Real example, keeping brand confidential Noooooooooo!
  24. How not to do it Real example, keeping brand confidential Irrelevant for journalist that received it No personalisation No clear value proposition for the journalist All recipients in CC Press release in heavy PDF attachment (1.5MB) Media assets via Dropbox link at end of 5-page press release
  25. It’s time to stop this spray & pray approach
  26. There are more effective ways with less collateral damage
  27. 1 2 3 4 prezly Here’s a 4-step approach Get to know your contacts Create a visual social media story Send multimedia pitches Measure results
  28. 1 Get to know your contacts A rolodex prezly
  29. This is how 70% of media lists look like Not much different from a rolodex Oftentimes it’s just an email address with a beat
  30. It’s called media relations for a reason Turn your email addresses into people
  31. Do it as you go: Inbox profiles via Rapportive prezly
  32. Follow them on social media. Read their updates every day. prezly
  33. Enrich your Excel list automatically with social media accounts with Prezly Now you can add them to a Twitter list. prezly
  34. Also read the articles of your contacts prezly subscribe to updates of digital articles in Feedly
  35. Now you can keep tabs on your media contacts in 10 minutes per day
  36. 2 Create a visual social media story prezly
  37. Think visually. Enrich your stories with images and videos to increase interest and engagement. prezly
  38. Press releases with multimedia get viewed a lot more + 7.4x + + 4.3x 1.8x = Attachments, soundbites, charts, interactive,… prezly 9.7x
  39. prezly 9.7x ! 79% of journalists say news releases accompanied by a good image are more likely to be picked up than those without photos. source 〉
  40. The more you can give journalists what they need to be successful, the more coverage you’ll get. prezly
  41. Read our complete guide to visual press releases prezly Creating visuals can be daunting
  42. Think beyond journalists. Tell stories, not just for the traditional press, but for consumers, bloggers, social media influencers, and anyone who’s interested. prezly
  43. email pitch + social prezly + web Publish stories on your online newsroom. Having social media press releases makes it easy for people to share your stories and for people to find them via search engines. Traffic distribution on social media newsroom
  44. An example social media press release prezly ✔ High resolution photos ✔ Infographics ✔ Low resolution image previews ✔ One-click visual downloads view ✔ Easy to share on social, A PR CRM like Prezly automatically including detects visuals the social profiles of your media contacts. ✔ Works well on mobile devices ✔ Optimised for search engines
  45. Don’t reinvent the wheel get a free mobile social media news template Download
  46. 3 Send multimedia pitches prezly
  47. Publishing a your story online is just the first step. You should still pitch to relevant influencers to make sure they know about it.
  48. Use a pitching tool that integrates with your newsroom This way you can easily share your stories in multimedia and get integrated analytics Try my PR pitching tool Prezly
  49. An example multimedia pitch prezly A PR CRM like Prezly automatically detects the ✔ Personalised intro ✔ Multimedia previews
  50. 4% 59% 37% 2-3 sentences 2-3 paragraphs 500 words 1,000 words prezly The perfect media pitch according to 25k journalists What is your ideal pitch length?
  51. Lack of personalization Too lengthy Bad timing Confusing subject line Large attachments 2,9 10,4 15,4 21,9 28,7 Aside from irrelevant subject matter, what factor is most likely to make you immediately reject a pitch? prezly source 〉
  52. prezly Keep it short and personalise. Include media assets.
  53. 6 prezly more tips for sending better email pitches
  54. From: 1 A specific ‘from line’ Frederik from Prezly prezly This tells you who the email is coming from, as well as which company I work for… all before you even open my email.
  55. Subject: 2 A short and clear subject line Relevant, timely & inspire curiosity 33% open email based on subject line alone. Keep it to 50 characters or less. list of best practices drawn from analysing 200 million emails prezly
  56. Body: 3 A brief & relevant introduction I saw your tweet about Gen Y employees and thought you might like to learn the surprising results of a new study. Who you are and why you’re reaching out. Tie it to something personal. prezly
  57. Body: 4 A value proposition Your latest article about Gen Y got a lot of buzz. Sharing the results of this study could be a great follow-up for your readers. What’s in it for them? prezly
  58. Body: 5 Multimedia previews News with multimedia gets viewed up to 10 times more prezly source 〉
  59. Body: 6 A clear next step I’d love to answer any questions you have about the study. Can we talk for 15 minutes sometime next week? +320472656889 All contact info prezly
  60. There’s more: Read our 5-part email course on pitching prezly
  61. 4 Measure results prezly
  62. Email usually is a black box: you hit send and don’t know what happens next. Or do you?
  63. Stop emailing in the dark Track your email pitches to see who’s interested in your stories. prezly
  64. There are many services that let you track your emails Sales tool for Gmail All-purpose newsletter service PR pitching tool
  65. Measure to get better at media relations in two ways Learn which content works Learn which contacts like your content
  66. Learn which contacts like your pitch
  67. Learn which content your contacts like
  68. Use these insights to get to know your contacts better. Make it a habit to review the email behaviour of your contacts regularly. If your contacts aren’t opening and clicking on your pitches anymore, please, stop spamming them.
  69. prezly There’s more: 4 PR metrics you can start using now
  70. Ban spray & pray media relations Get to know your contacts Create a rich story Send multimedia pitches Measure results 2 3 4 5 prezly Recap 1
  71. prezly Get the full PDF Tweet to download
  72. prezly Follow us now