New Energy Conference-Mohammad Abu Zarour from NEPCO
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New Energy Conference-Mohammad Abu Zarour from NEPCO

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  • 1. National Electric Power Company NEPCONew Energy Conference Sep 16th-2012 NATIONAL ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY
  • 2. Jordan Overview(2011): Total area: 89 342 sq. Km Population: 6.249 million Electricity consumption: 2,610 KWH/Capita NATIONAL ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY
  • 3. Economic Overview:GDP:20,476 million JD(28,839 million US$)GDP per Capita:3,276 JD (4,615 US$)GDP Growth:6% annually (2005-2011) NATIONAL ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY
  • 4. Energy Sector: Local Production: Imported Energy: Crude Oil: Crude Oil and Oil Products: 1.2 Thousand TOE 4 774 Thousand TOE Natural Gas: Natural Gas: 134.3 Thousand TOE 2 736 Thousand TOE 4.3% total Electricity: consumption 1738 GWhImported Energy Costs (5,211 million US$)18.2% from GDP.29.2% from all Jordan Imports.Electricity sector consumes 44% of total consumed energy. NATIONAL ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY
  • 5. Government Role :Ensuring security of supply of all energy forms.Diversification of energy sources Including Renewable Energy Sources.Enhancing the efforts to utilize the local energy resources including Solar, Wind, Waste ….etc.Increasing the share of the renewable energy in the total mix of primary energy. NATIONAL ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY
  • 6. ERC issued the following Directives• The Directive Governing the Sale of Electrical Energy Generated from Renewable Energy Systems Issued by the Council of Commissioners of ERC Pursuant to Article (10/B) of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Law No. (13), for the Year 2012. NATIONAL ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY
  • 7. The Directive for the Costs of Connecting RenewableEnergy Facility to the Distribution System for DirectProposals and Competitive Tenders Issued by theCouncil of Commissioners of ERC Pursuant to Article(9/B) of the Renewable Energy and Energy EfficiencyLaw No. (13), for theYear 2012.The Reference Pricelist Record for The Calculationof Electrical Energy Purchase Prices fromRenewable Energy Sources Issued by the Council ofCommissioners of ERC Pursuant to Article (2) ofThe Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency LawNo. (13), for the Year2012 Standard Connection Agreement. NATIONAL ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY
  • 8. Laws &Regulation1. Gov issued Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Law . Law No 13-2012. This Law allows : Develop Renewable Energy Projects Based on competition process on specified site and technology. Develop Renewable Energy Projects based on direct proposal model . To connect these projects to Transmission or Distribution Network. NATIONAL ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY
  • 9. MEMR Issued the Following :Instruction and Requirements for Proposal Preparation and Submission (IRPP) for Solar PV/CPV and Wind Projects Connected to Transmission Grid.Power Purchase Agreement.Supporting Agreement. NATIONAL ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY
  • 10. Jordan’s Power System (2011) Peak Load: 2660 MW (2800 in 2012,5.3% growth) Generated Energy: 15460 GWh Imported Energy : 1738 GWh Exported Energy : 86 GWh Installed Capacity: 2941 MW Transmission Lines Length: 4138 Km.circuit Main Substations Capacity: 10303MVA Population Under Supply: 99.9% NATIONAL ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY
  • 11. Jordan’s Power System 2011 Energy generated by fuel type: Primary Energy Consumption Energy Consumption by Industry 2% 4% 12% 16% Natural gas Transport 41% Industrial Crude Oil and Products Renewable energy 23% Household Services & Other Imported electricity 82% 20% NATIONAL ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY
  • 13. 5x30 MW, GT, NG/DO 300 MW, CC, NG/DO 2x300 MW, CC, NG/DO 3x33+4x66 MW, ST, HFO 380 MW, CC, NG/DO 380 MW, CC, NG/DO Unit type, Fuel Capacity, MW Share Steam, NG/HFO 650 20% CC, NG/DO 1660 51% GT, NG/DO 405 12% Steam, HFO 363 11% GT, DO 192 6% Total 3270 100%5x130 MW, ST, NG/HFO NATIONAL ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY
  • 14. Peak Load Development 3000 2500 2000MW 1500 2660 2544 1000 1642 1158 858 500 188 564 456 0 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2011 Average Annual Growth Rate 9% NATIONAL ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY
  • 15. Electricity Demand Main Drivers for Demand Growth: Forecast Population growth. Economic growth.25000200001500010000MW 5000 0 2010 2015 2020 2025 2030 2035 2040 Low Forecast %4 Medium Forecast %6 High Forecast %7 NATIONAL ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY
  • 16. Expected Renewable EnergyCapacities Wind Energy Capacity 2015 200-300 MW 2020 200-400 MW Total 400-700 MW Solar Energy Capacity 2020 200- 400 MWNATIONAL ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY