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I was privileged to have an opportunity to redesign a presentation for Creative Circle Media Consulting. The presentation was for their PressReleaseQ product. This is the original version before my redesign.

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PressReleaseQ Original Version

  1. 1. Introducing  A  newsroom  information  management    tool  and    new  revenue  generator    
  2. 2. This is the original version of Creative Circle Media Consulting’s Sales Presentation.Please see the re-designed version of this presentation titled: “PressReleaseQ New Design”. Available on Slideshare 2  
  3. 3. This original presentation was designed for a salespresentations and webinar demos and does not containany narration.These original slides are full of great content, all relevant tothe features and benefits of the PressReleaseQ product.While audiences and prospects certainly benefited from theinformation contained in each slide, the text heavy approachand unnecessary distractions, ultimately took attention awayfrom the narrative (their expertise and knowledge) thataccompanied the text. People have separate informationprocessing channels for visual material and verbal material.They can only pay attention to a few pieces of information ineach channel at a time. 3  
  4. 4. Who  We  Are  •  Creative  Circle  Media  Consulting   –  Providence,  RI   –  Specializing  in  page  design,  CMS  and  WOE  services     –  Developers  of  PressReleaseQ   •  Bill  Ostendorf,  President   •  Experienced  newspaper  editor   •  Has  designed  over  200  publications  and  web  sites   –  Nancy  Summers,  Director  of  Business  Development   •  Experienced  newspaper  and  online  sales,  marketing  and   management  executive   4  
  5. 5. Why  PressReleaseQ?  •  Designed  to  help  manage  the  inMlux  of  press   releases  •  First  version  in  place  at  Providence  Business   News,  •  Currently  in  the  process  of  the  Mirst   implementation  of  new  version  in  the  Tampa  Bay   market   5  
  6. 6. Revenue  model  for  the  future  Business ServicesBusiness directorySocial Media MarketingEmail marketing‘Appvertising’Web site designSearch Optimization 6  
  7. 7. Press  ReleaseQ  is  a  business  service   you  can  offer  in  your  market  •  Press  releases  are  an   important  method  of   disseminating  information  •  The  world  of  Public   Relations  marketing  is   going  through  tumultuous   change.  Online  press   releases  are  turning  the  PR   world  inside  out.   7  
  8. 8. Why  businesses  submit    press  releases  •  To  attract  attention  of  news   media  •  To  announce  business  news,   events,  new  hires  &    new   products  •  To  reach  customers  and   consumers  •  To  be  found  on  search  engines,   an  inbound  marketing  tactic   8  
  9. 9. Most  important  audiences     for  press  releases  #1  traditional  media  #2  Bloggers  and  new  media  outlets  #3  B2B  consumers  and  customers  #4  B2C  consumers  and  customers  Society  for  New  Communications  Research,  May,  2009   9  
  10. 10. There  are  many  online    press  release   distribution  sites   10  
  11. 11. Value  of  online  press  releases  “Press  releases  may  not  be  the  most   glamorous  corner  of  the  media  world,  but   represent  nonetheless  a  $2.2  billion  market   in  the  U.S.”   -­‐  Web  2.0  reinvents  the  press  release,  Fortune,  August  8,  2007   11  
  12. 12. Other  beneMits  of  online     press  release  distribution  •  Video,  photo,  and  .pdf    Miles  of  press  release  can  be  attached  •  They  are  archived  indeMinitely,  providing  long-­‐term   exposure  •  Press  releases  are  searchable  and  dated  •  Press  releases  can  be  printed  for  hard  copy  distribution  •  Self-­‐service  ordering  24/7  is  convenient  •  Easy  pay  with  credit  cards  ,  monthly  auto-­‐charge  also  an   option   12  
  13. 13. What  is     ?  •  PressReleaseQ  is  a  software  platform   • PR  spending  is  10%  of   marke=ng  budgets**   that  allows  you  to  accept,  manage,   $199,742,000  spent  in  FL  in   promote  and  display  press  releases  and   2007*   • 2%  of  total  business   to  charge  for  posting  or  distributing   revenues   • New  revenue  from  non-­‐ them  on  your  website   tradi=onal  adver=sers  •  PressReleaseQ  follows  the  SAAS  model   • #1  use  of  digital  marke=ng   is  lead  genera=on  •  Instead  of  dealing  with  an  online  press   • #2  is  brand  awareness**   release  site,  your  customers  can  deal   *hMp:// with  a    trusted  brand,  your  publication   census02/data   **hMp:// 1G1-­‐112485073.html   13  
  14. 14. A  new  platform  for  three  key  groups  Journalists and Editors Consumers PR and Marketing Pros
  15. 15. BeneMit  to  consumers  of  publishing  a  paid   press  release  on  a  publication’s  site   Search  trends  among   consumers  •  Press  releases  appear  on  your  publication’s  site,     •  Top  search  engine   so  there  is  a  positive  association    with  your  brand   rankings  can  •  Your  site  is  indexed  by  google  and  other  search   generate  up  to   engines   900%  more  trafMic   to  a  site.  •  Customer’s  press  releases  on  your  site  are  likely  to   •  Votes  cast  by   appear  on  the  Mirst  page  of  search  results   pages  that  are  •  Stand-­‐alone  press  release  distribution  sites  don’t   themselves   important  weigh   have  the  power  of  a  news  publication’s  website     more  heavily  and  •  Press  releases  are  distributed  to  other  news  sites   help  to  make   other  pages   important.   Source:  MarketingSherpa   Source:  google   15  
  16. 16. Example  of  how  PressReleaseQ  optimizes  searchability 16  
  17. 17. BeneMits  for  your  publication  •  New,  unduplicated  revenue  •  Quality  content.    “Content  is  the  new  oil.*”    •  Reinforce  your  site’s  position  as  the  #1  source  for  up-­‐to-­‐the   minute  business  news  and  information   –  Drive  more  trafMic  to  your  site   –  Elevate  the  importance  of  you  premium  brand  •  Provide  a  valuable  service  for  local  market  PR  Mirms,   businesses  and  government  agencies  •  Establish  yourself  as  a  niche  press  release  distributor  for   your  region  •  Could  be  a  component  of  a  premium  content  subscription   *Source: Gerry McGovern, Killer Web Content 17  
  18. 18. Additional  beneMits   Search  trends  among  •  PRQ  improves  current  processes  for   the  media   •  98%  of   managing  press  releases   journalists  go  •  Reaches  journalists  by  delivering  directly   online  every  day   •  76%  of   to  a  web  site  speciMically  created  for  press   journalists   releases   search  for   sources/experts  •  Journalists  can  grab  or  download  pdfs,   •  73%  of   audio  and  video  as  needed,  or  repurpose   journalists   search  for  news   press  releases  as  print  content  easily   releases            Source:  MarketingSherpa   18  
  19. 19. PressReleaseQ      Press  Release  Ticker   19  
  20. 20. Coming  soon  to  Tampa  Bay-­‐  PRlink  •  PRlink  is  the  name  of  PressReleaseQ  at  the  St.   Petersburg  Times  •  Project  sponsors:  Bruce  Faulmann,  Neil  Brown   –  Project  team:  Jennifer  Orsi,  Jim  Booth,  Suzanne  Palmer,   Kerry  O’Reilly,  Carol  Manning  •  Soft  launch  is  August  20  •   “Go  live”  will  be  August    27   PRlink   20  
  21. 21.  with  a  new  press  release  ‘ticker’  
  22. 22. 29  
  23. 23. 30  
  24. 24. Additional  Revenue  Opportunities  •  Additional  display  ad  inventory  on  Press   Release  page  •  Offer  email  newsletter  opt-­‐in  for  those  who   sign  up  to  submit  news  releases  •  Provides  leads  for  sales  staff  •  Can  be  sold  with  press  release  “advertorials”   in  print   31  
  25. 25. Implementation  Phases    •  Agree  to  work  with  Creative  Circle  •  Determine  and  communicate  level  of   commitment,  prioritize  tasks  and  create   timeline  for  executing  them  •  Option:  Conduct  a  focus  group  with  PR   professionals  and  Marketing  professionals     onsite  to  get  feedback  and  establish  pricing  •  Project  completion  time  is  3  –  4  months   32  
  26. 26. Project  Implementation  Plan  •  Onsite  monthly,  meetings  weekly  •  Project  branding/naming  •  Site  building  and  customization  •  Marketing  plan  •  Help  with  paid  packages  and  pricing  •  Marketing  material  development  •  Order  fulMillment  team  training  •  News  department  training  •  Communication  with  staff  •  Community  outreach  program  development  •  Launch  plan  coordination  and  plan  implementation   33  
  27. 27. Thank  you!  Let’s  discuss  next  steps   Nancy  Summers   Director  of  Business  Development   (813)  839-­‐4827   Bill  Ostendorf     President   (401)455-­‐1555   34