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Travel Company presentation


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Published in: Travel, Business
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Travel Company presentation

  1. 1. Ready, Set... Go! Research & Strategy
  2. 2. Mission Tired of overpaying for plane tickets?
  3. 3. Mission Annoyed with unclear directions and maps?
  4. 4. Mission Don’t know where to find out about local fun?
  5. 5. Our mission is to make travel fun and easy, Mission but also environmentally-conscious.
  6. 6. We think that we can improve the environment Vision by doing something every day. Travel is a big part of it.
  7. 7. Essence We don’t think we should get rid of motor transport. We just want to suggest tips that will allow to enjoy travel and create less damage.
  8. 8. Attributes Environmentally-friendly
  9. 9. Laid-back Attributes
  10. 10. Affordable Attributes
  11. 11. We are trying to promote environmentally- Values friendly methods of travel, while keeping it realistic and useful for the tourist.
  12. 12. Values We value the Earth...
  13. 13. ...and everything it represents. Values
  14. 14. Beliefs We believe that with a little bit more information and thoughtful guidance more people will be willing to make their travel less harmful for the environment.
  15. 15. We can always carpool! Beliefs
  16. 16. We target young adults 20-30 years old... Markets
  17. 17. ...who like to actively travel and explore. Markets
  18. 18. Leslie, 23 Audience Education: UMKC alumni Speciality: accounting Interests: cycling, collecting art, photography Destination: Philadelphia
  19. 19. Clay, 20 Audience Education: Columbus (student) Speciality: architecture Interests: traveling, going out, collecting Destination: New York
  20. 20. Mike, 30 Audience Education: Yale Speciality: law Interests: golfing, hiking, researching, swimming Destination: Miami, FL
  21. 21. We have respectable competitors... Competitors
  22. 22. Competitors
  23. 23. Competitors
  24. 24. Competitors
  25. 25. Competitors
  26. 26. Competitors
  27. 27. Competitors
  28. 28. We are environmentally-friendly and open. Advantage User feedback plays an important role in our business. If you don’t trust us, you might trust your neighbors.
  29. 29. Stakeholders
  30. 30. Stakeholders
  31. 31. Stakeholders
  32. 32. Stakeholders
  33. 33. Stakeholders
  34. 34. Thank you!