The Psychology of Color


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This presentaion explains how color affects the mind and the body.

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The Psychology of Color

  1. 1. Susan Newberry
  2. 2.  COLOR ◦ is a very powerful tool. ◦ can influence the way you feel. ◦ has a psychological effect on the viewer almost instantly. ◦ stimulates our senses and emotions. ◦ means different things to different people. Today we are going to talk about the meaning behind color.
  3. 3.  Black Yellow Red If you answered red, you are correct. Red is a very emotionally intense color. It enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure.
  4. 4.  Red Beige Green If you answered red, you are correct. Red means good luck in China, where it is the traditional color for brides. White is the traditional color of mourning in China and Japan.
  5. 5.  Stimulates the appetite, raises blood pressure, stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing Attract attention, creates excitement, takes control Forceful, bold, extreme, aggressive TIP: A good accent color TIP: Stimulates the appetite; therefore is a good choice for dining rooms
  6. 6.  White Purple Green If you answered purple, you are correct. Purple, or violet, is the traditional color of royalty. Cleopatra loved purple.
  7. 7.  Contains elements of surprise and magic Represents royalty Suggests romance, imagination, passion Suppresses appetite Feminine Artistic TIP: Good choice for children’s rooms
  8. 8.  Black Yellow Pink If you answered yellow, you are correct. People get angry the most and babies cry most often, in yellow rooms according to scientific research.
  9. 9.  Is an attention getter Stimulates the memory Is optimistic and cheerful Speeds metabolism Aids digestion, stimulates circulation, frustration, and caution People lose their temper more often in yellow rooms; babies cry more
  10. 10.  Pink White Green Green is correct! Green is the easiest color on the eye and causes people to relax. Heard of the “green room” backstage? It’s the room set aside for people waiting to go onstage.
  11. 11.  Is a peaceful color Symbolizes nature Confers a sense of relaxation and comfort Represents health and prosperity Is the most well-liked color and the easiest color for the eye to see Suggests balance, harmony, growth, birth, wealth, compassion and security.
  12. 12.  Black Yellow Blue If you answered blue, you are correct. Tests show blue is the least appetizing food color because it is rare in nature, and because spoiled food often turns blue. Red, on the other hand, increases the appetite. Many restaurants are decorated in red.
  13. 13.  Is associated with fashion trends Is a symbol of trust and longevity Is refreshing, soothing, calm, dependable Causes the body to produce calming chemicals Slows metabolism, lowers blood pressure Decreases heartburn and indigestion Is the most popular color in the U.S. Can be perceived as depressing and gloomy if overused
  14. 14.  Green Brown Black Brown, the color of earth, brown, indicates genuineness. Did you guess correctly?
  15. 15.  Conveys warmth and comfort Is solid and reliable Is the color of earth and abundant in nature Is preferred by more men than women Is often seen in libraries and bedrooms (areas associated with seclusion)
  16. 16.  Green Blue Pink Did you select pink? In fact, some sport coaches have painted the locker rooms used by opposing teams in pink, which can cause people looking at it to feel tired.
  17. 17.  Is feminine Soothes and promotes affection Is more tranquil than red Represents caring and sharing Is the color of romance Symbolizes love and friendship
  18. 18.  Black Red Blue It’s black. Remember the "bad guy" in the black hat in western movies. Modern villains wear black as well.
  19. 19.  Suggests sophistication, elegance, dignity, worldliness, and mystery Is the color of authority and power TIP: Use black sparingly as an accent color
  20. 20.  White Beige Pink I hope you guessed white. White is associated with light, goodness, innocence, purity, and virginity. It is considered to be the color of perfection.
  21. 21.  Indicates purity, innocence, cleanliness, youth Lends a sense of calm to a space Is associated with hospitals, doctors, and sterility Is often associated with low weight, low-fat food, and dairy products TIP: White looks good in a room that is enhanced by good natural light. Tip: Choose warm creamy whites instead of stark whites.
  22. 22.  White Gray Black I hope you chose gray. Gray is the symbol of maturity.
  23. 23.  Lacks assertiveness, but suggests intelligence, guarded behavior, a sense of discipline Is the color of aging as in “the graying of America” Is a true neutral color Gray’s energy imparts void, emptiness, lack of movement, emotion, warmth and identifying characteristics Can seem chilling and impersonal
  24. 24. Has this discussionchanged you’re the waythat you thought aboutcolor? Next time you shopfor clothes, will thisdiscussion influence whatyou buy?