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Magazine – Lifestyle
Circulation – 10,000 copies
Distribution – Bangkok & the Eastern Seaboard
Target – Expatriates & middle/upper-income Thai nationals


Launched in November 2006, Bangkok Trader is the most recognizable, free monthly tabloid distributed in Bangkok. With a print run of 10,000 copies, the magazine features in-depth content on lifestyle, food, and travel in Bangkok and around Thailand and Southeast Asia.
It utilizes a well-coordinated distribution network that places and maintains supplies of the tabloid throughout areas of central Bangkok that have high footfalls of expats and middle- to upper-income Thai nationals.
The distribution points include all Villa Market grocery stores; higher-end pubs, bars, and restaurants; and international hospitals, and are outfitted with recognizable free-standing, custom-made Bangkok Trader magazine stands.


The Bangkok Trader readership is predominantly made up of patrons of Villa Market stores, which have,for many years now, catered to middle to upper-income expatriate & Thai families.
Almost three-quarters of the distribution is taken monthly by shoppers at Villa Market’s stores, all of which are located within or close to enclaves of higher end to luxury living areas in and around Bangkok’s central business district and entertainment zones.
The remaining 25% is distributed in locations where these groups drink and dine and spend some of their free time socializing with friends and business colleagues, generally Europeanand American-themed pubs, bars, and restaurants. In addition, we supply some of the international hospitals with copies for patients and family to read in waiting areas.
With a total of 10,000 copies distributed a month and a ‘pass on’ rate estimated to be between 3 to 5 times per copy on average, the total readership of the circulation has been determined to be between 25,000 to 40,000 per month.

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Bangkok Trader Magazine - November 2012

  2. 2. Volume 6, Issue No. 12 NOVEMBER 2012Published byMango Mango Ltd. Part.124 Sukhumvit 38Prakanong, KlongtoeyBangkok 10110 • ThailandTel. 02 712 4052Managing and Creative Director:Reid NixonTel. 080 246 9000 • reidnixon@me.comPublisher and Managing Director:Pavinee Chaymanee (Ad sales: Thai)Tel. 084 147 5550 • thailandmagazine@gmail.comBusiness Development Manager:Andy Hyde (Ad sales: English)Tel. 080 814 9080 • andy@bangkokbusinessbrief.comGraphic Designer:Au Laphat-radaTel. 089-229-4416 • au.laphat.rada@gmail.comDelivery and Messenger:Anan BoonmaIn association with Siam Gazette Co., Ltd.Alan VersteinTel. 081 761 9302 •
  3. 3. 4 bangkok trader NOVEMBER 2012 Escaping Bangkok Khao Sok National Park By Dave Stamboulis W hile Thailand may have a lot of national parks (33 to be precise), many of them aren’t exact- ly what others outside of this country have in mind when they think of a national park. Some spots (i.e., Koh Samet) have national park designation seem- ingly only to collect a 300-400 baht entry fee from foreign visitors, while at the same time sporting more resorts, 7-Elev- ens, and shopping opportunities than wildlife or trails. Fortu- nately, a place like Khao Sok National Park more than makes up for the pseudo-parks and is worth visiting more than once for its natural beauty.
  4. 4. bangkok trader NOVEMBER 5Khao Sok lies at the western edge of Surat Thani province, and can easilybe combined with a visit to Koh Samui or if heading to Phuket or Krabi onthe Andaman side. Covering over 700 square kilometers, the park is madeup of a wealth of ecosystems, from dense jungle filled with primary rainfor-est and hidden waterfalls to towering limestone karst peaks rising from thedeep blue waters of the Chao Larn Lake. Wildlife in the park is abundant andfeatures yellow pied hornbills, gibbons, spectacled langur monkeys, civetcats, gaur and sambar deer, Malaysian tapir, and even bears. Of course, ifone visits during the rainy season, there will be plenty of leeches to add tothis list. The park is also famed for being one of the few spots to see the rarerafflesia, the world’s largest flower, which takes over nine months to growand then dies within one week.The park is divided into several sections, and the most-visited part tendsto be the area where the entrance to the park is located where there is a FREE PRESENT THIS VOUCHER IN STORE TO RECEIVE OFFER BUY ONE COFFEE &visitors center, and then a rather charming backpacker village set along thejungle just bordering the park, along with the stunning and very green Th-anyamundra Resort, a more luxurious option to call home. This section of COFFEE GET A 2ND COFFEE FREEKhao Sok features quiet trails, hidden waterfalls and swimming holes, caves Only valid at The Coffee Club Major Ekamaito explore, and plenty of dense canopy-covered walking, complete with the Major Ekamai. Second coffee of 1239 Unit B, Grd Fl, Sukhumvit Rd,sounds of one very lively forest. On my last hike in the park, gibbons and equal or lesser value. Not valid in Klongton Nua Wattana Tel: 02-381-2736hornbills serenaded me on just about every bend in the trail, and I didn’t conjunction with any other offer. Valid to 31 December 2012. The Coffee Club Thailand @thecoffeeclubthcome across any other human visitors until my return from a swimminghole in the late afternoon.
  5. 5. 6 bangkok trader NOVEMBER 2012 By The Way Stay. Thanyamundra – – This beautiful eco-resort combines silence and solitude, along with personal butlers and an organic farm, and is certainly one of Thailand’s most idyllic and natural retreats. The resort has plenty of green touches, such as only using recyclable paper products, serving up fresh meals using their own organic produce, and even using rechargeable batteries to power the buggies used toWhile this niche of Khao Sok is certainly lovely, many miss out on the park’s shuttle visitors around the property. Guests can use thebest piece of real estate, the beautiful Chao Larn Lake, home to jagged karst 50-meter lap pool and be serenaded by birds and gibbonspinnacles and also to one of Thailand’s most unique accommodation op- while swimming and sunning. 102 Moo 6, T. Klong Sok,tions. The lake was formed during the flooding of the Ratchaprapa Dam and +66 (0)77 395-031(-4).is wildly photogenic in early morning and evening light, with the moun-tains lit up by sunrise and sunset colors and occasionally poking up out of Do.the mists that often shroud the lake. Best of all, there are a series of floating Khao Sok National Park – The National Park Visitorsraft houses that are operated by the national park, where one can sleep Center can provide maps and information, as well as ar-surrounded by water, canoe around the limestone, and take early morning range trips out on the Chao Larn (getting to the rafthous-boat trips to try and spot hornbills nesting in the cliffs. The accommoda- es requires a boat charter, which needs to be booked intions here are a bit basic, but food is provided, and the experience is well advanced and costs around 2,500-3,000 baht per boat/worth the simple sleep. driver for 2 days/1 night). The entrance to the Chao Larn is further back down the road 50 kilometers towards SuratExperiences in nature are getting harder to come by in Thailand, and for- Thani. Tour operators around Khao Sok can also arrangetunately, Khao Sok remains a top draw for both adventure and tranquil- all-inclusive trips. Moo 6, T. Khlong Sok – Tel. 0 7739 5154ity. While the park is at its best in January and February, when the rafflesiabloom and the sun shines out on the lake, I prefer to come just after therainy season, when the waterfalls are gushing and visitors a bit thinner. At Go.any rate, other than coming at the height of leech season (July-September), Thai Smile ( flies from/to Bangkokit is hard to go wrong at this natural gem. and Surat Thani. One can hop a bus or minivan to the park (about 2.5 hours) from the airport.
  6. 6. 8 bangkok trader NOVEMBER 2012 A Thai Family DramaBy Voicu Mihnea SimandanT en years ago, Asia Books still had a book-publishing branch, and in But tragedy looms in every corner of the garden and in every room of the 2002, quite a few books by local and international writers residing many houses in the compound. Chalida is not only motherless, but her fa- in Thailand made their way to the bookshelves. One of these books ther is also absent most of the time, and even when he is at home, he is dis- was Chalida – A Thai Family Drama by Salisa Pinkayan, a brief novel tant and has an unreachable allure. So, Chalida and her sister are left in theabout the lives of the rich and famous. care of their aunt, who insists on giving them a proper education and good social standing as important members of Thai elite society.Salisa Pinkayan is a Western-educated Thai writer and journalist who wasborn in 1972. She studied at Phillips Exeter Academy, New Hampshire, in For Chalida, “her home was a sanctuary,” and, indeed, a child could not havethe U.S. and graduated with a degree in economics from Northwestern Uni- desired more from life. But the spirit of her mother is always with Chalidaversity. In 1994, she returned to Thailand where she completed a master’s and “somewhere in the compound, she hoped to discover the reincarnationdegree at Chulalongkorn University. Chalida is her first published novel, and of her mother, who she knew was watching over her and loving her.” Thein 2002, Nation Books published a Thai translation. mystery of what happened to Chalida’s mother and the unearthing of the truth is what keeps the reader hooked.It took Salisa about twelve months to actually write the novel, but that wasafter years of turning over the idea in her head. Asked why she writes in Chalida’s family, the Rattakarns, is not only of high standing and countsEnglish, the author confesses that because she was born and educated in among their members one ex-prime minister, but they also have a lot ofthe States, her English-language abilities are much better than her Thai: “I secrets to protect. One of the secrets religiously kept from Chalida is hercan express myself much better in English than in Thai.” maternal grandfather’s and her own father’s involvement in the pro-de- mocracy crackdown that took place during her grandfather’s time as primeChalida is structured in three parts, each taking place in large time intervals, minister of Thailand, when her father was the supreme military commander.and mainly deals with Chalida’s family life. The book opens with the maincharacter bleeding profoundly after she slicing open her wrists, leaving the In what are obviously references to the real events of October 14, 1973,reader wanting to know why she did it. when students from Thammasat University took to the streets of Bangkok demanding the military government to step down, the Rattakarns approveWe are transported back to the time when Chalida, the eponymous charac- the order to open fire on the demonstrators, resulting in hundreds of deathster, was only a young girl of eleven years old. She loved reading her favorite and wounded. When Chalida finally finds out about these events and whenbooks and playing with her little sister in the seclusion of a vast compound her teacher talks about the demonstrations during history lessons at school,on the banks of Chao Phraya River in the heart of Bangkok: “A high, cream- she has a nervous breakdown and is sent to school abroad.colored cement wall enclosed the grounds, keeping out intruders and un-wanted noise from the busy river. Yet the towering trees and shrubs inside Just like the main character, Chalida, the author was also educated abroad.created an illusion of a forest that extended to the horizon.” The compound “In contrast to me, who lived my entire life in the States before comingwas located in the part of Bangkok referred to as the ‘old city,’ a district cen- to Bangkok, most Thais educated abroad go when they’re much older, sotered on the Grand Palace. It was what today we call the Rattanakosin Island, they’re used to Thai society. For me, it was a culture shock. The high societythe historic center of Bangkok. especially astounded me. They were like celebrities whose daily lives were
  7. 7. bangkok trader NOVEMBER 9spread across the pages of the magazines. They showed the world howmany pairs of shoes they had and laid them out to be photographed. I justfound it so ridiculous. But what I found even stranger is that Thais are ob-sessed with their hi-sos, as Americans are to movie stars.”If the first part of the book is a mini family saga, the narrative in the secondpart shifts its focus from social injustices in Thailand to a love story witherotic overtones in England. We now meet Chalida ten years later, finishingher undergraduate studies and preparing for a master’s degree. She falls inlove with the perfect guy, but is unable to maintain a healthy and strongrelationship with him and eventually ends up marrying a man she feels dis-gust for, but someone whom her family considers a good match. Sacrificingher happiness for the sake of her family’s name, Chalida develops an eatingdisorder and becomes more and more depressed. Salisa Pinkayan is now working on her second novel, which should be pub- lished next year. Her new book is about the boundaries between the richOnce again, the tone of the third part of the book changes with the discov- and the poor in Thai society. “They live their lives side by side, but there is aery of Chalida’s late mother’s diary. The readers are finally made privy to the line which must not be crossed. In my new book, I write about a situationreasons why Chalida’s mother died and what role Chalida’s aunt and grand- where that line is crossed and what happens when these sacred, unspokenmother had in this whole tragic affair. On top of that, the real extent of her rules are broken,” says the author.grandfather’s decision to open fire on the pro-democracy demonstratorscomes to light. It is at this moment that Chalida realizes that her “life of thirty Chalida can be found now at Asia Books (priced for a whopping 59 baht atyears is meaningless, illusionary, and devoid of substance,” leading her back BT press time!), Dasa Books, Gecko Books (in Chiang Mai, but offers onlineto where we started in the book. nationwide delivery), and Amazon (in print, not Kindle).
  8. 8. 10 bangkok trader NOVEMBER 2012 Networking Head over to to check out all the pix from the great time we had at Mulligans Irish Pub on Sukhumvit 11!
  9. 9. +66 (0)8 9993-3689
  10. 10. 12 bangkok trader NOVEMBER 2012 Neighborhood WatchPhra KhanongBy Dave StamboulisW hen I tell people that I used to live in Phra Khanong, they tend to look at me like I am talking about some foreign country, somewhere so far from Bangkok that I must really be out in the boonies, or the “back of Broome” as a few Aussie friendsput it. Despite being a BTS station or two removed from Ekamai and ThongLor, Phra Khanong remains entrenched in peoples’ minds as the distantsuburbs, which is a pity, as this neighborhood has a lot to offer locals at farmore affordable prices than its neighboring sisters. At the bottom of the soi, just off Sukhumvit, is the Phra Khanong fresh market, a labyrinth of clothing stalls and fresh fruit vendors, which is a greatWhile Thong Lor and Ekamai are known for sky-high property prices, up- spot for taking in a slice of local Bangkok life. Despite the Skytrain beingscale mini malls, and a plethora of designer food joints, sashimi restaurants, just five minutes away, those not local to the neighborhood tend to notand fancy-schmancy cocktail bars, Phra Khanong remains a middle-class, venture into the maze here, and in doing so, they are missing out, mainlyworking neighborhood, boasting not malls, but down-to-earth produce on the best Burmese food in Bangkok, as in the midst of the clothing bazaarand clothing markets, and some outstanding local eateries. While a lot of are a scattering of Burmese stalls that cater to the Burmese migrants basedcondominiums are starting to go up in the area, Phra Khanong (which is here. While Burmese food isn’t as piquant nor as tasty as Thai food, theyalso Sukhumvit 71 and also known as Soi Pridi Banomyong) is mostly made do have a couple of specialties well worth digging into. One is their stapleof shophouses and market stalls, especially in its lower (Sukhumvit) end. salad (as som tam is to Thais), laphet thohk, a pickled tea-leaf salad, madeFurther up, it is home to a surprising number of small embassies and con- with fermented tea leaves (far tastier than they sound), fried yellow splitsulates, such as Nepal, Nigeria, Cuba, and Armenia. The neighborhood is also peas, dried shrimp, toasted sesame and sunflower seeds, peanuts and garlic,home to a very large contingent of Muslims and Burmese, making for some tossed with sesame oil and lime juice. The other favorites are mohinga, a riceof Bangkok’s best eating options. noodle soup made with lemongrass, ginger, turmeric, and fish sauce, con-
  11. 11. Break Away skills Courses. get the most out of your experiences Profits go to charity of your choice! LBG’s Managing Director has taught over 20,000 people worldwide and continues to work for some of the largest MNCs. in thailand and that... see LBG now offers these same courses to any groups, or charitable organizations looking at ways to raise funds. ALL MONIES GO TO A CHARITY OF YOUR CHOICE. For further info on our FREE courses please contact Aaron Le Boutillier on NEED VISA? VISA ISSUES?INSTANT THAI VISA happen when you can speak thai. - flexible timetable - qualified and experiencedü Do you need a long-term Visa to native teachers stay in Thailand? - at the best location at Pleonchit BTS trialfree lev station Exit 2ü Do you have an overstay problem? - free education visa available up toü We solve ANY immigration problem 3 years** you might have. Call: 089-149-9200 clas el tesü We provide fast, professional s av t a services at reasonable price. ailab ndü We require minimal documentation.ü NO MORE Border Run! INSTANT THAI VISA le Our next BT Party headquarters: Sway @ Park Plaza Bangkok Soi 18! Sukhumvit 18, only a very short walk from the BTS SkyTrain Asok station For more party details, including a map, head over to our Facebook event page at and receive automatic updates for all our parties by adding yourself to our Facebook group at Networking
  12. 12. 14 bangkok trader NOVEMBER 2012 sidered to be a breakfast staple inMyanmar, as well as another tastydry rice noodle dish called khaoshwe thohk.Back out on Sukhumvit 71, the en-tire west side of the street aroundSois 3 and 5 becomes one of Bang-kok’s largest night food courts, withvendors of just about every dishlined up selling their goodies, agreat place to experience ‘local’ lifeat real Bangkok prices. Another gemtucked in along this stretch is the ‘BK Resturents’ (yes, that ishow it is spelled). This place used to be a video shop-cum-eatery, but they tus. A friend tipped me off a year or two ago about a new simple Isaan res-have now devoted themselves full time to serving up some of the cheapest taurant called Galaxy, serving great grilled shrimp at very local prices, and Iand tastiest thali meals in Bangkok. BK is primarily Indian vegetarian, but ventured out to try it with a foreign friend and his Thai girlfriend. While wethey also have Burmese and some Thai fare on their menu. were eating, the girlfriend started raving about a man walking through the dining area, who she claimed was a famous celebrity boxer. It turned outMuch further up Phra Khanong, around Soi 42 is a bit of impressive Thai that the fellow in question was the owner, and indeed, he is none other thantrivia and the closest thing the area has to rival Thong Lor’s celebrity sta- Khaosai Galaxy, the most famous boxer in Thai history! Galaxy only lost one fight in his career, held the WBA bantamweight title during the later 1980s, and is the only Thai boxer to be included in the International Boxing Hall of Fame. These days, he can be found asking customers if they like their shrimp and grilled meats, which do pack a mean punch. There are plenty of other delights to be found in Phra Khanong. It is one of those streets that just lends itself to meandering, getting the nerve up to wander into a hole in the wall, fumbling around with some attempts at Thai, and enjoying the local hospitality that comes in return. The best way to get around here is to hop aboard the little mini songthaew that run from the BTS station at Sukhumvit all the way up to the Airport Link’s Ramkamhaeng Station at the top of Phra Khanong… and at only 7 baht a ride. And if you do make it all the way to the top of the soi, make sure to sample the street vendors just near the UM Tower (at the start of Ramkamhaeng Road) – one of them has been written up by Elle magazine as having the best chicken rice in Bangkok (to which I concur fully), and just near her is a khao raat gaeng curry shop run by a couple from Phuket who serve up fantastic spicy southern fare and other favorites. 02 262 0747 081 988 4419 Properties for Rent.
  13. 13. 16 bangkok trader NOVEMBER 2012 Boardin Bangkok?By Voicu Mihnea SimandanThailand and Bangkok are especially well known for offering a great variety ofattractions for the young ones, where both Thai and foreign parents can taketheir children for a day’s trip. Thailand-based renowned blogger Richard Bar-row has even started a website ( where he docu-ments and reviews such places. But what do we do with our teenage sonsand daughters? They’re too old to tag along with their parents to this or thattourist attraction every week.What safe and healthy options do we have for them? When school is out, theywonder aimlessly all day in fancy shopping malls that are too expensive formost, and at night, many teenagers end up joining motorbike racing gangsor, sooner or later, they’ll become exposed to alcohol, drugs, and sex from ahabit of going to nightclubs.So, instead of those perils, how about introducing them to the now-it-doesn’t-sound-quite-so-risky activity of skateboarding? There are many places whereteenagers can skateboard in Bangkok – the most famous ones are at BenjasiriPark next to Emporium, under the Rama VIII Bridge, at The Ramp skate parkinside the Esplanade Mall on Ratchada Road, and at the skate park next to Ra-jamangala Stadium within the Hua Hark Sport Complex. Many skaters meetat these places everyday to skate together and have fun.
  14. 14. Sukhumvit Soi.4 Heineken & San Miguel, 99Bt a pint Nana’s Original British Boozer Rajah Hotel Car Park Sukhumvit Soi.4 Tequila Shots 45bt Come & enjoy Strikers Sports Pub Nana’s BIGGEST bar! Sukhumvit Rd. * Cold draft beer * 5 Brunswick pool tables Rajah Car Park S * All your favourite sports O * ovely ladies L oin the Fun! I ... a great service staffRajah Hotel Complex 418 Sukhumvit Soi 4 (Nana) J
  15. 15. 18 bangkok trader NOVEMBER 2012 The costs involved are not that high either. The starting price for a completeskateboard set is around 4,500 baht, depending on what quality board orwheels or trucks you get. You can buy these from various malls, but I rec-ommend the Preduce stores (, a locally run business thatspecializes in skateboarding products. In Bangkok, they can be found atSiam Square Soi 1 and at Esplanade Mall, and there’s also a Preduce store inChiang Mai, by the Thapae Gate.Simon Pellaux is a 32-year-old Swiss expat and member of the ‘Preduceteam.’ He started skateboarding twenty years ago, and these days, he callsBangkok his second home. He has been involved in the skateboarding ‘busi-ness’ in Thailand for the past ten years. “I’ve just been really lucky to comehere and meet Thai skaters that became my close friends and brothers. In2003, we started Preduce together, worked hard, and are now all blessed tobe able to live from our passion,” he says.Although it is hard to say exactly, there are at least 5,000 skaters in Thailand,and in Simon’s opinion, “even though there are a few events to promotealready, there could be more for sure.” Most of the skaters are in Bangkok,but there is a flourishing scene in Chiang Mai, Korat, and other cities in Isaan.Speaking about the skateboarding movement in Thailand, Simon agreesthat it is quite good with a lot of talented Thai skaters. On top of that, it’sgrowing a lot. “Skateboarders organized themselves and started their ownbrand and shops, which is great. With Preduce, we started the first Thaiskateboard company, and we sponsor local pro skaters, giving them a joband a future in skateboarding in Thailand. They are now famous internation-ally,” Simon says proudly.But regardless of how much effort Preduce puts into promoting Thai skat-ers, the local administration also needs to chip in.“I think skateboarding stillsuffers from a bad image in the public opinion in Thailand,” says Simon. “Iwish Thai authorities would realize it’s a great pastime for young people.It keeps them busy and healthy, and it’s a great way to stay out of trouble.I wish the government and local city offices would support skateboardingmore and start funding public skate parks like is done abroad. Public sup- But although Thailand is more of a developing ‘skate’ country than Burma orport for skateboarding is pretty much non-existent in Thailand.” Cambodia, say, it still doesn’t come close to China, in regards to the ‘skate- world.’ “The Chinese have marble spots everywhere, which is what skate-Those in the skateboarding circles must certainly have heard of Patrik boarders are looking for to do their tricks on different obstacles,” recallsWallner (, a 24-year-old German/Hungarian world-traveler Patrik Wallner.“skate filmmaker and visual traveler,” whose mission in life is to skate in asmany countries around the world as possible. He’s been skateboarding for Skateboarding is for anyone. You don’t need to be good or reckless. Just startabout a decade now. Although his whereabouts change from month to rolling around on a skateboard, and you’ll be accepted as a skateboarder bymonth, Patrik first came to Thailand back in 2008. “I was with a friend on a your peers. You don’t need to be part of a team, go training, or follow a teacher.three-day layover to Vietnam and instantly became in love with the city,” Skateboarding can be whatever you want it to be for yourself.“It teaches youhe remembers. patience and perseverance, as it takes a lot of practice and motivation to be- come good at it. It will bring you friends from all over the world,” says Simon.He didn’t stay, but he started visiting Thailand more often while he wasmaking skateboarding films in Asia, and then around 2010, Patrick got a job If you want to stay updated with the skateboarding events that take placewith Preduce skateshop, to film their next skate video called “Chaiyo.” This in Thailand, visit the official site of Thai skaters at and Thailand’smeant that he got to spend a year living and skating in Bangkok, which was street culture website than enough time to meet the local skaters and experience unforget-table ’boarding moments. Nana’s BIGGEST Bar!Patrick has skated and filmed with Geng Jakkarin, Tao Kitpullap, Ryan Sr-ipeasatja, Peter Petcharattana and many other notable Thai skaters. Heparticipated in the events and competitions organized by Preduce, such‘Go Skate Days’ and ‘Game of S.K.A.T.E.’, which were meant to raise aware-ness among locals and provide Thai kids and teenagers a safe platform for • agic Comedy Evenings Mexpressing themselves. • Brunswick Pool TablesAccording to Patrick,“the Thai skateboarding scene is growing very fast andThailand has one of the best skaters of Southeast Asia.” This is true, as Udon- • ive Sports / Great Food Lnative Geng Jakkarin has competed in South Africa and even won first placein an event organized in Shanghai. • Cold Draft BeerSkateboarding is a global movement and culture, so skateboarders all over • Coyote Dancersthe world share the same drive and passion. “Still, skateboarding is morerecognized as a sport and as a lifestyle in Switzerland, and the authorities Rajah Hotel Car Park • Sukhumvit Soi 4there help build skate parks and fund events,” reflects Simon.
  17. 17. 20 bangkok trader NOVEMBER 2012 Miracles happenwhen you can speak ThaiBy an LX Thai course studentI t used to take me three taxis and nearly twenty minutes to get a cab with translations. A unique feature about the books was that the words and to the local Tesco Lotus supermarket. No matter how clearly I thought conversations were written in Thai as well as phonetically. They explained I was saying it, it seemed every cab driver in Bangkok had never even that this was to help us recognize and aid us in and learning Thai reading heard of the popular megastore. and writing (which was also offered alongside conversation classes). After practicing speaking with my classmates and being guided and correctedI was living in the Sathorn area, and I also quickly tired of hearing the driv- by me teacher, I was able to leave the class having learned an entire Thaiers mock my pronunciation of “Sathorn” at least twice before laughing and conversation. I never thought I’d see the day!waving me into the backseat. I knew it was time for Thai lessons when Ididn’t know how to ask what the chocolate-tofu-like piece in my noodles In short, I never had to look for another Thai school again. I have made manywas. I later learned it was blood. I should never have had such high hopes – new friends; Thai and foreign and learned things like cooking Thai dishesthere is no such thing as chocolate tofu. and Thai culture through Language Express’s activity programs. I signed up for a year’s worth of lessons and was also provided with a free EducationI asked around and took trial class after trial class at various language Visa for up to three years – one less (very large) headache! Through all ofschools. One of the first schools I tried used the total immersion method this, the most lasting benefit is that I can get through each day here in Bang-to teach Thai. Using actions and role-play, they spoke Thai for the whole kok without the frustration of not being able to communicate simple wantsduration of the class. I could pick up a few words, but the truth was, I could and needs. Now, I can get a taxi to the Tesco on my first try, and I have yet tonever be sure if my assumptions were correct unless I asked a Thai friend ever eat ‘chocolate tofu’ again.afterward. I also had a difficult time retaining the information without see-ing it written out. One time I left the class thinking I had learned “I am goingshopping.” In reality, the lesson was about going to the bank and exchang-ing money. Clearly, this was not the method for me.My Thai friend recommended her current school, Language Express. Shewas taking English lessons there and was raving about her ‘lovely teachers’and her ‘LX gang’ of friends she had made since her enrollment. It soundedexciting and different, so I decided to check out their Thai language pro-gram.The first thing that stood out to me was the social atmosphere. As soon as Iwalked toward the school (conveniently located right at the BTS Phloen Chitstation), I could see people sitting outside chatting. They even waved andsaid ‘hello’ when I walked toward the doors. Inside, there were more peoplesitting on couches, tables, and hanging around ‘Coffee Express,’ the little in-school coffee shop. Some were Thai, some wereforeigners, some were playing board games andsome were studying their books together.The customer service and sales staff all spokegreat English, which was refreshing and a relief.They showed me the Thai timetable and lessonpackages, and I was rather impressed by theirflexible timetable and reasonable prices. I couldbuy lessons and choose which topics I wantedto study and when. An upside was that each les-son was standalone, meaning I wouldn’t missanything if I went on holiday and it didn’t matterwhen I enrolled. All classes were taught by Thaiteachers who also spoke fluent English.When I got into the trial class, the first thing wedid was listen and repeat vocabulary. There wereEnglish translations, and we were encouragedto ask questions about the meanings and dif-ferent uses of the word. No confusion or misun-derstandings there. Then we used our new vo-cabulary in short conversations, also in the book
  18. 18. bangkok trader NOVEMBER 2012 21 MARKETPLACE Advertise or announce anything for... FREE! Email your ad to: Maximum 75 words. Listings run as space allows or until cancelled.TAXI AND TRANSPORT service by 1st class NEW LANDLADY (or landlord) wanted for 66 sq NEED A VISA? VISA ISSUES? Do you needcars with customer friendly drivers. Drivers m 2 bed 2 bath, nice balconies, views, pool, 8th a long-term or short-term Visa to stay instand by at arrival hall Suvarnabhumi Airport. floor of 9. Near BTS Punawithi just 12 mins Asoke. Thailand? Do you need to extend or transformSuvarnabhumi Airport-Pattaya: 1100 THB (all Buy empty or with tenant in situ returning steady your current Visa? Do you have an overstay orin). Other destinations or inquiry, contact us 6%. Asking only 2.45m but could be less for blacklist problem? We solve ANY immigrationon below. Tel: 088 521 0610. Fax: 038 030 863. quick sale. Giles 0899 862 315 gilescullingford@ problem you might have. “ANY” means ANY! • taxibanchang@ (K) We provide fast services at a reasonable (J) 20TH CENTURY history books for sale. We require minimal or NO documentation.STAFF WANTED. 9 Active is looking for Sports Very reasonable prices. Contact nigel at We do everything: completely hassle-Partnership/Sales people to represent us in (J) free for you! Call 089-149-9200 or email tosourcing local partners for some of the worlds (J)largest sports brands in football, Muay Thai, golf and PANASIN PLACE Ramkhamhaeng Soi 24/3 Rd. STUNNING 2 BED 2 BATH CONDO by BTSsports apparels. Fluent in Thai English and willing Commercial bldg. 3 stories, 3 bathrooms. 2 car Phrom Phong available for 12 million work on large commission basis only. Contact: park. Rent 23,000 per month, yearly contract. The well decorated 137 sq.m unit comes with a Lease for 17 years 1.6 Million. Close to • (J) tenant and is ready for viewing at your earliest University and Ramkhamhaeng Unversity.EXPAT PARTNER WANTED – To promote leather convenience. Room ammenities include 2 TV’s, Tel. 086-537-2557 Naree (J)products for non-asean markets. Please contact: fully equipped kitchen, washing machine ande-mail: (K) LOOKING TO SELL or rent your property? Well wall to wall windows. Please contact Call ChristianPART TIME JOB – Possibility to earn 10 000 to we have more than enough clients looking for on 0844346470 or email (J)50 000 THB/month. (K) properties just like yours! Email us your unit FOR SALE - 228 sqm 3br condo near park andJOMTIEN BEACH – 54 square meter condo, new specifications with some photos and let us do the BTS – Located Crystal Garden in Soi 4 near Parkbuilding, beautiful pool, underground parking. hard work for you. or any entrance. Great view, large balcony. Asking: THB other enquiries, sms me on +66844346470. HelpPrice of 2,275,000 includes all furniture and 10.9M. More info contact: 082-4448499 or email us help you! (K)European kitchen and also includes transfer fee. (J)Call Scott at 09-03926885 or 087-0095795 (K) SEEK PARTNER to expand business of handmade PART TIME JOB
possibility to earn 10 000 toBANG SARAY LAND FOR SALE. Two plots of 135 earring oversea. Sharing commission basis. 50 000 THB/month (K)or 285 talang wah at 5000 baht per talang wah. Please email: (K) DO YOU HAVE A GARDEN? Flowers at homeBeautiful scenic view. Call 081-083-4683 (K) 74 SQM STUDIO at the markland pattaya for rent or in your condo? Try our Vermicompost. WhatPATTAYA CONDOS FOR SALE. (1) Avenue sea view flat t v tiles flour a year contract 20000 is Vermicompost ? It adds nutrients into the soilResidence. One bedroom, 46 sq/m, fully furnished. bath only. please call 087 800 9370 (K) and soil structure. Plants just Love it! Call us atVery popular development with an excellentlocation close to Second Road and Soi Buakhao. 74 SQM TWO BEDROOMS for rent at soi 18 0877941183 Aldo (English) or 0896694852 YuiIdeal for residence or investment. 3.1 M Baht. (2) sukhumvit bangkok very nice soi handy for every (Thai). Check our Facebook page @ Dirt Digger by Earth Care. We sell 1/2 kilo bags, 1 Kilo and 25 kiloPattaya City Resort. One bedroom, 66 sq/m, fully think please call 087 800 9370 (K) Bags as well. We can also deliver. (K)furnished, pool view. On South Pattaya Road, YOU NEED TO LEARN ENGLISH? You needclose to Big C with easy access to Sukhamvit or OFFICE RENT – Between OnNuch soi 55-57 on a good teacher! I am a native English speaker main road, Nirvana Suwannaphum Office Crust 4Walking Street. 4 M Baht. Both condos are in with a perfectly clear Midwestern American floor bldg., 4 rooms, 5 bathroom, 2 car parking,foreign ownership. Call Vincy 0849183285. (J) accent. I have a BA in Education and 35 years 8 air, wallpaper, tel lane lines, ready to moveUS COMPANY SOFT OPENING business in of teaching experience, much of it in Bangkok. in flood free, safe area. Very convenient locationThailand by end of September 2012. Patented My areas of expertise are ESL, Economics, World and traffic: 5 min to Ring Road and highways,product 100% legal and approved by Thailand History, Psychology, Sociology, and examination 10 min to Suwannaphum airport and 20 minFDA. It’s a ground floor opportunity of a lifetime. Seeking distributor willing to work to build preparation. Please write: iron_bamboo1253@ to downtown. Ideal place for office, home orbusiness in Thailand and also globally. Interested? or call: 08-921-018-08 (K) both. Rent: B60,000/mo + 2mo security deposit.Visit our website: or call FREE ENGLISH CLASSES in PraKhanong. Come Contact: 081-916-4726 (K)Thai mobile 089-068-1494. (J) learn American history, entertainment and ENJOY PLAYING the piano! Black American withIN SUKHUMVIT 8 - lovely 2 Br furnished condo geography from an American. I teach grammar twelve years experience teaching students hownow for rent @ 43,000 baht per month. On the roof and conversation as well. Wednesday and to have fun on the piano. Looking for people whois an Infinity swimming pool plus a well equipped Thursday nights 6:30pm-8:30pm. Located at love to play but don’t know what to play. Learnfitness room. The unit has solid wooden floors, “The Potter’s House Christian Church” (3rd floor) pop, rock, jazz, etc. in the comfort of your plan living, good size balcony, kitchen with 181/1 Sukhumvit 71, next to Embassy of Nepal. Young (8 yrs. old minimum) or old. Begin enjoyingflat plate hob, king size bed in master, 24 hour Across the street from Jusco and Kfc. Call 084- playing the piano with Bob’s easy, parking and is conveniently near the 450-3011 or visit webpage for more info. http:// Contact: email: orBTS. To view please phone 08 7812 6893 (J) (K) 084-020-2750 (K)
  19. 19. 22 bangkok trader NOVEMBER 2012HAIR BEAUTY SALON for sale South Pattaya. NEED A WEBSITE? – We at THAI DANCERS WANTED for long-termGreat location in City Walk Pattaya (next to Royal offer different ranges of pricing for all your website contract. Everything included: good salary,Garden plaza) on beach front. 7 work stations, needs. We consist of a group of freelancers who work visa, air ticket, very nice accommodation,2 massage tables, good clientele base. Two have your business needs in our best interest. drinks commission, free dance lessons and more5 star hotels nearby. Free parking. No licence Inform us if you need content writing, printing advantages. 0832509952 0803190767 atomiq@required, no key money. Profitable business, services, content design. We can also redesign (K)accounts available. 30,000 baht/month rent, your existing website. e-mail:yui@tobewebsite. com or (0896694852) Thai / (0877941183) PATTAYA RE-SALE CONDOS. “The Cliff”. A newonly 980,000 baht. Relocating hence sale price. English. (K) Nova development due for completion in JanuaryCall 080-0959002 (K) 2013, located at the popular Cosy Beach, Pattaya.CHANCES OF GETTING admitted to US graduate SHIPPING CONTAINERS going to the U.K March- 2 one bedroom units, 46 sq.m, 3 M baht eachschool is greatly improved if you have published April 2013. Have room for anything legal call as (developer’s current price 3.3M baht). Studio.research in a peer-reviewed journal. This is soon as possible for info. 0814906275. John. (K) 37 sq.m, 2.4M baht. All units are in foreign nameespecially true for doctoral programs. Editor of and all have great pool views. For more details SPANISH TRANSLATIONS and interpretationUS peer-reviewed journal edits your articles. contact Trevor on 086 156 3109. (J) – Spanish native speaker offers translation andBasic editing: 60 baht per page (1 page = 250 interpretation services. Websites, contracts,words) Editing with commentary to improve CONDO FOR SALE: 68 sq mts, 2 bed rm / 1 bth official letters, manuals etc. Both for privateyour professional writing: 100 baht per page. rm, corner unit located in Supalai City Home companies and official institutions. ThaiSpecial services: journal selection advice and close to the Udomsuk Skytrain station. Fifth floor translations and Accounting also offered. Callvalidation of statistical analysis using your data. unit in a low rise 8 storey bldg. Three A/C, extra 0870470590 or email: (J) electrical outlets and circuit box capacity, smoke (J)SAFE DEPOSIT BOX Bangkok – High security alarms, sprinklers, etc. Less than 100 meter to BTSsafe deposit box rental service safes available in VIP CONDO CHAIN PATTAYA Fully furnished station. Area never flooded. Sale price 3.5 million3 sizes open 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. Full information seaview studio 40 sqm. 10th Fl. Room A1009 baht OBO. Contact 081-754-6885 or 089-923-at for English Large swimming pool, 2 tennis court, jogging 2615 (J)080-459 3841 For Thai call 026 355455 (K) lane and private beach front. Sale 1.65 Million Rent 9,000 bath per month.1 year contract. Naree SUSHI COOK WANTED. Good salary, friendlyHABITAT LUXURY CONDO sale Thonglor area; Mobile 086-537-2557 (K) team, great career perspectives. 0803190767,See pics at 0832509952 (K)– 257sqm 3brs, 4 ba, 1 maid’s room, 1 kitchen, FOR RENT near Srinakarinwirot University,3 balconies, 2 entrance doors on 18th floor. 2 Sukhumvit 23, 49m/sq studio come one bedroom, MODERN FULLY furnished one bedroomunits per floor. Unblocked view F/F with electric FF condo for 15,000 baht per month. Has a proper condominium for rent within easy walkingappliances. Nice decoration and good condition. kitchen, nice bathroom, own washing machine distance of Terminal 21 and Asoke station. HasWell maintenance condo. Full facilities. Good and onsite is a lovely roof top pool as well as a master with king size bed plus an ensuite; aneighbours. Peaceful area. Please call 0891062240 snooker room. An ideal inexpensive base in service balcony with washing machine, Price 19.35 MB negotiable! central Bangkok. 1 Yr lease required. Phone plan living + a storage cupboard. One year leaseBy owner must see! (K) 08 7812 6893 (J) req. 25K/month. Phone 08 7812 6893 (J)
  20. 20. Matrix Developments