Terrorism in Pakistan


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Terrorism in Pakistan

  1. 1. TERRORISM:IN THE NAME OF ALLAH Group Members: •AmmAr YounAs •sAdoon Ali ZAhid •hAsAn iftikhAr •musAddiq hAmZA
  2. 2. How it all started ??? • On September 11th 2001, 2 planes crashed into the World Trade Centre and changed the world… • ‘The Al Qaeda’ a terrorist organization of Afghanistan, headed by Osama Bin Laden claimed responsibilty
  3. 3. The USA launched ‘War on terror’ against Al-Qaeda and Taliban who supported them • USA invaded Afghanistan and the war begin… • The Taliban crossed the borders and took refuge in Pakistan. • Pakistan decided to become an ally of the USA for the ‘War on Terror” • U.S hosted a $3Billion package for Pakistan to fight al-qaeda..and thus we broke relations with afghan and taliban government
  4. 4. Let’s go into the past---A little flashback! • Pakistan used to be a beautiful country where peace and harmony prevailed…But things changed---DRAMATICALLY!!! • Terrorism in Pakistan originated with supporting the Soviet war in Afghanistan • The Mujahideen fighters were trained by Pakistan's military and American CIA
  5. 5. Contd… • Most of the mujahideen were never disarmed after the war ended in Afghanistan • Some of these groups later moved to Pakistan and activated the terrorist organizations like Harkat-Ul-Mujahideen and Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP)
  6. 6. Contd… • Role of General Pervaiz Musharraf
  7. 7. Causes of terrorism • CAUSES: a) Socio-Economic Causes i) Injustice: ii) Illiteracy: iii) Poverty And Unemployment: iv) Food Insecurity: v) Dissatisfaction: b) Political Causes: i) Non-Democratic Set-Up: ii) Improper Government Set-Up iii) Absence Of Law And Failure Of Law Enforcement Agencies:
  8. 8. • iv) Influx Of Refugees, Weaponisation And Talbanisation: c) Religious Causes: i) Role Of Madrassahs: ii) Religious Intolerance:
  9. 9. • Factors Boosting Terrorism • a) American attitude and its involvement: b) Negligence Of Government: c) Persecution Of Innocent Muslims In Kashmir And Palestine: d) Madarassas and foreign funding…
  10. 10. Steps Taken By Pakistan: • a) Ban On Terrorist Organization b) Operation Rah-E-Nijat c) Operation Rah-E-Rast
  11. 11. ECONOMIC COST • v) Diminishing Tourism: v) Internally Displaced People/internal Migration
  12. 12. Attack on GHQ • 10 October 2009, when 10 gunmen in military uniform opened fire on the General Headquarters in Rawalpindi, Punjab • The attack killed 9 soldiers and 9 militants , 1 was wounded and arrested
  13. 13. Attack on Bolan Medical Complex • On 15th June 2013 , 1 bomb exploded in a bus full of women at Quetta , Ziarat. • Suicide bomb and terrorist attack on Bolan Medical College
  14. 14. Sri Lankan cricket team attack • 3 March 2009, when a bus carrying Sri Lankan Cricketers, part of a larger convoy, was fired upon by 12 gunmen • Six members of Sri Lankan national cricket team were injured
  15. 15. How do they train the suicide bombers • Brainwash by describing they will go to heaven with the press of a button. • What they are doing is “Jihad” • The people who are going to be attacked are all “Kaafirs”
  16. 16. Damage done to the country by terrorist attacks • The annual death toll from terrorist attacks has risen from 164 in 2003 to 3318 in 2009 • with a total of 35,000 Pakistanis killed between September ,11 2001 and May 2011 • the direct and indirect economic costs of terrorism from 2000-2010 total $68 billion
  17. 17. Contd… • At least four persons were killed and more than 50 others injured when an IED planted in a parked motorcycle exploded near Ayesha Manzil within the precincts of Gulberg Police Station in Karachi, the provincial capital of Sindh. • 81 killed and over 100 injured in the suicide attack on the church in Peshawar
  18. 18. Contd… • 5,972 people have died in suicide bombings more than 15 thousand injured up till now , and still counting….
  19. 19. Attitude of our major political parties • Imran Khan’s point of view • People’s party and ANP’s ideology • What PML N thinks
  20. 20. The Lal Masjid Incident • Militants took over the Lal Majid , they were armed and capable of suicide bombings • Kidnapped alleged prostitutes, and foreigneres • Threatened barbers and DVD sellers • Took over Childern’s Library • Maulana Abdul Aziz established a parallel judiciary system
  21. 21. The drone strikes and terrorism • Taliban relate their activities to drone strikes • More than 3000 have died and 1200 injured so far • Resulted in a number of civilian casualties • The report of Amnesty International about drones
  22. 22. What do Taliban demand? • To impose the law of shariah in pakistan • Make the people agree to their intrepretations of Islam
  23. 23. • Make Pakistan prosperous again • We are not just Bombs , Poverty and Illiteracy
  24. 24. How to resolve terrorism? • • • • By negotiations By taking military action Have done it in the past Or just by agreeing to their demands…
  25. 25. Death Of Hakim Ullah Mehsud • Has been killed in the recent drone attack • Declared as a ‘martyr’ by some people
  26. 26. • What is RIGHT??? • You decide… • Either you are with them , or you are against them . There is no neutrality • Choose wisely…!!!
  27. 27. Questions?