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Color vibration seminar power point


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The vibrationof Color has an extraordinary and powerful effect on our mental, emotional and physical bodies. This seminar presents the principles of self -healing and self-empowerment through Color therapy. Students will learn the therapeutic value of Color and vibration.

The workshop will show students how to prepare their own Color Vibration® Color Balancing System which will help them to identify, organize and understand their strengths and blockages. Color personality will be discussed along with growth periods and the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological issues of each color.

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Color vibration seminar power point

  1. 1. What is COLOR• Color is light split into differentwavelengths, vibrating at differentspeeds and frequencies.• Each Color has its own vibration withRed being the slowest or longest waveand Purple the fastest or shortest wave.
  2. 2. What is a COLOR ComplementCOLOR Complement:This is the vibrational COLOR that is opposite the referenceCOLOR on the COLOR wheel. For example, the COLORcomplement of blue is orange.
  3. 3. WHAT ARE theSEVEN ENERGY CENTERS?•wheel or circle•energy points•frequency
  4. 4. How does COLOR Work?• Each Color vibrates at a specific,individual frequency, as do the glands andorgans of the body.• Each Color corresponds to a specific areaof the body.• Color vibrates true to frequency. It neverdeviates. But people deviate.
  5. 5. COLOR Therapy & it’s BenefitsColor therapy is very simple.• Frequency.• Wavelength.• Regenerative and healing process.
  6. 6. Methods of COLOR TherapyCOLOR &• Aromatherapy (Essential Oils)• Clothing• Décor• Eye Wear• Food• Light• Water
  7. 7. COLOR & Aromatherapy• Essential oils concentrate the vital forcesof the plant into a material.• Essential oils aid in elimination of toxins.• Each essential oil has a vibration andeach vibration relates to a specific Color
  8. 8. COLOR & ClothingThe COLORS we wear can offer• Protection against many physical ailments• Emotional inspiration• A form of self-expression• Physical motivation
  9. 9. COLOR & DecorThe COLORS used in our surroundings arevery important and can have a dramaticimpact on our health• Mentally• Emotionallyand• Physically
  10. 10. COLOR Entering the Eyes• One method of using Color is by having itenter a person’s eyes.• Color entering the eyes is directed to thehypothalamus gland, then to the pinealgland, which directs it to the pituitarygland, which governs and regulateshormone production.
  11. 11. COLOR & Food• The COLOR in our foods are our vitamins• The flavor is our minerals• Our Fruits and Vegetables are MotherNature’s Perfect Pharmacy
  12. 12. COLOR & LightsCOLOR therapy lighting will help control your• Emotions• Weight/Appetite• Motivation• Mood• Focus
  13. 13. SOLARIZED COLORED WATER• Solarized water is one of the most effectiveforms of COLOR healing.• The combination of the sun plus theCOLOR change the hydrogen molecules ofthe water to the frequency of the COLOR ofthe gels you put over it.
  14. 14. History of COLOR• Dr. Peter Mandel combined acupuncture andlight rays as a way of healing his patients.• Darius Dinshah is continuing his father’s(Dinshah Ghadali) work on Spector-Chrome.• Dr. C.E. Iredell of England uses COLORTherapy with his patients. He successfullytreated cancer, polio, glaucoma and neuritis.
  15. 15. RED• Red has the slowest visible wavelengthand yet it is the most stimulating of all thecolors• Red warms and awakens our energy.
  16. 16. RED Growth YearsGrowth Years (birth to age seven)•Red is our foundation; where spirit andmatter meet.•Red is our first energy center ourfoundation our root center, stability,security, identification and physicalsurvival.•Red warms and awakens our energy.
  17. 17. RED PersonalitiesReds pursue life with courage and passionthey are on fire and understand the wordaction.Reds live their lives to the fullest makingwonderful entrepreneurs they do best in theown businesses as they are initiators andpioneers.
  18. 18. RED ClothingDress in RED when you wish• To express a lot of energy and force• To be seen, standing out in a crowd• To strengthen your physical side• For Motivation
  19. 19. RED DécorUtilize the Power of RED to• Bring passion and strength into yourcareer section of your home or office.• Awaken the pioneer within you andpromote action.• Provide Stability.
  20. 20. RED Glands/ Organs• Red influences our adrenals and controls allsolid parts, our spinal column, bones, teeth,nails anus, rectum, colon, prostate gland, bloodand building of cells.Possible COLOR Therapy Treatmentsfor Glands/Organs• Red Essential oils• Red Color lights• Red Foods
  21. 21. Therapeutic value of RED• Red stimulates and moves energy (getsblocked energy of life to flow again)• Red’s vitality stimulates the liver and createshemoglobin (red blood cells in the body)• Red also stimulates the nerves, and varioussenses including seeing, hearing, smellingand feeling.• Red aids sluggish conditions and paralysis.
  22. 22. Avoid RED• If you have heart problems, nervous conditions,agitation, hyperactivity, high blood pressure,fever, red faced, inflammations, swelling or openwounds.• Do not use at night or with hyperactive children.
  23. 23. Cycles of Life throughCOLOR REDDescribe yourResponses toRED• See reference CD ordownload from internet
  24. 24. ORANGE• Orange is our sense of self-worth• Orange is our confidence andcreativity our sense of bliss
  25. 25. ORANGE Growth Years• Years eight to fourteen, are the Orangecycle.• In our Orange cycle we learn to deal withour feelings, whether happy or sad, stableor volatile.• Our Orange years are the salad days ofour childhood.
  26. 26. ORANGE Personalities• Orange is a mixture of yellow’s mentalabilities and red’s passion• Oranges like to live in their heads, alwaysplanning their next adventure.• Oranges see life as a contest.
  27. 27. ORANGE ClothingDress in ORANGE when you wish• To react impulsively and let your emotionsdictate decisions.• To get in contact with more people.• To have fun and make others and yourselfhappy.
  28. 28. ORANGE Décor• Orange is a wonderful color for creativityand interacting with children.• Orange promotes happiness and joy,great color for the family or game room• Splashes of Orange in the kitchen assiststo make cooking creative and fun
  29. 29. ORANGE Gland/OrgansORANGE influences our• Skin, mammary glands, female and reproductiveorgans.• Digestive system, spleen, thymus gland, fluidfunctions, bladder and kidneys.Possible COLOR Therapy Treatmentsfor Glands/Organs• Orange Essential Oils• Orange Color Lights• Orange Foods
  30. 30. Therapeutic value of ORANGE• Orange strengthens our hormones.• Orange is extremely helpful in cases ofabuse and deep emotional trauma.• Orange is very helpful with issues ofthe liver.
  31. 31. Avoid ORANGEIf you have recently• Had surgery.• Lost a loved one.• Experienced a physical, mental oremotional trauma.
  32. 32. Cycles of Life throughCOLOR ORANGEDescribe yourResponses toORANGE• See reference CD ordownload from internet
  33. 33. YELLOWYELLOW• YellowYellow is sunshine, joy, happiness,acquired knowledge and intellectualfulfillment.• Research has shown that YellowYellow has anuplifting and brightening effect that is veryhelpful with depression.
  34. 34. • The Yellow center develops during the agesfifteen to twenty-one.• The Yellow years are when we establish alasting sense of selfhood.• Yellow is the time during which most people areimmersed in high school and college. They areacquiring the knowledge and skills needed tohelp them responsibly choose what career pathsthey will take.YELLOW Growth YearsYELLOW Growth Years
  35. 35. YELLOW Personalities• Yellows have thoughts of joy andhappiness.• Yellows intellect is in tact.• Yellows are considered to be leaders andlike to exhibit their talents by doing.
  36. 36. YELLOW ClothingDress in YELLOW when you wish• To tell who you are and what you arecapable of doing.• To simulate yourself mentally.• To prevent depression• To show that you can do more than justthe multiplication table.
  37. 37. YELLOW DécorUtilize the Power of YELLOW to• Achieve clear thinking, personal powerand positive thinking.• Eliminate negative thoughts andbehaviors.• Create a safe space for Alizermierspatients.
  38. 38. YELLOW Glands/Organs• Yellow influences our pancreas, controls liver,digestive system, stomach, spleen, gall bladder,autonomic nervous system, lower back, muscles,diaphragm (breath), lungs bronchia and skin.Possible COLOR Therapy Treatmentsfor Glands/Organs• Yellow Essential oils• Yellow Color lights• Yellow Foods
  39. 39. Therapeutic value of YELLOW• Yellow acts as a laxative, increases flow ofbile, increases stomach and intestinalactivity.• Yellow aids our elimination system andreduces swelling.• Yellow increases our mental processes.
  40. 40. Avoid YELLOW• If you have a fever, acute inflammation,diarrhea, are palpitations of the heart.• When confused or over excited.• When suffering from insomnia.
  41. 41. Cycles of Life throughCOLOR YELLOWDescribe yourResponses toYELLOW• See reference CD ordownload from internet
  42. 42. GREEN• Green is right at the vibrational center ofthe color-frequency spectrum.• Green is the connecting color in therainbow• Green is the gateway to the second half ofour development.
  43. 43. GREEN Growth Years• Years twenty-two to twenty-eight are ourGreen cycle of growth• During our Green years we see beyondourselves.• The Green years develop our sense ofgenerosity, love compassion andforgiveness
  44. 44. GREEN Personalities• Greens strive for perfection.• Greens can be compulsive and rigid.• Greens are compassionate andforgiving.
  45. 45. GREEN ClothingDress in GREEN when you wish• To ease heartache.• To promote kindness.• To promote decision making.
  46. 46. GREEN Décor• Green is soothing as long as it is a softand clear tone.• Green helps city dwellers to connect withthe freshness of nature.• Green can promote over indulgence andweight gain.
  47. 47. GREEN Glands/Organs• Green influences our heart, lungs, immune system,thymus gland and lymph glands.Possible COLOR Therapy Treatmentsfor Glands/Organs• Green Essential Oils• Green Color Lights• Green Foods
  48. 48. Therapeutic value of GREEN• Green eliminates germs, viruses and toxicwastes.• Green is calming and quieting.• Green is used for kidneys and liversupport.
  49. 49. Avoid GREEN• On open cuts, it prevents clotting.• On obese people as it will promote growth.• When moody, manic-depressive,possessive and overly critical.
  50. 50. Cycles of Life throughCOLOR GREENDescribe yourResponses toGREEN• See reference CD ordownload from internet
  51. 51. BLUE• Blue represents all aspects ofcommunication.• Blue is the most beloved color of thespectrum.• Blue symbolizes peace and tranquility.
  52. 52. BLUE Growth Years• Our Blue years are ages twenty-nine tothirty five.• We finally find our voice in our Blue years• We firmly establish our careers during ourBlue years.
  53. 53. BLUE Personalities• Blues have wonderful qualities for caretaking and nurturing.• Blues love to be of service.• Blues are very strong willed.
  54. 54. BLUE ClothingWear BLUE clothing when you wish• To show that you have control overyourself and your surroundings.• To strengthen your analytical and logicalside.• To show that you are a wise, good andhonest person.
  55. 55. BLUE Décor• Blue is excellent for business it promotesprofessionalism and honesty.• Blue is relaxing and calm.• Blue assists with weight loss.
  56. 56. BLUE Glands/Organs• Blue influences our sensing organs, nerve cells, brainmarrow, skin and hair.• Blue controls our jaw, neck, throat, voice airways,upper lungs, nape of neck and arms.Possible COLOR Therapy Treatmentsfor Glands/Organs• Blue Essential Oils• Blue Color Lights• Blue Foods
  57. 57. Therapeutic value of BLUE• Blue dissolves nervousness and cramps.• Blue prevents tumor growth.• Blue stops bleeding.
  58. 58. Avoid BLUE• When tired or depressed• When cold due to poor circulation.• When you feel isolated.
  59. 59. Cycles of Life throughCOLOR BLUEDescribe yourResponses toBLUE• See reference CD ordownload from internet
  60. 60. INDIGO• Indigo combines blue and violet which isvery help for those who meditate at a deeplevel.• Indigo gives a new meaning to the wordintegrity.
  61. 61. INDIGO Growth Years• Our Indigo years are ages thirty-six toforty-two.• The Indigo is the stage when “midlifecrisis” can occur.• Indigo is the time when we begin oursearch for a deeper understanding of life.
  62. 62. INDIGO Personalities• Indigo’s love to explore life.• Indigo’s are typically very truthful.• Indigo’s are naturally concerned with theenvironment.
  63. 63. INDIGO ClothingWear INDIGO when you wish• To trust your feelings.• To calm your inner confusion.• To show that you have a mysterious side.
  64. 64. INDIGO DécorIndigo should be used with great care!Utilize Indigo to• Go within and find that innerknowingness.• Plan for the future.• Meditate.
  65. 65. INDIGO Glands/Organs• Indigo influences the endocrine system,pituitary, left-brain hemisphere, left eye, nose,ears, sinuses and parts of the nervous system.Possible COLOR Therapy Treatmentsfor Glands/Organs• Indigo Essential Oils• Indigo Color Lights• Indigo Foods
  66. 66. Therapeutic value of INDIGO• Indigo purifies the body.• Indigo can be beneficial for migraineheadaches.• Indigo acts as an astringent for the skin, itis helpful for bruising.
  67. 67. Avoid INDIGOIndigo must be used sparingly in all cases!Avoid Indigo when there is evidence of• Depression.• Alcohol or Drug abuse.• Suicidal tendencies.
  68. 68. Cycles of Life throughCOLOR INDIGODescribe yourResponses toINDIGO• See reference CD ordownload from internet
  69. 69. PURPLE• Purple is the fastest of the COLOR rays.• Purple is the most sedating and soothingof all the COLORS.
  70. 70. PURPLE Growth Years• Our Purple years are from ages forty-three to forty-nine.• Purple is the culmination of the wisdomwe have found through-out all the previousCOLORS.
  71. 71. PURPLE Personalities• Purple people are people of action.• Purples are very charismatic.• Purples are very sensitive and respectfulof others.
  72. 72. PURPLE ClothingDress in Purple when you wish• To feel more secure about what youbelieve in.• To feel inspired.• To feel regal.
  73. 73. PURPLE Décor• Purple is closely linked to creativity,painters and composers prefer to besurround by purple when working.• Purple creates an air of luxury, royalty,and mystery.
  74. 74. PURPLE Glands/Organs• Purple influences and controls our cerebrum,right brain hemispheres, central nervoussystem and our right eye.Possible COLOR Therapy Treatmentsfor Glands/Organs• Purple Essential Oils• Purple Color Lights• Purple Foods
  75. 75. Therapeutic value of PURPLE• Purple depresses all overactive glandsand organs.• Purple solarized water is good forindigestion.• Purple lowers blood pressure.
  76. 76. Avoid PURPLE• When depressed or totally out of balance.• When purchasing bed sheets.• When feeling destructive and critical.
  77. 77. Cycles of Life throughCOLOR PURPLEDescribe yourResponses toPURPLE• See reference CD ordownload from internet
  78. 78. www.mycolorvision.comVisit our web site for more information on ourEducational programs, Services, and ProductsFor those of you who would like to become a colortherapist (Certified Chromatologist) please contactDonna Reis, CC, CNHPat 817-788-9451 ore-mail