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From the publishers of Bangkok Trader, Thailand Homes & Condos and several other business and industry publications, Bangkok Business Brief will be the must-have monthly English-language business tabloid in Bangkok.

With a print run of 10,000 copies, the magazine utilizes a well co-ordinated distribution network that delivers supplies directly to the business community in Bangkok, including expats and upper-income Thais. In addition, the tabloid is placed in over 300 locations in condominiums, office buildings, business centers and executive lounges of five-star hotels, serviced apartments, and waiting rooms and coffee shops of hospitals. From its business news encapsulations to its impacting cover stories to its insightful opinions and analyses from the business community itself, Bangkok Business Brief will be a valuable tool for business leaders and those on the rise in Bangkok's business world.

Please contact Andy Hyde at Bangkok Business Brief for additional Information.

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Bangkok Business Brief - Advertising Presentation.

  2. 2. Bangkok Business Brief – the comprehensive Bangkok monthly news publication How and why Bangkok Business Brief was given life… It became apparent to us at Siam Gazette that Bangkok lacks an entity, in either print or online, that aggregates Bangkok’s business news comprehensively in one readable or searchable location. As well, business advertisers have been attempting to reach the local Expat and Thai business communities for some time but with little or no sustained success. We discussed these problems while meeting with prospective advertisers, and we resolved what our next publishing offering should be… the Bangkok Business Brief. Through experience and local market knowledge, Siam Gazette will satisfy advertisers by offering this much sought after visibility.
  3. 3. Print or Web…? As you will read below, this really shouldn’t be the question… Bangkok Business Brief – A partnership between print & online media. Almost two thirds (64%) of readers report Respondents agree that adverts (57%) and that they enjoy reading magazine adverts, articles (59%) in magazines drive them to visit and almost a half (46%) read magazines for a companys website. information about new brands & companies. Source: “The Conversation” conducted on Source: Affinity’s VISTA Service 2011. behalf of Hearst by Russell Research 2010.Magazines perform best overall at 86% of iPad owners would be willing to see Magazines best complementinfluencing clients to start a an advert in return for free access to content, the Web in reaching socialsearch online. including from magazines & newspapers. networkers.Source: BIGresearch Simultaneous Source: iPADS: A First Look, Knowledge Source: MRI, 2009.Media Usage Study, Dec. 2008. Networks, Inc., 2010. Magazines rank No.1 at An analysis by Marketing Magazines deliver more Evolution showed more than influencing readers to start a advert impressions than search online – higher than a 40% lift in web traffic TV or Web in a 30 occurred after consumers newer media options. minute period. were exposed to magazine Source: BIGresearch, advertisements. Source: McPheters & Simultaneous Media Usage Company, 2009 for Study, June 2009. Source: Marketing Evolution Condé Nast Publications & 2010. & CBS-TV 2009.
  4. 4. Unique Selling Points• Monthly English language business news publication• Guaranteed circulation of 10,000 copies• Targeted to the expat business community and upper income Thai business people through the Chambers of Commerce (5,000)• In addition, 300 locations (5,000), including • Condominium Buildings • Office Buildings • Business Centers • Executive Lounges • 5* Hotels • Hospitals • Serviced Apartments • Newsstands• Online news version updated daily• Smart use of short URLs and QR codes• Seamless links between print and online editions
  5. 5. Print & Website News Categories 1. Finance/Investment – (Insurance, Investments, Markets and Monetary News). 2. Real Estate – (Commercial, Residential and Land). 3. Tourism – (Hospitality, Destinations, TAT). 4. I.T/Comms. – (Computing, Fixed & Mobile Telecoms and New Technology). 5. Infrastructure/Logistics – (Public Works, Roads, Rail, Air and Sea). 6. Government – (Elections, Policy, News). 7. Health – (Healthcare, Medial Advances & Health Warnings etc). 8. Business Organizations – (ASEAN, Chambers of Commerce etc). 9. Production – (Manufacturing, Energy and Agriculture). 10. Retail/Services – (Retail, Restaurants and Business Service Providers). 11. Environment/CSR – (Environmental Issues, Programs, CSR Events+). 12. General Interest – (Not categorized, other news of interest).
  6. 6. Our ‘smart links’ between Bangkok Business Brief magazine and our daily website content The short codes, which all news categories will be represented by in the magazine, will allow our readership to use their computers & mobile phones to make the transition from our story summaries Google Short URL in print to our full online news content effortlessly. The QR codes, which all news categories and advertisements will display, will allow our print readership using smartphones to make the transition easily to our online news content QR Code or advertisers’ company websites.
  7. 7. Advertising Specifications & Special ProductsInside Page Specifications Special Products – Premium Positions – Cover Advertising Front Cover Full Page 222mm x 314mm Inside Front Cover 1 Inside Front Cover 2 Inside Back Cover Back Cover Half Page The benefits of using our premium covers: 222mm x 156mm • High exposure virtually guarantees your advert is seen each and every time a potential client browses the magazine. • Grab visibility and exclusivity. • Cover positions generate the highest exposure, reaching more customers. Quarter Page 109.25mm x 156mm • Guaranteed exclusivity – your company will be the only advertiser in this highly visible position. • Your message has the potential to be viewed every time someone handles the magazine, acquiring presence and repeat messaging.
  8. 8. What’s in it for you? If you feel your business needs assistance in one of the following areas:Magazines are proven to:1. Reach audiences of scale as well as targeted audiences • Brand awareness2. Provide an audience that values and trusts advertising… and is therefore more likely to engage with it • Gaining sales3. Provide an advertising space that forms an essential part • Gaining new clients of the overall reading experience4. Capture the mood of their readers • Improving website traffic5. Reach influenced readers who will act on what they see • New product / service promotion6. Work efficiently in generating brand awareness7. Increase word of mouth Then contact:8. Offer a cost effective marketing medium Andy Hyde – Business Development Manager9. Drive sales Bangkok Business Brief10. Strengthen online connection and engagement Tel: +66 8 0814 9080 with the consumer Email: Source: PPA Research 2009 & Magazines Canada, Magazines + Online: More Skype: andy.ath to Love..., 2010.