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What is the color psychology

presentation not mine. credits to the owner

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What is the color psychology

  1. 1. What is the Color Psychology?
  2. 2. The colors play an important role in Design: • Each color affects Human mind What is color? In the year of 1666, English scientist Sir Isaac Newton discovered that, "when pure white light passes through a prism, it separates into all of the visible colors. Newton also found that each color is made up of a single wavelength and cannot be separated any further into other colors.“ Color Types : Warm colors - Colors such as red, yellow and orange are known as warm colors. It can represent variety of emotions like comfort and warmth to hostility and anger. Cool colors - Colors such as green, blue and purple are known as cool colors. It can represent feelings of calmness as well as sadness.
  3. 3. Basic things about color: • Each color is perceived differently by different people and has a different effect on everyone based on the Color Psychology. • You never define the range of the color because if you add two colors you will find new range of the color. • The color word itself is very cheerful to spell and the colors are as best as they spell. • Every color has its own characteristic and importance for developing something with it. • People have some innate relation with colors and every color represent different culture also. • Colors affect our moods, feelings and emotions as well. Color as powerful Communication tool: Everything in this world has a color and every color has a different psychological meaning associated with it. For example sun looks orange and orange is fiery; moon looks white and white represents peace and calm, and trees are green. Because every single object has its own color we can easily differentiate that particular thing.
  4. 4. Just imagine if all objects had same color than what would happen? • How would we imagine that thing? • Because when anyone says imagine an apple than how do we start to image an apple? The first thing come into our mind is its color. What color an apple has? After we're done thinking that an apple is red then only we move on to other things like its shape and taste. So colors make easy communication. People can imagine particular thing on the basis of its color. We can communicate better through the color as every color represents some particular thing so that we can use it for communicating with people. Every color represents its own meaning and relations and effects on our minds: Red • Being represented for fire and blood Red is the color normally recognized to depict strong emotions, lot of energy, strength and power. • It is also the color of love and represents passion, courage and strong desire. • Red is extremely visible so is mostly used in signs such as stoplight and for fire equipment. • Since this color is mostly associated with energy, it can be used as accent to call attention or break a monotony in a milieu.
  5. 5. Orange • Orange color is a combination of Red and yellow so naturally it derives both of their characteristics, the energy of Red and the openness and happiness of yellow. • Orange is also the color of sunshine. • It can be used to represent curiosity, excitement determination, attraction, success and encouragement. • Orange brings out our creative side and stimulates fascination; refreshing color that increases mental activity. • Younger demographic generally prefers this color and due to high visibility it can be used to highlight important links or catch attention of the visitors. Yellow • the most happy and cool color represents sunshine. • People feel happy and fresh seeing yellow anywhere as it is known as a symbol of joy, intellect and energy. • It generates a kind of glowing and warming effect and arouses, cheerfulness in feelings. • It's a flashy color so can be used to display as highlights. • a spontaneous color so if you want to come off as more stable and safe, better not use it.
  6. 6. Green There is a famous song I've heard, "I see trees of green… red roses too…" Even the songs tell us the general feeling about green color. • It represents nature and so in turn it suggests a feeling of growth, safety (walk when the signal is green!) and freshness (fresh leaves are green). • Green has a healing power. • Green is commonly associated with money as well. • It is a pleasing color for the eyes. • It can improve vision and endurance. • The freshness of green can be taken as beginning of something and therefore sometimes associated with lack of experience. In conclusion green color can be used to promote safety of medical products as well as dark green can be used in financial or banking related sites. Blue • Blue sky and Blue Ocean suggests limitless expansion in all directions. • Blue says I am stable and dependable. • It is a symbol for loyalty, trust, wisdom, faith and transparency. • It's a calm color that is beneficial for the mind and body. • Taking a step further darker shade of blue represents a stronger feeling of trust, depth in experience and expertise. This particular characteristic makes blue the official color for corporate sites. • Blue should be used with warm colors like yellow or red to create vibrant and more effective designs. • Never use blue in food or cooking related sites as it is said to suppress appetite.
  7. 7. Purple • Purple is a mixture of blue and red and needless to say inherits both of their characters. • Purple is stable and energetic color. • It is said to be a royal color. • It comes with a feeling of richness for the eyes as well as a feeling of power, luxury and ambition. • Most kids prefer purple color for some reason. • Some people might suggest that it's an artificial color as it's rarely seen in nature but use of this color in a site will suggest wisdom, dignity and creativity. White When we think of or see white color a kind of calm feeling creeps in our minds. • Pure and clean things are associated with white color. • White means perfection. White means no blemishes. • It sends a positive vibe to the onlooker. • It can suggest a new start for something. • White advocates faith, coolness and simplicity. • White can be used in corporate sites to give an air of simplicity to the products. • It represents safety and heaven. • It could be also used to promote medical products and low-fat, low weight food or dairy products.
  8. 8. Black • Black is a strong color showing off strong feelings. • It mostly associated with powerful elegance, formality and mystery. • Darkness of a night can be associated with the unknown and therefore black represents fear, evil, death and almost anything that is negative. • Black means authority. Majority of business people wear black suits. • It is a prestigious color (black tie, black Mercedes). • It gives you perspective and depth. • Some people say wearing black makes you look slimmer. • Black goes well with contrasting light colors. • Sometimes it can be used to give a bit aggressive color scheme. Other factors that affect design decision= overall design

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presentation not mine. credits to the owner


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