New Energy Conference-Firas Obeido from SatchNet


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New Energy Conference-Firas Obeido from SatchNet

  1. 1. Think Green 4March 5 - 6 The Key to Cost-Effective, Energy Efficient and Sustainable Buildings is Intelligent Energy Management Presented by Firas Obeido CEO SatchNet Electronic Systems Amman - Jordan Certified Energy Manager® LonMark Certified Professional®
  2. 2. Important Facts• Under the Kyoto Protocol overall reduction for CO2 emissions needs to fall by 20% by 2020.• Up to 50% of CO2 emissions related to residential and commercial buildings is from electricity consumption.• If newly constructed buildings perform exactly as existing buildings the result by 2020 will be an increase in electricity consumption of 22%.
  3. 3. Important Facts• In order to reach a fall in consumption of 20% by 2020 the following has to happen: 1- All new buildings constructed to consume 50% less energy 2- 1 in 10 existing buildings to reduce consumption by 30% each year The ability to meet targets by simply persuading people to act differently or deploy new energy saving or energy efficient technologies is unlikely to succeed.
  4. 4. Sub-Metering: ElectricityBreakdown
  5. 5. Fault Detection andDiagnostics (FDD)
  6. 6. Automated DemandResponse (ADR)
  7. 7. Automated Measurement& Verification (M&V)
  8. 8. Smart Grids & SmartBuildings• Truly smart buildings will leverage knowledge that resides outside its walls.• Introducing programs that allow real-time adjustment of demand in addition to supply when wholesale prices are high or when grid reliability is in question or high demand is expected.• Two-way communication between the Grid & the Building where software conversation actually makes the Grid & the Building talk to each other.
  9. 9. Smart Grids & SmartBuildings
  10. 10. Smart Grids & SmartBuildings• Smart Buildings• Smart Meters• Two-Way Communication System between the Grid & the Building where software conversation actually makes the Grid & the Building talk to each other.
  11. 11. Energy InformationSystems (EIS)Is the useful visualization of informationresulting from data collection, mining andother analytics.
  12. 12. Energy InformationSystems (EIS)
  13. 13. Energy InformationSystems (EIS) Building Owners, Developers, Occupants, Consultants Government, Energy Facility Managers, Utilities, Policy Makers Information Operators, Financial Systems Managers Energy Efficiency Service Providers & Suppliers
  14. 14. Visualization
  15. 15. Visualization
  16. 16. Visualization
  17. 17. Benchmarking
  18. 18. Benchmarking
  19. 19. Intelligent EnergyManagement Triangle
  20. 20. ICT & Energy EfficiencyToday/Tomorrow
  21. 21. BMS Case Study BMS Case Studies On Intelligent Energy Management
  22. 22. BMS Case Study Kempinski Dead Sea Hotel & Resorts
  23. 23. ICT & Energy Efficiency Today/Tomorrow• With Intelligent Energy Management you can:• Save money without impacting productivity or human comfort• Reach an understanding between costs, comfort, and commercial value• Rank and benchmark multiple sites agains industry standards• Simulate, track and optimize consumption evolution• Implement predictive maintenance tasks• Transform it in rational, green, and economic policies
  24. 24. Think Differently…