Bangkok Business Brief - Volume 1, Issue 2 - Jan. 2012


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Bangkok Business Brief - Volume 1, Issue 2 - Jan. 2012

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Bangkok Business Brief - Volume 1, Issue 2 - Jan. 2012

  1. 1. BANGKOK BANGKOK BUSINESS BRIEF January 2012 1 BUSINESS BRIEFVol. No. 1, Issue No. 2 January 2012 www.bangkokbusinessbrief.com3 Years and Counting Down to URGENT! British expats see Page 12the AEC: Will Thailand Be Ready? NOW!B D O ing, the time to lay the ground- for many ai companies, there is from Asean Secretary-GeneralAs Asean nations gear up for the work for regional cooperation, and a danger that when 2015 arrives, Surin Pitsuwan, who advised thatformal establishment of the Asean even expansion, is now. Various certain sectors of the economy will the ai government, in the wakeEconomic Community (AEC) in industries have begun preparing be le behind and lose out to other of this year’s ooding crisis, realize2015, both the public and private for regional economic integration Asean countries and companies the importance of the AEC and tosectors in ailand are realizing and have made progress, while that are better prepared. attempt to boost con dence in thethat with just three years remain- others remain skeptical and are ai economy, both regionally and taking a much more deliberate ap- e urgency of the situation was around the world. Indeed, ai- Inside proach. While this may be prudent indicated recently by comments Story continues on Page 20. General Interest 2 M E AEC Economy 3 S S Government 4 Finance/Investment 5 S M C E I E E G Production 6 P B R D E Infrastructure/Logistics 7 Retail/Services 8 external economic relations IT/Comms 9 Integration (IAI) Tourism 10 global supply networks Real Estate 11 Environment/CSR 12 Business Organizations 13 e Chambers 14 e Calendar 22 Human Resource Development Research and Development
  2. 2. 2 BANGKOK BUSINESS BRIEF January 2012 To read the full article of a story brief, Briefs ...added that the company had set aside a signi cant investment enter the short code at the end of budget of Bt200 million to Bt300 million for overseas expansion. the story into your browser: Full story at Interest proposed initiative to construct natural disasters, says the ai- ailand will ask Japan’s govern- a 100-kilometretunnel to prevent land Business Council for Sustain- ment “and other international de- future ooding in and around the able Development (TBCSD). velopment partners” to help assess capital will carry a he y price tag, the impact of planned hydropower it is worth the cost, say under- TBCSD chairman Prasert Bun- ground tunnelling system ana- sumpun said companies have a joint statement today. VietnamAnti-graft alliance lysts. learned from the country’s worst earlier recommended a 10-year ood in ve decades the signi -vows to keep close cant risks to their business. major city relies solely on the canal. e advantage of under- “Business operators have only fo- Opposition to the Xayaburi dam ground tunnels is they don’t re- cused on nancial performance may force...watchdog groups, yesterday quire any additional land,” said and gaining market share. ey Full story at the “Clean ailand Zaw Zaw Aye, secretary-general of overlooked...DIY” campaign to monitor the the World Tunnel Congress 2012 Full story at ‘Only minor impact’government’s spending of Bt800 Organising Committee. “For ex- Laos to Delay on European marketbillion earmarked for post- ood ample, if the damage from ood- In spite of some concern over therecovery e orts. ing is 1 trillion dollars, an under- Mekong River Dam, ooding in ailand and the euro- ground tunnel system could... Agrees to Further zone debt crisis, more traders and Full story at tourists from the European Unionsaid the group is inviting people Studies will go to ailand next year, ac-to join its campaign for 2012 to Business council Laos agreed to delay construction cording to a ai envoywatch post- ood recovery e orts, advises disaster of a $3.7 billion hydropower damwhich the government has said... plans “ e inundation has had a minorFull story at study concerns among neigh- impact on the number of tourists ai businesses should incorpo- boring countries that the project and very little on trade or invest-Tunnel analysts rate natural disaster risks in their would disrupt sheries and rice ment. Tourists and investors stillpush for study risk management plans and the production downstream. have high con dence to visit andDespite the high price tag, the plan government should empower a keep doing business with...will be worthwhile – Although a single agency to take charge of Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Full story at Bangkok Business Brief BANGKOK BUSINESS BRIEF Publisher and Managing Director Kaewta Verstein “Magazines Perform Best At Sending Consumers To Start A Search Online” Executive Assistant to the Managing Director Source: BIGresearch Simultaneous Media Usage Study (SIMM17) Dec. 2010 d Director Business Development Manager / News Director and Ad Traffic Joke Chaymanee W Managing Director Creative Director d Delivery Andy Hyde Cha Lormnak +66 (0)80 814 9080 Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. BANGKOK BUSINESS BRIEF January 2012 3 General Inter est liam Shakespea re Sponsored by. .. Nature and life in JuliusCaesar.Use the QR Code reader in your seasons of the are cyclical _ year, life and dea the the phases of the th,smartphone to see all the stories zbNM Caught up in dai moon, the tides. ly details, we eas Asia stands to ily forget that the business woin a certain category. gain from W has cycles, too. We with the econom are all familiar rld est ic business cyc leEconomy build the country, Commerce said on Wednesday. said the government will imple-BoT: Europe crisis ment policies focusing on dis- tribution of income, increasingwon’t hurt economy prices of agricultural products e continuing nancial crisis in and raising of daily minimumEurope is causing uncertainty but wage of will not have much impact onthe ai economy, a central bank The government will interveneo cial said Tuesday. in the market to ensure that prices of agricultural goods are - reasonably high, particularly...roeconomics director Songtham Full story at said the BoT has been keep-ing a close watch on the situation. Export growth toIt would have only a minimal af- narrow to singlefect on the overall economy of digits next year ailand. Exports next year are expected toHe said the central bank’s growth grow at a moderate single-digitprojection of 4.8 per cent for next pace as the unresolved worldyear was based on the hypothesis economy erodes consumption,that Europe’s economy was not so says the Export-Import Bank ofgood but there was no sign that ailand (Exim Bank).the situation was deterioratingfurther. Bank president Kanit Sukontha- man said ai exports would ex- pand slowly in 2012 compared with this year’s 17-18% growth ofFull story at US$22.8 billion.Single world Exim Bank is predicting a con-currency ‘inevitable’ traction in global demand because of lingering economic woes in thewinning Canadian economist, is large economies, which make upcon dent the 13-year-old Euro- 30% of the ai export market.pean monetary union will surviveand has rea rmed his wish for auniversal currency. whether China’s government may have tried to...Speaking yesterday in Bangkok, Full story at predicted European leaders willaddress the euro zone’s embattled Asia Faces ‘Mucheconomies with important chang- Greater’ Risks ones in the economic bloc. Global Slowdown, ADB Saysamending the existing scal treaty Asian economies are facing “muchand making troubled economies greater downside risks” now be-adopt austerity measures. cause of the possibility of a reces- sion in the U.S. and Europe and“It is di cult if not impossible to the threat of destabilizing capitalgo back in the current crisis, and ows, the Asian Developmentgoing forward requires a big... Bank said.Full story at e biggest challenge for policyStrong economic makers in emerging East Asiangrowth again nations is to safeguard growthpredicted in 2012 against the threat of another globalGross domestic product is ex- lender said in its Asia Economicpected to grow in 2012 by aboutseven per cent on the back of over the world economy means...government investment to re- Full story at
  4. 4. BANGKOK BUSINESS BRIEF January 2012 To read the full article of a story brief, Briefs ...added that the company had set aside a signi cant investment enter the short code at the end of budget of Bt200 million to Bt300 million for overseas expansion. the story into your browser: Full story at JSCCIB wants songkroh, could a ect the minis- sures are available at the moment. try’s e orts to push forward mega- Government change to Article project developments to serve the government’s policy, a source says. import duties for machinery and e Joint Standing Committee on raw materials come attached withSponsored by TISCO Financial Commerce, Industry and Banking During the past four months the conditions regarding the type ofGovt vows to (JSCCIB) suggested the govern- ministry has shown little progress machinery and the exemption pe- ment rapidly amend Article 190 of on mega-projects promised by the riod. Also, the investment...protect industry the charter to allow state o ces to Pheu ai Party during the gener- Full story at high concerns over recur- freely deal with foreign countries. al-election campaign, including 10 mass-transit routes, the dual-track Kittiratt: B300 Payungsak Chartsuthipol, chair- project, and high-speed rail. e daily wage plan man of the Federation of ai ministry is key to bringing such still onRanong vowed to protect indus- Industries, said on Wednesday projects on stream, which would e government’s plan to increasetrial and trading areas under the that JSCCIB had set up a working lead to massive investment in... the labour minimum wage to 300soon-to-be launched master plan panel to coordinate with the gov- Full story at baht per day from April 1 next yearon water management. ernment, asking it to quickly move will still be carried out despite the to change the Article 190. JSCCIB Tax measures to ood which has severely a ected e Cabinet will today convene thought the article is a major... subsidise industries the economy and the value-addeda special meeting to consider a Full story at A er months of inundation, the tax (VAT) will not be increasedpost- ood reconstruction bud- government has announced that from the current rate of 7 per cent,get, which Kittiratt hinted would Transport Ministry most factories in ooded industri-exceed Bt40 billion if the Cabinet clashes ‘slow al estates should be able to resume Ranong said on Sunday.gave the green light to all the proj- projects’ operation early next year.ects being considered at the meet- He said that despite the ood situ-ing. e budget ceiling for recon- e reported management con- To ensure this will take place, the ation, the increase in the coun-struction is said to be about Bt120 - rst set of tax measures have re- try’s exports during the rst eightbillion. ter Sukampol Suwannathat and cently been announced for the months was as high as 24 per cent,Kittiratt said the government... his two deputy ministers, Chatt Board of Investment-promoted and the overall increase in...Full story at Kuldilokeand Kittisakdi Hatha- projects. Let’s nd out what mea- Full story at
  5. 5. BANGKOK BUSINESS BRIEF January 2012 General Inter est liam Shakespea re Sponsored by. .. Nature and life in JuliusCaesar.Use the QR Code reader in your seasons of the are cyclical _ the SECURITY year, life and dea the phases of the th,smartphone to see all the stories zbNM Caught up in dai moon, the tides. ly details, we eas Asia stands to ily forget that the business woin a certain category. gain from W has cycles, too. rld INVESTIGATIONS We est with the econom are all familiar ic business cyc leFinance / Investment the Asean Economic Community in 2015 because of problemswith the country’s fundamentals and regulations, and a joint govern- ฀ ฀ ment-private-sector committee ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ should be set up quickly to imple- ment a cross-border payment sys- ฀ ฀ ฀More foreign fund tem, banks executives said. ฀฀ ฀ ฀flow next year ฀ ฀Foreign investors will return to Anuchit Anuchitanukul, senior ailand next year because the executive vice president of Krung ฀ ฀Stock Exchange of ailand (SET) ai Bank, noted that the current ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀ ฀is still attractive, ianthip Supan- e-payment systems served only lo- cals, unlike foreign banks, becauseResearch Institute, said on Tues- of the regulations and business lo-day. gistics. ai capital market’s price to earn- “We still see messengers ridinging (P/E) ratio of ai shares is motorcycles to collect cheques andlower than that of the US stock invoices instead of using electron-market, while their dividend pay- ic payment systems,” he said. “ isment rates are higher. In addition, indicates that the payment systemthe stock market in Europe has in ailand will not be ready onceyet to recover and therefore it is the AEC arrives.”...expected that more foreign fund Full story at ow into the SET in 2012, said SME: Thai hub planned to back Tel: +66 878842122 Info: aaron@leboutilliergroup.comForeign investors made total net stakes from Europe www.leboutilliergroup.comsales of 17 billion baht over the rst eleven months of the year, but in Aseanthey returned to make net pur- Several European small and me-chase of 9.3 billion baht in Decem- dium-sized enterprises are look-ber. is was a sign showing that... ing into making new investmentsFull story at in Asean, particularly ailand, as the region is an emerging marketEuro crisis expected with great opportunities for busi-to spur inflows ness growth. - ce expects foreign capital to ow To facilitate this, the Europeaninto ailand’s bond market be- Commission has budgeted €2 mil-cause of the protracted sovereign lion (Bt16 million) for the new %DNHU 7LOO RUSRUDWH $GYLVRUdebt crisis in Europe. Bangkok-based European-Ase- an Business Centre in ailand 6HUYLFHV 7KDLODQG
  6. 6. /LPLWHGChakkrit Parapuntakul, director- (EABC).general of the o ce, said yesterday 2XU 6HUYLFHVthat Standard Poor’s, an inter- Freya Lemcke (Eurochambres) ‡ 13/ LVSRVDO DQG $FTXLVLWLRQnational rating agency, would fur-ther downgrade the creditworthi- Union from various sectors would ‡ HEW 5HVWUXFWXULQJ 7XUQDURXQGness of many countries in Europe. like to start businesses in the... ‡ )XQG 5DLVLQJ Full story at ‡ 9DOXDWLRQ 5HSRUWVInvestors will not have opportuni-ties to deal in Europe or the Unit- Asia Surviving ‡0 $ed States, he said. Europe ‘Stress Test’ ‡ DVK DQG 3HUIRUPDQFH 0RQLWRULQJ $FFRXQWLQJ Boosts Case for XH LOLJHQFH ailand, among other countriesin this region, stands to gain from Upgradethe next wave of capital ows. Asian economies are withstanding ,I RX UHTXLUH DQ RI WKHVH VHUYLFHV Europe’s debt crisis so well that SOHDVH IHHO IUHH WR FRQWDFW WKH 3DUWQHUV Foreign investors have plenty of some investors are positioning for XQGRQJ 7KDQWLYLUDPDQRQ $PQDM 0XQJNRUQSXQroom to expand in the ai bond credit-rating upgrades in the, as they... RU :DUZLFN .QHDOH RQ RUFull story at LQTXLULHV#EDNHUWLOOWKDLODQGFRP watching the trading in (AsianNew rules needed credit-default) swaps, which pro-to get e-payment tect against non-payment, and ZZZEDNHUWLOOWKDLODQGFRP e e-payment system of ai how Asia copes with capital...banks is unlikely to be ready for Full story at
  7. 7. 6 BANGKOK BUSINESS BRIEF January 2012 To read the full article of a story brief, Briefs ...added that the company had set aside a signi cant investment enter the short code at the end of budget of Bt200 million to Bt300 million for overseas expansion. the story into your browser: Full story at Amata sees post- Ltd, the world leader in hard-disk said that aside from the construc- drives (HDDs) and storage solu- tion of more robust ood barri- flood boom tions, has released the gures for ers at the estates as a short-term 11% rise in demand projected its new read/write-head factory in measure, investors are demanding next year – Amata Corporation a water master plan for long-term expects a windfall from the oods, security.Better safe increasing its target land sales to Costing 1 billion baht for both 2,000 rai next year, up from 1,800 construction and equipment, the “ e plan is a priority to ensurethan sorry rai, on demand from factories 29,800-square-metre building will quick recovery in the manufac- e ood crisis has highlighted wanting to escape ooded estates. start operations next February. turing sector,” said Kobkarn Wat-the desirability of diversifying op- tanav-rangkul, chairwoman oferations across multiple locations. Viboon Kromadit, Amata’s chief e new plant will create several Toshiba ailand and Bangkadi operating o cer, is con dent the thousand new jobs once it... Industrial Park – one of seven in- e unexpectedly huge scale of company can increase industrial Full story at undated industrial estates.the ongoing ood crisis has driven land sales next year, pumping its Failure to develophome the need for companies to revenue to 5 billion baht, up from “ ough it may require seven todiversify their operations base af- a previous target of 4 billion. water plan eight years to implement, the planter many saw their entire produc- not an option: is a must; there are fears that this...tion process shut down. With seven industrial estates in manufacturers Full story at Ayutthaya and Pathum ani in-Total damage has yet to be gured, undated, causing massive damage Given the magnitude of the ood- Quality stampbut already the potential price tag to the auto and electronics indus- in icted losses to manufacturers for productsis sending shivers down the spine tries, Amata has been contacted both small and large, ailand’s ai products will be promotedof companies that had their entire by several factories that are ready industrial competitiveness can with a “ ailand Trust Qualityoperation in a single location or to move... only be maintained if a compre-even based in one country. Full story at hensive water-management mas- Promotion Department (DEP). ter plan is developed, panellists at Research shows ai products are“Yes, we’ve learned a lesson from Seagate completes a seminar said. known for their diversi cationthis natural disaster. We thought... B1bn Korat factory and neat design, so the DEP will...Full story at Seagate Technology ( ailand) ree industrial-estate operators Full story at 7ULV 0DUW /WG +RQJ .RQJ Looking for a CFO? 7H[WLOHV $SSDUHO 6HUYLFHV LQ $VLD 6RXUFLQJ _ %XLQJ _ 3URGXFWLRQ _ 4 d D , t WZKhd sKWDEd ZKhW^ d d C D h Look A Peter – 086.006.2216 (Eng.) /E^/E D Eh dhZ/E no further L Jeab – 083.278.4455 (Thai) L + CFO Solutions + Internationally Experienced + Proven Worth *HU (0216 2ZQ *HU (0216 2ZQHU 021 ZQHU (0216 2ZQHU )RXQGHU )RXQGHU RXQG )RXQGHU E + Structured Financial Reviews d + Scheduled Reporting + Impartial Balanced Feedback + Established Team p,I LWoV PDGH IURP WH[WLOHV 7ULV 0DUW /WG FDQ ILQG LW IRU RX LQ $VLDq Administration Outsourcing Co. Ltd. s E W W 12th Floor, Vanissa Building, 29 Soi Chidlom / d s
  8. 8. BANGKOK BUSINESS BRIEF January 2012 General InterUse the QR Code reader in your Sponsored by. est .. liam Shakespea seasons of the re ,Kt E / d Dz WKW Nature and life in JuliusCaesar. are cyclical _ the year, life and dea the phases of the th,smartphone to see all the stories Asia stands to zbNM ily forget that TO WANT dK K d, d,/E^ Caught up in dai moon, the tides. ly details, we eas the business woin a certain category. gain from W has cycles, too. We with the econom are all familiar rld est / t Ed d,D dK K ic business cyc leInfrastructure/Logistics selves in response to rising compe- tition when the Asean community becomes a single market, e ective in 2015. ...DEVELOP YOUR LEADERSHIP SKILLS Chula Sukmanop, inspector-gen-IATA urges single said that transportation amongairport for Bangkok Asean countries would become e International Air Travel As- more convenient a er Asean be- ^ / Z .sociation (IATA) has called on the comes a single market.government to continue expand- ding Suvarnabhumi Airport rather ailand would also open its road than renovating ooded Don routes, covering a total length of more than 4,000 kilometres, in-very costly, noting |that having cluding railways, for other Aseandual airports does |not attract ei- countries. erefore, ai logistics Kther airlines or tourists. rms need to increase their... Full story at MWA using president for safety, operationsand infrastructure at the IATA, German technology K to accelerate watermedia day in Switzerland lastweek that the government should purification processcarefully consider the cost beforeassociation believes the money Solvox technology from Germa-would be better spent on expand- ny-based Linde to accelerate theing and developing Suvarnabhumi puri cation of contaminated oodAirport, which would provide... water and ensure the good qualityFull story at of tap water distributed in Bang- kok and nearby provinces.Some Asian citiesurged to fund ai Industrial Gases (TIG), ainfrastructure with subsidiary of Linde, is committed to providing liquid oxygen used inmunicipal bonds the treatment process in additionAsian local governments search- to the installation of a puri cationing for funds to pay for a slew of system worth Bt10 million to theinfrastructure projects may needto contemplate municipal bonds %DNHU 7LOO 0DQDJHPHQWas an alternative funding source,according to a new report by Stan- yesterday said tap water to date 6HUYLFHV 7KDLODQG
  9. 9. /LPLWHGdard Poor’s Ratings Services. was still clean and safe for daily use. However, the amount of water e report discusses some of the contaminated a er two months of :H SURYLGHregion’s infrastructure needs, as ooding is enormous, and the... ‡ 2XWVRXUFHG DFFRXQWLQJ VHUYLFHVwell as the key challenges facing Full story at’s policymakers as they at- ‡ 1HZ FRPSDQ VWUXFWXULQJ DQG IRUPDWLRQtempt to nd funding solutions Ch Karnchang gears ‡ RPSDQ UHVWUXFWXULQJand address long-standing inves- up for billions’ oftor concerns about the region’s contracts ‡ RPSDQ VHFUHWDULDO VHUYLFHVbond markets. It also examines ‡ 2XWVRXUFHG SDUROO VHUYLFHVwhat needs to be done to kick- Ch Karnchang, the country’sstart the region’s municipal markets. second-largest construction com- ,I RX UHTXLUH DQ RI WKHVH VHUYLFHV pany, is ready to take on Bt50 bil- SOHDVH IHHO IUHH WR FRQWDFW WKH 3DUWQHUV “Economic and market conditions lion to Bt60 billion worth of post-are probably ripe for many coun- ood work. 3HWHU 7DORU RU :DUZLFN .QHDOHtries in emerging Asia to contem- RQ RUplate new funding solutions... Chief executive o cer Plew LQTXLULHV#EDNHUWLOOWKDLODQGFRPFull story at Trivisvavet said yesterday thatLogistics firms told a er all up, old infrastructure mopped ood waters have beento shape up before such as roads would need to beAEC repaired while new infrastruc- ZZZEDNHUWLOOWKDLODQGFRP ai logistics services providers ture, such as roads, buildings...have been advised to adjust them- Full story at
  10. 10. BANGKOK BUSINESS BRIEF January 2012 To read the full article of a story brief, Briefs ...added that the company had set aside a signi cant investment enter the short code at the end of budget of Bt200 million to Bt300 million for overseas expansion. the story into your browser: Full story at Thais’ average president for marketing and certainty, as the water is draining public relations at Central Food away only very slowly and has still online spending at Retail, which operates Tops Su- not fully receded in some areas,” Online shoppers in ailand are said the company would o cially in a statement today. “It therefore sticking to the same online holiday launch its “Top Shop Online” divi- remains di cult to estimate lossesThai AirAsia delays shopping budget theyhalf for them- selves last year, with set planning sion next year. Its e-division is al- ready in operation on a trial basis in the worst a ected industrial ar- eas around Bangkok.”IPO to spend the same amount as they and has received good customerAirAsia insisted yesterday that the did in 2010, according to the Visa feedback. Swiss Re Ltd., the world’s second-proposed initial public o ering of Holiday Season Online Shopping biggest reinsurer, earlier this weekits ai a liate was still on track, Study. Under this new marketing strat- estimated its claims from thethough with an apparent shi to egy, Phattaraporn said the compa- oods at $600 million and said itthe rst quarter of next year in- e study revealed that 33 per cent ny would also launch mobile ap- expects a total insured market...stead of this month. of respondents plan to set aside a plications for this service next year Full story at higher online holiday shopping and believes these channels will...Tony Fernandes, the CEO of budget this year, while 18 percent Full story at Asia’s biggest low-cost said they would spend... earnings take a hitcarrier, said the planned IPO of Full story at Munich Re Expects Crisis management and social- ai AirAsia (TAA) and that of Thai Flood Claims media solutions will be the twoJakarta-based o shoot AirAsia Retailers eye key issues of interest to businessesIndonesia (AAI) were both on online distribution next year because of the high levelschedule with regard to due dili- channels Million Euros of uncertainty over the economy,gence and regulatory approval. anks to the development of mo- politics and natural disasters. bile technology, a rising number reinsurer, estimates its net claims“ ai AirAsia is submitting its ap- of Internet users and more con- from the ooding in ailand at Danai Chanchaochai, chief execu-plication to regulators for market dence in online payment, many about 500 million euros ($671 tive o cer of DC Consultants andlisting early in the rst quarter of leading retailers are planning to million) before taxes.2012,” he said, with AAI to... enter the e-business eld next year. it was imperative for ailand to...Full story at Phattaraporn Phenpraphat, vice- e estimate “is still subject to un- Full story at Business affected D / t t E ^ Eds W d E zKh! t W Z D D E Z W t d : Business Continuity Planning | Outsourcing | Software
  11. 11. BANGKOK BUSINESS BRIEF January 2012 General Inter est liam Shakespea re Sponsored by. .. Nature and life in JuliusCaesar.Use the QR Code reader in your seasons of the are cyclical _ year, life and dea the the phases of the th,smartphone to see all the stories zbNM Caught up in dai moon, the tides. ly details, we eas Asia stands to ily forget that the business woin a certain category. gain from W has cycles, too. We with the econom are all familiar rld est ic business cyc leIT / Comms its IT competitiveness ranking, but the country’s PC so ware pi- racy rate is fast declining, says a new report by the Economist In- telligence Unit.Firms embrace ailand’s IT competitiveness ranking slipped to 50th in thissocial media year’s IT Competitiveness Index,Global survey says more compa- from 49th two years ago. Combinednies bank on new-media tools to Security Solutionsdeliver information to employees e Business So ware Alliance (BSA), which sponsored the re- for the workplaceA majority of companies world- port, said blame falls mainly on...wide say they are becoming more Full story at about the use ofsocial-media tools to connect NBTC approves Securitas Security Services knows well that all workplaces need to be monitoredwith and keep their workforces Xe[ gifkZk[% N`k_ fli :fdY`e[ JZli`kp Jfclk`fej# n f i X iXe^ f] k_ cXkjkinformed. cellular broadband Access Control Systems such as biometrics entry systems and CCTV supported by fli Dfe`kfi`e^ :eki Xe[ fli DfY`c GXkifcj%In fact, more than two-thirds of servicecompanies surveyed by global $ Surveillance CCTV systemsprofessional services company Tele-communications Commis- $ Access Control - Biometrics wireless systemsTowers Watson, plan to increase sion has given approval to cellular $ Expert installation after sales service warrantytheir use of social-media tools operators to test fourth-genera- Securitas Thailand $ 24/7 Remote monitoring by multilingualover the next 12 months though tion cellular broadband service on professionals Email: question their... the 2.3-gigahertz and 1,800-mega- Telephone: 02 402 8258 $ Establishment of an anti fraud/crime cultureFull story at hertz frequencies. $ Fhej[Yj fhef[hjo ijW Yb_[djiEGA plans master BANGKOK BANG PA-IN CHIANG MAI EASTERN SEABOARD HUA HIN LAEM CHABANG BANGKOK BANG PA-IN CHIANG MAI EASTERN SEABOARD HUA HIN LAEM CHABANGcentre for business MAPTAPHUT PATTAYA PHUKET SAMUI UDON THANI MAPTAPHUT PATTAYA PHUKET SAMUI UDON THANIcontinuity watchdog had approved a joint application by Advanced Info Ser- e government plans to set up a vice (AIS) and TOT to o er Longstate data centre to support busi- Term Evolution (LTE) technol-ness continuity during natural di- ogy 4G service on TOT’s 2.3GHzsasters and political turmoil, says spectrum on a trial basis. e statethe Electronic Government Agen-cy (EGA). - trum in the trial.“In early January, the EGA willsubmit a proposal to seek cabinet AIS and TOT will jointly...approval for the data centre proj- Full story at,” said director Sak Segknoon-thod. Survey: Cloud security emerging“ e centre will consolidate all concern amongstate agency data centres into asingle unit” to eliminate redun- usersdancy. If we want any data now, we Companies in South Asia arehave to hop on and o in di erent con dently wading into cloudplaces instead of taking essential computing, but they admit com-data from a single place.” plicated operational security is a top concern, according to the e agency will assess the e cien- 2011 state of cloud of government data centres andintegrate related ones. e central Conducted by the leading datadata centre will be sited in a prov- security rm Symantec, the sur-ince such as Chon Buri to shield vey found 84% of 1,100 organ-it from... isations surveyed in ailand,Full story at Vietnam, Philippines and IndiaThailand’s IT are con dent about shi ing toranking slips a notch cloud computing _ the use of ap-CAT Telecom and True Corp plications hosted next week will discussamending their contracts for joint ailand has slipped one spot in Full story at
  12. 12. 10 BANGKOK BUSINESS BRIEF January 2012 To read the full article of a story brief, Briefs ...added that the company had set aside a signi cant investment enter the short code at the end of budget of Bt200 million to Bt300 million for overseas expansion. the story into your browser: Full story at TAT hungry for have a functioning nurse room for as visitors return to the Kingdom emergency rst aid, as it is a re- a er delaying trips because of the Chinese market quirement of the Hotel Act. ooding crisis. e Tourism Authority of ai- land (TAT) plans to restore the “Even genuinely registered op- Chinese market a er the main- erators should not receive a li- of Pullman Bangkok King PowerNew TAT campaign land li ed its travel warning last cence extension if they don’t have Hotel, said that not only foreign week. a nurse room,” THA president tourists, but also business travel-aimed at getting Prakit Chinamourphong said yes- lers and ais would require theoff on the right - terday. use of hotels for meetings andfoot with foreign ty governor for Asia and the South events. Paci c, said the agency will sup- e association has submittedarrivals port half of the marketing cam- e Tourism Authority of ai- paign cost for travel agents who Yongyuth Wichaidit for the gov- put their plans to travel to ai-land (TAT) will introduce “ ai- join the project to promote 10 ernment to continue to help up- land on hold during the oodingland Welcomes the World”, its new charter ights from Chinese prov- grade hotel standards and safetycampaign aimed at impressing inces that have never had ights through the Hotel Act. but they are expected travellers from their to ailand such as Shanxi Sheng, Full story at rst step inside the country. Chongqing, Hebei, and Henan. e requirement for a nurse room in every hotel was... Despite more rivals,“ ailand is now rehabilitating it- Full story at Full story at TCEB confident ofself in the wake of massive ood- THA presses govt Kingdom set for winninging, so we must make a strongimpression on tourists by giving to enforce ‘nurse post-flood tourism Although the countries biddingthem a warm welcome as soon as room’ requirement rebound to host the World Expo 2020 havethey arrive,” said governor Sura- grown from two to ve, the ai-phon Svetasreni. in all hotels Representatives of both the private land Convention and Exhibition e ai Hotels Association is and public sectors are predicting Bureau (TCEB) is con dent that e 20-million-baht campaign,... that the tourism industry will see Ayutthaya remains the top...Full story at ensure that all registered hotels strong growth in the coming year Full story at
  13. 13. BANGKOK BUSINESS BRIEF January 2012 11 General Inter est liam Shakespea re Sponsored by. .. Nature and life in JuliusCaesar.Use the QR Code reader in your seasons of the are cyclical _ year, life and dea the the phases of the th,smartphone to see all the stories zbNM Caught up in dai moon, the tides. ly details, we eas Asia stands to ily forget that the business woin a certain category. gain from W has cycles, too. We with the econom are all familiar rld est ic business cyc leReal Estate Anupong wins top award e listed developer Asian Prop- erty Development Plc (AP) won Best A ordable Condo Develop- ment (Bangkok) for its project Rhythm Ratchada while its CEOlease term proposed Anupong Asavabhokhin won RealAn extension of the current maxi- Estate Personality of the Year inmum lease term to 90 years from ailand Property Awards 2011.30 years would help to addressproblems of ai nominees hold-ing property ownership for for-eigners while more than doubling e Residences at e St. Regisproperty values and generating Bangkok was the winner of three ,more tax revenue. awards at yesterday’s event in- cluding Best Condo Development t e inability to own land in ai- ailand, Best Luxury Condo De-land and an unattractive maxi- velopment (Bangkok) and Best... Wmum lease term of 30 years for a Full story at prompt some foreigners ^to appoint ai nominees to hold Mortgage rethinkthe property for them. is year’s ood crisis will spark a , sea change in home loan criteria ^ W ^ ey may also set up a rm to hold d the property, which o en results e mortgage sector will likely / in a dispute between the foreign- change signi cantly following theers and their ai nominees. ood crisis as banks readjust their debt approval criteria. Sorachon Boonsong, a partner inthe international law rm Baker Project location, appraisal prices, home insurance and the property’sdoes not bene t the country, as... business strategy will all be scruti-Full story at nised more closely.GH Bank sets Location has normally been theflat growth for main factor in a property project,2012 loans corresponding positively to the cost estimate and in turn a ectingGovernment Housing Bank (GH banks’ credit line approvals. De-Bank) expects zero growth next velopers have favoured areas out-year due to the impact of the side Bangkok proper but... oods. Full story at Worawit Chailim- Land prices risepamontri said GH Bank has set a sharply after floods2012 loan target of 99 billion baht,Land prices in Bangkok’s inneron a par with this year’s goal, as areas such as Siam Square havethe deluge in recent months will surged dramatically to Bt1.4 mil-tame the pace of housing de- lion per square wah(4 squaremand. metres) in the a ermath of the severe oods that hit many areas, e ood crisis has not only hit according to the latest survey ofhomebuyers in the pocketbook the Agency for Real Estate A airsbut also caused them to delay their (AREA), an independent proper-decisions. ty-consulting rm.“People who want to buy a new e areas along Sukhumvit Road,home right now are mostly delay- where Siam Paragon Shoppinging their decisions to reconsider,” Complex and Siam Square are located, have seen rates shootreview the location to make sure it up to as high as Bt1.4 millionis safe from ooding.” per square wah, or Bt560 million per rai, a 17-per-cent surge fromHe believes next year’s rst quar- Bt1.2 million per square wah lastter could be an opportunity for... year. e Siam Square area also...Full story at Full story at
  14. 14. 12 BANGKOK BUSINESS BRIEF January 2012 To read the full article of a story brief, Briefs ...added that the company had set aside a signi cant investment enter the short code at the end of budget of Bt200 million to Bt300 million for overseas expansion. the story into your browser: Full story at / CSR China and Asean for its active role in bolstering the 25 per cent within 10 years, which ai workforce through technol- would lead to a signi cant drop in explore green future ogy. crude-oil imports. Huge potential in harnessing world-leading Chinese solar tech- Under the BETTER project, the - nologies to meet soaring demand company, established in 1993,Balancing the for cleaner energy. gives tools to the ai workforce the new alternative-energy plan. nationwide to improve their com- From 2012 to 2021, alternative-biofuel dilemma Asean and China have pledged to puter literacy, apply practical ICT energy consumption would be e usage of biofuels in the avia- exchange knowledge on how to skills and tools to their business, raised from 7,400 kilotonnes oftion sector is set to gain momen- create low-carbon and livable cit- upgrade their job skills using ICT, oil or equivalent – the amount oftum next week with the launch ies as part of the region’s growing improve their self-learning skills energy released by burning that...of ai Airways ights using the green awareness. towards life-long-learning experi- Full story at energy source. While ences, and gain more informationairlines see the shi as contribut- While Asean countries are en- accessible through the Internet. Tesco Lotus opensing to their nancial bottom-lines, dowed with rich natural resources, Thailand and Asia’sas well as reducing global warm- a lot of damage has been done to Currently, 21,467 people are ben- first zero carboning, it is against the backdrop of the environment over the past few e ting from the programme witha growing debate over the impact decades of industrial.... expectations that the number will storeit will have on long-term land-use Full story at reach 40,000. Participants con- Tesco Lotus last week an-ratios and the price of food. rmed that the IT knowledge and nounced the opening of ai- Microsoft’s con dence they gained improved... land and Asia’s rst zero carbonIn an announcement last week, BETTER project Full story at store in Bang Phra in Chon BuriTHAI said it is set to be the rst bags CSR award province,demonstrating its con-airline in Asia to y a commer- Plan to raise tinued commitment to serving thecial passenger ight using biofuels e American Chamber of Com- alternative energy ai people and supporting theto support the company’s Travel merce in ailand (Amcham) has consumption ai economy, while continuingGreen initiative that is part of its picked the ‘BETTER’ programme to care for the environment. ecorporate social responsibility... ailand aims to increase con- store, which emits zero net carbon...Full story at award from among 36 companies, sumption of alternative energy to Full story at NT REALTY ASIA DO YOU HAVE A UK PENSION? If you are an expatriate with a UK private or company pension it is now possible to release 100% of the total fund – regardless of your age!!! Why let the UK government control your pension… tax it throughout payment …and then tax it again on your death For a free- impartial- no obligation – initial consultation with our ‘in house pension specialist’ simply call Paul on +66-871-460-519 or Kevin on +66-843-471-720 to make an appointment or e-mail CONTACT US NOW!
  15. 15. BANGKOK BUSINESS BRIEF January 2012 13 General Inter est liam Shakespea re Sponsored by. .. Nature and life in JuliusCaesar.Use the QR Code reader in your seasons of the are cyclical _ year, life and dea the the phases of the th,smartphone to see all the stories zbNM Caught up in dai moon, the tides. ly details, we eas Asia stands to ily forget that the business woin a certain category. gain from W has cycles, too. We with the econom are all familiar rld est ic business cyc leBusiness Organizations Thailand remains attractive Twenty one member countries of World Trade Organisation (WTO) led 425 questions to theGovernance ai delegation joining the sixth trade policy review in Geneva,‘scorecard’ Switzerland.planned for publiccompanies in Asean To Srirat Rastapana, director-gen- -Led by Securities Commission partment, the questions showed - ailand’s relative attractivenessnance (CG) experts are collabo- to foreign investment.rating on the development of a“CG scorecard” to rank publicly “ ailand is now among the toplisted companies in the region. 20 countries in global trade and investment. In 2010, the value of exports and imports accounted - for 135 per cent of gross domesticsity of Singapore Business School, product. ailand was ranked...Rongruja Saicheua of the ai In- Full story at Prof Salleh Hassan, and Asean chief outlinesProf Sidharta Utama from the In- broad goals ofdonesian Institute for Corporate regional integrationDirectorship. In spite of the successful outcome ey will assess Asean public of the Asean Leaders Summit incompanies against an array of Bali last week, the association andevaluation criteria and develop a its key tradingpartners are expect-ranking list of companies. e list ed to strengthen cooperation on Asean Leaders engagement with other dialogueis expected to be released in the peace, social security and intra- Agree Myanmar partners. rst quarter of 2012. regional trade to ensure a smooth Will Chair integration into a single commu- As it turns out, the desire to con-“For example, ai companies nity by 2015. struct an expansive Asean-ledhave always come up with detailed Leaders of the 10-member As- regional architecture is being “We are living with challenge and - challenged fervently by otherSingapore can learn from... a bubble economy. Asean and non-Asean EAS members. eyFull story at East Asian countries are expected chair the group in 2014, a move have already collectively de- to enhance cooperation in eco- they say will provide further mo- manded to be treated as equal,Enterprises urged nomic, social and environmental mentum for reform in the former as the sixth EAS scheduled on 18to join trade spheres so that they will ensure military dictatorship.associations stable growth,” Surin Pitsuwan... is a red-herring as it could under- Full story at “All leaders are in agreement that mine the... e Federation of ai Industries signi cant developments have Full story at, the country’s most power- Apec economies canful private-sector organisation, do their part: IMF those changes have made it more SCG chief calls forhas urged enterprises to strength- more intra-ASEANen their businesses through trade Asia Paci c economies are urged this responsibility,” Indonesian investment, FDIassociations to increase their bar- to lend their hands in balancing -gaining power. the global economy in light of gawa told reporters in Bali today. Asean countries should be open fragile situation in the euro zone, “We are trying to ensure that the to intra-region investment andAt a seminar on good business process of... speed up market integration aspractice, panellists urged enter- Fund managing director Chris- Full story at well as invite foreign direct in-prises to become members of tine Lagarde. vestment (FDI) as fast as pos-trade associations so that the gov- Can Asean sible to reap the bene ts from theernment will listen to their con- She said that it is important to centrality be creation of the Asean Economiccerns. avoid other risks to the global maintained at East Community (AEC), the head of economy, especially those relat- ailand’s largest industrial con-GIZ representative David Ober- ed to low growth and unaccept- Asia Summit? glomerate said yesterday.huber said enterprises, particular- ably high unemployment. “For When Asean decided to invite thely small and medium-sized ones, APEC’s advanced economies, this United States and Russia to join Kan Trakulhoon, president andshould strengthen their coopera- means primarily adopting strong the premium leader-led East Asia chief executive o cer of Siam Ce-tion so that they will have more medium-term scal consolida- Summit (EAS) in July 2010, it had ment Group (SCG), also assuredpower to make their needs... tion plans, which will create... no idea that their presence would investors during the Asean...Full story at Full story at impact on the overall pattern of Full story at
  16. 16. BANGKOK BUSINESS BRIEF January 2012 General Inter est liam Shakespea re Sponsored by. Nature and life .. Use your smartphone’s QR Code ar The Chambers seasons of the year the phases of the scanner or enter the short code to p:// htt Caught up in dai m ly As stan ily forget that go directly to AMCHAM’s website.ia fromds to gain has cycles, too. with the econom a the b We West icThe American Chamber of Commercein Thailand (AMCHAM Thailand) 7th Floor, GPF Witthayu Tower A, 93/1 Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Tel: +66 (0)2 254 1041 Fax: +66 (0)2 251 1605 Website: Email: Board of Board: Daleen (Dee) Richmond, President and CEO, GeneralGovernors Elections Electric International Opera- Eggnog party to thank its mem- e Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel - tions; David Lyman, Chairman, bers for their support. e party - ing Director, Dana Spicer; John Tilleke Gibbins. includes Christmas foods, gi s and of course plenty of eggnog.Lunch, with an address from U.S. e newly elected Governors will Even Santa Claus was on-handAmbassador Kristie Kenney. - be joining returning board mem- to take gi requests from future ager, Seagate; Douglas Harter de bers: Peter Eliot, Country O cer members.During lunch ballots were count- - for ailand, Citibank; Janice Vaned and at the conclusion of lunch tor Telematics. Re-elected for a Ekeren, Chief Financial O cer, In keeping with the holiday spirit, second term were: Peter Fleet, Bank of Ayudhya; Bruce Hoppe, Vice President of Asia Operations, -elected Governors to the 2012 Company; Pornlert Lattanan, Emerson Electric; Brian Housh, cy Centre. Since 2007, this annual English Solutions; Vorapong Vo- Centre toys and Baht 321,690. rasuntharosoth, Government Af- fairs Leader for South East Asia/ be received by children staying at Dow Chemical. the Centre and by children who lost possessions due to the ood. Congratulations to the newly elected 2012 Board Governors! A Good Time for a Good Cause: e Annual Festive Eggnog Party provide education support for e American Chamber of Com- children of poor neighborhoods. Today the Centre is part of the celebrated the annual Eggnog Fes- Human Development Founda- tive Holiday Party on December 8 tion under the Royal Patronage of and raised Baht 71,810 and a full HRH Princess Srirasmi and pro- cart of toys for donation to the vides education and quality of life Human Development Founda- assistance to over 6,000 children and over 5,000 adults. AMCHAM ailand Charitable Foundation presents check for Baht 71,810 to Father Joe and his sta . Donated money was raised at AMCHAM’s annual Festive Eggnog Party.
  17. 17. Z ^ , z t d Z Z Z D , W Z ddEd/KE , Z Z ^ z W , , sZz Wt ^ : d s D D D D t Z W com