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Singapore Energy mapping and proposed thesis implementation

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    SEC has extensively researched the energy infrastructure along the border area between Victoria and NSW, as well as other areas of the country with very high solar insolation.
  • Highest windspeeds only half of the needed to power wind turbines
    Areas with annual average wind speeds around 6.5 m/s and greater at 80-m height are generally considered to have suitable wind resource for wind development. (US Department of Energy)
  • The goal of the Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) is to design and construct public art installations that have the added benefit of large scale clean energy generation. Each sculpture will continuously distribute clean energy into the electrical grid with each land art sculpture having the potential to provide power to thousands of homes.In January of 2010 LAGI put out an international call to artists, architects, scientists, and engineers to come up with both aesthetic and pragmatic solutions to the energy crisis of the 21st century. The 2010 LAGI design competition was held for three sites in the United Arab Emirates. We received hundreds of submissions from over 40 countries. These designs can be seen on our blog and we will soon have a comprehensive portfolio on this site.The winning design will be announced at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi January 17, 2011.
    Designed for Site #3 in Abu Dhabi, on Airport Road near Masdar City
  • Singapore Energy Mapping

    1. 1. ENERGY Wind Geothermal Hydroelectric Biomass Solar Insufficient mean wind speed of 2m/s or 7.2km/hr Need an average of 6m/s or 21.6km/hr wind speed to harness wind power Only possible in Tekong and Sembawang hot springs at 70C Fairly flat. Need a large amount of water and height difference between stored water and turbine plant Displacement of wildlife and population Mostly for industrial uses like the incineration Plants. Mainly Wood, horticultural, food waste and waste paper Abundant tropical solar energy Further improvement in efficiency Efficiency of renewable energy in Singapore Limit of 21.6 16MW 46MW 80MW 56MW
    2. 2. ENERGY Pacific Ocean, Australia and the Sahara Desert in Nigeria receive the most sun. NASA map based upon data collected by US and European satellites. After growing 19% in 2006 and 62% in 2007, world solar photovoltaic (PV) market installations exploded by 110% to a staggering 5.95 GW. Europe accounted for 82% of world demand in 2008. Spain’s 285% growth pushed Germany into second place in the market ranking, while the US advanced to [a very distant] number three. Rapid growth in Korea allowed it to become the fourth largest market, closely followed by Italy and Japan. China and Taiwan continued to increase their share of global solar cell production, rising to 44% in 2008 from 35% in 2007. Lowest sun intensity High sun intensity Average Solar Radiation Across the World
    3. 3. ENERGY Trends of Energy Consumption
    4. 4. ENERGY
    5. 5. ENERGY Singapore Energy Flow
    6. 6. ENERGY Energy Grid Sources in Singapore Sembcorp Cogen • Senoko Power Ltd (3300 MW) • PowerSeraya Ltd (3100 MW) • Tuas Power Ltd (2670 MW) • Keppel Merlimau Cogen Pte Ltd (1400 MW) • Sembcorp Cogen Pte Ltd (785 MW) • National Environment Agency (251 MW; electricity from incineration plants) • Island Power Company Pte Ltd (not in operation yet) • Keppel Seghers Tuas Waste-to- Energy Plant Pte Ltd (not in operation yet) Keppel Merlimau Cogen
    7. 7. ENERGY Senoko 11,200GW Tuas 8,867 P.Seraya 8,297 P.Sakra 2,177 Changi WWTP 257Kim Chuan 16 GESS SOLAR (German Sch) 0.025 Benoi Rd (recycling) 6 Singapore Chemical 684 Bee Joo Biomass 8 Jurong 325 SG OLEFINS (Exxon Mobil) 318 SMPO 173 P.Ayer Merbau 111 P.Bukum Refinery 108 SYNGAS 81 Senoko WTE 268 Tuas WTE 226 Ulu Pandan 102 Kranji WWTP 23 Robin Shipyard 3 Tuas NOVARTIS 2 ECO SWM 4 Issue of Energy Consumption in Singapore
    8. 8. ENERGY Senoko 11,200GW Tuas 8,867 P.Seraya 8,297 P.Sakra 2,177 Changi WWTP 257Kim Chuan 16 GESS SOLAR (German Sch) 0.025 Benoi Rd (recycling) 6 Singapore Chemical 684 Bee Joo Biomass 8 Jurong 325 SG OLEFINS (Exxon Mobil) 318 SMPO 173 P.Ayer Merbau 111 P.Bukum Refinery 108 SYNGAS 81 Senoko WTE 268 Tuas WTE 226 Ulu Pandan 102 Kranji WWTP 23 Robin Shipyard 3 Tuas NOVARTIS 2 ECO SWM 4 Issue of Energy Consumption in Singapore (relative to land usage)
    9. 9. ENERGY 6knots 3.5knots 4.5knots 5knots 1950kwh/m2 a 1650kwh/m2 a 1000kwh/m2 a 1000kwh/m2 a 1650kwh/m2 a 70C 64C Energy Consumption in Singapore (future) (predicted)
    10. 10. ENERGY (Land Art Generator Initiative) superTEX Valentine Troi, Georg Wieser, Stefan Strappler, Martin Jehart, Thoralf Krause
    11. 11. ENERGY (Land Art Generator Initiative)
    12. 12. ENERGY (Land Art Generator Initiative)
    13. 13. ENERGY Harness potential of renewable energy Zero Energy Sculptural landscape Educate and raise awareness of alternative resource Adopt lifestyle changes to differing energy landscapes Foreseeing architecture as an intelligent energy farm Design Possibilities…
    14. 14. ENERGY
    15. 15. ENERGY Solar Project in Saharan Desert If just 0.3% of the Saharan Desert was used for a concentrating solar plant, it would produce enough power to provide all of Europe with clean renewable energy. 20 blue chip German companies are gathering together next month to discuss plans and investments to create such a massive project, which are being promoted by the Desertec Foundation. “to erect 100 GW of concentrating solar power plants throughout Northern Africa.”
    16. 16. ENERGY Solar Project in Saharan Desert The red squares in the above map represent the land area necessary to meet the energy demand of the world, the EU and MENA in 2005. The project being proposed by Desertec would not all be situated in one location, but scattered throughout politically stable countries. Taken as a whole, the project qualifies as the world’s largest solar installation – 80 times larger than the PG&E and BrightSource project planned for the Mojave Desert. The power generated would be transported over high-voltage DC lines across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe, where it would supply 15% of the energy demand. The project is still 10-15 years from going online
    17. 17. ENERGY The Desert Knowledge Precinct, in Central Australia, is home to the $3 million Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre; the first site in Australia to publicly showcase such a broad range of large scale solar installations. The Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre is a technical, training and public facility focussed on demonstrating solar power generation/ Desert Knowledge Australia has: Over 15 large-scale solar installations An interpretive visitor centre An interpretive walk A world-first interactive website providing live data feeds from the Solar Centre and information on the operational performance of the different solar technologies.
    18. 18. ENERGY Solar Centre
    19. 19. ENERGY Solar Centre
    20. 20. ENERGY Zero Energy Developments BedZED ZED (Singapore) Thesis Possibilities The US Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Lab and Research Support Facilities Vertical ZEB
    21. 21. ENERGY On-Site Energy (Power Generation) Thesis Possibilities Solar Plant Park Solar Centre in Australia Gardens by the Bay one of the easiest supply-side technologies to implement are Photovoltaic (PV) Systems While the cost of PVs is still relatively high, available tax credits, financial incentives, and attractive loan terms can help with the initial expense The need for building to reduce energy consumption and produce its own energy demands Issues: To develop Regional Solar Power Plant Office -Provide energy for surrounding developments -Recreational Park -Educational Centre