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  • 1. TWITTER 101#lunchlearn101
  • 3. WHAT WE WILL COVER TODAY…• Twitter Myths Busted• What is Twitter…• But why? What‟s In It For Me?• Translating Twitter• Give Me a Bit of Twitter Action…• Follow Me…Follow You… Follow Who…• Wish You Were Here…The Back Channel• Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept
  • 4. A WARM UP ACTIVITY… Nice to meet you in person finally!
  • 5. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT TWITTER? No-one is I’ve got nothinginterested in what I to say! had for breakfast! I don’t knowIt’s a waste of my anyone on Twitter! time! It’s for young people! There’s no real purpose for it
  • 6. WHAT IS TWITTER…Read More: Graphic: Google Images – labelled for reuse
  • 7. SO WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? “Legend in her own Lunchbox” My Personal Story about Twitter Image by umjanedoan
  • 8. TRANSLATING TWITTER PROFILE Profil e Twitter Handle Twitter Feed
  • 9. BUILDING A VOICE – RETWEET, REPLY AND REACT• # Hashtag • A hash tag is a way to search for tweets on a particular topic. Eg. If you search on #litigation you see a list of tweets for this topic • Through hash tags you can follow conferences, talks, events, live tweet chats for your professional development eg #TedXMelb #LearnX #CPA12• @ (The At symbol) • I prefer to think about it as „To‟ - @activatelearn is a direct reply to ActivateLearn (ie – me!)• RT • Retweet: Like what someone mentioned? Do you want to spread it? Retweet it.• Mention • The @ is mentioned in the body of the tweet and shows up in your Mention tab. So someone has mentioned you in their tweet and you get a „notification‟ of it… LET’S SEE THESE IN CONTEXT…
  • 11. GIVE ME A BIT OF TWITTER ACTION• Use your real name (or other name)• One email address that you can access from your phone here (as you‟ll need to confirm)• Create a one line bio• Brand your Twitter page• Sometime later, insert your profile pic – no eggheads allowed!• Share your Twitter names out loud and let‟s follow each other• Send your first tweet and add #myfirsttweet
  • 12. FOLLOW ME…FOLLOW YOU…FOLLOW WHO?As a start...FOLLOW EACH OTHER!And then…• @C4LPT – Jane Hart• @hjarche – Harold Jarche• @charlesjennings – Charles Jennings• @jaycross – Jay Cross• @DonaldClark – Donald Clark• @Quinnovator – Clark Quinn• @LrnDDave – David KellyThen look at who they follow, view their conversation threads andif you get value out of the conversation then follow them too!
  • 13. WISH YOU WEREHERE… In this recent Learning Technologies Conference UK, some people weretweeting, sharing links and photos of the presentations… THE BACKCHANNEL #LTUK13 [Conference] #T4S3 [Session Number]…and people globally were getting in on the conversation. It was like…you were there!
  • 14. “I am a huge proponent of backchannel learning.There are many conferences I would love to beable to attend, but my budget can onlyaccommodate one or two each year. Thebackchannel is an excellent resource for learningfrom a conference or event that you are unable toattend in-person.I find collecting and reviewing backchannelresources to be a valuable learning experience forme, even when I am attending a conference inperson. Sharing these collections on this blog hasshown that others find value in the collections aswell” - David Kelly Misadventures in Learning Image by debs
  • 15. YOUR CHALLENGE SHOULD YOU CHOOSE TO ACCEPTIT… • Change your egg head profile with a photo or avatar • Participate in a #lrnchat this Friday (or any Friday) at 11:00am for one hour • Retweet something related to Learning and Development • Respond to a tweet to keep conversation going • Follow someone new in Learning & Development • Respond to someone #myfirsttweet and welcome them to Twitter • Tweet (or take a pic) the world what you‟re working on (don‟t forget the hash tag #lunchlearn101) • Explore David Kelly‟s blog: Misadventures in Learning >Curated Backchannels