Political Influence Of Groups


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Researcher Tommi Laitio´s lecture on the role of groups in building better cities. Held at Svenska social- och kommunalhögskolan (University of Helsinki) course Political Influence of Groups 24/2/2012.

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Political Influence Of Groups

  1. 1. group matters Researcher Tommi Laitio Demos Helsinki, www.demos.fi Organisationernas politiska inflytande Soc & Kom, University of Helsinki 24/2/2012
  2. 2. “The role of a think tank is to valuate the future.” Mokka & Neuvonen (2011)
  3. 3. think tanks• a group of people who apply research• strive to influence decision making• independent of institutions• usually non-profit• driven by an ideology, belief or a perception of human beings or society
  4. 4. three types of think tanks1. Politically Fabian Society renew political Emphasises the (UK), E2 (FIN) ideology, support importance ofaffiliated political decision representativethink tanks making democracy and political parties2. Thematic Institute of Foreign gather and value Emphasises expert Policy (FIN), World information and knowledge andthink tanks Watch Institute, data, enhance insight, make OECD, EVA (FIN) understanding of a research applicable theme3. Ecosystems Demos Helsinki experiment new Emphasises (FIN), Young solutions, establish competing ways offor new ideas, Foundation (UK) new institutions, working and the“think and do financing schemes need for newtanks” institutions(Mokka & Neuvonen 2011)
  5. 5. flickr/redcountess (cc) Why think tanks are emerging?• disparity between people´s desire and possibility for making a difference in politics• rising freedom, education, consumerism (self-expression)• technological development• western identity project
  6. 6. think tanks in finland 2003: government support for party- 1967: 1974: affiliated Laitos Sitra EVA think tanks 1961: Demos OK DoInstitute of Helsinki Foreign Magma Policy
  7. 7. Demos helsinki• Wiki-democracy: politics where people together create solutions and not only select their leaders (demos)• Future• Happiness and Meaningfulness• Neighbourhood-level solutions and good cities• Green growth• 8 researchers• equal rights, equal pay, public value
  8. 8. democracy 2.0 andthe role of groups
  9. 9. we need to rethinkoil peak reached in 2006.co2 emissions cut by 80 % by2050 (from level in 1990).finns have more free time andmore education than ever.in 2030, population grows Population change 2003–2030mainly in big urban regions.
  10. 10. country brand of finland:finland has enormous potential to solvewicked problems on a global scale.
  11. 11. freedom and democracy are active states.freedom to / freedom from “Political questions are far too serious to be left to politicians.” (arendt)
  12. 12. society of competent and skillful groups
  13. 13. groups define what is considered normal• Examples: How we eat, live and dress? How we behave in a student building? How much energy we use compared to our neighbours?
  14. 14. groups support us when engaging in something new• Examples: North Karelia Project Restaurant Day
  15. 15. groups improve our wellbeing: we feel useful, competent and needed• Examples: Time Banks Volunteering Elderly Care
  16. 16. Traditional ways of thinking groups
  17. 17. Residents of Helsinki
  18. 18. Men Women
  19. 19. Children and young peopleWorking ageRetired
  20. 20. Residents ofSuburbs Downtown People
  21. 21. RichMiddle ClassPoor
  22. 22. StraightGay
  23. 23. cities ofcompetent groups
  24. 24. Dogowners
  25. 25. Dogowners Cross- country skiers
  26. 26. Dog owners Cross- countryResidents skiersofPaloheinä
  27. 27. Dog owners Cross- countryResidents skiersof SOK co-opPaloheinä members
  28. 28. Dog owners Cross- countryResidents skiersof SOK co-opPaloheinä members Cyclists
  29. 29. Community of Community of Interest GeographyResidents of Helsinki City Council City Administration
  30. 30. list 5 communities you belong to.identify five issues you could help the city in. discuss.
  31. 31. (Demos NOW) www.greaterhelsinkivision.fi
  32. 32. combining deliberativedemocracy and design thinking connecting identifying communitiescommunities prototyping to wicked problems
  33. 33. hoas lab– social and responsible student housingProject of Demos Helsinki and Helsinki Region Student Housing Foundation Hoas
  34. 34. connecting identifying communities prototypingcommunities to wicked problems - testing in - interviews - brainstorming one building - meetings - building - trial and fail- observation partnerships - concept - scenarios - selecting ideas development
  35. 35. Fillarikanava Vetoa ja VoimaaCyclists and the city improving Improving the neighbourhood cycling in Helsinki. in a coalition of city officials, politicians, NGOs, church and business.
  36. 36. finland now has 320 municipalities.the suggestion is to reduce the number to 70.how could the collaboration between cities and people work in 70 municipalities?
  37. 37. theory of change
  38. 38. ONAL NATI(IN TER) POL ITICS emission limits, price for carbon, subsidies,... Climate acceptance for Low-Carbon new regulation Challenge Society participation, social innovations, lifestyle changes,... CITIE S, PE GRO ER UPS, COM PANI ES
  39. 39. Researcher Tommi Laitio Demos Helsinki twitter: tommilaitiotommi.laitio (a) demos.fi www.demos.fi