Pakistan – the problems and solutions regarding terrorism and 4thGW


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4th Generation War is the latest weapon being deployed against the Muslim world to dismember Muslim countries in the greater middle east. This mode of War fare is least understood by the policy makers, leaders, and the media. Here BrassTacks brings a comprehensive presentation for the policy makers on this illusive subject.

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Pakistan – the problems and solutions regarding terrorism and 4thGW

  1. 1. PakistanThe problems and solutions regarding terrorism and 4thGW
  2. 2. Pakistan, a beautiful land of 180 million Muslims,coastlines, mountains, rivers, lakes and the onlyideological Islamic nuclear state in the world.A country with finest armed forces and greathuman resource, economic, agricultural andindustrial potential.
  3. 3. With most professional armed forces, Pakistan Air force is the only Muslim Air force to have shot down Indian, Israeliand Soviet fighter planes in air to air combat in various wars.
  4. 4. Pak army and ISI orchestrated the destruction of Soviet Union in Afghanistan and haveblocked Indian hegemony in the region despite Indian forces being 3 to 5 times strongerin strength in conventional and unconventional forces.
  5. 5. But today, a nuclear armed nation is in a stateof collapse – The county is under a massive 4thGeneration war which is triggering a rapidcollapse of the state into a failed dysfunctionalcountry – like Somalia.
  6. 6. In the last 5 years alone, almost 100,000 Pakistanis have died or wounded in urbanwars, terrorism, insurgencies, rebellions and high intensity conflict being foughtwithin the boundaries of Pakistan.Almost 60% of Pakistan army is deployed on active war duties within the countryand have taken almost 10,000 dead and wounded as casualties in fighting themultiple insurgencies and urban high intensity wars.
  7. 7. As the collapse of the Pakistani state andsecurity intensifies, the presence of NATO/USin Afghanistan and India on the East has now created a genuine threat for Pakistan that country may be invaded from West and Eastunder Af-Pak and Cold start military doctrines – turning Pakistan into another Iraq.
  8. 8. I R A Q Y u GIt is feared that of the present anarchy and chaos continues and the country is Oalso invaded in an Iraq styled invasion then the third and final phase of the war Swould be deployed – The Balkanization of Pakistan – the Yugoslavia model. LThe war which Pakistan faces today is called 4th Generation War. The first model Aexperimented for such a doctrine was Yugoslavia. A country with the fifth Vlargest army was dismembered in just 3 years without any external landinvasion but through insurgencies, ethnic, religious, provincial wars and Ieconomic collapse. ANATO only intervened in the end. Once Yugoslavia was a failed state after just 3years of war and anarchy, NATO simply tied the knot in Dayton peace accord toofficially dismember the country into multiple states.
  9. 9. The same doctrine is being applied in various degrees andlevels, depending upon the country and the militaryobjectives, in the Greater Middle East today.Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, Iraq and now Syria andPakistan.The US plan for Pakistan. The real objectives of US war onterror.
  10. 10. What is 4th GW??Destroy a country through an internalcollapse and implosion of the state viapolitical, social, economic and militarymeans without actually having to launch ahigh intensity war from outside. In Pakistan,they have deployed all axis simultaneously.
  11. 11. 1. Military axis –insurgencies, rebellions, terrorism.2. Political chaos. Corrupt incompetentgovernments. Provincial and ethnic hatred.Democracy of the corrupt and compromised.3. Economic collapse through corruption andfinancial controls.4. Media and information war and Psy-Ops.5. Social chaos – power, food, energy crisisand lawlessness.
  12. 12. Three great problems for US/NATO which they didnot face in Yugoslavia. Forcing them to be extremelycareful and slow in deploying their plans againstPakistan.1. Pakistan is a nuclear armed state with multipledeployed warheads spread all over the country.2. NATO supplies go through Pakistan and hencePakistan controls the fate and destiny of US war inAfghanistan.3. Pakistan armed forces are still united, mostdisciplined and ruthless fighting force and is a symbolof united Federation, unlike Yugoslavia.
  13. 13. So what would US plan to do against Pakistan now?1. A global reason has to be created that Pakistan is afailed dysfunctional state and poses a nuclear threat tothe world, hence its nukes should be taken away by a UNmandate.2. US would like to cut a strategic corridor throughBaluchistan to Afghanistan to prevent any blockage of itssupplies again by Pakistan.3. To achieve these ends, Pakistan must be turned into afailed state and army needs to be destroyed andPakistan’s ISI need to be contained.
  14. 14. The future threats for Pakistan:1: More support to TTP, rebellions inBaluchistan and to urban terrorists inKarachi to engage and destroy Pakistanarmed forces and to cause more panic andchaos in the country. TTP and BLA are CIAasset based in Afghanistan. Major politicalparties in Karachi are CIA assets – MQM,ANP.
  15. 15. The future threats for Pakistan2: US and India supporting the unrestin Baluchistan to create a reason forintervention and “independence” ofBaluchistan. It has already begun.3: Global Media and Information warto prove that Pakistan is an unstableand failed state and its nuclear weaponsare about to fall into terrorist hands. Themedia psy-ops have already begun aswell.
  16. 16. The future threats for Pakistan:4: Direct military attacks and intervention into Pakistan to provoke aconfrontation between Pak army and Afghanistan based NATO forces. This hasalso begun. Drones, Salala attack and now threats of attacks in North Waziristan.5: US wants Pakistan to open war with Afghan Taliban also. Pakistan alreadyhas its hands full in internal insurgencies and hence is resisting the US pressure.While US is talking peace with Afghan Taliban and their allies, Pakistan is beingforced to wage a war against Haqqani, Hekmatyar and Mullah Umer.6: Direct attacks on Pakistan army leadership and on all strategic assets todecapitate Pakistan in a single strike and then launch a massive two pronginvasion under Af-pak and Cold start. The Memo gate scandal in the SupremeCourt is exactly about such a plan and is a case against the Zardari regime forstaging this conspiracy with the CIA against Pak army.
  17. 17. 7: US would continue to support the “democracy”of Zardari to bring about a total and completeanarchy at the state, governance and economiclevels, pitching the state organs against eachother and directly manipulating politics and mediaof the country. Already happening and a totalanarchy exist in Islamabad now.8: All state organs – Government, parliament,media, judiciary and political parties have alreadybeen compromised. Only army is still standing,united but resisting on military axis only notinterfering in political, judicial, economic or socialdomains which are already in a state of highdegree of collapse.
  18. 18. Options for Pakistan Army now:1: Army can continue to maintain the present course of not interfering in thepolitical process and “democracy” and watch the state collapse all around it andthen wait for an invasion from outside and see the state disintegrate.2: Else, Military will have to intervene decisively to restore the order.Insurgencies, lawlessness and Corruption are the core crisis at the momentbringing about the collapse of the state. The democracy has collapsed totally.Judiciary has not convicted a single terrorist in 12 years!3: A Patriotic caretaker government. Elections are useless, going to bring insame lot of decadent compromised political anarchists.4: Reclaim the country back which is at “Somalia” stage right now movingtowards “Iraq” and then towards “Yugoslavia”.
  19. 19. Options for Pakistan Army now:5: US will have to be forced to leave Afghanistan.The entire security crisis in Pakistan is due topresence of foreign forces in Afghanistan. Allinsurgencies and rebellions are based in Afghanistanbacked by CIA and Indian RAW. 6: Peace in Afghanistan with a broad based government to represent all segments of Afghan society. Taliban are an integral part of Afghan society and represent 65% Pashtuns of the country and cannot be eliminated.
  20. 20. Message to Turkey from Pakistan“It is dangerous to be enemies ofUSA but it is fatal to be their allies”