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Twittorial (Twitter for Beginners)


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Understand how to use Twitter for Business

Published in: Business, Technology

Twittorial (Twitter for Beginners)

  1. TWITTORIAL Using Twitter for Business
  2. what’s with thisbirdbrain? INTERESTING STORY
  3. What the flock is Twitter? A POWERFUL TOOL FOR:People, organizations and businessesBig & smallLocal & internationalConnecting with customersGrowing your business
  4. A TwEET twanslated(1) # [hashtag] = a topic(2) @ [mention] = a Twitter handle or user(3) reply = respond to a tweet publicly(4) RT [retweet] = send to your followers(5) [/etc.] = shortened links d = direct message MT = modified tweet ff = follow Friday
  5. YOUR PROFILE, YOUR little nest Your (company) name Twitter handle: 15 characters or less Bio: 160 characters or less Location • link
  6. listen, follow n’ learnSearch keywords (Advanced search options)Follow and learn from others (search people, i.e. actor)What turns your tweeps on?Search yourself
  7. SO WHADDAYA’ SAY? Special promotions News Tips Stories Tweeps n’ peeps Questions Pix n’ flix Quotes
  8. pleased to tweet you Tweeting tipsConvey your voice, style & personalityFollow newsmakersBe responsiveGo mobileEstablish a habit“Anybody know...?”
  9. AMPLIFY YOUR IMPACT Promote your @username The “t” chiclet Encourage retweets Twitter promotions Connect with others Twitter apps Tweeeeeet!
  10. questions?CHIRP up. chime in. ch-cha-chat.
  11. TWEesources TWITTER FOR BUSINESS TWITTER marketing sites
  12. a good eggVISIT > feldmancreative.comTWITTER > @feldmancreative.comSLIDESHARE > thank you