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The vibrationof Color has an extraordinary and powerful effect on our mental, emotional and physical bodies. This seminar presents the principles of self -healing and self-empowerment through Color therapy. Students will learn the therapeutic value of Color and vibration.

The workshop will show students how to prepare their own Color Vibration® Color Balancing System which will help them to identify, organize and understand their strengths and blockages. Color personality will be discussed along with growth periods and the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological issues of each color.

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  • Psychologists are finding that color has a tremendous influence upon our health, thoughts, feelings and actions. Did you know that a blind person can sense and feel color. If you took several silk scarf's of different colors (scarf’s must be silk or cotton as they hold the vibration of color where as synthetic fabrics do not) and had a blind person feel each scarf he could identify that each one was a different color and by explaining what he was feeling you would be able to identify each color as an example the red scarf would feel warmer than the purple scarf. Scientific studies show that red raises the blood pressure, quickens the pulse and increase the rate of breathing where blue by contrast slows the body activity and stimulates the mind. These facts along with other scientific evidence are already widely used by the fashion and advertising industries for profit. Have you noticed that the popular fast-food chains have high-energy colors such as red and orange in the interiors these colors stimulate your appetite promote fast eating and quick service this allows the fast food chains to serve more food, with a quick turn around making large profits.
  • When you have an excessive amount of a particular color in your energy field then it is often helpful for you to use that color’s complement An example would be if you anger easily then you have to much red in your energy it would be helpful to work with green red’s complement. Another example if you are suffering from depression then you would avoid blue and the complementary color or orange the other side of that example would be if you have suffered from recent trauma then you would avoid orange and use blue. As we move forward it will become clearer on when and how to utilize a specific color and it’s complementary color
  • We have seven vital energy centers (as well as secondary or lesser energy centers) each center vibrates at a different color frequency. They resemble wheels or circles. For those of you that are familiar with the Healing Touch association they are a group of nurses who have now been accepted at many hospitals through out the US. In their practice of vibrational healing they focus on these seven centers and by bringing them into balance they have proven that patients heal faster and have a shorter stay in the hospital. Our primary centers are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple Our secondary centers are pink, coral, gold, olive, turquoise, magenta Mention that global we are in the turquoise vibration with an overlay of olive this is the time when folks are taking responsibility for their own health and welfare which is turquoise. The olive represents the desire to bring the mind yellow and the heart together.
  • The body is constantly being challenged in life, and is always working to maintain balance. When we are ill, the body is out of balance; the body is not functioning at its proper frequencies. A key to feeling better is to bring balance back to the area of the body that is the source of illness. It is my belief that an emotional issue must be present before the physical dis-ease can occur. Example liver issues usually relate to issues of anger the liver also vibrates to the color orange.
  • Color Therapy works on the same principal as tuning in to a television frequency. Each energy center, organ, or gland has a specific wavelength and governs a specific area of the body. By working with the appropriate C o l o r whose wavelength corresponds to the area needing help, the weakened wavelength is reinforced. This will help set in motion the regenerative and healing process of that area or related body cell. Just like tuning in your Television.
  • C O L O R is like Vitamins! If you need Green in your life, you utilize Green energy….and when you no longer need Green energy, you simply quit using Green . Just like if you have a zinc deficiency, you take zinc, you feel better, then you don’t feel like taking zinc, probably because your zinc level is ok, now. Aromatherapy explain the orafactory
  • Essential oils concentrate the vital forces of the plant into a material. They are the most potent forms of herbal energy, having profound effects on the major functions of the body’s endocrine, digestive, circulatory, and respiratory systems. Essential oils aid in the elimination of toxins from the entire body and some oils stimulate the regeneration of cells. It was Dr Gattefossse who determined that essential oils, the aromatic substance in many flowers, trees, shrubs, herb's, bushes, roots, seeds, leaves, stems, and flowering petals, contained healing properties in its semi-oily resin. “ All plants evoke a certain color coordination,” says Thor Kaslof of Bach USA Inc., distributors of Bach flower remedies. Bach was a London physician who developed natural remedies that relied on the medicinal power of flower essences. He claimed that certain flowers had an energy wavelength in tune with the human energy field. “Since color therapy is vibration medicine, it is believed to be related to Bach’s work,” says Kaslof. DEMO OILS
  • Have you ever noticed that when you pick out your clothes the night before, sometimes you get up, look at it and say, “I can’t possibly wear that today.” That is your intuition talking to you. Listen! Wear what feels good that day. Because your clothes are energy and the color of them magnifies that particular vibratory frequency, you can use clothing for Color Healing. As color affects our personalities as well, wear a red shirt when your energy level is down and it will perk you up. Wear this same color red when your energy is high and you will become irritable. Stand in front of your closet in the morning and ask, “What color do I need today?” Run your hand across the clothes and choose what “feels” good. Remember, we don’t all look good in certain colors, but you can always use these colors in your underclothes or around the house. The color of our night clothes and bedding is very important. When you are sleeping you are most vulnerable, so wear something calming, cooling and relaxing. Remember that cotton or natural fibers breath and will feel better on your skin. They are natural fibers so they will blend better with your energy field. Explain what I am wearing and the intention Give example of what I am wearing and the intention behind it. Give example of blue and police officers. Brown for sheriffs department. Give example of in China orange was only worn by the Buddhist monks, no one else could wear the color. In the early days of English history their were rules about colors as an example brown was reserved for the peasants while the deep purples were the rich. If you have every attend a conference for Costomogolist’s your will find that they primarily wear black that is to protect themselves as we expect our hairdresser to make us beautiful regardless of how we look, listen to our troubles, be our counselor and not discuss our secrets with anyone. It seems that at the holidays most of us pick that perfect black dress, it slims us down, it also protects us as we all know we are being judged for our holiday dress and how we look in it. Give example of a group of judges noted after they had made a decision I had asked them to write down what color each defendant was wearing the majority of the convictions were wearing red
  • The colors used in our surroundings are very important and can have a dramatic impact on us physically mentally and emotionally. It is extremely important that care be given in décor surrounding children, the elderly, and physically or emotionally ill people. It is also extremely important around drug and alcohol addicted or recovering individuals. Pay attention the next time you are at your local mall, grocery store or retail outlet stores. Notice how effectively color is used. Because of color, you are led around the store by your eye. An example Did you know that if you paint a baby or young child’s room yellow it will be hard for them to leave home when they grow up, the yellow gives them to much space. Another example of yellow if you have a hard time focusing it is a wonderful color to paint one wall of your office, however not a good color for the mentally ill causing confusing, yet great for the bathroom, helps in our elimination and gets us in and out of the bathroom in a hurry.
  • The brain processes all this information, which causes cellular and hormonal changes to occur. The frequency of the Color is transmitted to the area of the body that recognizes the frequency. The Color vibration tunes into the corresponding area bringing it into synchronization with the Color. This brings the organ or gland back to its proper function. While using Color the body is functioning properly. If used daily the body will relearn to function on it’s own, much the way physical therapy works. 95% of all vibrations or energies we take into our bodies is through our eyes. Pass around the color therapy glasses. Example if a client suffers from migraine headaches then you would need either the red or indigo color therapy glasses red will increase the blood flow and indigo will decrease the blood flow. The interesting fact is that you may need red with one headache and then indigo with the next one. You will know immediately which color you need it will either hurt more or feel instant relieve. Give example of Gerry and her headache she used the indigo glasses and a blended oil I have for migraines it worked instantly however she still went to the store later for meds. Demo the Color Therapy Glasses & explain we will have a color for them to experience after each color in this workshop!
  • It is most important to balance your diet by eating foods during the day that contain each of the seven color vibrations. For instance, squash vibrates to the color of yellow, while tomatoes and radishes vibrate to red, broccoli to green and so on. When you eat these plants or fruits, you are absorbing these colors into your body. Colors have a powerful effect on the foods we are attracted to. Most grocery stores put a layer of wax on their apples to make them look a shiny red and inject orange dye into their oranges to make the skin look more vibrant. Displays of watermelon usually feature some cut pieces, showing the succulent red meat within red is an appetite stimulate. Our meats are placed under orange lighting to make them more appealing and to stimulate our appetites so we purchase more. Even high end restaurants will place splashes of red (red cherries etc) to stimulate your appetite. The restaurant itself will be painted in colors that invite you to sit stay and enjoy your meal that will be higher priced than a fast food restaurant. Did you know that two radishes a day will speed up your metabolism. Show Food Inc Book remind them that when my son was a small child this is what caused all is heath issues the way our foods were processed, packaged and adulterated I have always wondered how many wings a chicken has. Mention how they are raising chickens how they are bred to have large white breasts where they cannot walk they stumble, they do not see daylight they live in their waste. This is not to mention the hormones and other chemicals the chickens are feed. Is this the energy you want to put into your body.
  • Positive wellness on all levels can be reached through color and light. Color and Light therapy is the most wonderful journey to your inner self. Colored lights have been used for ages as one of the most popular forms of color healing. A variety of light sources can be used - stage cans, slide projectors, household light or Spector-chrome lights (from the Dinshau system, though they are hard to acquire. Refer to the History page in your notebooks In the Dinshah Health Society, Malaga, New Jersey, Darius Dinshah is continuing his father’s (Dinshah Ghadali) work on Spector-Chrome. The society is a non-profit organization and is recognized as a scientific and educational corporation which studies the effects of colored light on the human organism. Mention the machine I saw in Philadelphia and suggest that we are working on creating a similar machine. Show the flashlights and discuss the usage of the lights how I first came across them in Juno Alaska about 15 years ago. Show the Dinshah book and tell his story. Optimal healing comes from projecting the color onto bare skin. When we apply an appropriate essential to the area in question which we can find through our feet or ears (show feet, ears and chart) we can then apply color light to speed up the healing and push the oil and color into the needed area. DEMO Lite Kit
  • Place a color filter in front of a glass of water and let the sun’s rays kiss the water with color vibrations. Demonstrate by placing a gel on a glass pitcher. Mention no metal caps Using a clear glass bottle (colored bottles work, if you can find them), put distilled or purified water in the bottle. Cover the bottle with colored gels demonstrate. After covering the bottle with the gel, place it in direct, morning sunlight (energy is the highest then) for at least two hours. You can leave it in longer, if you like. Do not use a metal cap on the bottle while solarizing. A cap may be used for storage. Keep the water in a cool place do not refrigerate. This is a very powerful form of color healing. Mention teaching at the Medical Mission Sisters School on alternative health where many nurses and doctors come to learn and take the information back to their countries. Example Orange is very helpful for asthma so they make orange solarize water in parts of Africa for this issue. Demo Pitcher with chart
  • Throughout the ages a number of master scientists have attempted to explain the principles of color and light. Artists, musicians and philosophers have developed theories about the relationship between color, music and the inner self. Color is to sight what sound is to hearing; both are vibrational movements. Blue lights have been used on jaundice babies for years. Remember back to the days of Viet Nam and the colors of orange and avocado green were very popular Orange represented the trauma we were in as a nation, Viet Nam is an orange country avocado green was to balance the male and female energies When the twin towers went down explain I was there teaching and went into the department stores to see the new colors for the upcoming season, the colors were tangerine and lime green (lighter versions of orange and avocado green) history repeating itself. Please review the history of color in your notebook investigate and research the history. In Europe it is very common to see alternative health opportunities freely available. Europe is not driven by the pharmaceuticals as we are in this country It is very common to use flower essences, essential oils, aura soma (show bottle) tell history of aura soma show book from Louise Tell of placing needles in the red bottle for a stroke patient down in San Diego where I had an alternative health care center. Color Therapy is a very powerful form of healing there are many reputable health care professionals using this modality as with any modality embrace what feels right for you, be professional and avoid those that are not coming from a place of professionalism and integrity.
  • Red is alive and filled with action. Wearing Red socks at night will keep you feet warm for extra warm add a little cayenne pepper.
  • During the formative years from birth to age seven, the cycle of red or our root center is developed. Issues of security, ethics, balance, and family will be especially important. How these issues are resolved and dealt with will be of extreme importance later on in life. For example, a child of five whose parents divorce will not have the best opportunity to experience positively the issues of stability and security that are critical to the root center. This lack of mastery in these issues will reappear later in life, when the adult has a difficult time maintaining stable relationships or financial security. A child not given a sound code of ethics is often a delinquent member of society. If unconditional love was received at birth, a strong root energy center exists. Many people with issues in their lower back did not develop their root center which has given them a fear of survival, they never have enough, they are always afraid of how they will survive.
  • Red personalities are wonderful they are not afraid to step out in the world. They prefer a physical challenge rather than a mental or emotional one. They are very down to earth and want to make things happen. They are curious and enjoy seeing immediate results from their work or ideas. They understand the word action. Reds exhibit the qualities of honor, trustworthiness and practicality. They have an explosive temper, which can be an emotional liability. They want and need others in their lives. Reds need to be cautious of the types of friendships they cultivate because of their difficulty expressing themselves if emotionally hurt. Reds are intense and energetic living is their motto. Reds need action to prove to them they are living life to their fullest potential.
  • Red is a power color when you want to make a point in a meeting Red says I am in charge Red is wonderful when we need extra energy or more confidence Red is not the best choice to wear for a court appearance. Pinks and blues would be the best choice. Red can be very challenging for children with Autism, or hyperactive children. Did you every notice at Christmas when we put our children in red pajamas we have more incidents of bed wetting our children are more hyper than usual. If in need of red or any color and you are unable to be in that energy then you can always wear that color under ware.
  • Many times before they deplore our young men to war they put them in a red room. Red is a wonderful color to place in your career and fame areas of your home. Red will promote our own empowerment and it definitely brings passion to our relationships both personal and professional. Anyone who is overly aggressive suffers from extreme anger should avoid red on the other hand if you lack confidence red is a wonderful choice for you. For the passive person red will assist them in becoming assertive The energy center up from red is pink and when placed in a pink room it promotes calm and restfulness. There is a football stadium that puts the opposing team in a pink room as it calms them before the game. I consulted for Coachella prison for women in Northern California where they are not painting some of the rooms pink as it calms the more violent prisoners the pink must not have to much red in it.
  • Ylang Ylang is a red essential oil and can enhance relationships and balance energies. The physical qualities to Ylang Ylang are extremely effective in calming and bringing a sense of relaxation. It is antispasmodic, balances equilibrium and has been used traditionally to balance the heart function. The lower back is a red energy area it has do with our security and issues of money this ties back to our red growth years. This is where it would be helpful to apply the appropriate essential oil and point the red light on this area combing essential oils and color therapy. Red solarize water would be wonderful when extra energy is needed. In the Latin countries they drink a great deal of cinnamon water which vibrates to red (they put a stick of cinnamon in warm water) this is wonderful for our immune system. Did you every notice how most folks from Mexico do not have common colds this is due to the cinnamon water, however they are challenged with diabetics due to the high carb content of their delicious foods. Many red foods are high in lycopene such as tomatoes and tomato products these foods have been proven to be helpful in the prevention of prostrate cancer.
  • Weak or nervous children can be surrounded by red light to make them more courageous. Their nervousness will decrease as red forces the body to greater activity. You can combine red light and the appropriate essential oil, it is always good to start with a 0 point flower essence. Red produces heat, which makes the physical body more vital and energetic. Red activates the circulation of blood. Red is a warm active color and stimulates the body in a constructive manner. Any part of the body which needs stimulation can benefit from red. Example the red aura soma bottle with needles for acupuncture session remember the lady in San Diego who had the stroke If you have cold feet at night wear red socks to bed.
  • Do not use Red when there is any form of bleeding it will increase the bleeding Red can be harmful when there is already too much red or inflammatory conditions in the system. Hand outs for Red at this point allow ten mins to fill out
  • Students will go to web site and download the response forms to fill out The forms will also accompany the DVD’s on a CD the pages are in word
  • If all the colors of the rainbow the greatest bliss and the most challenges are associated with this color Orange either evokes strong feelings, both of like and dislike. We may be drawn to orange because it represents who we truly are, or we may be drawn to it because we have an intense need for it. On the other hand, we may be repelled by it because we are unwilling to look at our intense need for it; i.e., it represents an area so painful, we are not comfortable looking at it. This situation is true of all the colors, but it is particularly true of orange because orange's challenging aspect represents trauma.
  • During the years eight to fourteen, the cycle of the orange (sacral) center, issues relating to self-control, pleasure, joy, well-being and physical movement are paramount. During this cycle we learn to deal with our feelings, whether happy or sad, stable or volatile. If experienced positively, this is a time when we are able to stay positive and proactive and not get over-whelmed by our feelings. Those people who have difficulties in this period may find themselves easily depressed or moody. The years of the orange energy center are the salad days of childhood, when we bring our joyousness and lack of self-consciousness to bear on everything we do. It is the last stage before we must deal with challenging issues of identity and selfhood. The mental and emotional issues associated with this energy center are blame and guilt, creativity, ethics and honor. This is the center where we learn to trust that gut-level instinct.
  • Oranges are held in awe by others because of their daringness. They love the fine quality of items that money can buy. Oranges see life as a contest. They have very strong feelings and can either dislike or like a situation with great intensity. Oranges make wonderful comedians, athletes, psychologists, diplomats, social workers and politicians. The orange temperament can be a mixture of opposite emotions, E.G. happy and then sad, happy or mad.
  • Wear orange clothing when you want to: Organize your time and energy, motivate yourself, bring in your desired result and protect your physical stamina. Orange can be a very difficult color for anyone who has suffered from any type of trauma, abuse, or abandonment, it would be helpful to wear orange under clothes so that you have that can experience that vibration in a non-threatening way. In many jails through out the US the inmates are clothed in orange again the color of trauma.
  • Place splashes of orange in your children and creativity areas of your home Orange is a great color for family rooms it encourages the family to play together. A kitchen with orange décor gives forth a warmness that makes others feel welcome. Its vibration generates friendliness, openness and optimism. Orange is also great in the kitchen for those who do not like to cook it helps with creativity and makes cooking more fun. If you have one room painted orange and another painted gray you will notice the orange room has more warmth while the gray room feels cooler.
  • Orange essential oil is up lifting, refreshing, relieves tensions and opens the emotional heart, it dispels sadness, nervousness and anxiety. Orange is antispasmodic, sedative removes arterial plaque and soothes dry skin. You could put 18 drops of orange into a jar of cream makes a wonderful lotion for the skin (demo with jar of cream) As orange is a citrus oil it is not recommend to put it directly on the skin it needs to be diluted in a base cream or oil. Orange is great for depression. Did you notice shortly after the twin towers feel many household cleaners started offering the scent of orange in their products to assist with depression. Tangerine oil is usually more appealing to those that are suffering from any form of abuse particular sexual or traumas. Demo how to smell the oils. Mention Post Trauma oil this is a blend that assists to overcome emotional and physical chock it cleanses, uplifts and energizes the body. Applying any of these oils to the appropriate area and then adding the orange light would be very helpful. A 20 minute session with Orange color therapy glasses would also be very helpful Orange solarized water is wonderful for asthmatic clients Carrots, yams, sweet potatoes, mangos and pumpkins are wonderful sources of beta-carotene which supports immune system and is a powerful antioxidant. Did you know that carrots when put in water loose their sweetness and all their nutrients
  • I consult for several schools who primarily care for autistic children. The color orange is very challenging for these children as this is condition is very emotional. Autistic children do best with turquoise’s, pale blue’s and pink’s. Orange is a warm color and therefore has a stimulating effect on the organs. Orange in color therapy is used for asthma, bronchitis and other breathing and lung problems. It also helps calcium metabolize (like the Spector color for calcium is orange). The orange color has a refreshing effect and helps the circulation and blood circulation. Orange strengthens health and strengthens the hormones. If you have ever been involved in a serious accident, had a severe injury or undergone major surgery, then you are in need of the color orange. It is also extremely helpful in cases of rape, abuse and deep emotional trauma. It is easy to understand why it may be difficult to like this color at times, because it means we must look at things we often wish to forget about and leave buried, though festering.
  • As discussed earlier when we are repelled by orange it is best to embrace this orange vibrations thru essentials oils. In most cases orange is always pleasant when presented through the sense of smell. Wearing Orange in our under garments is an option it is best if the fabric is either silk or cotton. We have now made a conscious decision to bring bliss back into our lives by selecting to wear Orange, we are also benefiting from the vibration of orange because it is next to our skin. During the Vietnam War, the most popular colors to decorate with were avocado green and orange. Orange depicted the trauma that the U.S. felt as a nation at war. Vietnam is a country that resonates to the vibration of orange. Hand outs for Orange at this point allow ten mins to fill out
  • Students will go to web site and download the response forms to fill out The forms will also accompany the DVD’s on a CD the pages are in word
  • We have all heard about how sunlight deprivation can lead to a syndrome called SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and it is well documented that geographical areas that have reduced amounts of sunshine have elevated suicidal levels. Now it is being recommend that we get some sunshine each day and of course the products with sun blocked have now been exposed for the toxins they put into our skin. What ever we put on our skin is in our liver in 40 seconds.
  • The yellow years are when we meet the “in” crowd and the “out” crowd. Those people who believe in us and push us to go to college and make something of ourselves. Those who are exposed to new information, encouraged to be creative, take chances and made to feel self-confident will have a positive relationship with these primary third energy center issues and most likely succeed in life. On the other hand, those people who are not able to master such issues in this crucial period often end up lacking career skills and having a difficult time finding a comfortable identity in life. In a worst-case scenario, you find people who were pushed to perfection and were eventually pushed right over the edge. If parents assist their children to develop this center in the earlier years, teaching them to own their natural inclination/talents and their deepest desires, then conflicting vibrations will not arise in this center. If the parents have other goals for their children, this will set up conflict in the child’s will. They may act outwardly superior but inwardly feel inferior because they never had the opportunity to develop a true sense of self worth.
  • Yellows have an uplifting effect on others, because of the sunshine in their hearts. They use their mental body well. Yellows need to think about the signals their body gives them and then act on those signals. Usually yellows are sensitive to non-verbal communication, although they may have difficulty in explaining this to others. Yellows live through their physical body. To sit still for any length of time can be uncomfortable for yellows. Yellows are considered to be leaders and like to exhibit their talents by doing. They see things in a simplified form, such as a beautiful sunrise. At times yellows enjoy being the center of attention, much as the sun is considered the center of our universe. The yellow temperament is uplifting. Yellows make wonderful mentors, teachers, CEO’s, managers, activists, entrepreneurs and politicians.
  • Wear yellow when you want to enhance your communicative abilities. Yellow will halt or prevent depression. Yellow Stimulates your desires. Yellow helps to Sell yourself and your skills. Yellow would not be a good choice for those who work around the mentally ill or Alzheimer's patients
  • Yellow in a work environment or in a retirement home is a good use of this color; however, a yellow bedroom might keep you up all night. Put splashes of yellow in knowledge, self-cultivation or education areas of your home. Do not use yellow with the mentally ill, as yellow will cause mental confusion. Yellow is a wonderful color to paint all exists doors when caring for Alizermiers clients as they will not go through those doors Splashes of yellow in the center area of our home is great as it promotes our well being assists us to achieve clear thinking, personal power and positive thinking. Yellow will assists in eliminating negative thoughts and behaviors Yellow is great for bathrooms allows us to eliminate quickly and not linger in that area Yellow is not a good color for bedrooms or our bed sheets it may cause insomnia
  • In Anatomy. The Yellow energy center is considered to be a network of nerves situated at the upper part of the abdomen, behind the stomach and in front of the aorta. The emotional qualities of lemon essential oils are: purifying, vibrant and refreshing. The physical qualities to lemon essential oil are beneficial for skin conditions and dandruff and may help fight candida and support the immune system. It is anti-catarrhal, anti-infectious, anti-spasmodic, balances the endocrine system, is an expectorant and helps overcome mental fatigue. If lemon essential oil is properly ingested it will usually stop acid reflux Yellow lights are very helpful for eliminating toxins from the liver and pancreas. A twenty minute session with Yellow color therapy glasses are excellent for our elimination system and very helpful for clarity and focus. Turmeric is yellow in vibration and it is wonderful for swelling of the joints you can take it internally or make a compress utilizing turmeric
  • Many people find that when they are stressed and nervous, the B vitamin complex is very helpful. This complex is yellow in color and turns the urine a bright yellow color. In other words, on a color level B vitamins suffuse the body with yellow, thus helping to calm anxiety, fear and nervousness. It is truly amazing to see how nature provides us with the balance that we need, oftentimes without our awareness. Yellow vibrations are very helpful for digestive problems, food allergies, liver problems, diabetes, hypoglycemia, hyperthyroid, gallstones, muscle cramps and spasms, mental and nervous exhaustion, depression, difficulties in breathing and skin diseases. Yellow helps with the elimination of parasites and toxins. It is interesting to watch a ion foot bath and when the client has or is on the verge of a kidney or bladder issues the water will typically turn yellow.
  • Yellow can be over-exciting to a system that is already active and irritable and can be dangerous. When someone is judgmental very demanding, resents authority, uses drugs to relax constantly complains it is best that they avoid the color yellow. Please note that I have used the complementally color of purple to show the Yellow print Hand outs for Yellow at this point allow ten mins to fill out
  • Students will go to web site and download the response forms to fill out The forms will also accompany the DVD’s on a CD the pages are in word
  • As one might suspect, green is a harmonizing color, able to bring balance by keeping us centered in our hearts and not our heads. Small wonder that the predominant color in nature is green. This explains why we feel so refreshed and revitalized when we spend some time outdoors. Nature allows us to stay heart-centered, to honor our emotions and our intuitive feelings by bathing and surrounding us in green. It is also a color associated with abundance and prosperity. It certainly is no coincidence that our currency is green and popularly known as the "greenback."
  • While the yellow stage is a time when we tend to be more focused on empowering ourselves and establishing a strong sense of self Green is a time when marriage becomes a consideration. Our ability to love ourselves takes on a new dimension here because you have to have a strong sense of love for yourself before you can truly love another. Green is a time when deeper emotional ties and/or families are established; others cultivate an environmental awareness of the need to reach out to the world around them. Either way, one cannot hold on to resentments if one is going to develop in this period. As previously mentioned, green is the middle connecting color in the rainbow; the gateway to the second half of our development. Thus, it is a critical period. It is the stage that determines how we find love and happiness in the later years of our life.
  • Greens are the organizers and planners. Greens have creative abilities galore! They enjoy thinking about solutions rather than working on them physically. There are times when greens feel detached and emotionally uninvolved with the current situation. Greens are intelligent and naturally have the ability to gather information and then arranging what they found and arriving at a conclusion. However, greens dislike following through on details. When greens are frightened or out of control emotionally, they tend to become controlling, compulsive and rigid in their behavior. In social situations they like to be the observer. Greens adore sophistication, elegance and style. Green is the color of grass, plants and of life vibrating in growth. Greens usually have a strong connection to nature. Greens like harmony, therefore many greens make good healers or doctors. Greens are wonderful humanitarians, environmentalists, gardeners, nurses, farmers, caretakers, philanthropists and personal assistants. Greens are generous, compassionate, forgiving and love peaceful surroundings; peace is very important to greens. The temperament of greens is slow and can at times have a feeling of heaviness.
  • Wear green clothing when you want to motivate your objectivity, promote health consciousness, stimulate an independent goal and calm your emotional response to discord. Green promotes balance and harmony. Be care not to overdo green as it can promote weight gain. Many surgical nurses are now wearing pale greens as it promotes calmness and healing it also allows the patient to trust the situation
  • Green makes things grow. A good use of green is in hospital recovery rooms, except for cancer recovery rooms. Remember, green makes things grow. Meditating in the prosperity corner of your home or office with a green scarf will help prosperity affirmations grow. Place splashes of green in your wealth, empowerment and prosperity area of your home or office. Several years back it was very popular to have dark hunter green carpet. Through research studies we discovered that many of those folks gained weight (look our obese our children have become) and those with tumors found that they enlarged. If overdone it is not a good color for cancer patients. To much green in the décor can also create irritability.
  • Eucalyptus Radiata carries the feminine energy in the Eucalyptus family, it has the emotional qualities of being uplifting, reassuring, releasing of grief and is very healing, it is very helpful with mucus and flume. The physical qualities are anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, antibacterial, antiviral and an expectorant. Eucalyptus has been known to help with inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane, as well as with nasal problems, flu, inflammation of the ear, sinusitis, bronchitis, hay fever, inflammation of the iris, vaginitis, endometriosis and acne. Green light is very helpful to the heart and lung area. When challenged with making a decision a session with green color therapy glasses is very helpful, they are also good for the optic nerve (never overdo green) Green Foods are known for giving the body more oxygen. Green foods like spinach, kale, collards and other greens build healthy cells.
  • Green is useful for promoting general healing, it helps to bring restoration and balance. Green is good when one is unsure of what color to use. Too little green creates gall bladder problems. Green acts as a detergent, stimulates the pituitary and other glands, dissolves blood clots, builds muscle tissue and skin and breaks up congestion and hardened cell masses. Green eliminates germs, viruses and toxic wastes, (including open sores). Green increases or decreases blood pressure by its effects on the liver. Green treats ulcers. Green (grass) is calming and quieting. Green is the color of oxygen, which comprises 78% of the main substance in our atmosphere. By balancing and calming the body, green prolongs oxygen in the body. Green is also responsible for the creation of muscles, joints and other bodily layers. It is the color of recreation and regeneration.
  • If you have any growths or tumors it would be best to avoid green. If you are Demanding, overly critical, have tension between your shoulder blades, feel possessive, moody, melodramatic, or are manic-depressive it is best to avoid green. Hand outs for Green at this point allow ten mins to fill out
  • Students will go to web site and download the response forms to fill out The forms will also accompany the DVD’s on a CD the pages are in word
  • It is a well-documented fact that blue is the color most favored by men, probably because it not only assists them with their communication, but also helps balance their naturally aggressive nature. Expressions like “suffering from the blues,” “feeling blue” and “singing the blues” gives us an idea of the challenging side of blue.
  • If you have mastered the lessons of the previous stage, green, you have a deeper understanding of the importance of community; therefore, your expression of your will, whether in your work, your creative endeavors, or your interpersonal communications, is done responsibly and lawfully. It is not a coincidence, that our Blue years are a period in people’s lives when they firmly establish their career profile, or take it to the next level. Without a command of the lessons that the blue center offers, however, you can find yourself adrift in the world, personally and professionally, void of the willpower to bring dreams to fruition or to deal with the obstacles holding you back. Our truth sets our course and, over time, determines the outcome of our life. Our Blue years govern all aspects of communication. The mental and emotional issues are choice and strength of will. These years will effect our personal expression and the ability to follow our own dreams. Addictions, judgment, criticism, faith and knowledge are also affected here our blue years must be developed in a positive manner.
  • Blues want to be able to anticipate the needs of others; this makes them feel fulfilled and valued. When blues know what they need for their own happiness they ask for it. Blues live in the realm of emotions and feelings; therefore, it is important for them to put boundaries on their emotional and physical resources. Blues need to learn to nurture themselves before they nurture others. Blues have difficulty because they get bogged down in detail. Blues help to bring balance to aggressive situations. Blues have a sense of inner peace. Blues have a calm feeling, an experience, a knowing about them. Blues are strong willed. Blues have a melancholy temperament. Blues are loyal, truthful, polite, honest, modest, patient, idealistic, authoritative, reserved, conservative, diplomatic and tactful. Blues make wonderful lawyers, actors, aestheticians/stylists, musicians, public speakers and writers
  • Wear blue clothing when you want to stimulate your creativity, encourage your learning, calm down over activity and increase your logic and analytical insight. Blue is worn by bankers, police officers. Blue promotes the feeling of trust which is what your banker is hoping for and your local police officer needs you to trust him in order for him to be of service to you. Blue is a wonderful color for hyper active children and children of autism
  • Many police departments paint their integration rooms in blue as it promotes truth telling. A ceiling of pale blue will help a child to have more restful sleep. Waking in the middle of the night to see this blue ceiling will have a calming and soothing effect. Blue is a cooling and calming color for the bedroom. Painting your kitchen Blue will suppress the appetite it keeps people out of the kitchen. A blue light bulb in the refrigerator works wonders for dieting. Place splashes of blue in your career, life’s journey and business sections of your home or office. Some cultures believe that a blue front door on your home will assist you in communicating your ideas, in that blue sends out energy.
  • The emotional qualities of Chamomile are peace and calming, patience, relaxing. The physical qualities of Chamomile help with restless legs, insomnia, muscle tension, cuts, scrapes, bruises and is anti-infectious. It is used extensively in Europe for the skin. Germanium is know to stop bleeding works very well on nose bleeds. Blue light is used on jaundice babies they place them under blue lights at birth If you put your feet in Blue water it will reduce your fever
  • Blue decreases the blood pressure and the frequency of the heart. Blue is the purest, coldest and deepest of colors, bringing peace, recreation, as well as relaxation, sleep and rejuvenation. Blue is the most important healing color involving problems with the climate and it also prevents tumor growth. Blue is cold electric and has qualities of shrinking growths. With infections, the color blue can be used to produce a calming and cooling effect. Blue vibrations are helpful for inflammation, swelling, fevers, sunstroke, hyperactivity, insomnia, menstrual problems, calming the nerves, bites and bruises or itching. Use blue vibrations for neck and throat
  • Avoid Blue when tired or depressed. To much Blue can encourage passivity and rigidity. Avoid Blue when feeling passive, fearful, worrisome, having trouble expressing yourself or feel intellectually scattered. Hand outs for Blue at this point allow ten mins to fill out
  • Students will go to web site and download the response forms to fill out The forms will also accompany the DVD’s on a CD the pages are in word
  • Indigo filters out radiation. It is a wonderful color for those desiring to increase their dream activity
  • Indigo is the time for self-evaluation. The Indigo years are when our issues are centered on the theme of self-exploration, intuition, imagination, inspiration this is what is most central to our lives. Indigo is a period of time when many people begin their search for the clues that will provide their existence with deeper significance. This, of course, is also the stage when the notorious “midlife crisis” occurs for most people. Often Indigo’s have established themselves in their careers, but still feel the need to understand who they “really are.” Many people do not weather this period well. Either because they do not trust their own feelings, or are reluctant to indulge their imaginative tendencies. They find themselves at a painful crossroads. Work no longer sustains them, but they are unable to see what else is out there for them, or they make unwise choices about what will bring them fulfillment.
  • Indigo’s are the leaders in this area of exploration because they understand human kindness. Indigos believe that everyone is an equal. Indigos are passionate in their own way. Indigos work toward lofty goals. Indigo’s want to teach others to achieve their potential. Indigo people are naturally concerned with the environment. They easily think in ecological terms. Indigos are often recognized by what they are wearing. They use their clothes to emphasize their independence. Indigo people usually tell the truth no matter how painful it may be. When indigo people say “no” they mean “no.” Indigos have an intelligence that is above average since they are bright and inquisitive. Basically, they understand others and they seek to confirm this knowledge or feeling as they work with them. Indigos make wonderful surgeons, movie directors, visual artist, painters, sculptors, scientists, astronomers, philosophers. Indigos are truth seekers.
  • Wear indigo (royal blue) when you want to protect your emotions, prevent fatigue on the job, enhance your wisdom and discernment and stimulate your self-awareness.
  • A pale shade of indigo is soothing for bedrooms and treatment rooms. However, indigo is not suitable for rooms where people with psychiatric problems are being cared for. Alcoholics and drug addicts should avoid this color. Delirium and compulsive ideas are closely connected to indigo. Place splashes of indigo in your helpful people, travel and masculine energy sections of your home or office. Mention that I spoke at the Columbine funerals and we discovered that both the shooters had lived in a deep dark Indigo bedroom. To much Indigo can promote depression or suicidal traits.
  • Patchouli has the emotional qualities that clear the mind, sharpens the wit; it is alluring and promotes feelings of abundance in all areas. Physical qualities of patchouli are very beneficial for the skin and may help prevent wrinkles or chapped skin. It is a general tonic and stimulant and helps the digestive system. Patchouli is also anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, antiseptic, tissue regenerating, works as a decongestant and helps relieve itching from hives. It is a sedative. Patchouli is wonderful for bruises, bug bites and itching. Explain how to make Indigo cream or spray for bruises and bug bits, grand kids call it their boo boo spray. Give example of woman who had the itching for 30 years on her legs and how Indigo cure the problem. If you suffer from migraine headaches, wearing indigo (to decrease blood flow) or red (to increase blood flow) color therapy glasses will help to relieve the pain. Indigo lights are very helpful for hearing and ear aches. In the Dominic Republic Indigo light is used to coagulate the blood when a tooth is pulled They actually use the flashlights I have been demonstrating for you.
  • Indigo purifies the body, including the blood, and helps with eye and ear problems including deafness. Indigo is a powerful color and needs to be used sparingly. Indigo provides relief from pain (extreme), stimulates parathyroid, depresses thyroid, builds phagocytes in the spleen, works well for acute bronchitis, convulsions, nervous ailments, lung and nasal problems, tonsillitis, and whooping cough.
  • Indigo must be used very sparingly in all areas. When feeling abandoned or heavy mind (depression or melancholy). Hand outs for Indigo at this point allow ten mins to fill out
  • Students will go to web site and download the response forms to fill out The forms will also accompany the DVD’s on a CD the pages are in word
  • Purple/Violet mixes the heavenly blue with the earthly red, so this says keep your feet on the earth and allows you to reach for the top.
  • The purple years teach us the virtues that are essential for the second half of our lives. It is a time marked by selflessness and surrender, in which we learn to live with the experience of separation from the world we have grown accustomed to. The Purple years are when, among other things, we surrender parents and friends to death; when many go through a divorce, or when children leave home to attend college or establish their independence. When we have mastered this cycle, we are able to put our life in perspective. Our sense of self is so grounded, so deep, that we can afford to give it up as we have learned to trust and give gratitude for the joy of being alive and in pursuit of our deeper purpose. We have resolved many of the challenges of the preceding stages from material security and professional stability to personal well-being and love, and are now prepared to make sense of it all.
  • Purple/violet people take action. By using their personal power, it will bring about the changes they desire. Purple/Violet people need to learn to give up guilt. The balance of their ego is very important and they need to give up what they perceive as wrong. If purple/violet people become dictatorial, it will backfire on them. They need to pay attention to their feelings. Purple/violet people need to not let fear, loneliness or self-doubt be stumbling blocks in taking action in their lives. The joy of helping others without getting attached, is the aim of the purple/violet person. The colors, blue and red, which make up purple or violet, are indicative of the intuitive knowledge and activity, respectively. Purple/violets have the ability to offer service with calmness and sensitivity. Purple/violet people are very sensitive. They seem to have an understanding of what people need and they gather strength and ideas from them. Purple/Violet people are charismatic.
  • Wear purple/violet clothing when you need to believe more in yourself and reduce outside pressures. There was a time in history when only the wealthy were permitted to wear purple the peasants were assigned the color brown.
  • Of all the colors, purple/violet is the most powerful and utmost care is needed as to where and how it is used. Use of red and purple/violet together would overpower most people, even when there is some green in the décor. Do not use purple when depressed or totally out of balance; use yellow. Purple sheets would not be good to use when out of balance. However, purple sheets could be helpful when suffering from insomnia.
  • Lavender essential oils are made from the lavender flower. Lavender oil helps reduce sadness, removes suspicion, relieves sleeplessness and is very calming to the physical as well as emotional bodies. Lavender is known as the universal oil for healing. We know that Lavender oil is good for burns. Using purple solarized water will help with indigestion. Purple light is very good for lowering blood pressure. Do not use ultraviolet lamps. Purple grapes are good for arthritis
  • In color therapy, purple/violet is looked at to be an inspirational color. Purple/violet stimulates the spleen and builds white blood cells. Purple/violet lowers blood pressure, depresses lymph and motor nerves. It maintains potassium and sodium balance in the body. Purple/violet is used for bladder trouble, concussion, cramps, epilepsy, over active kidney, neuralgia, nervous and mental disorders, rheumatism and sciatica and scalp and skin disorders. Purple/violet depresses all overactive glands and organs. Purple/violet curbs diarrhea and induces deep relaxed sleep. Purple/violet helps with emotional problems, kills bacteria and heals skin rashes.
  • When feeling intolerant have arrogant or fanatical feelings. Hand outs for Purple at this point allow ten mins to fill out
  • Students will go to web site and download the response forms to fill out The forms will also accompany the DVD’s on a CD the pages are in word
  • When you become a Certified Chromatologist you will learn how to evaluate the challenges or blocks that are holding you back from becoming all you can be, in this evaluation process you will not only discover emotional and mental blocks but physical challenges as well. This process is very helpful in preventing physical issues from manifesting or can help to prevent them from occurring. It has been proven through Chinese medicine that one must first have an emotional issue in order to manifest as physical dis-ease.
  • Color vibration seminar power point

    1. 1. What is COLOR• Color is light split into differentwavelengths, vibrating at differentspeeds and frequencies.• Each Color has its own vibration withRed being the slowest or longest waveand Purple the fastest or shortest wave.
    2. 2. What is a COLOR ComplementCOLOR Complement:This is the vibrational COLOR that is opposite the referenceCOLOR on the COLOR wheel. For example, the COLORcomplement of blue is orange.
    3. 3. WHAT ARE theSEVEN ENERGY CENTERS?•wheel or circle•energy points•frequency
    4. 4. How does COLOR Work?• Each Color vibrates at a specific,individual frequency, as do the glands andorgans of the body.• Each Color corresponds to a specific areaof the body.• Color vibrates true to frequency. It neverdeviates. But people deviate.
    5. 5. COLOR Therapy & it’s BenefitsColor therapy is very simple.• Frequency.• Wavelength.• Regenerative and healing process.
    6. 6. Methods of COLOR TherapyCOLOR &• Aromatherapy (Essential Oils)• Clothing• Décor• Eye Wear• Food• Light• Water
    7. 7. COLOR & Aromatherapy• Essential oils concentrate the vital forcesof the plant into a material.• Essential oils aid in elimination of toxins.• Each essential oil has a vibration andeach vibration relates to a specific Color
    8. 8. COLOR & ClothingThe COLORS we wear can offer• Protection against many physical ailments• Emotional inspiration• A form of self-expression• Physical motivation
    9. 9. COLOR & DecorThe COLORS used in our surroundings arevery important and can have a dramaticimpact on our health• Mentally• Emotionallyand• Physically
    10. 10. COLOR Entering the Eyes• One method of using Color is by having itenter a person’s eyes.• Color entering the eyes is directed to thehypothalamus gland, then to the pinealgland, which directs it to the pituitarygland, which governs and regulateshormone production.
    11. 11. COLOR & Food• The COLOR in our foods are our vitamins• The flavor is our minerals• Our Fruits and Vegetables are MotherNature’s Perfect Pharmacy
    12. 12. COLOR & LightsCOLOR therapy lighting will help control your• Emotions• Weight/Appetite• Motivation• Mood• Focus
    13. 13. SOLARIZED COLORED WATER• Solarized water is one of the most effectiveforms of COLOR healing.• The combination of the sun plus theCOLOR change the hydrogen molecules ofthe water to the frequency of the COLOR ofthe gels you put over it.
    14. 14. History of COLOR• Dr. Peter Mandel combined acupuncture andlight rays as a way of healing his patients.• Darius Dinshah is continuing his father’s(Dinshah Ghadali) work on Spector-Chrome.• Dr. C.E. Iredell of England uses COLORTherapy with his patients. He successfullytreated cancer, polio, glaucoma and neuritis.
    15. 15. RED• Red has the slowest visible wavelengthand yet it is the most stimulating of all thecolors• Red warms and awakens our energy.
    16. 16. RED Growth YearsGrowth Years (birth to age seven)•Red is our foundation; where spirit andmatter meet.•Red is our first energy center ourfoundation our root center, stability,security, identification and physicalsurvival.•Red warms and awakens our energy.
    17. 17. RED PersonalitiesReds pursue life with courage and passionthey are on fire and understand the wordaction.Reds live their lives to the fullest makingwonderful entrepreneurs they do best in theown businesses as they are initiators andpioneers.
    18. 18. RED ClothingDress in RED when you wish• To express a lot of energy and force• To be seen, standing out in a crowd• To strengthen your physical side• For Motivation
    19. 19. RED DécorUtilize the Power of RED to• Bring passion and strength into yourcareer section of your home or office.• Awaken the pioneer within you andpromote action.• Provide Stability.
    20. 20. RED Glands/ Organs• Red influences our adrenals and controls allsolid parts, our spinal column, bones, teeth,nails anus, rectum, colon, prostate gland, bloodand building of cells.Possible COLOR Therapy Treatmentsfor Glands/Organs• Red Essential oils• Red Color lights• Red Foods
    21. 21. Therapeutic value of RED• Red stimulates and moves energy (getsblocked energy of life to flow again)• Red’s vitality stimulates the liver and createshemoglobin (red blood cells in the body)• Red also stimulates the nerves, and varioussenses including seeing, hearing, smellingand feeling.• Red aids sluggish conditions and paralysis.
    22. 22. Avoid RED• If you have heart problems, nervous conditions,agitation, hyperactivity, high blood pressure,fever, red faced, inflammations, swelling or openwounds.• Do not use at night or with hyperactive children.
    23. 23. Cycles of Life throughCOLOR REDDescribe yourResponses toRED• See reference CD ordownload from internet
    24. 24. ORANGE• Orange is our sense of self-worth• Orange is our confidence andcreativity our sense of bliss
    25. 25. ORANGE Growth Years• Years eight to fourteen, are the Orangecycle.• In our Orange cycle we learn to deal withour feelings, whether happy or sad, stableor volatile.• Our Orange years are the salad days ofour childhood.
    26. 26. ORANGE Personalities• Orange is a mixture of yellow’s mentalabilities and red’s passion• Oranges like to live in their heads, alwaysplanning their next adventure.• Oranges see life as a contest.
    27. 27. ORANGE ClothingDress in ORANGE when you wish• To react impulsively and let your emotionsdictate decisions.• To get in contact with more people.• To have fun and make others and yourselfhappy.
    28. 28. ORANGE Décor• Orange is a wonderful color for creativityand interacting with children.• Orange promotes happiness and joy,great color for the family or game room• Splashes of Orange in the kitchen assiststo make cooking creative and fun
    29. 29. ORANGE Gland/OrgansORANGE influences our• Skin, mammary glands, female and reproductiveorgans.• Digestive system, spleen, thymus gland, fluidfunctions, bladder and kidneys.Possible COLOR Therapy Treatmentsfor Glands/Organs• Orange Essential Oils• Orange Color Lights• Orange Foods
    30. 30. Therapeutic value of ORANGE• Orange strengthens our hormones.• Orange is extremely helpful in cases ofabuse and deep emotional trauma.• Orange is very helpful with issues ofthe liver.
    31. 31. Avoid ORANGEIf you have recently• Had surgery.• Lost a loved one.• Experienced a physical, mental oremotional trauma.
    32. 32. Cycles of Life throughCOLOR ORANGEDescribe yourResponses toORANGE• See reference CD ordownload from internet
    33. 33. YELLOWYELLOW• YellowYellow is sunshine, joy, happiness,acquired knowledge and intellectualfulfillment.• Research has shown that YellowYellow has anuplifting and brightening effect that is veryhelpful with depression.
    34. 34. • The Yellow center develops during the agesfifteen to twenty-one.• The Yellow years are when we establish alasting sense of selfhood.• Yellow is the time during which most people areimmersed in high school and college. They areacquiring the knowledge and skills needed tohelp them responsibly choose what career pathsthey will take.YELLOW Growth YearsYELLOW Growth Years
    35. 35. YELLOW Personalities• Yellows have thoughts of joy andhappiness.• Yellows intellect is in tact.• Yellows are considered to be leaders andlike to exhibit their talents by doing.
    36. 36. YELLOW ClothingDress in YELLOW when you wish• To tell who you are and what you arecapable of doing.• To simulate yourself mentally.• To prevent depression• To show that you can do more than justthe multiplication table.
    37. 37. YELLOW DécorUtilize the Power of YELLOW to• Achieve clear thinking, personal powerand positive thinking.• Eliminate negative thoughts andbehaviors.• Create a safe space for Alizermierspatients.
    38. 38. YELLOW Glands/Organs• Yellow influences our pancreas, controls liver,digestive system, stomach, spleen, gall bladder,autonomic nervous system, lower back, muscles,diaphragm (breath), lungs bronchia and skin.Possible COLOR Therapy Treatmentsfor Glands/Organs• Yellow Essential oils• Yellow Color lights• Yellow Foods
    39. 39. Therapeutic value of YELLOW• Yellow acts as a laxative, increases flow ofbile, increases stomach and intestinalactivity.• Yellow aids our elimination system andreduces swelling.• Yellow increases our mental processes.
    40. 40. Avoid YELLOW• If you have a fever, acute inflammation,diarrhea, are palpitations of the heart.• When confused or over excited.• When suffering from insomnia.
    41. 41. Cycles of Life throughCOLOR YELLOWDescribe yourResponses toYELLOW• See reference CD ordownload from internet
    42. 42. GREEN• Green is right at the vibrational center ofthe color-frequency spectrum.• Green is the connecting color in therainbow• Green is the gateway to the second half ofour development.
    43. 43. GREEN Growth Years• Years twenty-two to twenty-eight are ourGreen cycle of growth• During our Green years we see beyondourselves.• The Green years develop our sense ofgenerosity, love compassion andforgiveness
    44. 44. GREEN Personalities• Greens strive for perfection.• Greens can be compulsive and rigid.• Greens are compassionate andforgiving.
    45. 45. GREEN ClothingDress in GREEN when you wish• To ease heartache.• To promote kindness.• To promote decision making.
    46. 46. GREEN Décor• Green is soothing as long as it is a softand clear tone.• Green helps city dwellers to connect withthe freshness of nature.• Green can promote over indulgence andweight gain.
    47. 47. GREEN Glands/Organs• Green influences our heart, lungs, immune system,thymus gland and lymph glands.Possible COLOR Therapy Treatmentsfor Glands/Organs• Green Essential Oils• Green Color Lights• Green Foods
    48. 48. Therapeutic value of GREEN• Green eliminates germs, viruses and toxicwastes.• Green is calming and quieting.• Green is used for kidneys and liversupport.
    49. 49. Avoid GREEN• On open cuts, it prevents clotting.• On obese people as it will promote growth.• When moody, manic-depressive,possessive and overly critical.
    50. 50. Cycles of Life throughCOLOR GREENDescribe yourResponses toGREEN• See reference CD ordownload from internet
    51. 51. BLUE• Blue represents all aspects ofcommunication.• Blue is the most beloved color of thespectrum.• Blue symbolizes peace and tranquility.
    52. 52. BLUE Growth Years• Our Blue years are ages twenty-nine tothirty five.• We finally find our voice in our Blue years• We firmly establish our careers during ourBlue years.
    53. 53. BLUE Personalities• Blues have wonderful qualities for caretaking and nurturing.• Blues love to be of service.• Blues are very strong willed.
    54. 54. BLUE ClothingWear BLUE clothing when you wish• To show that you have control overyourself and your surroundings.• To strengthen your analytical and logicalside.• To show that you are a wise, good andhonest person.
    55. 55. BLUE Décor• Blue is excellent for business it promotesprofessionalism and honesty.• Blue is relaxing and calm.• Blue assists with weight loss.
    56. 56. BLUE Glands/Organs• Blue influences our sensing organs, nerve cells, brainmarrow, skin and hair.• Blue controls our jaw, neck, throat, voice airways,upper lungs, nape of neck and arms.Possible COLOR Therapy Treatmentsfor Glands/Organs• Blue Essential Oils• Blue Color Lights• Blue Foods
    57. 57. Therapeutic value of BLUE• Blue dissolves nervousness and cramps.• Blue prevents tumor growth.• Blue stops bleeding.
    58. 58. Avoid BLUE• When tired or depressed• When cold due to poor circulation.• When you feel isolated.
    59. 59. Cycles of Life throughCOLOR BLUEDescribe yourResponses toBLUE• See reference CD ordownload from internet
    60. 60. INDIGO• Indigo combines blue and violet which isvery help for those who meditate at a deeplevel.• Indigo gives a new meaning to the wordintegrity.
    61. 61. INDIGO Growth Years• Our Indigo years are ages thirty-six toforty-two.• The Indigo is the stage when “midlifecrisis” can occur.• Indigo is the time when we begin oursearch for a deeper understanding of life.
    62. 62. INDIGO Personalities• Indigo’s love to explore life.• Indigo’s are typically very truthful.• Indigo’s are naturally concerned with theenvironment.
    63. 63. INDIGO ClothingWear INDIGO when you wish• To trust your feelings.• To calm your inner confusion.• To show that you have a mysterious side.
    64. 64. INDIGO DécorIndigo should be used with great care!Utilize Indigo to• Go within and find that innerknowingness.• Plan for the future.• Meditate.
    65. 65. INDIGO Glands/Organs• Indigo influences the endocrine system,pituitary, left-brain hemisphere, left eye, nose,ears, sinuses and parts of the nervous system.Possible COLOR Therapy Treatmentsfor Glands/Organs• Indigo Essential Oils• Indigo Color Lights• Indigo Foods
    66. 66. Therapeutic value of INDIGO• Indigo purifies the body.• Indigo can be beneficial for migraineheadaches.• Indigo acts as an astringent for the skin, itis helpful for bruising.
    67. 67. Avoid INDIGOIndigo must be used sparingly in all cases!Avoid Indigo when there is evidence of• Depression.• Alcohol or Drug abuse.• Suicidal tendencies.
    68. 68. Cycles of Life throughCOLOR INDIGODescribe yourResponses toINDIGO• See reference CD ordownload from internet
    69. 69. PURPLE• Purple is the fastest of the COLOR rays.• Purple is the most sedating and soothingof all the COLORS.
    70. 70. PURPLE Growth Years• Our Purple years are from ages forty-three to forty-nine.• Purple is the culmination of the wisdomwe have found through-out all the previousCOLORS.
    71. 71. PURPLE Personalities• Purple people are people of action.• Purples are very charismatic.• Purples are very sensitive and respectfulof others.
    72. 72. PURPLE ClothingDress in Purple when you wish• To feel more secure about what youbelieve in.• To feel inspired.• To feel regal.
    73. 73. PURPLE Décor• Purple is closely linked to creativity,painters and composers prefer to besurround by purple when working.• Purple creates an air of luxury, royalty,and mystery.
    74. 74. PURPLE Glands/Organs• Purple influences and controls our cerebrum,right brain hemispheres, central nervoussystem and our right eye.Possible COLOR Therapy Treatmentsfor Glands/Organs• Purple Essential Oils• Purple Color Lights• Purple Foods
    75. 75. Therapeutic value of PURPLE• Purple depresses all overactive glandsand organs.• Purple solarized water is good forindigestion.• Purple lowers blood pressure.
    76. 76. Avoid PURPLE• When depressed or totally out of balance.• When purchasing bed sheets.• When feeling destructive and critical.
    77. 77. Cycles of Life throughCOLOR PURPLEDescribe yourResponses toPURPLE• See reference CD ordownload from internet
    78. 78. www.mycolorvision.comVisit our web site for more information on ourEducational programs, Services, and ProductsFor those of you who would like to become a colortherapist (Certified Chromatologist) please contactDonna Reis, CC, CNHPat 817-788-9451 ore-mail