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New Realities


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New Realities

  1. 1. The New Realities of PR Presented by: Mike Spataro
  2. 2. Remember 1994? You waited for the newspaper to check the box scores You hoped you didn’t miss the weather forecast on TV or radio You guessed what the manufacturer’s price was for a new car You licked a stamp to send a piece of mail You bought music CDs You booked a vacation at a travel agent’s office You had to visit a bank to check your balance
  3. 3. <ul><li>Technology, lifestyles and what constitutes “news” have all changed dramatically </li></ul>Changing Landscape
  4. 4. Changing Media Landscape <ul><li>Guess Who Said… </li></ul><ul><li>“ Newspapers in the traditional sense are dead. PR people have an opportunity to create content that will be delivered directly to consumers and embraced by the media.” </li></ul>Len Apcar, one of the chief editors, NY Times <ul><li>“ Publishers no longer own the news. What’s happening now is a fundamental realignment of the relationship between large media organizations and the public.” </li></ul>Richard Sambrook, head of the BBC’s global news division
  5. 5. Changing Marketing Model Consumer are now participating in the journalistic process and fueling electronic word-of-mouth evangelism News was filtered through the media before reaching audiences
  6. 6. The Age of Networked Conversations Technology increases speed of social change through global collaboration <ul><li>Technology </li></ul><ul><li>Cheap hardware and software reach the masses </li></ul><ul><li>Stronger computers empower consumers </li></ul><ul><li>Social Change </li></ul><ul><li>Aging consumers look to technology to support families and communities </li></ul><ul><li>Younger generations pioneer the use of personal networks and viral communications </li></ul>NETWORKED CONVERSATIONS
  7. 7. Changing Role of Communicators Now, we need to speak clearly and openly to encourage our audiences to talk with us so we can listen We used to focus most on the way our organizations talk to audiences
  8. 8. “ Word of Mouse” is Getting Louder
  9. 9. Blog <ul><li>PR Implications – Blogs on every topic imaginable, by consumers, news media, corporate executives; media use blogs for story ideas; clients publish blogs for delivering messages directly to the marketplace </li></ul>What is it? – An online diary of thoughts and opinions posted by one person; 27mm and counting &quot;If you want to be a leader, I can't see surviving without a blog.&quot;
  10. 10. Blog: MoBlog (Mobile Blogging) Text Wireless Pictures
  11. 11. “… you cannot afford to close your eyes … they're simply the most explosive outbreak in the information world since the Internet itself. And they're going to shake up just about every business -- including yours.”
  12. 12. Blog: Word of Mouth
  13. 13. Blog: Word of Mouth and Trust <ul><li>Peer-to-peer word of mouth recommendations carry more weight than ever </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Consumer trust word of mouth dramatically more than any type of paid or unpaid media </li></ul></ul>Best Source For Advice On A New Product: -- Yankelovich Which Factors Would Make You Most Comfortable Purchasing A Product? -- Mediaedge:cia 67% Another Consumer Who Owns Product 35% Info Services (e.g. Consumer Reports) 26% Newspaper/Magazine 21% Television 76% A Friend Recommendation 22% Newspaper / Magazine Recommended 15% Advertisement 8% The Web site
  14. 14. Blogs and Instant Communications <ul><li>Real time “reporting” and consumer reaction BEFORE a press conference has concluded </li></ul>
  15. 15. Blog: Bloggers Can Attack a Brand
  16. 16. Blog: Bloggers Can Attack a Brand October 31, 2005: Security blogger Mark Russinovich posts an entry to his blog exposing details on Sony BMG’s DRM software flaws. It’s immediately picked up by other bloggers, linked to and syndicated throughout the blogosphere via RSS. Sony BMG’s Costs: $10MM+
  17. 17. Blog: Corporate Response Since launching Life Without Wires, Alereon CEO Eric Broockman and his opinions are being absorbed by industry leaders and the media at a rapid pace
  18. 18. Citizen Journalism <ul><li>PR Implications – The definition of “journalism” is changing and consumer opinion is now a part of the editorial message chain process </li></ul>What is it? – Average people who serve as “journalists” and provide eyewitness accounts and content to mainstream news channels on the Web
  19. 19. Wiki <ul><li>PR Implications – Wiki online newspaper written by citizens are starting to emerge as competition to traditional papers; companies can use a wiki for collaborative PR campaigns </li></ul>What is it? – Collaborative Web site maintained by a group of people to compile ideas and content. Each person adds everything they know about the topic and can edit other people’s content and posts
  20. 20. Really Simple Syndication <ul><li>PR Implications – Savvy communicators are distributing client news via RSS; all Web content will eventually be made available this way </li></ul>What is it? – Really Simple Syndication allows anyone to set-up personal news feeds to receive information directly from anyone who publishes information on the Web; RSS has increased the influence of blogs; 6 million consumers accept RSS today; 4,000 new feeds created every day RSS XML
  21. 21. On-Demand Web TV <ul><li>PR Implications – Produce special client news in new digital formats; develop relationships with “digital only” journalists and editors </li></ul>What is it? – Exclusive interactive, multi-media news and information provided by biggest names in publishing and news industries &quot;We're talking about having the A-team produce for the Web,&quot;
  22. 22. On-Demand Web TV and News <ul><li>PR Implications – Distribute news in new digital formats; develop relationships with “digital only” journalists and editors </li></ul>What is it? – Exclusive interactive, multi-media news and information provided by biggest names in publishing and news industries CNN’s “Pipeline” offers four Web-based 24-hour news channels
  23. 23. Web Video Magazines <ul><li>PR Implications – Tremendous new opportunities to create interactive stories to reach audiences the way they want to consumer “news” </li></ul>What is it? – An entirely new channel of content provided only on the Web targeting audiences with specific lifestyle information
  24. 24. Podcasting <ul><li>PR Implications – Podcasts are a new “on demand” messaging channel that corporate marketers love for delivering unfiltered messages to consumers and a way to reach a younger demographic </li></ul>What is it? – A podcast is an audio recording made available on the Web that consumers can download and listen to on their MP3 players; RSS allows for easy distribution to a worldwide audience Podcasts Add Your Brand Name Here
  25. 25. Saturn iPod Press Kit “ The beautifully designed packaging … beautifully delivers the Saturn Sky message.” Elle Magazine <ul><li>Generate national media attention for the new Saturn Sky and its elegant design and styling </li></ul><ul><li>Created the first iPod Press Kit featuring product messages embedded in a series of fashion and design videos </li></ul>
  26. 26. Brandcasting <ul><li>PR Implications – Every imaginable type of company, brand and product message can be distributed in digital format </li></ul>What is it? – Specific content from a company, organization, or academic institution made available to a global audience via Apple’s iTunes technology
  27. 27. Word-of-Mouth Marketing <ul><li>Implications – Opportunity to create a dialogue with brand-friendly consumers and spread evangelism to others </li></ul>What is it? – Branded, structured communities of consumers with similar interests in a company or product
  28. 28. Social Networking <ul><li>PR Implications – Social networking spaces are communities fueled by word of mouth; Opportunities for creating and identifying brand evangelists to deliver messages about products and services </li></ul>What is it? – Ad-hoc groups of like-minded consumers socialize on Web sites like MySpace and Xanga to meet and share ideas
  29. 29. Wireless – The 3 rd Screen <ul><li>PR Implications – A new, always-on, always-available delivery channel for clients’ messages; interactive medium to establish dialogue; nearly 3 billion mobile text messages are sent in the U.S. each month </li></ul>What is it? – Literally “brand in hand” marketing, wireless devices now allow communicators to reach consumers wherever they are via their mobile devices. Already ubiquitous in Europe and Asia, wireless marketing is exploding in the U.S. Hey QT – Running L8, call me when U get home
  30. 30. Cellevision <ul><li>PR Implications – Brand messages will have to be made available in mobile channels and applications to reach consumers in the future </li></ul>What is it? – Interactive television-like programming available on your cell phone; shows are called “mobisodes”; 3 million people will watch a TV show on their phone by end of 2006
  31. 31. Contagious Media <ul><li>PR Implications – Contagious / Viral Media is an electronic form of word of mouth that creates instant buzz for a company. It should be a part of any good PR strategy, particularly for consumer product launches </li></ul>What is it? – “You gotta see this.” When consumers find something on the Web they just have to forward to a friend; quirky campaigns based on humor, pranks, free, and cool content; hard to create but amazing results when it works
  32. 32. Instant Messaging <ul><li>PR Implications – IM allows consumers to share their opinions faster than ever; new opportunities to deliver product messages via IM channels such as branded skins, branded “buddies” and customer service bots </li></ul>What is it? – A technology allowing real-time chatting via text, voice and now video; quickly replacing e-mail as the preferred communications channel in some demographics
  33. 33. Games <ul><li>PR Implications – Popular way to connect with younger generations who now expect to be entertained when interacting with a brand </li></ul>What is it? – Interactive brand experiences where marketing messages are wrapped within a gaming environment
  34. 34. Geocaching <ul><li>PR Implications – Becoming popular for product launches; consumers plug satellite coordinates into a handheld device in search of valuable prizes </li></ul>What is it? – A growing outdoor activity or “sport” that utilizes global positioning satellite technology
  35. 35. Digital Activism <ul><li>PR Implications – PR professionals need to understand the tools activists are using and develop strategies to respond and proactively communicate to survive </li></ul>What is it? – Activists are deploying every new technology to assault a brand or champion an issue; their tools include attack blogs, negative Web sites, contagious media and even protest ringtones
  36. 36. RFID and Quick Response (QR) Codes <ul><li>PR Implications – Permits creative one-to-one marketing like we’ve never seen before </li></ul>What is it? – Embedded technology on objects, like billboards and packaging, that allows consumers to download marketing messages by simply walking by and pushing a button on their cell phone
  37. 37. <ul><li>Hi-Tech Enables Companies to Create High-Touch with Audiences </li></ul>It’s Not About Hi-Tech, but…