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Sage advance case - Unitedworld School of Business
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Sage advance case - Unitedworld School of Business






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Sage advance case - Unitedworld School of Business Presentation Transcript

  • 2. Introduction Bob Block ,president of sage advance , whichmanufactures the copper cricket (a patented geyserpumping solar water heat for home use). In 1983 they built the first working prototype, end of the1984 they are searching for licensees for the technology But during the previous ten years of solar tax credits ahurricane on mediocre technology had to swept the solarindustry.
  • 3. Countd…. In 1985 government are canceled tax credit. Next year 85% solar manufacturers disappearedbecause of tax credit. They able to sale 30 system to individuals bygaining popularity a new shelter magazine. The firm was not at the breakeven sales level as ofJanuary 1, 1991.
  • 4. The Product The copper cricket have widely recognized, Popularscience named it one of 1989’s “Greatest Achievementin science and technology”. The geyser pump isprotected by a strong patent. A recent survey of copper cricket owners founds that 98% would recommend the product to a friend.
  • 5. Feature of the product No outside power required. No moving parts to fall. No maintenance. Freeze proof. Nationally certified. 10 year warranty. Kit form for easy installation. No exposed plumbing. Less expensive than electricity, gas or coal.
  • 6. The Environment The energy crisis of 1970 & introduction of taxcredit created a huge market of solar energysystem, Particularly solar water heating system. Because of the energy crisis & the removal of thetax credit program in 1985 devastated the industry. In a year approximately 90% of the solar waterheater producers dropped out of the business. In 1990’s market picture was uncertain, theenvironment was main concern. The Persian Gulf crisis had increased fuelprices, but an increasing recession had consumersnervous about capital outlays.
  • 7. Marketing Efforts The firm’s marketing efforts have extremely limited dueto its severe cash flow problems. A significant percent of firm’s sales occur in Oregon. Sage’s attempts to attract dealers have not been verysuccessful. Two large manufacturing who survived the 1985shakeout have substantial distribution and sales despitehaving a less advanced product. To encourage word-of –mouth communications. Sage is also working with a number of large electricalutilities.
  • 8. Discussion Question How could marketing research have helped SageAdvance before the cooper cricket was introduced tothe marketplace? Ans.- Attract Distributors, manufacturers, customers Able to identify target segment and be able to sale atlower price
  • 9. How can marketing research help Sage Advance now?It can test market and make market strategyaccordingly.Assume Sage Advance survives its current cash flowcrisis , what role marketing research play in the firm?It will grab it business easily
  • 10.  How should Bob set a budget for marketingresearch? Definitely little bit of exploratory research is neededand as company faces fund crisis. It could go withliterature review and case analysis(Benchmarkingand ethnography).