Special events in public relations


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Special events in public relations

  1. 1. Made by : Kawaljeet Kaur Meghna Saluja
  2. 2. Special events are an important public relations activity because they satisfy the desire of most people to participate in an occasion to improve their knowledge and to enjoy the stimulation of a crowd- the lights, color, sound and movement involved.
  3. 3. Types of special events
  4. 4. An organization selects a specific day or week to be dedicated and moves to have it officially designated. Once this is accomplished, its public relations events are planned to call public attention to the event. Special days for community groups are designated by corporations as features of their community public relations programs.
  5. 5. Product displays and exhibits on subjects of public interest are an important feature of many programs. National trade, business and professional shows, international fairs, and local regional exhibitions provide facilities for displays. Industrial exhibits occupy prominent places in hundreds of museums throughout the country.
  6. 6. Conferences, conventions, and meetings give management an opportunity to communicate in person to hear their viewpoints, and to discuss policies and programs. Many corporation managements make an annual personal report to employees on finances, sales, expansions, problems and future developments.
  7. 7. Anniversary of business and NPO create opportunities to communicate with the public regarding the progress, accomplishments and contributions of the organization and to build public confidence and prestige.
  8. 8. Special awards to employees, stockholders, dealers provide public relations opportunities. Trophies, certificates and promotions which are given to employees for suggestions, length of service, sales and other accomplishments are publicized in both employee publications and in the community news media.
  9. 9. The open is perhaps the most widely employed special event in corporate-relations programs, various publics are invited to the event, which ,may include a plant tour, exhibits, films and other activities.
  10. 10. Contests stimulate public interest and appeal to people’s competitive spirit and desire to excel. Contests for consumers , stakeholders, employees and dealers are included in public relation programs of some organizations.
  11. 11. Parades and Pageants play a role in the community-relations programs of many organizations. Armed Forces Day sponsored by the Office of Public Services, United States Department of Defense, is the occasion for parades involving the army, navy, and marines and flyovers by the air force.
  12. 12. Industrial and NPO as well as the armed forces, sponsor community events to inform the public about their activities and promote civic improvements.
  13. 13. Corporations sponsor plant-community and youth organizations to build goodwill for the sponsoring organization. The General Motors corporation sponsors the Fisher Body Craftsman’s guild to give teenagers an opportunity to practice fine craftsmanship by means of model-automobile-building competitions.
  14. 14. Some corporation and industrial associations choose young women of charm, beauty and talent to serve as their public relations personalities. For instance The National Cotton Council representing growers, processors and distributors of cotton and its products, annually selects a “maid of cotton” to dramatize cotton fashions.
  15. 15. Dedication of new facilities and services provide important public relations opportunities. They are planned by headquarters public relations departments, assisted by regional and local staff. After consultation with management, a dedication committee, composed of department heads, plans the event, selects the date, makes up the guest list, provides for transportation and reception of guests, arranges the program and handles publicity.
  16. 16. Special events are meant to be "special;" don't jump in without careful planning.
  17. 17. Events of National Scope are planned and executed by headquarters Public Relations Department. Local Events are planned and executed by Manager of the Local Facility where the event is held, with the assistance of the headquarters Public Relations Staff , Regional Public relations Manager and Plant-community Relations Manager in large corporations. T o conduct local level events, a special-event committee is formed.Subcommittes of employees are responsible for advertising , parking, greeting, guidance, safety, first aid and hospitality.
  18. 18. Policies and Objectives are established by Special event committees Objectives are defined in specific terms to determine the theme, emphasis , scope, and program.  Objectives should consider particular interests, background and knowledge of the persons to be invited. Example: Some of the objectives of special events in community programs are to maintain and enhance community approval , correct possible misconceptions about the sponsor’s organisation,present the company as a good employerand inform the community of the volume and value of the company’s local purchases.
  19. 19. Designating the overall coordinator. Naming the Event Themes and Speakers Choosing the Date Estimating Expenses Schedule Facilities Clerical and Secretarial Responsibility
  20. 20. Correspondence with Speakers The guests Arranging for Printing Final Staff Appointments Transportation And Parking Reception Tour Preparation Refreshments and Souvenirs Pre-event Publlicity (30-60 days before an Event)
  21. 21. A special event includes speeches by executives and guests, inspection of facilities, exhibits , demonstrations of equipment, guided tours,entertainment, refreshments, motion pictures and round table discussions PLANT DEDICATION PROGRAM- begins with musical selections,followed by invocation by a local clergyman ,welcome by thre Mayor or state governor, addresses by the company president and a tour of the new facility. An informal luncheon may be held following the dedication.
  22. 22. National and local press and radio and television representatives are invited to attend the occasion. Advance copies of speeches , photographs and background material are distributed to the news media. Radio and television broadcasts are prearranged with local stations to feature well known speakers, interviews with important guests and other activities.
  23. 23. After the event, a souvenir booklet and descriptive material are mailed to important guests who were unable to attend. Thank You Letters go out to media personnel and civic leaders expressing appreciation for their contributions to the event and a Thank-You Advertisement is published in local newspapers. Persons who attended are questioned after the event to secure their reactions to the occasion, to evaluate the goodwill created, and to obtain suggestions for conducting similar affairs in the future.