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Media Convergence Conference Brownbag


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This is a presentation given on the a few of the panels that took place during the Economists Media Convergence Conference 2009 in New York.

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Media Convergence Conference Brownbag

  1. 1. vsa Media Convergence Conference presented by katie eng November 6, 2009
  2. 2. overview “Eight Characteristics of the Digitally Activated Brand”. Looking forward, corporations that are committed to actualizing a centralized, global, deep expression of their online brand—its proposition, its character, its products and services—will realize unprecedented levels of engagement with their constituents. We are talking about the convergence of consumers, technology and commerce. vsa partners, inc. page 2
  3. 3. Media convergence About the Conference The surge of new technologies and social media innovations are changing the future of the media landscape. This is changing consumer behavior and the way marketers reach their audience must also change. In this environment we need to not only understand the media available, but understand the consumer enough to reach them in a meaningful way. However the vast array of tools at a marketers disposal is not easy to navigate and real learning comes from a real understanding of the future of media convergence. What does media convergence really mean for VSA? “Convergence, simply put, is how individual consumers interact with others on a social level and use various media platforms to create new experiences, new forms of media and content that connect marketers socially, and not just to other consumers.” - Henry Jenkins, Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide vsa partners, inc. page 3
  4. 4. Cool technologies Poken - When you insert the Poken into the USB port of a computer, you are connected to the Poken Web site. - To network with someone at the conference, simply hold your Poken up to theirs and exchange IDs, creating an electronic handshake. - You can also use your Poken to facilitate information download. - You can put Poken in Discreet mode so the next person you poke will get a ghost card. Gliider - A browser plug in that allows you to easily keep track of information taken off the internet while planning trips. - Could eventually be used for other purposes on complicated sites, maybe w3? vsa partners, inc. page 4
  5. 5. Future of media: changing times • How the advent of new technologies such as e-book readers, smart phones and flexible screen technology will change the media model • How will newspapers, magazines, book publishers, TV stations and others dependent on existing models, adapt to this change? • The potential impact of these new technologies over the next five years Moderator: Dorian Benkoil, Founder, SVP and Senior Consultant, Teeming Media Craig Newmark, Founder, Craigslist Mark Hollinger, Chief Operating Officer, Discovery Communications Robin Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, FT Search Inc. Thomas Hesse, President, Global Digital Business, US Sales and Corporate Strategy, Sony Music Entertainment vsa partners, inc. page 5
  6. 6. key takeaways - There will need to be a new model to support quality content especially in an on demand environment; this may be in the form of subscriptions or premium environments paid for by advertising. - Search will be changing and become more customized where the information comes to you, this includes advertising content - News media has the opportunity to find a way to leverage the way people are finding their news through social media outlets. If the traditional curators (editors) can work with the new curators (social networks) there could be a really interesting collaboration. The future - On demand is too compelling to disregard. Those who embrace it will survive. - Ubiquitous access to information through mobile devices and cloud computing. Knowing what industry leaders think the future of media is, how would that change the strategy of anything you’re currently working on? vsa partners, inc. page 6
  7. 7. New media for marketers: Hope or hype • The role of new media in the traditional media mix • Identifying which tools make sense • Using new media as a platform for effective brand messaging • Monetizing reach, frequency and exposure • Separating fads from enduring ideas • Future business models: Collaboration between marketers, media owners and content creators Moderator: Joe Celia, Global Chairman and CEO, G2 Worldwide Bonita Coleman Stewart, Managing Director, US Sales, Google Angela Courtin, Senior Vice President, Marketing, MySpace Jack Dorsey, Chairman, Twitter aNGELA COURTIN, MYSPACE JACK DORSEY, TWITTER vsa partners, inc. page 7
  8. 8. key takeaways “Twitter has had the greatest amount of impact in the shortest amount of time since the TV.” - Michael Lynton, Chairman and CEO, Sony Pictures - Things marketers should pay attention to in all platforms: - Personalization/ Leverage the platform - Ensure a strong ROI - Engagement model is changing from push to pulling consumers closer to the brand. You have the opportunity to create content every time you create an ad. - Change the lexicon, there is no “traditional media” - Be authentic How could this change the way we engage people around all of the Smarter initiatives? vsa partners, inc. page 8
  9. 9. the grand finale How we understand media convergence can differentiate us. Have a sound understanding of the platforms we recommend and how they can be best leveraged. Be authentic with the consumer, and engage in conversation instead of pushing messaging. Always remember; ubiquitous access through mobile and cloud computing. vsa partners, inc. page 9