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  2. The iDirect Revolution
  3. It was going to be a great century… after getting the 20th behind us
  4. First Decade 21st Century • The DotCom Crisis • 9/11 Terror Crisis • Hurricane Katrina Crisis • War in Iraq Crisis • Disappearing Arctic Ice Crisis • War in Afghanistan Crisis • Housing Crisis • Unemployment Crisis • Health Care Crisis • Marketing Crisis … And 15 more months to go
  5. The time is now “We need to reinvent the way we market to consumers” A.G.Lafley, Procter & Gamble CEO Chairman
  6. Lots of talk. Not much else. March 26, 2007
  7. The same old wasteful advertising 2008: $142 billion Down 2.7% 2009 Forecast: Down 5.1%
  8. Will they ever learn? $2 trillion down the drain in the 20th century Yes!!! TWO TRILLION DOLLARS And it only gets worse in the 21st century
  9. The New Reality Millions of us are playing, working, flirting and socializing online and producing oceans of data . . .
  10. The Great Disconnect Email Marketing Search Marketing Friendship Marketing Mobile Marketing Interactive marketing Digital Marketing Direct Marketing
  11. The Ultimate Connection Direct is Digital Digital is Direct
  12. Lafley’s dream come true Sponsored by Engauge, a customer engagement marketing agency
  13. What the Book Reinvents What was mistakenly seen as disparate disciplines are one and the same Optimizing each consumer engagement Direct goes emotional with new iDTV Advertising Media allocation for a mass networking era Holding customers in the palm of your hand Email Monetizer life support for customers iBrands: the new face of the consumer The new “Test. Test. Test.” mandate
  14. What is iDirect Marketing? iDirect is the future of marketing. It is the growth engine at the confluence of Digital and Direct that enables customer engagement to drive a better ROI than ever before.
  15. What iDirect marketers do iDirect marketers go directly to like-minded people with an awesome awareness of each person’s needs, lifestyle and behaviors. They create online, on-going engagement that spreads across the internet from person to person for accountable, profitable outcomes.
  16. The “i” is what now drives Direct iDirect is interactive, information-driven, insightful, innovative, iterative, and grounded in what the intersection of the internet and direct marketing practices make possible today as never before.
  17. And now . . . over to Tim Suther for more on the Engauge and Acxiom vision of an iDirect marketing future Thanks for being here today
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  19. The iDirect Revolution …continued  Tim Suther SVP, Multichannel Marketing Services 001-630-944-0416
  20. Living next to the train tracks $112 billion of advertising is wasted each year in the US alone $4 trillion excess brand valuation 22% of Americans feel advertising is credible…compared to 45% for talk shows 42% of consumer media consumption is online 7% of disposable income is now saved – was 0%
  21. Change May Be Necessary
  22. The Four Fundamentals  of iDirect Marketing
  23. 1.  Data is the new black The Differentiated Value of Customers 30% of customers deliver the majority of profits 50% Add nothing 20% Cost companies money SAS
  24. 1.  Data is the new black Know the “who” when they’re “there” Awareness Purchase Up/Cross-sell Shopping & Consideration
  25. 2.  Optimization hinges on a 360˚ view Remember every interaction and learn • Explicit & inferred preferences • Wants & needs • Motivations & attitudes • Social influence circle • Cross-channel behavior
  26. 2.  Optimization hinges on a 360˚ view The interrelated and overlapping effects of media Display Viewthrough Effect comScore McKinsey/BAI eHarmony/Dynamic Logic
  27. 3.  The confluence of insight & media • With most media, you never know who you’re gonna get. – ~80% online ad spend delivered to wrong audience. comScore 2009 • Knowing who determines: – How much to invest…if anything – What to say…without guessing • The typical marketing problem: – Over-invest in low value relationships – Under-invest in high value relationships
  28. 3.  The confluence of insight & media A look at “who” at world class brands Cadillac American Express UV Index UV Index PersonicX Consumer Segments PersonicX Consumer Segments Hershey Allstate UV Index UV Index PersonicX Consumer Segments PersonicX Consumer Segments Source: Acxiom comScore (July 2009)
  29. 3.  The confluence of insight & media …and at leading publishers MSN Yahoo 96 MM UV’s 148 MM UV’s UV Index UV Index PersonicX Consumer Segments PersonicX Consumer Segments eBay AOL 56 MM UV’s 70 MM UV’s UV Index UV Index PersonicX Consumer Segments PersonicX Consumer Segments Acxiom, comScore
  30. 4.  It’s about accountability & execution 63% or 30%? CMOs ability to set v execute strategy 80% or 8%? A superior brand experience? CEOs view v their customers
  31. 4.  It’s about accountability & execution So, now what? 1. Identify customer value 2. Invest proportionally 3. Engage accordingly 4. Measure acquired customer value “Run the picket fence!”
  32. The Four Fundamentals…Summarized Hidden in plain sight • Data is the new black • Optimization hinges on a 360˚ view • Confluence of insight & media • Accountability & execution These are the lessons of iDirect marketing These are the lessons of direct marketing
  33. iDirect at work… 4x “orders per thousand” $200M revenue / $4.5M – Connecting print & digital OpEx savings 3x applications; 5x online – Connecting call center & digital revenue; same head count $100M/yr EBIT impact – Connecting call center & digital – Multichannel connection 2x online bookings 9-figure/yr revenue impact – Connecting outbound & website – Multichannel connection 7.5x website spend – Connecting mobile & email 17x response – Connecting TV & offline
  34. 10 Easy Money Ideas for an iDirect mindset “The Idea” “How & Why” “The Benefit” 1) Reduce wasted ad impressions, 1) Use Relevance-X Display to concentrate online 1) 3-5X revenue / ad dollar at other clients concentrate spend on highest ad spend and then follow with Relevance-X TV. Existing customers respond 17X to value consumers prospects to digital TV ads 2) Recognize & connect with social 2) Use Relevance-X Social to recognize socially active 2) Match against 500M socially active media influencers customers & prospects and implement and track individuals (~60-70% of any email list) your direct social media marketing initiatives 3) Engage customers and prospects 3) Use Impact-X Mobile integrated with 3) Avg. mobile purchaser has higher income via mobile lifecycle messaging Impact-X Email for likely halo effect & spends 2X over Web-only. 4) Examine call center patterns, use 4) Identify high-volume drivers of calls proactively 4) $2M / year cost displacement & $200M / yr email to pre-empt expensive deliver relevant content to address needs that would influenced revenue at another client. personal support have solved the reason for those calls. 5) Connect Web analytics with 5) Impact-X allows you to follow the digital 5) 2X website conversions achieved at outbound messaging footprints to recalibrate your outbound another client. marketing initiatives 6) When chat available on site, offer 6) Email a branded transcript back to site 6) This is the highest performing email to send a branded transcript of the visitors. Include buttons to “buy” or to application at another client. chat. “subscribe” to other services. 7) Perform an organic search audit 7) Identify opportunities to improve organic 7) 72% of Google clicks are organic. A visibility, potentially reduce paid search. proper audit enables more free traffic 8) Implement lead scoring when 8) Build / implement predictive models to screen out low 8) The bottom three deciles can likely receiving third party leads value leads provided. Consider a test with Acxiom be eliminated without impacting CoReg services and / or e-list rental. conversions. 9) Improve the site experience 9) Target and test content with Impact-X Site. Implement 9) Personalized site experiences Relevance-X analytics tags to measure conversion drive 4–15X ROI. funnel progress by lifestage segment. 10) Retarget site visitors that do not 10) Relevance-X Display Retargeting : 53% of 10) Remarketing generates $4–10 revenue convert shopping carts abandon. Remarket based on per ad dollar. specific site behavior / lifestage.
  35. Summary • iDirect is a new paradigm formed at the intersection of digital technologies and direct marketing practices • iDirect is interactive, information-driven, insightful, innovative, individualized and iterative • Focus on the 4 fundamentals of iDirect marketing • Take the easy money
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